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¡Dos! Review



So for my first blog entry I am going to put out my reviews of Green Day's newest trilogy release, "¡Dos!".

First I have to say that my thoughts on the album are pretty biased only because I love Green Day but also because when I heard that this album was going to have roots of "Stop, Drop, and Roll!!!" I immediately have feelings that it was going to be my favorite album off the trilogy.

Also, last year when Green Day arrived at the Tiki Bar and "Amy" was leaked to the internet, I instantly fell in love with the song.

See You Tonight:

This song reminds me a lot of The Beatles. With John Lennon's slow upbeat lyrics and the high back up vocals, I think it was perfect for the start of the album. No one liked Song of the Century as the beginning to 21st Century Breakdown only because no one found a point in it. Everyone assumed the title track started the album like American Idiot and Warning. I find the lyrics very because of the very first lyric, "Maybe I'll see you tonight." Months ago when the Green Day fan base was introduced to the idea of ¡Uno!, ¡Dos!, and ¡Tre!, Billie mentioned how ¡Uno! was the beginning of a party, ¡Dos! is the party, and ¡Tre! is the hangover/reflection. Think about the last line in ¡Uno!, "Tonight my heart is on the loose."

Fuck Time:

I waited a very long time to hear this song. I never listened to the Foxboro Hottubs version because I was always too lazy, but when I heard it was becoming a Green Day song, I decided that waiting another couple months wasn't so bad. Its, well, what it appears to be. I love Billie and his screams and shouts in the song. Other than that, great choice to really get ¡Dos! started.

Stop When The Red Lights Flash:

I had a feeling I was going to like this song when I heard about it. People say don't judge a book by its cover. Well, that was this song for me. I saw the title and thought it was a great song title. When I heard it in the line of Oh Love I became confused because Billie is telling to not stop when the red lights flash, but this song tells us that we need to. So I realized it is simply part of the song and in no way relate to each other. The relate to their own album and song and that's that. I love the hard lyrics and it seems to me the song is throwing a fuck you in your face.

Lazy Bones:

Wow. Second favorite song on the album. The first time I heard this me and my girlfriend were jamming to the song above in the truck and then this came on. We weren't impressed at first but when the chorus came and the back up vocals were cued, I was blown away. I have to admit that the back up vocals are probably the best back up vocals I have ever heard. The meaning of the song also relates a lot to my life and the sound of the guitar and the pumping of Tre's drums makes the song that much better. I also love the break in the middle making you think the song is over but then it just hammers out into the back up vocals, again.

Wild One:

The lyrics remind me of She. Considering the first lines of each verse are the exact same as the lines of the first verses in She. I guess its okay to that. I love the meaning of the song and it also has that Last of the American Girls feeling. Like Billie is telling us about this girl who is exotic and abnormal. Great song.

Makeout Party:

I think this is the fast paced song Green Day needed. I cant even catch up with reading the lyrics he sings so fast. Like a St. Jimmy or Platypus (I Hate You).The lyrics are again exceptional and the meaning of the song really makes me want to have a makeout party. Weird......

Stray Heart:

Andres said he loved this song as the single of ¡Dos!. I concur. You listen to the album and there aren't many songs that are radio friendly and radio worth it. They all have that album vibe that can only be on an album. I think this is a well put together song and really can relate to a lot of people. The downside, the music video. Sucked. I hated it. It was cheesy and even though it made sense I hate that little heart running around. Its annoying and I think the meaning of the song could have been portrayed a lot better.


This song was nothing like I expected, but I should say that for all the songs. I really sought this song to be slow and upbeat, kinda of like a Foxboro version of Sweet 16. Its good non-the-less, just unexpected.

Baby Eyes:

This song is bad ass. It sounds like it could be about Billie's kids, but I can be totally wrong sometimes.

Lady Cobra:

I have a feeling this song is about drugs when Billie says "I don't want a suicide, I don't want this to end" meaning he's addicted to the drug and he doesn't want to overdose, but he doesn't want the high to end. Such a great song and I like the whole song about a girl that they featured in the following song, Nightlife.


This song is....... Green Day I guess. I can see why not. I love the creepy-ness of the song. It really does sound like a night life in downtown Oakland and New York. Lady Cobra was a odd addition. I like the meaning of the song but I also look at it as, what are they going to do when they want to play it live? Its so bizarre. It fits the album in style but the hip hop genre is different. Still biased though, I like it.

Wow! That's Loud:

I think we all had a feeling this song would be about loud music, but instead is about a smoking hot woman. I like the analogy and the the chorus is great. I love the guitar in the song and the ending is very unpredictable and long, great though.


Amy is the best song of the album. No doubt about it. It is everything I was envisioning Amy to be. Just Billie and his guitar. The sound of the guitar threw me off a bit, but still works. For an album ending song, it is one of the best choices for an album ending song for Green Day since Dookie. Every emotion is in this song. This song describes how each one of us feels after a suicide/death. That we wish they could be alive for a few more seconds so we can introduce ourselves and tell them we care. Billie made one of the best desicions in his career by writing this song and to tribute to such a mysterious artist, it makes it all the better. The lyrics are by far the best on the album. He describes her life in the verses, tells her we care in the chorus. I have gained respect for Amy Winehouse and I too wish she were here on this planet still. I feel that's every band members objective. To reveal the real world, and what we have to live for. Billie wanted to show everyone that it wasn't a joke, and that we should all really be there for each other.

This album is everything I hoped it to be and more. It is now my third favorite album and may make it up to second in front of Warning and behind American Idiot. It is that good and I can't wait to hear the reflection, ¡Tre!.



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