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What I Lost

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About this blog

This is a link to  my WordPress blog about my life, my love of music, and losing 93 pounds over the past year: whatilost.wordpress.com

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AJC story

Today the Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper published a story on me in their “Weight Loss Success Stories” section. An unscaled photo of my neck/chest area highlights the top of the story, so that obviously makes me proud. LOL. I was hoping they would include my quote about how big a role music has played in my weight loss journey, followed by my undignified plea for (free) Music Midtown concert festival tickets. I obviously can’t afford to buy them! All of my disposable income is tied up in Halo Top ice cream and Sandwich Brothers egg white turkey sausage breakfast thingies! Here’s a link to the article. Try to not get yourself too worked up over my clavicle. http://www.ajc.com/lifestyles/paula-bechtler-hiram-lost-pounds/b9mi5U1mZ1sdUc5NgmuWoI/



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