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my blog, no hate. 

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Take a Break, Driver 8

https://driver93.wordpress.com/2018/06/30/take-a-break-driver-eight/ R.E.M is one of my favorite bands as of late. Driver 8 stands out to me personally. It's off of the album Fables of the Reconstruction (1985) I feel like a personal overall favorite. It's about the Southern Crescent/Amtrak Crescent. But it seems like it has another meaning; meaning that with how many people are working constantly. We need to calm down as a collective. Overworking ourselves is killing us slowly. "Way to shield the hated heat.
Way to put myself to sleep.
Way to shield the hated heat.
Way to put myself, my children to sleep." I believe with this world, I do not believe people will slow down or stop and take a good look at their lives and step back. Relax. Feel good about their accomplishments. You do not have to be a perfectionist to feel good.  Overworking causes exhaustion and possibly premature death. As an artist, I feel it's my obligation to be perfect. But looking at everyone else, puts me in a depressive state, and will overwork myself trying to have my craft look like every other professional studio artist.  




ReDid my Blog

it was a mess, so I deleted everything + in a fit of rage at the time.   https://driver93.wordpress.com/blog/ . but this is where i write mostly. that and some shit on blogger. https://sammoose666rantandreviews.blogspot.com/ . please give comments or views i'd appreciate it.   also with my wordpress blog, i do schedule (or try to schedule something) for every saturday evening (around 7:30 pm my time EST) 



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