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Vans Warped Tour 2013 photography

Hi guys :) I hope you have liked my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/LeahKatPhotography

Anyway, I shot Warped again :)

Black Veil Brides


Motion City Soundtrack




Sleeping With Sirens




Big D & the Kids Table


Hawthorne Heights (plus some crowd shots)


Hands Like Houses


Alvarez Kings


Beautiful Bodies (my kc babes)





My Experience: The Drowsy Chaperone

The best feeling in the world is watching an audience laugh. Even when you aren't the actor on stage causing the laughter, it still is. It’s knowing that all the work everyone has done has finally paid off and that people are loving it that makes everything worth it. Any fights with your crew and doubts are suddenly forgotten when that curtain goes up on Thursday night. That’s what I learned during this show. I learned that after two crazy months, no matter what happens, when you finally hear that audience laugh it makes up for it all.

Going back to the beginning, for me it all started the night when I stayed up late reading the script the night before the first Crew Chief and Cast read-thru meeting. After getting a mere few scenes in, I fell in love. I had started learning more about musicals as I did more theatre, but I was never really a huge ‘musical fan’. I knew of some, I saw one, but I never really was sure what made people love them. On top of that, this was my second time being involved with any show, so it was obviously my first musical. Anyway, the next day at the meeting I was not really sure what I was getting myself into. I mean, I had much more experience in a technical sense than I did for plan 9, but other than that I had no real idea how a musical worked. So there I was, setting between Jamie Leonard, my previous Crew Chief who changed to Paint Crew, and Drew Broeckelman, listening to everyone read the lines I’d later know by heart. Now, I still can’t comprehend how fast everything went by. I mean, it seems like that all was just a few days ago.

Anyway, next came the weeks of work days. Or as I like to call them, “I haven’t seen the sun in a while” days, since a good amount of the time, it would be dark by the time I left. And during those work days, I honestly didn’t know how this show’s lights would turn out. Looking back, all the fighting and disorganization is nothing, but I know that at the time it really made me not even like lights anymore. So there I was, for a couple weeks, not even liking doing the thing I love. The cause of that came from multiple sources though. One being that I was the one who didn’t know as much as the other crew chiefs. There would be times when it seemed as though if I wasn’t there it honestly wouldn’t even make a difference. Now, in saying that, it’s not as if I was actually being treated that way. It was really all mental, and something that I needed to just get over and figure out for myself. Which I did do, and was a lot happier afterward. But even when I wasn’t too hot for lights, I never skipped a work day or didn’t work. There are many reasons behind that, but the major ones are that I don’t quit and that I actually couldn’t go home since there are usually showing going on at my house since we are selling it. With all this going on in my own head, it didn’t help the disconnect between all of lights crew as a whole. That disconnect continued all the way up to the tech weeks, where we all finally somewhat lost it. As the show got closer, the tension kept growing, as little was getting done. The tension was mostly between my co-assistant Crew Chief and myself against the head Crew Chief. The tension was at it’s peak by the second tech week, being so bad that communication was basically only between my co assistant and I. We couldn’t talk as a crew, and if we did it was unproductive. With cues still not completely put together and time running out, I was worried. But then something clicked. Then during show week things began to fall into place. Our communication began coming back and the excitement of the show was finally hitting me.

Then it was there. It was finally Thursday. Opening night. Potluck had gone great, but this time it was the real thing. The powerpoint of mostly my photos was up and running, the rituals were done, and the adrenaline was there. Then when the lights went down it was time to watch the same thing you have watched so many times, yet still find something new in it. But I found myself doing something I regret. I, at times, found myself waiting for the show to end. I guess I had seen it so many times I just subconsciously did. That didn’t stop me from mouthing along every word to every song and every line though. I loved doing it, picking up on changes and different things.

My favorite song from Drowsy is As We Stumble Along. It’s the song that always made me think “wow” and had me chuckle to the funny things Abby would do. It’s also the song that hits me straight in the heart when A.J. and the cast sing it in the end. It’s message, though cloudy, is something that I think engulfs the whole feeling of the musical. That even when things are bad, we’ll all end up stumbling along and finding the right way. That’s not staying that I didn’t laugh every time Aldolpho sang his song, or annoy everyone in my family by singing Show Off every time I walked up the stairs though. I love that about this musical. I could feel every emotion, and have it topped off by a monologue helping me understand what’s going on. As The Man In Chair says, "It does what a musical is supposed to do. It takes you to another world, gives you a little tune to carry with you in your head, a little something to help you escape from the dreary horrors of the real world. A little something for when you're feeling blue. You Know? ". And that line by the way, is my favorite. It is exactly how I felt.

It’s funny to say that I think the lights looks absolutely amazing after all the trouble I thought they would be, isn’t it? But it’s true, I sat down and watched the show Saturday night and thought about how proud I was of Alison and Breanna for all they had done. And maybe I felt a little proud for myself too. Really, I just feel so much overwhelming pride for this show. The costumes were amazing, the set made me feel like I was actually looking in, and the lights just looked like how I pictured them in my head.

I finally sat down and really watched the show for the first time Saturday night. I still did my spot light duty when I was supposed to, but since I was in the house I took the time to take it all in for the last time. I found myself tearing up for the first time during Stumble Along. I had not really listened before, but when I did it brought back everything. But it also made me happy. Happy to remember all the fun I had, to remember all the amazing people. So that’s how I made myself feel for the rest of the show. That is until A.J.’s last monologue. When he started crying, I lost it. The thoughts that I had been pushing away about knowing all my seniors who I’ve gotten so close to would be gone just got me. But it was also that I couldn’t believe that Drowsy was over and that I wouldn’t be there every day. And most of all, it was that I probably can’t do run crew for my last show with my seniors since I will be out of town for two days of tech week. I know I wasn’t alone in crying, and as I handed flowers to all the leads I had just as many tears in my eyes as them. I knew I wanted to give them one last thing for musical, so I gave them the flowers. Then as I watched these guys who I used to find intimidating before getting to know them crying, I knew that being a part of the musical was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I probably hugged Maggie about two thousand times that night, but it still wasn’t enough. I never would have thought I could get so emotionally attached when I walked into that read-thru. I had no idea of any of these wonderful experiences I would have. And when I got home after the party and strike, I couldn’t help but think of it all once again. As I thought of all the good times, I knew this was something I’d never forget. It was times likes like when I waited in the choir room for a good twenty minutes just to get a picture with A.J or when Breanna and I would dance to the songs during rehearsals. It’s stuff like that makes me know that even when things seem bad, I can just pull my boot-straps up and remember all the good times.


Plan 9 From Outer Space

For the months I spent working on the play Plan 9 From Outer Space, I can honestly say it was the best learning experience I’ve ever had. My plan 9 experience began basicly around the same time as when I was first becoming techie. I had never done anything, whether it be acting or tech, for a mainstage show in my life. I was about as new as one could be. But I somehow found my place in things. That place being in lights crew. One morning before class, I was sitting in 213 when Mr. Defeo came over to me and started to discuss my future in lights and what I wanted to do. Prior to this, I had attended many Saturday workdays and had shown interest in lights crew, but this in my opinion really kick started my involvement in the show. That and him asking why I wasn't at the workdays after school, which caused me to therefore attend all workdays from then on.

Over the next couple months I made it my priority to learn as much as possible, and do as much as I could to help. Then came the time when we began to really work on setting up the show. In the beginning of the load in days I found myself helping out multiple crews along with lights, since most of the lights work couldn’t be done until the set was built. During this time I noticed how much cast and crew can work together, an example being how I saw Connor Woodson and Drew Broeckelman helping out set crew out after their rehearsals.

Once the platform was built, we could begin focusing, gelling, and gobo-choosing. Most of this was done by Crew Chiefs Jamie Leonard, Alison Lemon , and Oliva West , but I was still a part of it. I spend many work days being a ladder-footer or a “go get this from the bat cave” person or a “model”, which, even though may sound boring, in the long run were actually pretty fun (or, if not, they were at least learning experiences). This went on for about two to three weeks, and by the end I could finally start seeing the show sort of come to life.

Next came the first tech week, which is where I actually began having a job to do. I was a spot light. As a newcomer, being a spotter was yet another learning experience. You get to sit up in the cat walks, be on headset, and try your best to be in the right position when you get turned on. And for me, it was later a chance to try out some cool photography angles. Along with my new job, tech week also brought being able to see how the cast was doing, since their rehearsals now were on the stage. The first rehearsal, also called cue-to-cue, took forever. It was at least double the time of the actual show, since after every scene or cue we would usually stop or go back. Although I knew this was normal, and necessary, I still couldn’t help feeling kinda bored from it.

After a few days, and especially into the next tech week, the show began to reveal itself. The actors began to wear their costumes and makeup occasionally, and the set was nearly complete. This brought about me having the opportunity to photograph some of the main characters. I usually had my camera with me at rehearsals anyway, so it was an easy and fun task. The photos then were then used on multiple news articles. I had no idea that I would get such good feedback from them, but I got many compliments from students, parents, and even some teachers.

Finally came show week. The week we had all been preparing for had finally come. The rehearsals seemed to go by faster, and then before I knew it, it was Thursday.

There very little things I did not like about this show. Even after seeing the show at least 10 times I still, up to the last performance on Saturday night, had so many scenes that would make me laugh. But over all, my favorite had to have been where Mr. and Mrs. Trent are saying goodbye and begin an over-exaggerated makeout scene. Now that by itself was funny, but the part that always got me was how Mr. Trent ended up with gray smudges all over his jacket. As for a favorite character, mine was hands down the Ruler played by Alex Ritchie. Every single night he would make me laugh, even though I had seen his part many times. The fact that his belt said “bad girl” made it even better. My favorite scene, from a technical standpoint, was Inspector Clay’s grave rising scene. The way the fog, gobos and lights illuminated the grave gave it a really cool eery feeling.

The only things I think we could have improved was that there was some yellow/brown lights that kind of took away from the black and white feel of the show. Along with that were the colors on some of the buttons on the props in space ship, which also weren’t black and white. Both of these things were so minor that it really wasn't a big deal though.

I am so glad that I was a part of such an excellent show. Everyone, from the actors to the techies, did such an amazing job at making this show a success. It was bittersweet seeing the set torn down during strike Saturday night, and after all was finished it seemed strangely empty up on stage.


Apocalypse Meow concert photos

Dead Voices, Tiny Horse, The Architects, The Atlantic, The Empty Spaces, The Blue Boot Heelers, Deco Auto, and The School of Rock.


This is my favorite set, it has a lot of my favorite photos too. Also favorite band. I recommend checking all these bands out.



Dead Voices


Tiny Horse


The Architects


The Clairaudients (formerly the Atlantic)


The Empty Spaces


The Blue Boot Heelers


Deco Auto


School of Rock





Sitting in an empty room,

you see a huddled mass,

just a mass.

No life in it's dark vision,

no beat in its blood pumping machine,

just a shell of something that used to be.

Behind the glass is a figure,

just a figure.

Defiling and deciding a life for others,

without consulting his own mentality.

To the right is a pill,

just a pill.

Nothing more than a concoction of chemicals,

nothing less than a life to change.

Before that pill this image was different.

The mass was not just a machine,

and this room was not empty.

But now its just a white room

and the mass is just a lifeless being.


Some poems (or something) from about 2 years ago


They are all just little clones,

each one almost the same.

You can't tell the difference

as they all mold into a single frame.

Oh look, there's someone new

but all they do is stare.

It's hard to tell if it's real,

Or is it just a joke.

They can beg and differ,

but things will never change.

Scared is all they can ever be,

to break down their brick walls

would take a tragedy.

With so much normality

They've even become blind to originality.

Then there's society,

taking over everyone.

Causing them to all act the same,

Even though we all have our own minds,

It's hard to find someone who cares,

with all the hate and crime.

Where hysteria is bound

in a world where media rules,

and the truth and lies blur.

As this modern world changes

our fears are now questioned,

and while technology expands

our minds are filled with lies.

And if it can be stopped,

it may already be too late.

For even though we are all people,

They still hate.

Can anyone see

that we are breaking down?

or are we all just little clones?


As the sun goes down

It soon will come

That sudden fear

You just can seem to overcome

Your paralyzed

With every sound

As you turn the light off

You fight begins

So am just crazy

Or is it something else

Can't tell

I'll just have to figure it out

The strangest things comfort you now

What's wrong with my head now

why am I like this

Alone in the dark

but still feel company

So am I just crazy

Or is it something else

Can't tell

I'll just have to figure it out


Dancers at 'Hilloween' fundraiser

I was recently shooting a fundraiser as an intern (mostly shooting the people attending) and got the chance to get a couple cool shots of the dancers and stuff. I got some really cool photos of some of the guests, so I'll post the link to the photos when she uploads them.








Update on photography!

Ok I've gotten SUPER behind on posting updates on what I've been doing, so here is a sort of update :)

Some fun light art!


Local: The Deal Does "Loaded" a Velvet Underground tribute


Not a Planet


Beautiful Bodies


She's A Keeper


The Canes




My homecoming dance will be less than what I expected....yeah. My date is bringing 3 other girls along with us. And then pretending to be a polygamist. I think it's a pretty funny idea. Or well actually Im kinda upset a little bit for some reason...but oh well. Oh and there's true fact that 2 of the girls have crushes on him. And one (who is my friend. Or was...) wanted him to break up with me since she wants to be with him. Yeah. You see, he kinda I guess flirted with a lsome other girls before we met, for whatever reason. But now since he has a girlfriend, me, he doesn't want to be mean and I guess friend zone them. Personally I think they should back the fuck off, I mean they know he has a girlfriend. People these days. I know he is a good guy, and wont cheat on me, but I just wish he could straighten this all out.


Well here are the photos: http://www.flickr.co...57630518143530/

and my godmother posted this on my facebook wall:

"Travis was just in my office, who I recognized from your hugging photo. He left you a note. I'll pop it in the mail to you."


I legitimately started crying when I saw this. I was just so overwhelmed with excitement and happiness that I physically couldn't handle it. He remembered me, just some fan he hugged, but he remembered. And he called me beautiful again. I just wanted to share this with everyone

:) The vans warped tour 2012 was definitely my favorite concert of all time. Im so happy.


The Vans Warped Tour 2012 Recap

Marissa and I woke up at about 8am, to the sound of Die For Your Government by Anti Flag. That's how the day began. A day that I did not know would be the best day of my life.

When we first arrived at Jen (the BEST godmother ever, and finance manager for the Vans Warped Tour) we talked for a while, made our band list and marked up the schedule. After going over to her bus and getting sunscreen (since we forgot ours), we went off to see the first band, Four Year Strong. It was the first band I would be shooting that day, so I was kinda nervous as to if my camera would be ok, if i would be good enough, etc. I only stayed for the first 3 songs (the amount of time they allow you to shoot) before running back to Jen's office to put my camera away and head to Anti-Flag. I did not shoot nor bring my camera to this set because I wanted to be able to rock out and not have to worry about the camera. Plus I wanted to be front and center, so being in the photography pit would not have worked.

I waited in front of the stage for about 20 minutes (I kinda jumped the gun on leaving Four Year Strong...but whatever..I was excited), until finally Anti Flag came on stage. It was amazing. I rocked out to all their songs, and had an amazing time. During a song I cannot remember the title of, Chris Barker (#2) jumped down from the stage and went over right next to me and began to stand on the barricade, holding my hand for support. I was so happy that I was holding the bassist from fucking ANTI FLAG's hand! He then proceeded to crowd surf and then get back on the stage. Soon after, I heard the lovely screach of my all time favorite song beginning. "YOU'RE GONNA DIE GONNA DIE GONNA DIE FOR YOUR GOVERNMENT YOU'RE GONNA DIE FOR YOUR COUNTRY AND SHIT" I danced, screamed, and sang the whole song. During the next song Chris Head told to crowd to make the biggest, baddest circle pit warped had ever seen. And the crowd obeyed. I ran a few laps around in the circle before getting tired and going back up to my prime spot up front. A few more songs later the security made a little space in the front of the crowd and began moving some drums into the space. Before too long I realized the drummer was in the crowd and was about to start drumming. At this time I looked up to Chris Head and smiled at him, and he smiled back at me. Best feeling ever. Soon the set ended and I was a little tired and thirsty, but not too bad. Next up, We The Kings.

After Anti Flag I had to run into Jen's office, grab my camera, and run all the way to the other side of the festival to see and shoot We The Kings. I got in during I think the second song and began shooting. After a song ended, I yelled up to Bassist (and vlogger) Charles Trippy "HI CHARLES" to which he responded with "Hi :) ". I was wearing my CTFxC shirt so I showed it to him so he could read it and he threw me his pick! I was so happy, and I quickly put it in my pocket so I would not lose it. I finished up shooting We The Kings and went off to the back of the crowd a bit and ran into a fellow CTFxC'er! We took a photo together and said how awesome this was! I didn't stay with her for long, but I watched a bit more of the We The Kings set till I felt I needed to leave, so I could get lunch.

After a bit of trouble finding Marissa, we made our way to the catering and wouldn't you know, we ran into Charles Trippy. I was sorta freaking out, but I managed to walk over there, and say "Hi, I don't mean to interrupt you but I'd just like to say you are awesome" I was shaking. He responded by asking if I was the one shooting and I said yes. I left being that he was trying to get his food, but even afterwards I was still shaking. We ate our food and got some drinks and then left to go to our next show, Yellowcard. I their first 3 songs, which I liked, and then Marissa and I came back to Jen's office so we could rest for a little bit, as we really needed it.

Next, we went with Jen to go meet All Time Low and get some pictures with them. But it turned out that just as we got there they were leaving, so we went with their manager out to their bus and waited to meet them. After a few minutes we got to shake hands and take some photos with all the All Time Low boys. I was star struck, as I love All Time Low.

After meeting ATL, we began sprinting to the stage The Used were playing, and I ran into the photo pit while Marissa went onto the stage to watch from up there. I shot for the usual three minutes (3 AMAZING minutes) before being kicked out of the photography pit. I then went onto the stage with Marissa where we watched the rest of the show, singing and having an amazing time. Sometime during the set a lady on someone's shoulders ripped her swimsuit top off and flashed Burt. He responded by wiggling his chest like she was. I love Bert. When the set was almost over Marissa and I noticed there was a broken drumstick from the used drummer laying on the floor and I pushed Marissa to grab it, and she did so she got it. After their set ended, we went back into Jen's office for about 15 minutes before going over to the We The Kings signing.

Since Jen works on the tour, Marissa and I got to skip the line and go in the front for the We The Kings signing. Charles, Hunter, and I believe Coley arrived first and since Charles was sitting closest to us I got to talk to him, and he asked how I got to press pass, (to which I told him how I really want to be a photographer and love doing it and about my godmother) and to also to Twitter him the photos so they could see them. After a few minutes Travis and Danny arrived and the signing began. I got all their autographs and when I got to Travis he said to me "Hello, Beautiful". It made me smile. A lot.

After the signing we went back to Jen's office, dropped off our signed paper booklet things, and then decided to go see Emily's Army. I wasn't sure if I'd enjoy them, as from the few songs I had listened to I didn't really enjoy them too much, but I decided to go anyway. When I got their I noticed first that one of the boys was wearing a Speedo. I then noticed the singer in a boyscout uniform. I shot around the barricade for a few minutes before asking if i could go into the barricade, and the guard let me even though the 3 songs had passed. I got a few smiles and stayed for a while before deciding it was time to go. I definitely got my mind changed about EA and will definitely look out for them and listen to them more often now!

After Emily's Army we walked around a bit then returned to Jen's office. Upon arrival she asked us if we'd like to meet Burt. We obviously said YES. After a few minutes The Used tour manager showed up and lead Jen, Marissa, and I to the Used's tour bus where Burt was. When we got their we both hugged him and said hello before taking a picture. He had lost his voice during the show, so he couldn't really talk much, but he was SO NICE. As we walked back to Jen's office we all stopped at the Anti-Flag tent and got some T-shirts and I got a CD.

As we were walking out, we noticed that in the press room was Emily's Army. We popped our heads in a few times and waved (distracting them from their interviews and making them laugh, smile, and wave back.) before making it out the door haha.

We then went to see We Are The In Crowd, where I shot for a few songs. I liked them, but we wanted to get a bit of a rest in before we had back to back to back concerts, so we again went back to the office. I was feeling kinda sick and didn't think I was going to be able to shoot New Found Glory so we sat in the office for a bit longer. But then I began to feel a bit better, so we went back out and found ourselves upon an acoustic concert by Travis Clark. Instead of going to New Found Glory we ended up staying and watching Travis play instead. After his set, he announced he would be over at his King Travis clothing line giving hugs, so we went over there and I got to hug him. Marissa was able to get a photo of this which made me very happy.

Next band we were off to see was Breathe Carolina. We, once again, had to run there so I could run into the photo pit. I got A LOT of photos of them because for some reason the security wasn't kicking me out. I was fine with that. But finally I did end up being kicked out, so I stood in the crowd and danced and jumped and sang ( I was also singing while shooting hah). After their set had ended I was really feeling the tiredness coming on. I was on the verge of falling over so we went back and sat down for a while. I thought we were going to have to miss Taking Back Sunday when suddenly my second wind kicked in and we went over and saw them. I was too late to take photos but we went into the crowd anyway. It was about then I decided I was going to crowd surf. I gave Marissa my camera and phone, and asked some big guys to lift me up and off i went. Amazing time! Even Katie (photographer and fellow gdc'er) saw me! After listening to a really good song, we ran back to the other stage to see our next band.

It was finally time to see one of my favorite bands, All Time Low. We had already gotten to take a photo and meet them, but now I got to shoot them and see them. I did my usual, 3 song shooting (I was REALLY singing along this time) when all of a sudden I was slammed forward into the cement wall camera and face first. I was horror struck, thinking my lens had possibly broken, but to my relief, everything was fine (my nose hurt for a while, but that's ok, it's just a nose, not a 600 dollar camera). After that incident I continued shooting till I was kicked out. I then, again, gave my phone and camera to Marissa and went off into the crowd. I asked a man to help me up, and he did. I was up crowd surfing and having so much fun. I got out of the crowd by the security guards when jack reached down and gave me his guitar pick. I ran away (since I had to) and excitedly told Marissa. We danced and sang till I decided I wanted to crowd surf again. Looking back this wasn't the best idea, but whatever. I went up fine and was having so much fun till I was going over the barricade. I hit/scratched my leg on the metal. At the time I thought it was just a little scratch, but I was annoyed because I was getting blood on my shorts ( I noticed later that I had gotten them ripped on the metal as well) so I just rolled them up. After a few more songs the show ended and we ran back to Jen's office. I asked for a Band-Aid, but since there wouldn't be one for a while and I didn't want to miss Rise Against, I just went without one.

Finally, it was the last (full) show of the night. Rise Against. One of my very favorite bands. And I was shooting for them. I, once again, did my 3 song ritual (got kicked a little bit by a crowd surfer, but not too badly) and while I was doing that I got another amazing experience. Chris Head of Anti Flag was sitting on the side of the stage watching Rise Against when I noticed him over there. I smiled at him, and he smiled back and threw up the peace sign, which I returned making him also smile. After that, I finished up shooting and found Marissa. I gave her my camera and phone and went to as center and far back as I could be and asked another man to help me up to crowd surf, which he did. I surfed all the way to the front, smiling and having an amazing time. Once I got to the front, I got over the barricade. Marissa and I went into the crowd and stood in it for a while, but we soon became too hot and just sat out, listening. At their last song, we stood up and sand along and cheered as they finished their last warped tour 2012 date.

After Rise Against, I remembered Charlotte and decided to go over and see the last of You Me At Six's set as it had not ended yet. I was let into the photography pit and I tried to take a few last photos while also watching and enjoying their last song. After their set, we returned to Jen's office, as the best day of out lives had ended, and we were tired, thirsty, and ready for some rest.

I can honestly say that this was not only the best warped tour concert I've ever been to, but the best concert I've ever been to period. I had the time of my life, and I will never ever forget the great memories I gained by this awesome concert. Long live warped tour!



Me and Travis Clark of We The Kings


Me and All Time Low


Marissa, Bert McCracken of The Used, and I


Me hugging Bert McCracken.


I am posting this as a blog because I originally had it on another blog site, but I never use that anymore and wanted to be able to see this concert recap (and make sure I didnt lose it). So yeah, this isn't a recent thing but more of a storage thing. Enjoy anyway!

I saw My Chemical Romance and Blink 182 last night, AND IT FREAKING ROCKED!!!!!! I rocked so hard and I had such an amazing time! Even thought I threw up 3 times (2 of those being out of a car, once while we were going 20 mph), got overheated, and was dehydrated by the end it was still awesome. I got there and bought a t-shirt then started over to the crowd. Matt and Kim were playing their last couple songs as I made my way into the crowd a bit. I stayed in around the same area for a bit but when a group of people were cutting through to the middle (I was on the side) I just followed them there. As mcr played their first few songs I ended up making my way slowly forward. I then found myself in the "good" crowd (when i say good i mean the people who are rocking out and jumping and there are mosh pits scattered around) and rocked out (while also singing my lungs out). As I was there a very very high guy asked me "so what are you here for" and I said "the music!" he responded with "who you here to see" I said Blink 182, he then gave me a high five and asked how old I was. I told him that I'm 13 and he gave me a fist bump. I continued rocking out while slowly going forward occasionally when I found myself right next to a mosh pit. I was dancing but kept getting hit by moshers and almost pushed into the pit when a guy (he wore a green shirt and had a blond ponytail) picked me up and moved me. I was much more comfortable there! I discovered that when you are in a crowd that people have your back and will help you. About that time is when I started talking to a nice 21-year-old girl named Ellie and then a guy (his name was Chris, 23 years old) who was behind us also started talking to us. I ended up staying with Ellie and Chris for the rest of the concert (well Ellie moved back because of how rough it was but I did stay near Chris). Ellie and I pretended to be sister and If one of use got up further the other one could follow and say "hey can you let me go up with my sister?". It was pretty effective! Chris was also Ellie's pretend boyfriend. As we got closer and closer to the front (right in front of Tom!) it became much more compact and squished, but I didn’t really care. When Blink started playing everyone was jumping and singing along and it was so much fun! I felt as if I was a sardine, everyone was pushed up against each other so close that it was so hot that my glasses would fog up! And occasionally the crowd would seem to fall and you'd rely on the people behind you to catch you. I had lots of rambos (random people) that told me they'd help me though out the night, which gave me a sense of confidence. Ellie had gone farther back by now but I was still fighting my way and rocking along with everyone else. A guy then asked my "do you wanna go up?" (meaning crowd surf) I said no because we were so close the barricade that I'd go up for about a second then be over. I looked to Chris though to ask if I should and he made a space in front of himself and I just moved over there. After a couple songs I asked him if I could crowd surf or if we were too close and he told me that I'd only go up for about a second then be over the barricade and then said "oh well you probably cant see" so he lifted me up and showed me how close we were to the barricade (I waved at Tom, and saw that we were very close). I was coming to the last few songs and I was still dancing and singing as loud as I could even though my stomach had been hurting a bit. It was right before the last song when I asked Chris if he could lift me up again to see the stage and he did for a few seconds. The final song was played and I sang along with all my heart. I got out of the crowd surprisingly easy and made my way out to find my mom. I was soaking wet from both my own sweat and other peoples but I was as happy as ever (though my stomach was hurting). This concert was definitely one of the best nights of my life and I'm so glad that I got to experience these great bands.


My sister

I know of a lot of people who hate their siblings. Or at least they prefer not to spend time with them. But lately I have come to notice how great of a relationship my younger sister Libby and I have. I have 4 siblings, but since my brother is 32 lives in England somewhere, my 30 year sister now lives in Denver and she never really grew up with us, and my 24 year old sister is kinda a dead beat bi-polar party-er, I really only have my sister Libby as a real sibling relationship. Actually..she is my only full sibling when I think about it, as the others are half siblings but that is a whole other (long) story. Anyway, as I was saying, Libby and I are best friends. Yeah, we fight and shit, but really we are close. It takes a lot to put up with me, trust me haha, and she some how is able to. She doesn't really listen to music, but she likes what I listen to (truthfully, if you dont like my music and you live in the same house as me you're kinda screwed cause my room has no sound proofing ha) and we have fun dancing to Green Day and such (there is a youtube video of this actually). Im not really sure what this blog was really supposed to be, but I think it is somewhat a telling of my friendship with my little sister. Er, did I say little? The girl is 12, but taller than me! Well, that is about all I can say right now, but yeah I'm glad to have a sister who is able to put up with me and be my best friend.


Oh, and this is Libby when we had a water fight. Yes, she let me spray her in the face with the hose for a good 20 minutes.