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How to report



There's a lot that going on around the forum now, so mods and admins can't always see every bad thing that happens, that's where we need your help.

On the forum:

If you are browsing around the forum and you come across something like a duplicate thread or someone being a dick or breaking the rules then please use the report system. The report button can be found on every post, PM, blog and every members the profile. On posts and PM's it is located at the bottom right hand corner of each one and looks likes this blogentry-44024-0-80116400-1353303223.pn. On a members profile is it located at the bottom right hand corner with the words "Report This Member". On a blog post its on the right hand side under the post and on every comment. Clicking any of those buttons will take you to a page where you can fill a quick little report as to why you think it should be reported.

This sends a message to the mod team telling them to look at whatever content was sent and to take care of it. If you report something in a personal message, the mod viewing the report will only be able to see the message you reported. If you are unsure if something should be reported or not, report it and the team can either take care of it or dismiss it. Don't hesitate to send a message to any mod and admin for advice.

In The Chat:

We can't always have a chat mod in the chat, so we depend on you guys to report stuff that needs to be taken care of. If this is happening in the public chat use the report button on the users profile page and an active mod can step in. If it's going on in private chat then we suggest you take a screen shot of the issue and send a personal message to a chat mod so it can be taken care of.

Please do not stress if you don't hear back about a report, all reports will be reviewed by more than one member of the team and every report is taken seriously.

Thank you very much to anyone who goes about this the right way so we can take care of offenders quickly and improve the experience everyone has on GDC :)

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Nothing to report, but out of curiosity how did you take a screen shot in chat? Just have talked to people that have in the past and I always wondered how that works.

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