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Tiger joe :ninja:



And for the photoshoppers here! I've made my first photoshop tuturial. It's a pretty easy tutorial. You can try it if you want :P

If you do please sent me a PM or a Mail (it's on my website) With your result ;)

>>>>>>>> http://mch-graphics.webs.com/tutorials <<<<<<<


And again please vote here for my talenthouse project :D

>>>> http://www.talenthouse.com/creativeinvites/preview/a15fabcfe327433105caeb9b15845e57/3717 <<<<<<


giving away some green day posters

Okay I was cleaning my room and i found some old GD posters t-shirts and interviews

I really thought I gave all my stuff to some other GD fans :lol: But no I did not :P

I have a few posters and interviews left and some are not really in a good condition (they hung on my wall for 3 years :lol: ) So if you want to have them without paying you can have them :) otherwise I throw them away! If you live in a other country i appreciate that you pay your own shipping!


For this stuff i want some money because i never use one of these items. PM if you're intressed :)


Few stickers,

Ther are small :P


And 2 shirts first one is size M and the other is size s/m



the wrath of the rings

I was bored so I decided to make a design for a contest :)

It's the lord of the rings and the wrath of the titans in one image.

Wish me luck :)

Here it is :D ,