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Kicking off the new album with a new blog.

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Opportunity Wasted

So I never updated this blog beyond saying that Familiar Faces was playing a huge talent showcase at House of Blues Cleveland. Well, here's what happened...


We played HOB Cleveland Live Music Showcase, judged by Kat Gaynor, formerly of Warner Reprise. It was a great set, with a lot of the music off the "upcoming" record, and a new song I'd written a week earlier for the show.

We won, beating out 9 other groups including hip-hop, rock, rap, and instrumental pieces. I was in fucking shock, believe me, but we won.

We went on to meet with Kat, got her contact info to get some advice from her on what our future should look like.

We then proceeded to slowly and quietly fall out and do absolutely nothing with the band. I wanted to write unique and creative new music that wasn't just new, but sounded different. Our drummer, Tommy, wanted to create music for an audience that already existed locally, and more-so music that he was already a fan of. That kind of music you've heard a dozen of your friends promote on Facebook that just sounds sort of - done - for lack of a better word. And I don't mean to be so harsh, if that's how I'm coming off... I don't think his new band's music sounds bad or anything, it just doesn't sound at all unique or original from my perspective.


Anyway, our fanbase grew to be pretty large and we could have done a lot with the moment we gained following the HOB show. We didn't even release the album, though. I put up over $300 of my own money toward the $650 total we owed. About $150 of it came from the band funds we'd been holding onto from ticket sales and all that. I refused to pay for any more of it though, and there was only really about $120 left, so I figured the other 3 members of the band could handle that. One of them went off to college about 300 miles away, so he was just out altogether on the whole band thing. The other two just didn't really seem too concerned with it.

So, here we are, nearly two years down the road, no album, no band. Which would feel fine if we hadn't been in the middle of what was our most active, most productive, and most popular time together. It all just kind of dropped off, and no one cared enough to pick it up. I'm to blame just as much as anyone. I began loathing band practice and the entire writing process with Familiar Faces. I didn't have the creative control I used to, and I wasn't trying to give it up. I'd write songs and suggest covers that explored areas we hadn't already been, like reworking Hound Dog into a Punk Rock cover with a new solo, or trying to make My Heart Will Go On somehow sound badass. The rest of the guys were happy to do Blink 182, Fall Out Boy, and Taking Back Sunday covers forever. Every now and then we mixed in a cover from one of the hot new up and coming indie rock bands.

But every good thing comes to an end and, if all goes well, you make something better for yourself when it's all said and through. I've never stopped writing. I don't know how to. I don't post or publish anything these days, or at least I hadn't until this past week. I'm enjoying working on my own original music, and that's all that really matters. I'll probably start a new blog here soon with some of the material I've been working on.


Some Pretty Huge Things Happening

So, I thought I should post an update on how everything's playing out right now. Were playing our first big show at the House of Blues in Cleveland on June 28th, and scouting reps from Universal Records are going to be there looking for new talent. On the other hand, I played my first live solo show a few weeks ago, and it went over really well with the crowd and the record label that was there. They're interested in signing me now, which is awesome but I don't want to sign anything until after we play the house of blues, because I could mess up the possibility of signing with a much larger company for myself and the rest of the band. Any ideas on what I should do? Also, we've moved up hundreds of spaces on ReverbNations national charts since releasing Subliminal, and we're currently rank 273 and still moving. We're excited about the idea of breaking into the top 100.

If you still haven't heard the new music, or you're interested in helping to get it out there, you can find it at www.reverbnation.com/officialfamiliarfaces


Our First Video!

Okay, so it isn't exactly a "music video" but it's a lyric video and that's something!

I took me FOR FUCKING EVER to piece this bad boy together, let me know what you think :)



Our debut album is coming out soon, and as always, before any studio material is released officially I'm electing to share it with the GDC, my first outlet for any artistic ventures. Ah, I remember like yesterday, the countless lyrics to never heard songs I would post here as mvd102000, back when there was actually an area of the forum dedicated to lyrics and poetry. Good times. Then came a fuck ton of poetry, and some slightly better lyrics. Better times. But THEN, I get trapped outside of the internet for a year and come back to find that ALL THE THREADS ARE GONE FOREVER. Bad, bad times.

Alas, here I am, still happy to come and share my artistic works with the good people of GDC. I don't know as many of you as I used to, but that's mostly cause I'm a filthy little bastard who never comes to visit. Onto the music!

This first song is called "Down". In coordination with strict Familiar Faces guidelines, it's name is one word that comes from the chorus. It's about getting high, so there's something unique to the forum!


The other song that I'm sharing is called "Subliminal" and, you guessed it, it's the title track! This song actually has a much more serious tone, and is truly different from anything we've ever done. Our drummer, Tommy, was about to start college and was feeling that departure anxiety, like a lot of people do at the end of high school. We talked about it a lot before he left, and this song was sort of my representation of how he was feeling and how I felt going through a few really big transitions over the last few years.


Before I posted this, I wanted to say thanks to anyone who listened to and gave feedback for the last Familiar Faces music I posted on here. The studio we went to for that EP was, for lack of a better word, inexperienced. To be blunt, it really fucking sucked. What we got out of it was really poorly mixed, but even worse were our performances inside the studio. In our defense it was the dead of winter and we recorded in a garage with no heat, and trying to get it done as quickly as possible to keep it on budget. I could sit here and complain about it all day, but the bottom line is, we didn't put out anything we were too proud of and we should have done a lot better. I hope that you guys like the new material. If you were around for the old material, you'll hear a dramatic difference in quality.


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