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Another Sleepless Night



Another sleepless night

Another sleepless night in pain

Another sleepless night in despair

Another day of going through the motions

Another day of loneliness

Another day of praying the pain away

Another day of the prayers going unheard

Another day of knowing how useless of a human being I've become

Another day my disease has cut me down inch by inch

Another day to dwell on how useless of an father I am

Another day of no joy of no hope no future

Another day of someone pointing and saying "oh he's lazy"

not knowing I'm not but I'm in too much of pain to do anything now

Another day of wishing for this life to end

Another day of the reclusiveness

Another day of not having friends to go eat with or talk to in a non social media platform

Another day to be ashamed

Another day to hear the dreaded phrase "it'll get better" to me Another day to repeat no it won't as my disease is forever

Another day of hoping for a day of normalcy

Another day for another sleepless night

Another sleepless night to repeat the cycle




I apologize

So going into a reclusive state the last week and debating in the gun thread came to the realization that when heated I act like an asshole towards others and that's not something that's okay or cool I've never intentionally set to insult anyone on the board but I realize I do have a hot temper and I need to control it better so to anyone that I've insulted like Dai or Ceadog or anyone else for that matter I apologize and nothing personal was ever meant 

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