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I'll share my songs with y'all, but I probably won't sing them. You'll just get lyrics. 

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So, I fixed MDWAISS, but then I got writers block. All I need is a second verse, but I can't come up with it.    To make matters worse, I woke up with a lovely little melody in my head. As opposed to quickly writing it down, I decided to eat food (fucking idiot). After I ate, I realized that I totally forgot it.   In short, fml. I'm gonna go slam my head against a wall until I remember that damned melody.





Harken ye, inspiration has struck! I can now fix my song MDWAISS, but it's gonna be... blue.    And it's gonna look super weird written down.    But it's gonna be the best damn song I've ever written (and the most embarrassing, but not in a bad way).





Alrighty, now I'll give you a song that I wrote. It's called Falling. Critique it, suggest edits, etc.    [Verse 1] Tell me Do you think of me Am I the one you want  The one you love   Baby Do you need me Cause I'm desperate for ya And it hurts like hell   Oh shoot  Why'd I fall for you It's a downward spiral It's all downhill   [Chorus 1] Maybe I'm too young Maybe I'm too dumb, oh yes I'm f
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