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So...I kinda missed my 100th GDC Blog post...but as I explain in this here video special, 100 is yesterday's news.


Lookit that face!

So yeah, 102 freaking blog posts...that's a lot! This is a long shot, but hey, I'll go for it and ask. Do you have a favorite blog post(s) of mine? Or anything like that? I don't know, I just like asking things like that. I honestly don't know if 100 blog posts on a forum is something to be proud of or not. I like to think I'm doing decent writing so I'll say yes for now. So here's to 102 posts, and here's to 102 more!

And by that I mean this review of Dos? Yep, here it is, like everyone else, my review? of Dos?


I'll see you in a week for my REAL review. As stated in my review for Uno, I like to have a good bit of time before I review something so i can make more fair judgments about it that aren't impaired by the newness factor. So if you dig that kind of integrity, check back in about a week and I promise it'll be a good review!

So as most of this is videos that will be taking up your time, I'll go ahead and cut this one short. Though I do have one more video for you. Naturally, it's the next episode of Super Mario Land. This one actually has a few funny moments in it so I recommend it. You get to hear me go falsetto in the first minute, so that's awesome. Check in next time for PURE RAGE QUIT.



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