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#30 Random is my middle name. Actually it isn't, but here's some poems and stuff.

It's Splash Time


Just some things I've been writing while at the university's creative writing society. In no particular order.

Prompts for fire and books turned into this:



Twisting flames

Licking flames

The pain

The pain

Stumbling through



The heat of a thousand suns

The strength of a truck

The agony

The agony

Falling through


Leaping flames

Fierce flames

Pages turning



Time disappearing

Hardback cover



Infinite universes

Journeys through the unknown

Printed and binded

The end of the world

The start of another

Pages turning

On and on

An anti love-poem. Ish. In my head I see it as an all-singing-all-dancing youtube music video.

So as we sit here

With our laptops

I’d just like to tell you

I know it’s hard to hear

I hope you feel the same way

As me


I tolerate you

And that’s okay

I don’t mind spending time with you

But much more than this

And I’ll surely go insane

I tolerate you

We can work together

You’re not the greatest

Or worst

You’re okay

And I tolerate you

We have no similarities

Besides this reason

That means we’re here

But at the end of the day

I tolerate you

Your presence isn’t distracting

Or a gift

You’re pretty useless

And I can deal with that

You’re no genius

Or an idiot

Just you

You and your silly ways

The feeling

This feeling

Better be as mutual

As facebook friends

I tolerate you

More than Justin Bieber

And internet trolls

Isn’t that a note of love

To keep forever

For some odd reason, a poem from the point of view of a fairy godmother:

Not another wish

Not another dream

Shall I grant it,

Happy as can be?

The worthless child

It’s always the materialistic ones

What need is a dress, or a ball?

We all know how this will end

I sigh

I wave my wand

I let her have her every wish

Be back by midnight

That’s the rule

I roll my eyes as she appears late

Every time

We all know how this will end

Mice scamper away

Munching on pumpkins

What was the point of this?

The needless need

For a gown and a dance

This is the fair maiden

That receives the prince’s hand

This is the fair maiden

That likes to stick with the crowd

A sheep in her place

Never to fear from much

But being different

The mistreat was obvious

But this ought not to be the way

To make it better

Did anything really change?

Or are we creating more selfish princesses?

This, in case you were wondering, is a "stream of consciousness" inwhich you just write what's in your head. My head is weird, I know, but not that weird.

Nothing was real or true or anything. Everything was upside down and wonky. Everything was fucked up and nothing could change it. Everything was turning around and around and dizziness and weirdness. No one knew what was happening through all the lives lost and all the battles won, nothing like this happened more often than every decade and twenty years. Fucked up but won. Fucked up but dead. Was anyone ever alive? Were we existing in the first place? There was a hurricane, a storm that could blow atoms apart. Infinite distance is where it’s at. That where the cool people stay, In their cool houses with little windmills and crazy flower beds with actual swimming pools for garden hoses. This is where it’s at and it’s where it’s always been. Where could we go? Computers click and turn in the air, crashing against each other and throwing up on the walls.

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