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About this blog

In this blog, I just talk about some stuff. Just anything that comes to mind. Wow, I'm so creative. 

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Nico Talks About Stuff #5 - Nintendo

Hey guys, and welcome back to "Nico Talks About Stuff"! Now, hold onto your seats, this might be a bit crazy, but... my name's Nico. Today's topic is Nintendo!

Here's something most people don't know: Nintendo is older than you might've thought. The company was founded in 1889.

And if anyone says something like "What? Nintendo made video games 100 years ago?", please spell IQ for me.

Well, Nintendo sold playing cards back then. But who would've thought that Nintendo would ever make video games...?

Now, the question is: What got Nintendo famous?

We from Nintendo got famous thanks to a plumber who turns bigger by doing drugs.

Alright, how about you, Sega?

We from Sega got famous thanks to a hedgehog who turns faster by doing drugs.

It's quite interesting how everything only gets famous through drugs... and people say Nintendo is a role model... yup. 'Course.

But Mario is not the only character that made Nintendo famous. How many Pokémon generations are there?

Have you ever realized that the names of Pokémon get weirder and weirder? Same for their look? Seriously, how can you even think of a name like Cobalion? I'm pretty sure that there will be a Pokémon in Gen 12 called Mokquas, and it will have a human form with spaghetti arms and the face will be a mix of the Me Gusta and Impossibru memes.

Not everyone likes Nintendo. The people who play stuff like Call of Duty or Halo play on PlayStation or Xbox. And I have to admit that the graphics are not the best, but the gameplay is there and it's extremely fun to play games like Super Smash Bros. or Mario Kart!

That concludes this post of "Nico Talks About Stuff"! Leave a comment with your opinion on Nintendo, if you want. See you next Sunday!


Once upon a time, a young servant traveled from a faraway land to a faraway land. Oh, look! A swallow! The little bird lead the man over the mountains, to an old Holy Shrine. There, in the middle of the cobblestone path, stood an ancient, gigantic LCD monitor! The young servant from the faraway land in the faraway land thought, "Dude, what are those weird characters on this device? 'Log in'?" He did not understand anything. But as he touched the monitor with his hand, a bright light shined on his ugly gob--um, face. And so, the young servant began the adventure of World of Warcraft!

I'm not kidding, if the World of Warcraft books were full of content like that, I'd buy every single one of them.


...oh! Hey, and welcome to a new episode of Nico Talks About Stuff! My name is Servant. And today, we'll talk about MMORPGs. There are so many of them... Silk Road, Cabal Online, World of Warcraft... well, I have to say tha-- oh, I have to go. Someone's coming.

...um, who was that servant?

Welcome to a new episode of Nico Talks About Stuff. If you didn't already know by the title and my username, my name is Nico. And today, we'll talk about... what, there's a topic already? What servant?!

Okay... MMOs. There are a LOT of them. Rappelz, Guild Wars, and Flyff are some examples. I play none of them.

It's not that I hate MMOs, but I think there are way too many contras. But don't worry. I'm not one of these people that say MMO players would behave like this when they're outside:

So, this is... the Real Life? Those graphics are just mindblowing... but what's the story? I didn't quite catch that.

I mean, I played some MMOs back in the day, like Flyff for example. And of course they can be fun, but it's not my type of games. For me, it's just about beating up the same monster all the time to then brag about your awesome equipment a few months later... and then get killed with a shoehorn.

Of course, MMOs have some pros. But now, I want to tell you some things I HATE about MMOs.

1. "Buff me" scroungers

Nothing to explain here. By the way, BUFF ME!

2. Stupid stereotypes

This actually happened to me once:

Player: Hey, where are you from?

Me: I'm from Germany.

Player: ewww, nazi.

WHAT THE FUCK? Why does this happen so often...?!

3. Scammers.


TotallyNotAScam: Hey! My name is Yam! Something's wrong with your account! Please give me your password so I can check your account!

SomeNormalPlayer: Oh, okay. My password is "password123".

TotallyNotAScam: You sell your set for 100,000 gold? I take it!

SomeNormalPlayer: Trade!

TotallyNotAScam: Trade!

SomeNormalPlayer: Hey, hold on, why is it only 10,000 now instead of 100,000?

TotallyNotAScam: ...bug?

But, I think it's actually your fault if you fall for them. I don't know how it is with the other communities, I'm talking about Flyff experience. But still, MMOs are not my thing.

However, at least they're better than those weird anime dating roleplay games...

"I don't know if I can forgive you after what you've done!"

-> "Buy ice cream for her"

"Oh, ice cream! You are forgiven!"

Okay, that concludes this episode of Nico Talks About Stuff. Leave a comment below so I can see your thoughts on this topic. See ya next time!

Oh, and also, happy 1 year anniversary to Revolution Radio! I know it was yesterday, but I post a new topic here every Sunday, so... yeah.


Hey guys, and welcome back to Nico Talks About Stuff! Read the title to see what my name is. No, it's not "Stuff".

Before we start, there will be multiple characters speaking in this post. You can differentiate them based on the text color: White is me (Nico), yellow is the person who likes high end games, red is the person who likes retro games. Okay? OK. And of course, I hope that no one here is like the yellow and red guys. :D

So, what we all know is: there's various tastes, various opinions, and of course various types of pizza. I know it doesn't really fit to the theme of this post... whatever.

But today, we will talk about: New games or retro games? But STOP! Before we start, I want to respond to a comment that Trotsky left on my latest post about Counter Strike, in which he was surprised that people still play that game. And he also said he's old. So, for the first part: I also thought CS died out after the long nothingness after Source, but then Global Offensive came out and almost all of my friends started playing it. For the second part, 25 is not old. :D

Hey man, get to the point already. Just tell that nostalgia idiot that the new games are way better than the old rotten crappy retro games!

You have no idea, dude. Just look at those new games! It's only about graphics, and the gameplay and ESPECIALLY the story just falls out completely. Crysis is the best example!

Don't talk shit, man! Look at Portal 2, good graphics and still gameplay and story!

Well, Portal 2 is an exception. But I'm talking about all those first person shooters, and I CAN'T OPEN THIS BAG OF CHIPS!

Guys, just calm down! I think a few people are worse than the discussions themselves. What do I mean with that? I have no idea. Just kidding. First of all, there are these people...

What, Nintendo and graphics? Nintendo is just for little kids, I play GTA on PS4 all the time man! I have this gun here and-- what is this umbrella doing here, I want a gun!! There we go-- A SHOEHORN?!

Oh really...? And how about... Splinter Cell? Resident Evil?!

Splinter Cell? Resident something? Doesn't count man, it's for little kids too.

And also, the term "nostalgia" is always used so positively. Do you know about the "nostalgia factor"? I will demonstrate it by using a conversation me and a friend of mine had a few weeks before Zelda: Breath of the Wild was released with the Nintendo Switch.

Yellow (me): Oh, I'm so excited for Breath of the Wild! You too?

Red (friend): Nope, Ocarina of Time is better.

So, how are you supposed to know when the game isn't even OUT yet?!

Ocarina of Time is the best Zelda game and NOTHING CAN EVER GET BETTER.

(shaking head)

This over-the-top conservative thinking is just... over the top! Just give the new games a chance. The developers always have new ideas. Maybe they'll release the Umbrella Gun... okay, that's not a good idea.

But we all see that everything gets newer. And in a few years... everything will be 3D. Maybe not, but that's not so important.

And that concludes the third episode of Nico Talks About Stuff. Leave your opinion in the comments: Which do you like more, high end or retro? And I'll see you next time. Bye!


Hey, I'm back! Today, I want to take the time to talk about Counter Strike. As you can see from the title of this blog, my name is Nico. Yay.

Counter Strike is one of the most popular shooter games of all time. Everything you have to know about that game is shootin' people, shootin' more people, and campers (I'll talk about them in a bit as well).

I'm just kidding. Let's go into more detail about this game. It's basically a battle between the Counter Terrorists (the good people) and the Terrorists (the bad people). The Terrorists can win in two ways: They can either wipe out the entire Counter Terrorist team, or they can place a C-4 somewhere and let it explode. The Counter Terrorists can win in three ways: They can either wipe out the entire Terrorist team (who would've thought?), they can defuse a C-4, or they can save a hostage.

As we all know, every game has some points of frustration. I think Counter Strike has a lot of them, but my dog says it's just because I'm such a noob at that game, so...

So, here is my list of the Top 3 things in Counter Strike that annoy me the most!

3. People saying weird stuff on servers through voice chat

Why do people do this? Imagine you're in this situation: You just join some random server, and because you're friendly, you want to say "Hi". Response? "Sup you freak we're extreme here and you'll be gone soon, ohhh"...

You don't know what's going on and think it's just one person who's being annoying. You type in "How are you?" and a second person sings "I'm doing fine, yeahhh"

I mean, it's okay if you keep it limited. But don't just do stuff like that after every word-- "Word, word... words are so pretty, woah-oh..." WHAT THE HELL?! It's just unnecessary and annoying. But as you can see, that's not the worst thing...

2. Various players you can find on some servers

First of all, it's just SO ANNOYING when some people just shout into their microphones... especially in a language you don't understand. Then, there are the wonderful campers. They are these players that just hide in one spot and kill everyone in sight.

And now, don't say it's tactical waiting. For me, tactical waiting is when you stay at one place for a short time. Not through the entire game! But there's some players that just take the cake...

Hackers. Cheaters. Cornflakes. Oh, wait...

Yeah, they're just the perfect candidates. There's one question: Hackers and cheaters, why do you do that? Do you feel overpowered through it, or do you have no life?

"but y?!?! i have a house made out of obsidian and theres lava flowing around it--" Minecraft is NOT life! "wat do u mean?!?!"

However, if you cheat in games, you indirectly admit you have no skill. That's why hackers and cheaters are... how should I say it... b00ns! But don't worry, you will eventually stop... maybe.

1. Anti Shooter Games

Now, this isn't a problem with the game, but the game plays a big role in this one. Think about it, what annoys about every gamer who plays games like Counter Strike? We're all annoyed by this ONE THING.

"Forbid this useless violence! Forbid killer games! All killer game players will become gunmen!"


Dear Anti Killer Game community... what's going on in your heads? Do you really think that games like that are the main reason for rampages?! And what about the social complications? Mental disorders?!

Of course, it can happen that shooter games can drive you to do stuff like that, but for that you already have to be kinda... you know...

If there's one thing that made me more angry, it was Mario. Do you remember the underwater stages in the original Super Mario Bros. with the bloopers? Oh man, I was angry at that! So, I don't think you should put the blame on shooter games. But they still do it. I WILL FIND YOU-- I mean, I don't think that's right.

If you want, leave your opinion about this topic as a comment, and I'll see you in my next post!


Hey guys! I'm Nico and welcome to Nico Talks About Stuff! So, today we're talking about gaming stuff... of course in a silly way.

Today's topic is: Minecraft! Minecraft is probably one of the most popular games ever. Especially in 2011, that thing just exploded. Everyone wanted to play it, every 2nd Let's Player wanted to do a Let's Play of it. Everyone who didn't want to do videos about it got this response:

"I don't want to play Minecraft." "WHAT? Everyone unsub him!!"

But why is Minecraft so successful? I think it's because it's kinda like playing with Legos. Everyone played with Legos when they were kids. Admit it, you did it too!

For those of you who don't know what Minecraft is about: You collect materials and craft many items with it. With that, you can build even more stuff, like houses, mines, planes, everything you can imagine. There's one guy who is interesting. He's called "Creeper". It's a green... thing with four feet and no arms. When you're near it, it can explode, and so it can destroy a lot or even kill you. Be careful...

Of course, there's not only creepers, there's also other things that can attack you, like spiders, skeletons or zombies. Ouch.

By now, pretty much everyone plays Minecraft. Even the cool kids. "Dude, I'm so awesome, I got Minecraft on DS! ...what? What do you mean, there's no Minecraft for DS?!"

Notch is the creator of Minecraft. His real name is Markus Persson. He made millions with that game! With those graphics? Yup.

Minecraft is one of the best examples that graphics are not the most important thing about gaming. I think other people should take that as an example, because today, everyone only cares about the graphics. Soon, everyone will be like this: "What's reality? What's in-game?"

Minecraft is like an addiction that no one can stop...

Okay, I have to admit: I bought Minecraft as well. In the first three weeks I enjoyed playing it, but then it became very boring for me. Yup, even this game can get boring. OMG!

But still, it's a very good game, and that's why it gets a "YAY!"

So, that's it from me. I hope you enjoyed reading this first post. Leave your opinion to Minecraft in the comments, if you want. See you next time!

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