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i may not be rich, the most popular person,have the coolest toys and gadgets, i havent been overseas but these are the things i do have 2 parents who love me till the end of time and will help me when i need it any way they can or talk to me and hug me if they cant. the best sister in the world who can be anoying but she always loves me and makes me laugh wen i need it, hugs me for no reason at all.. because shes my sister and always their to talk to. the best bf in the world who loves me like im the only one in the world for him hes funny smart loving strong kind sexy caring and honest. the bestest best friend in the world that has been though hell and back with me and still sicks by my side forever the best sister/friends a girl could ask for always there for me like my real sister is or when shes too far away to be there. i have a great job i enjoy doing. im super creative so i can always find something to do. i have faith in those around me and tomoro will be better. these things may not be money or popularity but they make me who i am and give me more love and support that money could buy so dont feel sorry for me feel sorry for the rich people who dont know what true love and support is coz everything in there world they own because of money and/or greed


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