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The Pokemon Principle (Also Test-Taking and Writing Tips?)



The Pokemon Principle is as follows: When a new Pokemon game is acquired, attention and motivation for anything that is not Pokemon will decrease by 70%.

Or something like that...I kind of suck at math, but you get the idea.

Funny thing is, I played Pokemon White 2 for about 10 minutes today. Otherwise I was largely a good student and studied. It's been a busy week, and we get to finish it off with my 3rd test of the week tomorrow. Sensation and Perception. I'd say it's the hardest, but today's was pretty rough. I mean, 75 multiple choice questions is gonna knock it out of you, even if they were only worth 1/3 of a point a piece. Needless to say, I'm going to take part in course evaluations this semester just so I can write "LESS MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS, YOU"RE STRESSING ME THE FUCK OUT," on the comments section. Ironically enough the teacher asked me before class if having a test where you could skip over 15 questions and not lose a fatal amount of points made sense from a gaming standpoint. I just kind of nodded and said yes because 5 minutes before a test I go into "the zone." Five minutes AFTER said comment, I was wishing I'd said "actually, such repetition in a game would be tedious, since if I want the high score I'll HAVE to try on ANYTHING that will give me points." So there's that.

I'm kind of just posting this blog as a notch in the wall. I guess I could have better saved this for tomorrow, when I'm test free until Monday, but hey, whatever. Here's to a difficult week that I've now officially blasted through. In a way, all the schoolwork is kind of nice. It takes my mind away from my inadequacy on the internet.


But yeah, I'm a pro at tests. It's actually quite fun when you've studied well and can answer everything. Aside from today, I feel like this is a delightfully common experience. I honestly believe that nowadays I get by more on Genre Savviness than actual knowledge. There are certain underlying trends in tests that can give you the answer without you knowing it. Even more fantastically is the moment where you swear you don't know something and yet your brain has immediately picked to an answer it thinks is right. Pro tip: if that happens, go with that answer rather than thinking about the question. Call it a gift from your subconcious memory.

It's that point in the semester though. I think I'd be feeling this apathetic even if I hadn't bought a new Pokemon game, which, admittedly, I haven't been playing all that much. Normally I have a Pokemon game beaten within a week of getting it. Naturally, whenever I do finish this one, I'll post a review...because I like that sort of thing. I like it far better than all of these lame projects I have to do by before or after Thanksgiving break.

It's just been a hell of a week for my brain. So many ideas. Things ranging from the nostalgia factor of Fall Out Boy to this girl I may or may not like but I can't tell because we have so little face to face interaction, to where Pokemon Underground (which you should totally read, enjoy, and give feedback on) might go from where it is. I got to write a very fun bit of banter in there yesterday.

Real quick-like, let me make this point: it's hard as fuck to work without feedback. This is one of the things that has slowed MageBoy to a crawl. As it nears completion, I just can't get a sense of how it looks as a whole. Are all of my subplots adding up? Are my characters contributing to the central theme? Have I developed things I want to stand out emotionally enough to where the audience will feel as I want them to when certian plot twists hit? These are all things my own personal bias blocks the answers too. In the case of MageBoy, this is especially true since it has some complex aspects to it. Keeping characters consistent over 200 pages can be hard as balls, even when you consider that humans are erratic, dynamic people. It's tough to know how much sugar your concoction needs until someone else has tasted it before the point of no return when its too late to add sugar. While I've kept chugging away on MageBoy without that, it nags at me the more time goes on. While I want to write something that people can interpret differently, I want to make sure we interpret the same thing differently. Does that make sense?

Well, this blog is just kind of indicative of the sort of week my mind has been having. It's not been bad, per se, it's just been a lot, and I only realize that now after I've looked back on it. That's the value of introspection and reminisince, eh? Fuck I cannot spell that word.

Here's episode 15 of Pokemon Colosseum, which has some great music in it. I also manage to talk about AC/DC, so if you like that talk...we...here you go. This is one of my favorite quirky bosses ever. Also, there may not be Pokemon Colosseum tomorrow (not that anyone follows it and will be horrified by that news) since after this episode I decided to turn the game off without saving and have been too lazy to go back through the last 3 episodes. So fun fact.



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