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Four Exams Later...



You ever have one of those weeks where you have a test in every class except the stupid one that no one likes anyway? I know you have.

And I did. And they suck. See this is why I usually take 4 classes instead of 5, so things like this don't happen, because this morning's test nearly made sunday's lunch come back up. You get to a point where you just CAN'T look at notes anymore. Nothing sinks in or makes sense or gets connected in all the usual ways. I mean, how many multiple choice questions have I answered in the past week? Answer? About 140. I swear, if I see A B C D one more time I'll...wait wuzzat?


Yeah. Thanks for that, Cat.

But it's over now. Sort of. Now I have to worry about class sign up day (and God knows how much I love those...I wrote him a letter!) tomorrow and then projects that are due after Thanksgiving Break including a Group Project. My faaaaaaaaave. I love school right now.

But enough about that. More about stuff.

Dear God I have nothing to talk about right now. Actually I do, but the truth is it's too early to talk about Christmas, even though the Hallmark channel doesn't think so. I don't really think it's too early either, but that's not the truth. In this case, I can handle the truth. But if you don't know about me, I love Christmas. Okay, i really really like Christmas. My gauge of Christmas love is pretty skewed, and we'll see why as the holiday approaches.

In other news my sister gets her wisdom teeth out tomorrow. Rumor has it I'm supposed to go sit with her while her boyfriend takes the dog to obedience school or whatever (pfft). This will end will in terms of me someday probably having to follow suit. Have I mentioned I'm one of the most pain avoidant people on the face of the planet? It all comes back to me being impressionable, I guess, since I've heard almost literally nothing but horror stories about these wisdom teeth things. Eugh, just mentioning them sends a chill down my spine. There's probably a bigger discussion here about my inability to overcome adversity due to a lack of...well...adversity in my childhood, but I'll save it for some other day. Is that my inner psychologist talking?

Anyway, I'm going to go ahead and keep myself kind of...shut down until tomorrow. I'm gonna need some time for my mind to recuperate after all of these tests. But of course...life marches on.

And now for some awesome stuff by me that you should check out:

Pokemon Underground Part 3 in which things get more exciting! Promise!

And Super Mario Land Pt2, in which things get more failtastic! And therefore HILARIOUS.



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