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Death Proposal

I took part in a poetry competition at my college, and this was my topic. I quite like how this turned out, considering how I'm not really good at being given a topic on spot, and writing.

Cold hands move along my chaste body.

A kiss of love, a whisper of forever,

Pierce the still and silent air; the

Night awakens as I lay my soul bare.

My darling, you are surely aware of

My mental bindings and forced, words of prayer.

How I long to break free and,

Give in to the demonic urges within me.

My love, why do you tempt me so,

With your wandering palms and sinful words?

My pious nature and the voice of reason,

Prepare for battle against his sin.

My demon king, my satanic savior,

I long for your ring to shine on my finger.

But, alas, I cannot lose my given path,

Just to fall into your welcoming arms.

And I know, that you're on your knees,

The biggest way you would ever plead.

To be with you, would mean my demise,

I cannot bear to be the reason you die.

My darling, my lover, my demon king, this

Death proposal shall be the only thing

I regret denying, in this measly world,

Overflowing with the living.



This is kinda how I think it feels when you get your muse back. I don't have a title, sooo help? :P

Tendrils of words, once more, flow through my veins.

In the nick of time, preventing me from going insane.

The hands of time, has come back to where it's from,

The beginning and the end, have slowly come undone.

What once was lost, has suddenly been found,

The old winter's darkness has left; spring has begun.

Branches of thought, and rivers of imagination are alive once more,

The dusty desert of blank pages, fill with blue ink from the morn.

Should I laugh, should I cry, I do not know,

A sense of peace and joy, has finally settled my wrought bones.



I've had no motivation to write recently, and I feel like my muse is gone. So I wrote about it.

She's going away, to somebody else.

She's going away, making me so miserable.

I want to get, out of here.

The stifling air, makes my throat constrict.

I have friends, they're not as they seem.

I've lost myself, living someone else's dream.

I stand small, set to face my demons alone.

Terrified, I don't know where to go.

My lover, my oasis in this desert,

Why have you left me so?


No more.

Inspired by a number of things.

Splattered make-up, tattered clothes,

Weary eyes and an angry pose,

Broken and beaten down, declared wretched,

A disgrace, a slap in the face, not a part

Of the fucking master race.

No more, no more.

Denied at every single turn,

Our song is forever left unsung.

Bullied, teased and mercilessly left to rot,

Too fat, too ugly, an abomination,

The so called 'freaks' of your generation.


We gave up all we had, losing what we were,

Falling over our feet for approval, the forbidden approval.

Declared an outcast, even as we play your games,

The 'inferiors' always forced to change, and yet

Yet we will never be the same.


no more, no more.

Feel our pain, feel our fear,

We are the forgotten and the disappeared.

Strengthened, we shall take our given rights,

Rid the abuse, we've faced all our lives,

We shall be alive, and free and forever.


The Dancer

Inspired by Bharatnatyam dancers, Bharatnatyam is a classical dance form of India. Mridangam is like a tabla, if you don't know what that is, Google is everybody;s friend :lol:

Graceful movements,

Chiming ornaments,

Pale, white faces,

Make up his haven.

She moves her body in time,

With the rhythm and rhyme.

Showcasing a torrid affair of love and prayer,

Capturing the attention of all present eyes.

The intertwined sounds of her bangles,

Her anklets and the beat of the mridangam,

Is a feast for common eyes,

Beyond perfect in her devotee's mind.

Her kohl covered eyes twinkle,

As she is held by her fairy tale suitor.

She moves in perfect harmony, with an intangible body,

His mind repeats the action over time.

She advances to the climax of her tale,

Showing different sides to the same pale face.

Assisted by unseen forces and invisible companions,

He comes every time just to see her story end.

The intertwined sounds of her bangles,

Her anklets and the beat of the mridangam,

Is a feast for common eyes,

Beyond perfect in her devotee's mind.

Her ethereal beauty consumes his very existence,

She's a dancer, a lithe storyteller.

But he is just an admirer,

Too soiled to be near her.



I was inspired by a portion in my Sociology lesson (I have my annual exams soon, I really shouldn't be getting inspired like this). Punarjanma or punarjanmam means reincarnation or rebirth in Sanskrit and subsequently in most Indian languages. As always, constructive criticism is most welcome :)

Sometimes, I want to scream

At the world, saying,

That it's leaving me behind,

It's forgetting me; I imagine

An old lady in a white saree,

Would appear before me.

An incarnation; an apparition,

Of the home I call 'earth'.

I imagine that she would

Open her all-embracing arms;

Provide me with security,

Assuring that I am more

Than a forgotten memory.

At the precipice of the moment,

I'd understand, I'd understand

My place in this world; I suppose

I'd be overjoyed,

With what I find.

My feelings of insecurity,

Of anonymity,

Shall be swept away.

By a hurricane of knowledge,

Finally and ultimately,

Allowing me to see

The light within.

And I hope, oh, I hope,

During that one moment,

I would get a chance,

An opportunity,

To look at the world

In it's human incarnation,

And say, a word of prayer.

Guided by notes of gratitude,

Uttered along the melody of remorse.

For all that I have said,

For all of my misguided thoughts,

And for getting a chance,

To begin again.


I Remember

It's not the greatest thing ever, I still think that it can be better. But I did all I could. Constructive criticism is appreciated! :)

I remember us, sitting across each other,

In the school cafeteria, along with our friends.

Arguing, about which one of us,

Knew that one song better.

I remember us, sticking together,

While all the other girls made fun of us.

Of our too large eyes and bizarre behavior ,

And we held our own against the onslaught.

4 years later, I sit here, watching a video,

That reminds me of you and I wonder,

I wonder where you are and what you're doing.

I wonder whether you're happy and content,

I wonder if you still know that one song as well as I do.

I wonder if you ever grew into those eyes,

If you grew out of the bizarre behavior that defined you,

I wonder if we'll ever meet again, and get a chance

To reminisce about the good ol' days.

I remember you telling me about your brother,

And how he was the worst person ever.

You introduced us with a smile and

Said that you had earlier lied.

I remember how you hated our teachers,

Never missing an opportunity to be a ditcher.

And yet still getting the highest marks and

Blowing all our scores out of the ball park.

4 years later, I sit on my bed, thinking

About all the things we did together.

All the days we spent together and I,

I wonder how your brother is, and

If you still hate him the way you did.

I wonder if you hate your teachers still,

If you ever lost your academic skills.

I wonder if we'll ever meet again, and get a chance

To reminisce about the good ol' days.

I wonder if we'll ever meet again.

(I hope we do)

I wonder if we can stay up all night.

(And reminisce those days)



Brought into a world of winners and sinners,

I stand hidden, a woman with colossal thoughts.

A demure, gregarious paradox of sorts.

I’m a flatterer, an incompetent ass-kisser,

A tragic intersect of brilliance and idiocy,

With a lack of concern and amiability.

A loser, not a chooser, a selfish down and outer,

A waste of space, a fool of time, and

Spellbound by any pretty face that smiles.

Call me a genius. call me cracked,

I am nothing but a broken fragment,

Hoping to find a match.




Written because I realized that the grudges I've been holding don't have a base anymore.

I've gone for far too long, enlarging,

Encouraging the dark hole in my heart.

With words of hate and regret,

Heard from a land left far behind.

I've realized the truth now,

My narrow mind has been opened.

I'm ready to forgive and forget,

Crimes committed long ago.

The raging hate has left my heart,

And it has left a sense of peace.

I regret the time I've wasted,

And leaving relations incomplete.

And we've moved on,

We've grown up, and while

It may be too late,

I'd like to know you once again.



A few poems came into my head, there's no time for inspiration like the time during exams, so here ya go :) Would love some constructive criticism :3


I've hidden my thoughts about you,

for far too long.

The expectations of who I was supposed to be,

Made me lose sight of what is right.

And it took me long, oh so long,

To find the courage, to finally be brave,

To accept who I am and to walk

With my head held high.


I strive to be the one you need,

The one you would go to,

Even in the wee hours of the morn.

But I'm forced to watch from the sidelines,

As you find more and more reasons,

To stay away from a desolate,

Broken child of May.

I wish I could help you,

And carry a bit of your troubles.

But I'm forced to stay away because

You say you don't need me,

That you're well off on your own.

And I know you run to her,

Every time you're scared.

While I stand here waiting, wishing

That one day, you'd run into my arms.


Compelled by the sight in front of me,

I lost all that I am, all that I could ever be,

In your open arms.

You pulled me out of my seclusion,

Never made fun of my delusions,

Of being someone who matters.

You held me tight against the onslaught,

Of filthy words and loud profanities,

Giving me haven, without a single thought.



Inspired by a tv show, it doesn't really make much sense in a few places as it is related to the show and the character [Helena from Orphan Black] but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.

With everything you know,

And everything you've been taught,

Is there a place you call home?

When you do as you're told,

And still feel so alone,

Do you ever sit and wonder?

Where you came from?

Why you were here?

And where you would go?

And when you realized that

You were raised wrong,

Was your mind too feeble, too broken

To find the light in the storm?

As you lay dying on the grey concrete

Did you ever regret where you were found?

Did you wish that you had a mind of your own?

Did you wish to finally belong to a family

That you knew was yours all along?



Basically about having your parents divorce and the feelings that accompany. I would love some title ideas :)

A love that held so strong,

Crumbled in a matter of minutes.

A decade of warmth and love comes to an end,

And a child gets left behind.

Shouting matches, violent clashes occur every night.

The game of heartbreak has taken it's toll and,

A little girl covers her ears and hides,

Pretending that everything's alright.

But she knows, she knows that,

Everything is breaking down and

She doesn't know where to go.

The waters of depression is flooding fast,

How can she stay afloat?

She goes to school, painting on a fake smile,

Lying that her heart isin't breaking inside.

She dreads the time when she to go back,

To a miserable place she once called home.

And she tries, oh she does,

To ignore the screaming and the shouting.

Begging to be left alone while

Reminiscing of a happier time.

But she knows, she knows that,

Everything is breaking down and

She doesn't know which way to go.

The waters of depression is flooding fast,

How can she stay afloat?

Oh, how can she stay afloat?



His elysian green eyes excude

A sense of kindness and warmth.

His tan arms, golden brown in colour,

Reveal his courage and strength.

The white scars scattered along his limbs,

Tell a tale of struggles overcome.

Perhaps, that is why he is so adored,

But not by I, no, not by I.

I love him for the man he hides,

Beneath his web of lies.

I love him for his insecurity,

Hidden by a facade of masculinity.

I love him for his strong will,

And his love for cheap thrills.

But above and beyond all,

I love him as he is.



A lazy afternoon, spent together.

Held by your strong, loving arms,

I feel alive.

A cloudy day, spent together.

The things you say infuriate my mind and,

I feel alive.

A cold, snowy day, spent together.

I finally meet your mother, I feel overjoyed,

I feel alive.

A warm might, spent together.

Underneath the covers, we were on fire and,

I feel alive.

A dark, dreary day, spent apart.

I miss you and your clear blue eyes,

All I can do is cry and,

I, I don't feel alive.

A bright, sunny morning, spent together.

You're on your knees, asking for forever,

And I feel alive


The Far Corner

Held captive by your dusky eyes,

Bewitched by your smile,

All signs of my sanity is lost.

I stand, transfixed in my corner

So far away from you.

You're the sun and I'm the moon

Always just too far away to reach you

Lit up by your mesmerising presence

Yet hidden from your ne'er wandering eyes

And I cannot help, but fall for you

I try to reach where you are akin

To a child reaching for the stars

Little by little I feel like I've succeeded but

When I think I've reached my goal, I realise

A child can never reach the stars just as I can never reach you.



I tried something different, it feels rather incomplete and well, wrong. I'd love some constructive criticism on this :)

Amidst the loud noises and shouting voices, I sat.

In a world of my own, an elysium full of peace, and light.

A gentle whisper of wind caresses, my broken skin.

The sweet aroma of the daffodils pierces, my keen senses.

And I sat, free and gay, surrounded by life and joy,

In vast field that leaves no corner empty, and

My mind feels complete.

A jolt to my still body brings me back, to reality.

The soft fur of a cat makes it's way, around my feet,

And I, I pick her up and lay her down, next to me.

I stroke her back, listen to her satisfied purr, along

With the loud noises and the shouting voices,

And my mind, my one sanctuary, feels complete no more.



This was originally gonna be called Toxic Lips but one of my friends suggested that Lipstick is a better title, so Lipstick it is! :lol: This is, again, something different. Constructive criticism is appreciated! :)


Prepare for another dirty, long night

Get ready to be defiled by the best

Of the worst from the corner street

Wearing skimpy clothes, a blood stained rose

Hanging from her painted lips.

You'll be under her spell, begging

Oh, begging to be held in her arms

Her filthy, greedy arms and you'll

Oh, you try to steal a perfect kiss

From her toxic lips.

Her deadly lipstick will hold you captive

A drug, oh so exotic, will have you

Hanging onto her every word and

Coming back repeatedly, just for a taste

Of her toxic lips.

And when your time is over, you pay the bills

No more hungry kisses, no more dirty whispers

She walks away in her bright red pumps,

While shaking her perfect hips, she walks to

Another man, waiting on her windowsill.

And she knows, you'll be back the very next night

Just waiting for a chance to feel alright

To get away from your dreary, boring life

And her enticing lips, and her charming smiles

Will lure you into another trap, tonight

Her deadly lipstick will hold you captive

A drug, oh so exotic, will have you

Hanging onto her every word and

Coming back repeatedly, just for a taste

Of her toxic lips.


Cry, Cry, Cry

This is inspired by so many things, some personal, some related to tv shows I usually cry over. Anyway, I thinks it's different from my other stuff, not sure if it's a good different or a bad different though.

Cry, Cry, Cry

Clasp your hands tight and cry

Cry, cry, cry.

Let those tears fall,

Let the pain out.

And cry, cry, cry.

This hole in your heart, hurts

And tears you into little pieces.

The only barrier's fallen apart

Nothing's left to salvage,

So cry, cry, cry.

And your soft smile disappears

Angel eyes, fill with tears.

Beaten down, soul burnt out,

All that you can do now

Is cry, cry, cry.

No one will acknowledge,

The pain in your fragile chest.

No one will come to,

Wipe away you tears.

Try your best not to

Cry, cry, cry.

But when all's said and done,

And the world is breaking down.

You'll hide in a dark corner,

All alone, so forlorn

And cry, cry, cry.


Green Day Feels and Related Thoughts

Crossed posted on Tumblr as well :D

I saw Broadway Idiot for the first time yesterday night and was smacked in the face with the feels. It was so surprising because I wasn’t into Green Day as much as I was before. I still loved them, yeah! Just not so interested in what they were doing. I haven’t even seen the teasers that the Green Day youtube site put out for Cuatro!

I feel like I should start at the beginning, so here goes. The first song I had ever heard by Green Day was Boulevard of Broken Dreams, like a lot of other fans who got into the band after American Idiot released. The difference with me was that when I first heard BOBD, the band was close to releasing 21st Century Breakdown.

I was watching a fanmade Naruto video and BOBD was played. I liked the song instantly, it was catchy and fun to listen to! It got stuck in my head. So the next day, in class, I was talking to one of my friends when I told her about this new song that I fell in love with, of course I didn’t know that it wasn’t new at that time.

However there was a slight problem, I didn’t know the name of the song.

"I walk along, I walk alone, ah ah, ah ah, dream something, I think it was called" was what I told my friend. She instantly brightened up and said "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams! I love that song!" Obviously the next logical step was asking her who the song was by. She replied saying Green Day. I never knew how those two words would change my life. I don’t know where that girl is now, but I know that I owe her.

It’s so strange isin’t it? How something as simple as a song or a movie or a poem can change your life? It sounds so stupid, sometimes. But I don’t think anyone has escaped the clutches of art, in any form, and it’s magic.

I was 13 or maybe even younger when I heard BOBD. I was shy, kind of a loner and was dubbed ‘weird’ by my peers. I had a few friends, yeah and I’m grateful that I had them then, but looking back now, I realize I had no one person I could really trust. I was also made fun of a lot and it really hurt me. It kinda gets to your head yanno? When you’re teased all the time and even when you try to not take it seriously, it still hurts somewhere.

I never told anyone how much it hurt me when I was bullied. I guess, I thought it was something so trivial that it didn’t matter. So this little girl, who was and still lives in India mind you, was alone more or less. And in those days, english music wasn’t popular with people my age. I still remember, I was scared to go to Youtube the first time I had heard of that site. But I obviously got over that irrational fear.

After the discovery of BOBD, I found a treasure of Green Day songs, 21CB had released, Green Day was performing on award shows and my knowledge of their songs increased. American Idiot, St.Jimmy, Give Me Novacaine, Holiday, Good Riddance, Basket Case, Know Your Enemy, etc., featured on my playlist.

I remember I had Jesus Of Suburbia on my iPod and I would never, ever, listen to it fully. Simple because it was too long and I had no patience to listen to a song that long when I didn’t even know the words.But I would always listen to one part before I changed the song.

"There’s nothing wrong with me, this is how I’m supposed to be." That one line resonated in my life. I had felt left-out, misunderstood and stereotyped. Nobody was listening to me and moreover nobody was like me. I was scared and lonely.

Then there was Billie Joe Armstrong, screaming in my ear about how there’s nothing wrong with him and this is how he’s supposed to be. A man, so much older than me, so much more experienced, who lives so fucking far away from me. Was the only one who knew how I felt, the only one who understood and it’s such an incredible feeling.

It changed my life. What a stupid thing to say right? But it did. It made me feel like I was not alone in this big bad world. I felt invigorated and inspired. I could be anything I wanted. Born in such a conservative country, where everything was told and done as written and demanded by our elders, I discovered free will.

Nothing could stop me now, I was obsessed with the band and inturn learned so much more about myself. I now had opinions and thoughts that were different from everyone else. I had to know everything about this band, that for all intents and purposes had changed my entire life.

I went on Wikipedia, Goggle, anything I could get my hands on. I downloaded pictures, bought CDs (I now have all Green Day albums, including BIAB and AAF) and read loads and loads of interviews. My senior, who loved Green Day as well, told me about GDA. Of course, I had to go to that site! My thirst for knowledge, about a band nonetheless, was never-ending. As my parents often lament, if I only paid half as much as the interest I paid to Green Day related things to my studies, I would do so well.

I spent a lot of my time on GDA and soon on GDC, where I met so many people who were like me. We’ve all had so many different experiences but somewhere Green Day had spoken to us (or maybe it’s just the catchy songs, I’ not quite sure). I also met people through Twitter and Facebook. Imagine my flabbergasted face when I realized that there were so many Green Day fans in India itself!

Green Day has inspired so much. I’m now a confident person, I do have my shy moments but I’ve learnt that being myself is not wrong because that is the only person I can ever be. I started learning the guitar, I started learning the drums, I started telling people that I am good at something, that I can play these instruments and I have performed infront of a large audience (Only like 4 times, but whatever, I have! <ahttp://www.greendaycommunity.org/uploads/emoticons/default_tongue.png' alt=':P'>). I started writing lyrics as well and the encouragement I’ve gotten from the people on GDC in my posts posts made me more confident to write more and post more! (Shamelessly pimps my lyrics page http://thisbrutalove.livejournal.com/ )

And they continue to inspire me. It’s times like this, when I’m hit so hard by the feels that I realize how much they actually mean to me. Mike when asked how he felt when fans came up and said that Green Day saved their lives, he replied saying that, they didn’t start out to save or change people’s lives, they just wanted to play music. And somewhere along the way, they unknowingly began changing and saving lives.

It sounds so melodramatic, saying Green Day changed my life. I was once asked by my friends, how did they change your life? Were you suicidal or something? The answer is no, I wasn’t and am not suicidal. But they changed me from someone who would’ve lived someone else’s life, someone who would’ve been scared and lonely into someone who’s confident and not afraid to speak her mind (in most scenarios).

This was a huge ass post, so if you actually read this then thank you so much. This is just how I feel and I needed to get this out. After all, it’s not everyday that you get crippled by the feels and get inspired to write something.



I tried something different this time. This one is about a man who's in an abusive relationship and somewhere in his head he knows it, but he ignores it and pretends that everything's alright. I would love some comments on this as I think this needs a bit more work. :)


It's another cold dark night

And a man stands in front of the church doors

Hands curled around each other, tightly

As his lips move in a silent prayer

Breath that stinks of the whiskey he consumed

He staggers along, in the wee hours of the morn

He drags his broken and bruised heart back home

Forcing himself to return to a war zone

He says, he's in love and so he cannot leave

He says that she cares, even as he bleeds

He stays as a shadow of the man he used to be

As days continue to bring more misery

Another insult screamed at him and

Another mark blemishes his skin

She wails that he ruined her life and

How she wishes she had never had his child

He tries to change, to be who she wants him to be

But it's not enough, oh it's never enough

So he places the blame on his weary shoulders

Hugs his daughter and tells her that he loves her

One more night, one more fight

He stays silent, heart betraying what his mind says

More and more, he feels himself fading far away

But he, oh he never stops her even as she strips his skin away

He says, he's so in love and he doesn't want to leave

Defends her even as he pleads for mercy from her wrath

He lives as a shadow of who he used to be

And days continue to bring more misery


She Lay

Forgiven but not forgotten

Isolated from her love, she lay

On the green grass, among precious flowers

The field of paradise, where one longs to go

She breathes out a sigh,

Forgotten, alas, she was forgotten

And lost in her mind's eye

No way out of this predicament

No way to change the situation.

As her mind tries to move past the troubled thoughts

To see the happy, beautiful memories, she stops

A idea, a vision, a way to seek forgiveness

For her sins, all, all of her sins

For once and for all

She runs, excited by her train of thoughts

Her actions will be pure and selfless

She shall seek to amaze and create wonders,

And her love, oh her love, will look into her eyes

Silently conveying that everything is alright, everything is fine

They shall be one again, a bond so solid,

Nothing, past, present or future, can break through.

She runs, blinded by her thoughts and she tumbles

Tumbles onto the ground, face down

Scrapes and bruises mar her features, her beautiful features

Tears make their way from her eyes to the cold ground

She can see it all now, she was never meant to be found

A little lonely girl, isolated from her one true love

The veil has been lifted from her eyes and she understands now

Struck by her epiphany, she lay, isolated even from sound.



There's this place, that me and my friend call 'The Cat Magazine' cause it's a magazine store which houses cats! That's really cool cause the cats are all well kept and taken care of and we're allowed to pet them! As an animal person, petting cats makes me very happy :D Anyway, today I had the opportunity to take some pics, but most of the cats were sleeping in their make-shift home, where we're not allowed. So, here are the few pictures I took! :)


These two cats were so cute and adorable, just lying there! It's so much of fun petting cats when they allow you to! :D


This was the one at the side in the above, above picture :lol: Please excuse my friends torso xD


This guy, or girl I didn't check, loved being petted and kept walking on the magazines! I may have gotten a lot of kitten licks from this one :wub:


Sleepy cat!


This one was actually playing with something which I was dangling, trying to catch it's attention.


Aren't these two so adorable? Aww.


Okay, I know it's blurred but I couldn't resist putting up serial killer kitty.


'I'm too majestic for you. Serve me, human.'


Sleepy kitty! [Just saying, my friends sometimes call me a bitter old cat lady due to the fact that I flail immensely over cats.]


Angry kitty! [With whiskers that look like a mustache]


Someone was dangling a straw and these two cats were trying to play with it. It was so adorable, I cannot explain! [Also, I think the golden one is like posing, idk, cats are superior afterall.]




This pic actually looks like it's sipping from the straw! xD




Lastly, the 'why are you stalking me? I'll maim you with my claws!' kitty :3

Hope you liked them! :)


The Wrath Of Hades

The Wrath Of Hades

I really like the title :lol: In a way, inspired by Percy Jackson :3 And also, the 'hell' here does not refer to Tartarus. Anyway, I like this one but I think that it's not, like something should be changed? Comments are appreciated! :D

As you walk along the street

You feel a shiver run through your body

A shiver that talks of danger, fear and betrayal

And the sound of a soul being tortured.

Your eyes fill with tears,

You now have to face your fears

And the hellhound around the corner grins

For somebody out there, knows your sins.

Skeletons stalk your every move

You can feel them walking right behind you

You'll soon be paying for all your sins

Feel the fear for it shall soon be grim

And while you're blinded by the beauty of Venus

The wrath of Hades shall be upon you, sinner.

You can try to save yourself

Sacrificing for Ares' help

But no one can save your damned soul

You'll be spending your eternity in hell.

The hellhound snarls, menacing and loud

Their vicious teeth shall tear your throat out

And finally, you shall descend into hell

And the torture shall make you wish

That you'd never had a breath.

Demons stab at your very soul

You can see them wielding their swords

You're paying for all of your sins

Oh sinner, you've chosen to give away your grins

And you may forget the beauty of Venus

But the wrath of Hades shall never leave you, oh sinner

The wrath of Hades shall stay with you forever.


Serena Smiled

Serena Smiled

I hope you like this one! Comments are more than welcome :D

Serena smiled, through her teary eyes

She told herself to hold it in

Just for awhile

She stood and watched as

Mel talked about her wondeful life

Her eyes shone as she talked about her luck

And her love for a charming, young boy

Serena cheered and hugged like the rest of their friends

Trying to hide and will away her pain and hurt

Maybe this what she deserves

For having a love which can never be returned

Serena smiled, as her heart broke inside

She told herself to hold the tears in

Just for a little while

That night, Serena broke down and cried

She knew she had lost the first love of her life

Maybe this is exactly what she deserves

For falling in love with a straight girl.


Jekyll And Hyde

Jekyll And Hyde

This idea was my friends and uh, I thought it was pretty cool xD I'm not sure what this can be classified as, a lyric? A poem? I don't know. Opinion and constructive criticisms are welcome! :)

Every morning I wake up

With a sour taste in my mouth

Immaculate neatness surrounds me

No recollection of the night before

As I walk along my house

I spy slight differences

A bloody cloth, a scratch on my arm

And a kitchen knife where it does not belong

I ponder over these strange happenings

Trying to find the answers I seek

But I let it go soon enough

For after all, what could go wrong?

Weeks passed as I paid no heed

To the bloody rags around my bedroom

Nor to the knifes I found lying around

A hard night, I'd convince myself

Too much of gin, not enough tonic

I lied, telling myself that I felt no dark shadow

Rearing it's ugly head inside myself

More weeks passed, as I continued to pay no attention

To the numerous cuts along my arms

Nor to the feeling that something's wrong

And now I stand alongside the executioner

Waiting for the blade to pierce my skin

Hungry bloodthirsty eyes glued to my every move

For I knew, their loved ones, were my fools

I am no saint yet not a sinner

I shall get my salvation in perdition

But my actions are those I do not regret

For how can I regret actions that were not mine

But I shall take the blame and plead guilty

For I am Dr.Jekyll because I'm Mr.Hyde