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Story Time Entry 9- Desiera's First Time Meeting Billie

E.J Drumer


Hello all, sorry it's been a long time, but my family and I have had no electricity for 12 days, and we just got it back yesterday thank God!

Well, this entry I should have written a little wile ago because it happened way before any of my Green Day concerts, but ah well. My friend Desiera and I decided to go and wait outside the St James for Billie to come out after his performance as St Jimmy. On this particular night it was very cold out, but it wasn't that crowded thankfully. The police that night had chips on their shoulders let me tell you. They threatened multiple times to get their horses and stomp our heads into the ground; because the people on the left side of the side walk wasn't leaving a walk way for the people to walk threw.

Billie took a long time to come out, I swear my fingers felt like they were about to fall off by the time he came outside. As always, the cast came out first, I got them to sign my poster of course and then we continued to wait until Billie came out about 2 minutes later. As I said before it wasn't a crowded night so my friend and I were going to try and get a picture with him. But, Billie has selective hearing when he comes out to sign, so I was prepared to not get a picture. After he signed my poster I asked " hey Billie, can me and my friend grab a picture with you?" He said, " yeah sure one second." He went around to the other side and signed their stuff, and he came back over as promised. We took the picture, and I thanked him and he said, " no problem, see you soon."

This is the only picture I ever got with him outside the St James and I didn't relies the face he made until I looked at it later, it makes me laugh every time I see it. Thanks Billie, I have this picture on my wall, and it is one of my favorite positions.


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haha nice! I have yet to meet any of the members of green day, let alone billie. Must be an awsome feeling.

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haha nice! I have yet to meet any of the members of green day, let alone billie. Must be an awsome feeling.

I hope you get to meet them soon they are all nice. Billie is a very sweet guy, what people don't understand is if you don't scream in his face he will most likely chill and talk to you for a second, but people don't listen. My dad always taught me to be chill around famous people , and it seems to work..

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