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Fike speaks

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About this blog

hey guys so this is my first blog I don't think ill have a specific topic ill just write whatever comes to mind that day

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punk rock for the win

now the summer of 2015 was only a small spark.   after returning home and listening to green day i began to find other good punk music  i found a love for nirvana as well a few bands include : the dead kennedys, the Ramones, Greenday, rancid, sum41, some blink-182, the offspring, and a few other random punk songs 

to dumb to die

to dumb to die


punk revolution

twas the summer of 2015 i found the joy of punk rock. we were caping in ohio for boy scout summer camp and  we where sitting arount the camp fire and @Jesus of Seneca had a cd player with a bunch of green day and ramones  cds and a few other band but we sat around the fire listening to music for quite a while and thats how i became  informed of the joys of greenday 

to dumb to die

to dumb to die

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