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About this blog

Hooray! Nico is here! :D

Welcome to my meaning-free blog full of no meaning, meaninglessness and meaning intolerance! Here, you can expect meaningless posts every Sunday! What's the meaning of life, you ask? There is none! Especially not in this blog.

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Okay I should definitely stop saying I'll start posting regularly if I just can't make it happen. But hey, it's Wednesday, time for a new post... after two weeks. I wanted to post twice a week, not once every two weeks!
Oh wait, it's actually Friday, not Wednesday. God fucking damn it.

Well, moving on... welcome back to Nico Talks About Gaming Myths, where I tell you about three video game myths and you have to decide if they're true or false. Speaking of that, here are the results of episode 1:

  • The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (SNES): "Chris Houlihan Room" - REAL - For a long time, no one was able to find this room. But it actually exists, and there's five ways to get there. But they only work on the SNES version, not the GBA remake. Here is a video of YouTube user "thartwick" demonstrating one of the ways to get there:
  • Pokemon Red and Green (Game Boy): Lavender Town Syndrome - FAKE - So, the part of the song where the Unown are shown in the spectrogram are not there in the original game. Also, suicide rates didn't go up in 1996, they actually went down in Japan. However, Nintendo/Game Freak actually did change Lavender Town's theme for the American/European versions, but that wasn't a big changes. There were just a few little notes taken out.
  • Minecraft (PC): "Herobrine", the ghost of a dead miner - FAKE - Minecraft's creator Markus "Notch" Persson has spoken about this myth a lot, saying "Herobrine isn't real in any way, no. I never had a brother (well, there's a half brother I never meet..), and he's not in the game." on Twitter in January of 2011. But some people actually brought Herobrine into the game with the help of modifications.

So, with that out of the way, let's get to today's three myths!

1. Tiger Woods 99 (PlayStation): The Hidden "South Park" Episode

According to this myth, an EA Sports employee accidentally copied a South Park episode onto the golf game "Tiger Woods 99 PGA Tour Golf" for PlayStation.

The first South Park episode was called "Jesus vs. Frosty" and was made in 1992 by the founders Trey Parker and Matt Stone. It was first shown at the "Student Film Screening". In 1995, they got $2,000 from FOX to create a similar short film as a Christmas episode.

The episode got the name "Jesus vs. Santa" and it was about Jesus Christ and Santa Claus arguing about whether presents or the birth of Christ was more important on Christmas. This animation was sent around a lot. It was also sent to an EA Sports employee, who liked the short film a lot and accidentally copied it onto Tiger Woods 99. But can such a mishap actually slide through the final game check? Well, that's for you to decide!

2. Sonic CD (Sega CD): The Diabolical Message

This myth is about "Sonic CD". Apparently, you can find a hidden message from the Prince of Darkness in the game. How, you may ask?

In the title screen, you can reach the Sound Test menu by pressing down, down, down, left, right, A. There, you can hear songs from the game by putting in various settings. If you choose the settings "FM no.46, PCM no.12, DA no.25", you'll become a witness of a strange event...


You can see a background of many Sonics with bizarre faces. In front, there's some Japanese text, which means: "Fun is infinity - Sega Enterprise - signed: Majin". Majin means "devil". Also, there's some very outlandish music playing. But who would put such an absurd message in a game made for kids?!

3. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (Nintendo 64): The Cursed Cartridge (Ben Drowned)

This one's a big one, so get ready.

In September of 2010, a guy bought a Zelda: Majora's Mask cartridge. However, the things that happened in the game followed him into reality and drove him to the edge of insanity. He documented his adventure with a diary as well as videos.

The story begins with a young man named Alex, also known as "Jadusable" who just got an old Nintendo 64 from a friend. Because he doesn't have many games, he decides to look for cheap games at a house flea market. He meets an old man there who presents him with a Majora's Mask cartridge. In the end, they say goodbye to each other, the old man saying "Goodbye then". When Alex starts up the game and finds a single save file with the name "BEN", he realizes the man might've said "Goodbye Ben" as well.

Even though Jadusable creates a new save file called "Link", the NPCs still call him BEN. That didn't even change with deleting the "BEN" save. After a few hours of playing, the game suddenly starts to communicate with Alex. Strange glitches get him even more sceptical. He doesn't believe that the game is broken anymore. It seems more like cursed.

The strange things pile up. In the game, he often meets the Mask Salesman, the Horror Kid, and also BEN's embodiment in form of a statue...


If you don't know, normally you summon this statue to trigger switches with its weight. Well, this statue doesn't only follow him in the game, but also into his real dreams. Also, all NPCs just vanish after some time, and the background music is playing backwards. The most notable example for this is the so-called "Song of Unhealing", the reverse version of the Song of Healing.

At this point, Jadusable decides to document these events in video form and upload them to YouTube to not stand as a liar. His channel name is Jadusable, if you want to check the videos out.

To end the horror, he decides to look for the seller's house again. However, he finds that this house is empty now. Shortly afterwards, Alex meets a friendly neighbor who gives him some information. Apparently the old man has moved and was never married. He also asks him who this Ben guy is. The neighbor tells him that about eight years ago, a child with that same name had a horrific accident.

Jadusable starts the game up yet again. He's brought to a beach as a Zora. There, he finds that damn statue again in the water. It drowns Link, which should not be possible considering Link can breathe underwater as a Zora fish.

Now, underneath the "BEN" save game, there's another one with the name "DROWNED", which lets Alex think that Ben's cause of death was drowning. When he starts up "DROWNED", messages appear...

"You shouldn't have done that..."

"BEN is getting lonely..."

He gets a final chance to solve the riddle. So, both save files are reset.

Days later, Alex finds a text file on his desktop. It says "Hi... cleverbot.com". Cleverbot is a website chat where a bot answers you. Well, he opens the site and finds that Ben is talking to him, not Cleverbot. Apparently, Ben is controlling Alex's PC.

It's no wonder that he needs a little break from this game and from BEN specifically. His roommate uploads a video for him, where Alex solves the riddle. He realized he didn't get the song "Elegy of Emptiness" yet. You normally summon that statue by playing this song. So, he goes to Ikana Canyon and gets the melody from the King of Ikana. After playing this melody, the screen turns black, and another message appears.

"It'll be our little secret, okay?"

After a short playable scene, Link suddenly stands next to BEN and the Mask Salesman. Once again, the screen turns black with one final message...

"Please... help me..."

He gets thrown into the title screen and realizes the "BEN" save game was gone and replaced by a file called "MATT".


Wow, that one was way longer than the other two myths combined! Well, that does it for today's episode of Nico Talks About Gaming Myths. Once again, you have to decide, which are real, which are fake? Post a reply with your thoughts on it, if you'd like to. I'm not forcing you, but it would be nice. :D

Before I end this post, I just want to say R.I.P. Chris Cornell of Soundgarden/Audioslave. He committed suicide one year ago today. He was an amazing artist who was gone way too soon. Just wanted to let that out.


Hey everyone! Welcome back to Nico Talks About Stuff! Today's topic is... wait, it doesn't say "Stuff", it says "Gaming Myths". What's going on here?!

Well, like I said a few days ago in the "It's been awhile" post, there will be some new stuff in this blog as well. And so I thought, "Well I can post NTAS every Sunday, but how about I do something else every Wednesday?"

And because I freaking love video game myths, why not talk about them weekly too? :D

I decided to do it like this: Every week, I will tell you five gaming myths. Nothing too spectacular. However, I won't tell you if they're true or false. You have to decide for yourself! So, you can post a reply that can look something like this: "I think the first two are fake, but the last one is DEFINITELY real.". And on Sunday, in the next episode of NTAS, I will reveal which ones are real and which are fake! Sounds good? Alrighty then, let's go!

1. The Hidden Room in "The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past"

In 1991/1992, "The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past" came out, which was one of the most popular games for the SNES. Well, there's a myth that says there's a hidden room in the game dedicated to a fan of the game named Chris Houlihan.

But why would the game developers just create a room for a guy they don't know? The answer is quite simple: In 1990, Nintendo held a special contest in their "Nintendo Power" magazine. Readers should send a picture of a Warmech robot from Final Fantasy to the editorial staff. The winner's prize was to be called out by name in a future Nintendo game. And that happened to be "A Link to the Past".

The room is said to be filled with blue rupees. On one of the walls, there's a sign that says: "My name is Chris Houlihan. This is my top secret room. Keep it between us, OK?"

2. 200 Dead Children Thanks to Pokémon?

Legend has it that after the release of Pocket Monsters Aka & Midori (the Japanese Red & Green Versions), around 200 children committed suicide. Yes, you read that right. The reason for that is the so-called Lavender Town Syndrome, caused by the background music of Lavender Town, which is already a pretty creepy town in itself.

The track is said to have some very high pitched notes that only children between the ages of seven and twelve are able to hear. Of course, it's scientifically proven that kids can hear higher-pitched sounds than adults can. Well, apparently 200 children committed suicide after hearing these notes by hanging or jumping off high buildings. A greater amount of children started to behave irrationally after hearing that specific soundtrack.

In 2010, a video appeared on the internet showing said soundtrack in a spectrogram. For those of you that don't know, a spectrogram is a visual representation of the spectrum of frequencies of sound or other signal as they vary with time. Thanks, Wikipedia.

Near the end of the song, it shows several Unown. Unown is a Pokémon that has 28 different forms, one for each letter of the alphabet, an exclamation mark and a question mark. They form the words "LEAVE NOW". Now, here's the thing: Unown first appeared in Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal in 1999/2000/2001. However, in the first editions, a discarded file with data of this Pokémon exists.

3. Ghost of a Dead Person in Minecraft

This myth says that there's an NPC (non-player character) in Minecraft named Herobrine. Some say he's controlled by the ghost of a dead miner. Other sources say it's the dead brother of Minecraft's founder Notch. He looks just like the regular character, but Herobrine has white eyes.

There are several theories about Herobrine's role in the game. They are all very different, though. It's unknown if he's peaceful or if he wants to kill the player.

Herobrine's first sighting was documented by a player with a picture and the story. He published both in the Minecraft Forums, however not many people paid any attention to it.

But then, when Herobrine appeared in two live streams, players were alerted about this mysterious creature. One of these live streams was stopped abruptly after the player found Herobrine. The viewers were redirected to a page, where there was a Herobrine face and a cryptic text.

The text was interpreted like this: The players live in their own world that they have to wake up from, because Herobrine didn't actually appear in the stream. The door and painting textures were modified to make it look like Herobrine appeared. But still, it's unknown if he is actually real.


So, this was all for today. So, now it's your turn! Post a comment down below about which ones you think are real and which are not. Pretty much just like I said at the beginning. With that said, I'll see ya either on Sunday for NTAS or next Wednesday for gaming myths!


Hey guys! I'm Nico, and welcome back to Nico Talks About Stuff. I know, it's been a minute. But, I'm back!

This time, I'm talking about the topic of consoles, specifically the Console Wars! You know what I mean by that:

- PlayStation!
- Xbox!
- PlayStation!
- Xbox!
- Okay, well, how about Nintendo?
- Nintendo? Hahahaha!

Come on, why do so few people actually take Nintendo seriously? I mean, just look at Zelda: Twilight Princess! You're a wolf and you have to fight evil dark creatures in the ass! Little kids can't just play that! ...right?

Okay, Nintendo might not have the best graphics, but the fun is there! And back in the day, it looked a lot different than today. So, how about we travel to the past...

In 1972, the first official video game console came out. It was called the "Odyssey". Fuck, now I think of Super Mario Odyssey again. I'll be back in a few hours. Sorry, I meant days.

Back then, people didn't really take video games seriously. But all that changed when the first Nintendo console came out, the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES for short).

Nintendo only had one big competitor, and that was Sega. So now, Sonic from Sega and Mario from Nintendo battled to their deaths... and they were on drugs as well...?

Come on, man! Mario eats red and green mushrooms until he explodes and Sonic is on speed all day long... okay, I talked about this before in NTAS #5.

A few years later, when the Nintendo 64 was already around, Sony released the PlayStation. And Microsoft desperately wanted to make a console too, and a few years later, the Xbox came out. Also, there was the Philips CD-i, but I'm not even gonna talk about that thing.

And today, when you bring up Sega, the typical response is:
Sega? What's that?

Sega was sorta forgotten, and so there were only three competitors left: Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft.

What you shouldn't forget though is--
Don't forget us, you little apple pie!
Okay, so may I ask, what the fuck are you just lying on my floor like that?
Me? Ha! I'm the forgotten PC!
Oh... yeah. There are PC games too. Especially for today's shooter games, not even the publishers give a damn about the PC version. And who's to blame? THOSE DAMN HACKERS AND CHEATERS.

So, this is the end of today's NTAS. If you want to, post a reply about your favorite video game console and/or what you think about console wars! So... I'll see you guys next Sunday!

Btw... my favorite console is the Nintendo 64, followed by the SNES and the Switch. I'm a big Nintendo fan. Fight me.)


Well... it's been a while.

So... it's been roughly 6 months since I posted anything on GDC. (Okay why is this starting up like a statement video on YouTube?)  You wanna know the reason? Well... I CAN'T STOP PLAYING SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY. It's like an addiction, man.

Well, okay, that's not the actual reason. The real reason is that I just haven't been on GDC that much. It's not that I don't like it anymore, it's just that I haven't been on GDC that mu-- okay, I gotta stop repeating myself here. Okay, I gotta stop repeati-- GODDAMNIT

Wow, the jokes are even dumber than before. That's the way I like it. ;)

Aaaanyways, things are gonna start back up here tomorrow! Just the regularly scheduled program (well, schedule isn't a word I can use for this considering the long break), maybe with some new stuff here and there.

By the way, I lied about starting tomorrow. We'll start TODAY... in 6 months. See ya!

Just kidding, of course. Tomorrow at 3pm MESZ (= 9am EDT or 6am PDT) a brand new NTAS post will be published on GDC! (kinda dumb to say that even though I haven't thought of anything to talk about...)

With that said, I'll see you guys tomorrow!


Hey guys, I'm Nico and welcome to another episode of Nico Talks About Stuff!

Today's topic is something that annoys many people: Censorship in video games.

Well, I think it's okay if a few things are cut out of a game to have them allowed for ages 13 and up, but the part where I think "What the hell?" is the fact that even 17+ games are getting cut.

I mean, here in Germany, it's clear that they think underage kids are stupid and have never seen blood before, but if they really think adults are as stupid, I'm thinking "Whoa... what world do you live in?"

Of course, there's the blood censoring:
Character: *gets shot* Oh my God! I'm bleeding to death! I'M BLEEDING TO DEATH!
Player: Dude, there's no blood anywhere...

But that's not all. Some shooters go as far as to make the corpses just... disappear.

They... disappear. Where to? And more importantly... why?!

But video games are not the only victims. Movies and TV series have a hard time here too.

Let's take Naruto as an example. Here is a picture of a scene from the original version, and here is a picture of that same scene from the European version. Wow.

Something else in Naruto: Censored dialogue. Instead of...

I... will kill you!
Haha, we'll see about that!

...we get this:

I... will degrade you!
What? Dude, you can't do that! I'm the highest officer! Do you even know how long it took for me to work my way up?!

But sometimes, in the US, things don't get better. For example, let's look at One Piece. This is the original version, and this is the 4Kids version. The gun was replaced by a fucking toy hammer...?

What is that? That's so stupid! That's like if I would replace a rifle with an umbrella or something...

Then, there are some changes that I just can't understand. Just look at this. What the fuck? Definitely not racist. At all. I don't even wanna know what was going on in their heads.

Here's my personal opinion: Of course you don't need to show kids a head bursting open or something. But I think blood should be shown. Why? Come on. There's some guy that gets cut open by someone, and he doesn't lose any blood? The kids might think: "Hey, that doesn't look too dangerous!" and they might do it themselves.

"Hehe, does this hurt? *stabs own foot* Oh... my G-- wait, what's that red liquid? I was fooled!"

Yeah, I think it's more risky to cut it out, because you should know the consequences and learn out of them!

What do you think about our German censorship? Write a comment down below! See you next Sunday!


Hey guys! I'm Nico, I'm wearing a hat with the colors of the German flag right now (I know it's not relevant to the topic, but whatever) and welcome to a new episode of: Nico Talks About Stuff, the blog where I talk about stuff.

Today's topic is something that annoys many gamers: Hackers and cheaters in online games. There are many types of hacks in games, and I will present them to you right here.

But wait! Before we begin, some of you might have seen the post called "Nico Talks About Stuff #8 coming soon". Well, I posted something that I did not want to post yet, and I don't know how to delete a blog post, so I had to replace it... at 5am in the morning. Life is tough, man. Anyways, let's continue.

Speed Hack

"OMG, I'm so fast! Nobody can stop me now--" Server Admin Kicked DEPortalFreak2004. Fail!

Infinite Items

Player 1: I will give you 2,000,000 vodk-- healing potions if you give me 200,000!
Player 2: How did you get so many?
Player 1: Tricks and more tricks, y'know.
Player 2: Uh, you do know I'm the server admin, right?
Player 1: ...scheiße.
Server Admin Kicked DEOrangeJuice2004. Fail!


Player 1: What the...?
Player 2: Hahaha, I can fly and nothing can stop me!! Oh, I took a dump in the air! Oops, I'm so sorry!
Player 1: Ew!
Player 2: Hahahahaha! Yeah, this is amazi--
Server Admin Kicked PoopyJohn. fail...

Infinite HP

Player 1: *shoots Player 2 a dozen times, he doesn't die* Dude, you're a damn cheater, that's what you freaking are!
Player 2: Was? Those are my German genes! We can withstand anything!
Player 1: Hey, come here.
Player 2: What's up?
Player 1: *punches Player 2 in the face, Player 2 dies*


So, yeah, hacking in online games isn't cool. If you hack offline, that's fine by me! It can be funny sometimes:

Haha, let me try "/give ham_sandwich"! Oh, it worked! Well... "/give two_sexy_ladies_in_bikini"... of course nothing happened. :(

Guess you can't always have everything...

So, the moral of the story is: Cheating offline is okay, but hacking online is just lame. It's unnecessary and just sucks the fun out of the other players. So, just let it be.

If you want to, write a comment about your opinion on hacking and cheating. Maybe you've used hacks before, who knows? Or maybe you have other stories to tell us. Just write a comment down below.

And here's a special message for the hackers: If you really need something to do that's unnecessary, just do something else, like hum the melody to On the Floor by Jennifer Lopez for 10 hours a day! (whoa I just remembered that song after not listening to it for like four years or something)


'Sup dudes, my name is Wilhelm. Nico isn't here yet, but I'm supposed to tell you this entry is all about Facebook. That was my idea! I told him to write something about Facebook, but he didn't want to do it because it has nothing to do with games. However, then I gave him some orange juice. It tasted so good he instantly told me I have good ideas. Everything went perfectly. Have fun!


Hey guys, I'm your host Nico, and welcome to Nico Talks About Stuff! And today, we're talking about Facebook! Hold on... that wasn't orange juice... what the fuck?!

First of all, this won't be a rant about Facebook... at least not only a rant about it, I'll also present some good things about it.

So, what annoys you about Facebook? For me, it's those damn Facebook apps. I mean, okay, there are some good ones... right? But if you get something on your wall like:

"Does Nico have a crush on Rebecca Black?" No...?

"Does Nico have a crush on Justin Bieber?" No!

"Does Nico sleep with a stuffed animal at night?" Um... yeah...?

I know some of you are thinking I should block them. But they always return with a different name! For example, the one app I always block and always returns is: "What do you think of THIS picture?" And then there's a picture with... the duckface.

The Duckface Phenomenon

Have you noticed how many women do photos like this? Well... men don't get as turned on as you would think. Just for this entry, I asked 20 of my male friends on Facebook what they think of these pictures, and... well... let's get back to Facebook apps.

Some other stuff I don't like are virus apps like: OMG! SCANDAL: Rollercoaster Accident - The Media Held it Back from Us... seriously? The media hold a rollercoaster accident back from us?

Or stuff like this: SCANDAL! (Person 1) and (Person 2) Caught Having Sex - Click Here to See the Tape! First of all, who cares? I don't. Well, the thing is, if you download the application to see the scandal, you automatically send the same message to all your friends, which means: Virus. Wow, it's so safe on Facebook...

What also annoys me about Facebook is something that isn't their fault. It's certain people on the platform that have to tell everyone what they do every ten minutes. With their sweetheart, of course. "Lunch with sweetie :-D"

And the funniest moment is always when their relationship is over: "My sweetie left me... :(" 293 people liked this. "I FUCKING HATE YOU." Well, they added in those little buttons where you can show your emotions like sad, happy or something. But still, in that case, Facebook can be funny.

That concludes this entry of Nico Talks About Stu-- why do I write the same ending every time? Well, leave your opinion on Facebook in the comments. See you next Sunday!


Hello everyone! My name is Nico (you don't say?) and welcome to the sixth entry of Nico Talks About Stuff, where I... talk about stuff. Mostly about gaming. Creative, right?

So, today's topic is how the media treats gamers. By now, it's no secret anymore that the media thinks that gamers like me are retarded kids with lack of reality. And of course we're the ugliest people alive. But sometimes I wonder: Well, who are the ones with a lack of reality here?

The best TV show with the best fake news (in Germany at least) is called RTL Explosiv. I once saw a report about getting scammed on the internet. It kinda went like this: "Jenny from Dallas was also a victim of scam on the so-called Internet". The 'so-called "Internet"'...?! What fucking world do you inhabit?! Did extraterrestrials make the Internet or what...? By the way, have you heard of this so-called "Google"? I heard it tastes yummy!

I'm waiting for now, and in three years there will probably be a guide on how to get started with the Internet... "And now, you move the mouse. Don't be scared, it's not a real mouse!"

At least you get to see things in the "Internet", not just dull humor, like: "Patrick died by crashing into a kitchen roll. His friends are deeply shaken." "Ha Ha You're Dead."

Of course, I don't mean all media, just some outlets. I have a message to these outlets: You say gaming makes us angry, right? Okay, sometimes that's correct, but I think you might have to look in the mirror and see what truly makes us aggressive.

But now, I'm asking you guys out there on the "Internet". What's your opinion on this topic? Leave it in the comments below. That concludes this entry of Nico Talks About Stuff. See you next Sunday!


Nico Talks About Stuff #5 - Nintendo

Hey guys, and welcome back to "Nico Talks About Stuff"! Now, hold onto your seats, this might be a bit crazy, but... my name's Nico. Today's topic is Nintendo!

Here's something most people don't know: Nintendo is older than you might've thought. The company was founded in 1889.

And if anyone says something like "What? Nintendo made video games 100 years ago?", please spell IQ for me.

Well, Nintendo sold playing cards back then. But who would've thought that Nintendo would ever make video games...?

Now, the question is: What got Nintendo famous?

We from Nintendo got famous thanks to a plumber who turns bigger by doing drugs.

Alright, how about you, Sega?

We from Sega got famous thanks to a hedgehog who turns faster by doing drugs.

It's quite interesting how everything only gets famous through drugs... and people say Nintendo is a role model... yup. 'Course.

But Mario is not the only character that made Nintendo famous. How many Pokémon generations are there?

Have you ever realized that the names of Pokémon get weirder and weirder? Same for their look? Seriously, how can you even think of a name like Cobalion? I'm pretty sure that there will be a Pokémon in Gen 12 called Mokquas, and it will have a human form with spaghetti arms and the face will be a mix of the Me Gusta and Impossibru memes.

Not everyone likes Nintendo. The people who play stuff like Call of Duty or Halo play on PlayStation or Xbox. And I have to admit that the graphics are not the best, but the gameplay is there and it's extremely fun to play games like Super Smash Bros. or Mario Kart!

That concludes this post of "Nico Talks About Stuff"! Leave a comment with your opinion on Nintendo, if you want. See you next Sunday!


Once upon a time, a young servant traveled from a faraway land to a faraway land. Oh, look! A swallow! The little bird lead the man over the mountains, to an old Holy Shrine. There, in the middle of the cobblestone path, stood an ancient, gigantic LCD monitor! The young servant from the faraway land in the faraway land thought, "Dude, what are those weird characters on this device? 'Log in'?" He did not understand anything. But as he touched the monitor with his hand, a bright light shined on his ugly gob--um, face. And so, the young servant began the adventure of World of Warcraft!

I'm not kidding, if the World of Warcraft books were full of content like that, I'd buy every single one of them.


...oh! Hey, and welcome to a new episode of Nico Talks About Stuff! My name is Servant. And today, we'll talk about MMORPGs. There are so many of them... Silk Road, Cabal Online, World of Warcraft... well, I have to say tha-- oh, I have to go. Someone's coming.

...um, who was that servant?

Welcome to a new episode of Nico Talks About Stuff. If you didn't already know by the title and my username, my name is Nico. And today, we'll talk about... what, there's a topic already? What servant?!

Okay... MMOs. There are a LOT of them. Rappelz, Guild Wars, and Flyff are some examples. I play none of them.

It's not that I hate MMOs, but I think there are way too many contras. But don't worry. I'm not one of these people that say MMO players would behave like this when they're outside:

So, this is... the Real Life? Those graphics are just mindblowing... but what's the story? I didn't quite catch that.

I mean, I played some MMOs back in the day, like Flyff for example. And of course they can be fun, but it's not my type of games. For me, it's just about beating up the same monster all the time to then brag about your awesome equipment a few months later... and then get killed with a shoehorn.

Of course, MMOs have some pros. But now, I want to tell you some things I HATE about MMOs.

1. "Buff me" scroungers

Nothing to explain here. By the way, BUFF ME!

2. Stupid stereotypes

This actually happened to me once:

Player: Hey, where are you from?

Me: I'm from Germany.

Player: ewww, nazi.

WHAT THE FUCK? Why does this happen so often...?!

3. Scammers.


TotallyNotAScam: Hey! My name is Yam! Something's wrong with your account! Please give me your password so I can check your account!

SomeNormalPlayer: Oh, okay. My password is "password123".

TotallyNotAScam: You sell your set for 100,000 gold? I take it!

SomeNormalPlayer: Trade!

TotallyNotAScam: Trade!

SomeNormalPlayer: Hey, hold on, why is it only 10,000 now instead of 100,000?

TotallyNotAScam: ...bug?

But, I think it's actually your fault if you fall for them. I don't know how it is with the other communities, I'm talking about Flyff experience. But still, MMOs are not my thing.

However, at least they're better than those weird anime dating roleplay games...

"I don't know if I can forgive you after what you've done!"

-> "Buy ice cream for her"

"Oh, ice cream! You are forgiven!"

Okay, that concludes this episode of Nico Talks About Stuff. Leave a comment below so I can see your thoughts on this topic. See ya next time!

Oh, and also, happy 1 year anniversary to Revolution Radio! I know it was yesterday, but I post a new topic here every Sunday, so... yeah.


Hey guys, and welcome back to Nico Talks About Stuff! Read the title to see what my name is. No, it's not "Stuff".

Before we start, there will be multiple characters speaking in this post. You can differentiate them based on the text color: White is me (Nico), yellow is the person who likes high end games, red is the person who likes retro games. Okay? OK. And of course, I hope that no one here is like the yellow and red guys. :D

So, what we all know is: there's various tastes, various opinions, and of course various types of pizza. I know it doesn't really fit to the theme of this post... whatever.

But today, we will talk about: New games or retro games? But STOP! Before we start, I want to respond to a comment that Trotsky left on my latest post about Counter Strike, in which he was surprised that people still play that game. And he also said he's old. So, for the first part: I also thought CS died out after the long nothingness after Source, but then Global Offensive came out and almost all of my friends started playing it. For the second part, 25 is not old. :D

Hey man, get to the point already. Just tell that nostalgia idiot that the new games are way better than the old rotten crappy retro games!

You have no idea, dude. Just look at those new games! It's only about graphics, and the gameplay and ESPECIALLY the story just falls out completely. Crysis is the best example!

Don't talk shit, man! Look at Portal 2, good graphics and still gameplay and story!

Well, Portal 2 is an exception. But I'm talking about all those first person shooters, and I CAN'T OPEN THIS BAG OF CHIPS!

Guys, just calm down! I think a few people are worse than the discussions themselves. What do I mean with that? I have no idea. Just kidding. First of all, there are these people...

What, Nintendo and graphics? Nintendo is just for little kids, I play GTA on PS4 all the time man! I have this gun here and-- what is this umbrella doing here, I want a gun!! There we go-- A SHOEHORN?!

Oh really...? And how about... Splinter Cell? Resident Evil?!

Splinter Cell? Resident something? Doesn't count man, it's for little kids too.

And also, the term "nostalgia" is always used so positively. Do you know about the "nostalgia factor"? I will demonstrate it by using a conversation me and a friend of mine had a few weeks before Zelda: Breath of the Wild was released with the Nintendo Switch.

Yellow (me): Oh, I'm so excited for Breath of the Wild! You too?

Red (friend): Nope, Ocarina of Time is better.

So, how are you supposed to know when the game isn't even OUT yet?!

Ocarina of Time is the best Zelda game and NOTHING CAN EVER GET BETTER.

(shaking head)

This over-the-top conservative thinking is just... over the top! Just give the new games a chance. The developers always have new ideas. Maybe they'll release the Umbrella Gun... okay, that's not a good idea.

But we all see that everything gets newer. And in a few years... everything will be 3D. Maybe not, but that's not so important.

And that concludes the third episode of Nico Talks About Stuff. Leave your opinion in the comments: Which do you like more, high end or retro? And I'll see you next time. Bye!


Hey, I'm back! Today, I want to take the time to talk about Counter Strike. As you can see from the title of this blog, my name is Nico. Yay.

Counter Strike is one of the most popular shooter games of all time. Everything you have to know about that game is shootin' people, shootin' more people, and campers (I'll talk about them in a bit as well).

I'm just kidding. Let's go into more detail about this game. It's basically a battle between the Counter Terrorists (the good people) and the Terrorists (the bad people). The Terrorists can win in two ways: They can either wipe out the entire Counter Terrorist team, or they can place a C-4 somewhere and let it explode. The Counter Terrorists can win in three ways: They can either wipe out the entire Terrorist team (who would've thought?), they can defuse a C-4, or they can save a hostage.

As we all know, every game has some points of frustration. I think Counter Strike has a lot of them, but my dog says it's just because I'm such a noob at that game, so...

So, here is my list of the Top 3 things in Counter Strike that annoy me the most!

3. People saying weird stuff on servers through voice chat

Why do people do this? Imagine you're in this situation: You just join some random server, and because you're friendly, you want to say "Hi". Response? "Sup you freak we're extreme here and you'll be gone soon, ohhh"...

You don't know what's going on and think it's just one person who's being annoying. You type in "How are you?" and a second person sings "I'm doing fine, yeahhh"

I mean, it's okay if you keep it limited. But don't just do stuff like that after every word-- "Word, word... words are so pretty, woah-oh..." WHAT THE HELL?! It's just unnecessary and annoying. But as you can see, that's not the worst thing...

2. Various players you can find on some servers

First of all, it's just SO ANNOYING when some people just shout into their microphones... especially in a language you don't understand. Then, there are the wonderful campers. They are these players that just hide in one spot and kill everyone in sight.

And now, don't say it's tactical waiting. For me, tactical waiting is when you stay at one place for a short time. Not through the entire game! But there's some players that just take the cake...

Hackers. Cheaters. Cornflakes. Oh, wait...

Yeah, they're just the perfect candidates. There's one question: Hackers and cheaters, why do you do that? Do you feel overpowered through it, or do you have no life?

"but y?!?! i have a house made out of obsidian and theres lava flowing around it--" Minecraft is NOT life! "wat do u mean?!?!"

However, if you cheat in games, you indirectly admit you have no skill. That's why hackers and cheaters are... how should I say it... b00ns! But don't worry, you will eventually stop... maybe.

1. Anti Shooter Games

Now, this isn't a problem with the game, but the game plays a big role in this one. Think about it, what annoys about every gamer who plays games like Counter Strike? We're all annoyed by this ONE THING.

"Forbid this useless violence! Forbid killer games! All killer game players will become gunmen!"


Dear Anti Killer Game community... what's going on in your heads? Do you really think that games like that are the main reason for rampages?! And what about the social complications? Mental disorders?!

Of course, it can happen that shooter games can drive you to do stuff like that, but for that you already have to be kinda... you know...

If there's one thing that made me more angry, it was Mario. Do you remember the underwater stages in the original Super Mario Bros. with the bloopers? Oh man, I was angry at that! So, I don't think you should put the blame on shooter games. But they still do it. I WILL FIND YOU-- I mean, I don't think that's right.

If you want, leave your opinion about this topic as a comment, and I'll see you in my next post!


Hey guys! I'm Nico and welcome to Nico Talks About Stuff! So, today we're talking about gaming stuff... of course in a silly way.

Today's topic is: Minecraft! Minecraft is probably one of the most popular games ever. Especially in 2011, that thing just exploded. Everyone wanted to play it, every 2nd Let's Player wanted to do a Let's Play of it. Everyone who didn't want to do videos about it got this response:

"I don't want to play Minecraft." "WHAT? Everyone unsub him!!"

But why is Minecraft so successful? I think it's because it's kinda like playing with Legos. Everyone played with Legos when they were kids. Admit it, you did it too!

For those of you who don't know what Minecraft is about: You collect materials and craft many items with it. With that, you can build even more stuff, like houses, mines, planes, everything you can imagine. There's one guy who is interesting. He's called "Creeper". It's a green... thing with four feet and no arms. When you're near it, it can explode, and so it can destroy a lot or even kill you. Be careful...

Of course, there's not only creepers, there's also other things that can attack you, like spiders, skeletons or zombies. Ouch.

By now, pretty much everyone plays Minecraft. Even the cool kids. "Dude, I'm so awesome, I got Minecraft on DS! ...what? What do you mean, there's no Minecraft for DS?!"

Notch is the creator of Minecraft. His real name is Markus Persson. He made millions with that game! With those graphics? Yup.

Minecraft is one of the best examples that graphics are not the most important thing about gaming. I think other people should take that as an example, because today, everyone only cares about the graphics. Soon, everyone will be like this: "What's reality? What's in-game?"

Minecraft is like an addiction that no one can stop...

Okay, I have to admit: I bought Minecraft as well. In the first three weeks I enjoyed playing it, but then it became very boring for me. Yup, even this game can get boring. OMG!

But still, it's a very good game, and that's why it gets a "YAY!"

So, that's it from me. I hope you enjoyed reading this first post. Leave your opinion to Minecraft in the comments, if you want. See you next time!

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