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[STORY] Pokemon Underground Pt3



Yep, it's Part 3, since technically what I posted last weekend was Part1+2. This always FELT more like a part 3 to me anyway, and so it is. I'm pretty stoked about it. We get to see a lot in this episode. The momentum picks up and it just doesn't stop, so get ready!

Previous: Pokemon Underground Part 1+2

Please note that I won't repeat PokeDex entries unless it's for Pokemon we haven't seen in a while, so I'd recommend heading on over to Part 1 if you want to refresh your memory.

The next day

Arin woke up and went about his normal routine. He didn't say a word about the day before to his mother. After getting dressed and having breakfast, Arin was out the door followed intently by Riolu. He walked up to the third floor of the complex to find that Rebecca wasn't at home. Walking away he wondered if she might have gone to seek out the Mysterious Pokemon Trainer E. It was either that, or she'd gone to the dead end street where they liked to hang out.

When he got outside, Arin looked up. The lights were brighter now, indicating that people should be awake and active now. After so long, the lights would slowly start to dim. Arin never figured out quite why things worked that way, but he never cared enough to investigate. Yesterday's events had taken place while the lights were dimming. Maybe if they hadn't, he thought, he could have gotten a better look at what had happened. Right now it barely even felt real. Everything seemed to be going like normal today, with people and Pokemon moving about the streets. The normalcy of it all couldn't hope to take his mind off of this decision he had to make. Luckily it was a short walk to the usual place, where his mind would then become occupied with better things.

When he reached the usual spot, however, the only one there was Volmer, who lived on the other side of town. He was leaning up against the street light with his arms crossed, his yellow hair distinctively standing up in straight spikes. Long hair was the style in Marble City, but everyone did different things with it. Volmer's spiky-haired style complimented his sharp-edged face and pointed chin. His Pokemon, Joltik, which also mirrored his hairstyle, scurried along the ground around him.

"Hey, Arin, flying solo today?" asked Volmer.

"Yeah Rebecca and Sandshrew were already gone when I went to see her," said Arin.

"Any idea where they might have gone?" Volmer asked, pulling away from his light post.

"Nope none, unless she's running errands for her mom," said Arin, "but she said she didn't know where she went either. How weird..."

"Well, it's a simple fix, isn't it? Joltik and I will help you look around for her!" Volmer said smiling.

"Umm...okay," Arin replied.

"What's up, don't you want to? It's not like we had anything else planned right?"

"Can't argue with that," Arin said with a nervous laugh.

If there was a person that Arin knew that was most like E, it was Volmer. He was cool, yet upbeat, always cracking a smile that took up nearly his whole face when he was insisting on something. Normally, when a request for something was followed by that smile, it happened. Volmer was a year older than Arin too, and that year, along with his athleticism, game him a much more developed figure, and he was a good head above Arin in height.

The two made their way across town, taking random turns as Volmer saw fit. For natives, there was no getting lost in Marble City. The place was far too small for that. Arin listened absently as Volmer went on about all the normal things. While this balance of conversation was standard fare for the two of them, Arin's deeper-than-normal silence didn't go unnoticed. Even Joltik, who clung to the back of his owner's green tanktop seemed to be eyeing Arin suspiciously today, as if Riolu had already given it the full run down. Still, Arin was in no mood to recount the story of yesterday, especially as it might give Volmer ideas.

"Hey, what's going on up there?" Volmer asked, looking straight ahead where there seemed to be a bit of a crowd gathered.

"Probably just the usual," Arin said before realizing that this could having something to do with E, which would be bad for everyone.

"Eh, there's staircase right there we can get a good view from, let's go!" Volmer started without looking for approval.

"Ugh, come on Riolu," Arin said.

Arin followed Volmer up to the stairs he'd mentioned. In the middle of the circle created by the crowd they saw a Team Crypt member standing over a miner and a Drilbur, both of whom were on the ground. Riolu jumped on the railing and urged Arin to look at the Team Crypt member. Arin immediately knew what it wanted him to see. On the Crypt's belt was a small red and white ball.

"Oh, Riolu, don't get any ideas," whispered Arin, trying to listen into what people were saying.

"Looks like he got caught diggin' in the wrong place," said Volmer, uninterested. "Well that's boring, maybe we should just move along."

Volmer put his hands behind his head and turned around. Arin kept watching however, as the image of Krookodile sailing over him recurred.

"Let your pain serve as a reminder that the boundaries of Marble City are absolute!" The Crypt member barked. "Order and peace cannot persist if laws of Team Crypt are not adhered to! Marble City is in decline, and all people will need to cooperate if it is to return to its proper course!"

The Team Crypt member pulled back one leg.

"One more tall ought to give you the message!" He growled.


That is precisely what Arin's heart did. He watched as the crowd parted and someone came through. It was a young girl with green hair, part of it tied back to keep it from going everywhere. She wore a collared shirt with a purple tie, with a skirt in the same color. It was Rebecca.

Volmer seemed to have noticed this.

"Hey, isn't that Rebecca!? What the heck is she doing?" he stammered, honestly surprised, leaning halfway over the railing.

Riolu said its name and hopped off of the railing.

"Huh, oh no, Riolu!" Arin gasped, chasing after it.

Volmer looked back at Rebecca and then went after Arin.

"I challenge you to a Pokemon battle!" Rebecca said, pointing at the Crypt member.

"You what?" The Crypt member was taken aback, his eyes in shock at the girl's proclamation. "Grr...I don't know how you know, but Team Crypt's code is absolute! Once a battle begins, you can't walk away, girl. You'll soon face the punishment for revealing a line of Team Crypt's code to the general public! As per the crime, I must ensure that all of these witnesses are presuaded never to speak a word of it to anyone else!"

Rebecca stood there, staring at the Crypt member with determination. Sandshrew had already gotten in front of her, ready for battle.

"Pawniard, deploy!" The Crypt Member yelled, throwing one of the Pokeballs from his belt.

Rebecca continued to stare down the light blue-haired Crypt member. He wore the drab, dark grey jumpsuit with gold buttons that all members wore.

"Order: Fury Cutter, now!" The Crypt member commanded, extending his arm.

"Sandshrew, Poison Sting!" Rebecca retorted.

Sandshrew quickly slashed at the air, sending a needle right at the charging Pawniard. The Pawniard barely seemed to notice as the Poison Sting collided with it, and its charge continued until it took a slash at Sandshrew, knocking it back towards its trainer. Sandshrew hopped right back up, however, shaking off the damage from Pawniard's attack.

"Pawniard, Order: continue the assault!" The Crypt member commanded.

"Sandshrew, take defense!" Rebecca shouted.

The Pawniard once again dashed at Sandshrew. This time, however, Sandshrew rolled up into a ball just as its enemy reached it. Pawniard's bladelike hand simply bounced off the ground Pokemon's hard exterior.

"Quick Sandshrew, use scratch!" Rebecca ordered.

Sandshrew busted out of its ball form, much the surprise of its enemy, and ran its claw against its head. The Pawniard stumbled backwards, but it quickly steadied itself.

"Ugh, try Poison Sting again!" Rebecca ordered, clenching her fist.

Sandshrew quickly fired another needle at Pawniard, who was standing still this time. Once again, the needle bounced off Pawniard's shiny body, leaving only a small purple mark on the place of contact.

"Pawniard, repeat previous order!" The Crypt member commanded.

Pawniard charged Sandshrew again before Rebecca could react. It hesitatted before it could slash Sandshrew across its side, sending it to the ground once agian.

"Repeat, Fury Cutter!" The Crypt member ordered.


The Pawniard seemed to huff for a moment. Sandshrew had once again gotten to its feet, only to be knocked down again by another of Pawniard's attacks. The Crypt member issued the same order again, and Pawniard prepared to slash Sandshrew again while it was still down.

"Ah, Riolu, F-Force palm noooowww!" A voice came from the crowd and into the circle where the Pokemon battle was taking place.

Riolu emerged from the crowd dashing between peoples' legs, a blue aura surrounding it. It fixed its eyes on Pawniard and ran toward it. Almost in slow motion, it leapt up, and in midair, thrust its palm out just out of reach of Pawniard. A blue wave erupted from Riolu's palm, and Pawniard was blasted backwards. The Crypt member gritted his teeth as Arin and Volmer emerged into the area.

"Hey hey, a battle between two Pokemon and two humans, eh?" Volmer grinned. "I kinda like the sound of that!"

Rebecca took Sandshrew into her arms.

"Huh!" The Crypt member grunted, calling Pawniard back into its Pokeball. "This isn't over yet. Mienfoo, deploy!"

A small, mink-like Pokemon emerged from the Crypt member's PokeBall.

"Arin..." Rebecca murmured.

"We happened to be in the neighborhood and..."Arin was quivering, "and I couldn't stand by and do nothing this time!"

"Right," Rebecca nodded.

"Mienfoo, commence assault! Use Pound!" The Crypt member commanded.

"All right, okay, okay," Arin mumbled, breathing heavily. "Riolu use Force Palm!"

Riolu and Mienfoo ran at each other until their paws collided. The two pressed their strength on each other, looking dead into their opponent's eyes. Finally, Riolu's palms started glowing blue, and with a loud grunt, it blasted Mienfoo backwards. The Pokemon merely skidded across the ground, keeping its footing.

"Order: Fake Out procedure!" The Crypt member growled.

"Riolu, try a...uh...Quick Attack!" Arin blurted.

Riolu dashed for Mienfoo. It took a swing just as it reached its enemy, but found that it had only struck a lingering image. The real Mienfoo appeared behind Riolu and gave it a swift kick to the back.

"Nnng...Riolu!" Arin cried.

Riolu quickly hopped up again.

"Mienfoo, repeat Pound command!" The Crypt member ordered.

"Ah! Riolu! Please endure it!" Arin yelled, more in prayer and in command.

Riolu responded anyway, holding its arms up in front of it as Mienfoo punched. The attack was powerful enough to break Riolu's defenses and send it to the ground.

"Mienfoo, terminate!" the Crypt member howled.

"Aaaah! RIOLU!" Arin screamed.

"Don't just stand there, Riolu, counterattack!" Rebecca yelled over Arin's shoulder.

Mienfoo leapt over Riolu, pulling its arm back and howling. Riolu's eyes glowed blue and it began to get up. Arin, Volmer, Rebecca, and even the Crypt grunt watched in awe as Riolu grabbed onto Mienfoo's arm and flung it down into the ground with a roar. After a few seconds, Mienfoo was still face down on the pavement.

"Heh, don't think this is over, you brats! I'm calling for backup!" The Crypt member sneered, pulling a communicator from inside his coat.

"I...I think it's time to split!" Arin shivered.

"Right!" Rebecca agreed.

"Riolu, come on!" Arin cried as he turned and began fighting his way through the crowd.

Once they were free of all the people, Arin, Rebecca, and Volmer blasted off through the streets. Word must have traveled fast, as every Team Crypt member they saw seemed to turn their heads at them, and there seemed to be a pair of them at every corner. Volmer ended up ahead of him and Rebecca, and thus Arin watched for every time he'd turn or alter course. Volmer's eyes always seemed to be sharp, keeping the group ahead of any Crypt members that appeared. But this couldn't last forever. Arin was already feeling his legs quake and his chest heave, and he knew he'd collapse before Team Crypt members stopped-

Suddenly he was on the ground, his head pounding, his hear soon following suit. He was sure that the next thing to come was a boot to the-

"Huh! Alright fighting the power without me, huh? Well, I can't say I'm too disappointed!" Came a familiar voice.

Arin almost passed out anyway when he saw E's face smiling down at him.

"Hey, what's the big idea? We're on the run here!" Yelled Volmer.

"Are you? Well come on, I know the perfect spot!" E smiled, adjusting his black glasses.

E lead the group a few blocks down and then skidded into an alley. Arin's heart sank when his head allowed him to see what was down that alley. It was a solid wall. No ladders, no windows, no openings.

"Agh, Dead end!" Rebecca gasped.

"Yup!" E chirped.

"Huh? And you're okay with this?" Arin yelled. "They were right behind us!"

"Good, now they can't run anymore!" E said, crossing his arms and facing the only way out.

"Umm, who's side is this guy on anyway?" Volmer whispered to Arin.

"Uhh..." Arin's mind was convinced it had melted.

Two shadows then appeared at the end of the alley. It was two very stern-looking Team Crypt members.

"Step aside, citizen, those children are fugitives from justice," one of the Crypt members hissed.

"No, they're fugitives WITH jusitce!" E proclaimed, pointing down his enemies.

"Fine, then YOU'LL get it too!" The other member said, prompting both of them to charge down the alleyway.

"Not so fast!"

E launched a PokeBall from his belt. A tall orange Pokemon with a red mohawk emerged, wearing a greatly exaggerated version of E's dark glasses.

"This is a contest of souls! A Pokemon battle!" E yelled, pointing to the sky.

"Scrafty! SCraaaaa!" cried the Pokemon, Scrafty, imitating its trainer's pose.

"This is where the wrath of justice rears its beautiful head! Like a virus composed of the good in everyone, it begins its spread through the world! Prepare yourselves!"

"Ha, whatever! We're not afraid of you! It's two on one!" One Team Crypt member chuckled. "Granbull, deploy!"

"Tch! We're not some new recruits! We're trained members of Team Crypt! We keep the order here, and don't expect it to be disturbed!" The other member remarked, "Mawile, deploy!"

Two Pokemon appeared in front of the Crypt members. Their Pokemon stared angrily at E and his Scrafty, who returned their looks with grins.

"Alright, Scrafty, let's bring justice down upon them! Let us show them our beauty and grace!" E dramatically belted out as if reciting a poem.

"Orders: Attaaaaack!" Both Team Crypt members yelled at once.

"This is it, Scrafty! Bricka Breaka Bricka Breaka BrickaBreakaBrickaBreakaBrickaBreakaaaaaah!" E yelled, shaking his head furiously.

"Scraaaaaaaa!" Scrafty roared, leaping into the air, its shed skin flowing behind it like cape.

It too, seemed to sparkle as it made its move. Scrafty spun in midair just as it reached the two leaping Pokemon opposing it. Just as they prepared their attacks, Scrafty's arms extended, driving into both Pokemon at once. It then used its power to turn them both over, positioning them just perfectly so that it could send them both careening into the ground below. It did just that, and both Pokemon slammed into the pavement. Scrafty landed on the ground between them, and then backflipped toward its master. E raised his hand, and without looking at it, Scrafty gave him a high five. The two Crypt members looked at their two Pokemon in awe for a few seconds before smirking.

"Tch, that means nothing!" One of them said, rolling up his sleeves.

"We're not afraid of you!" The other one said, as both of them started running towards E and the others.

Scrafty began dashing too, but he stopped when his trainer said something.

"No wait," said E, a serious look on his face. "Tag me in."

Scrafty hopped back and slapped his trainer's hand, prompting the latter to jump forward.

"Alright, orders!" E yelled.

"Scrafty Scraa Scraaa, SCCCCCCRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAFFFTTT!" E's Pokemon roared into the air.

"Alright!" E wound up his fist and began running towards the charging Crypt members.

"This one's...the Hammer of JUSTICE!" E yelled running his fist seemingly between his two enemies.

The two Crypt members looked as if they'd been tripped by a wire, for in a second they were in the air, prepared to land flat on their backs. E stood still as they made their thud on the ground. Everyone else, meanwhile, stood their with their jaws on the floor, except for Scrafty, who smirked at the battlefield with his arms crossed.

"So then," said E, turning to face them, "we've got three days...until we attack their headquarters. We'd better get started! Who's in?"

And here's episode 1 of Super Mario Land because. It has EVERYTHING to do with Pokemon.



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