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So... I got to see Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost introduce thier Cornetto Trilogy - Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The World's End - last month in Hollywood.

I saw Shaun and Fuzz in theater when they were originally released and consider them some of my favorite films (Hot Fuzz in my top 10). Needless to say, I was super excited about seeing the Trilogy and The World's End for the first time.

I was NOT expecting to LOVE The World's End more than Hot Fuzz, but I did (top 5). I super relate to Simon's character, Gary King... Anyway, this isn't a movie review, so...

I made it my goal to draw the character Gary... And I wanted to draw him in my style... There are certain things about the character that make him very difficult.

1. He kinda doesn't have eyebrows, but does.

2. Facial hair.

3. Aged look.

I kinda don't give up, once I've decided something... So I spent 2+ weeks sketching Simon Pegg, in various forms, until I was happy with the result. I ended up with TONS of sketches and pictures all over the place.

The following is the process...



Gary, Gary, and Shaun...


Gary King...


Gary King...




Gary King...


Nicholas Angel and Danny (Hot Fuzz)


Gary King...


Gary King...


The Editor (Doctor Who)





Idiot Nation asked for submissions of fan art to be on the Jeff Matika Show interview thing that they do. A member of the band or multiple members of the band had to be in the image, and it had to follow one of three criteria: 1. Band members as animals. 2. Band members with a 1950s celeb. 3. Band members at a historical event.

They gave us a week to do this, and I work full time. There was no way I could get my idea done in time...

This image was the the first of two panels. They would have been joined by either Elvis or Buddy Holly (I actually drew Buddy). The back ground is Woodstock.

The second panel was to be Tre Cool (human this time) sitting on a couch in the Jeff Matika Show (so Jeff and Freese would be there too), he would have the first panel as his talk bubble, like he was explaining the situation... Jeff would be saying, 'Well, Tre, that is a very strange dream...'

So it would end up with all 6 members of the band+ (as humans), one of them as an animal, a 1950s celeb, a historical event, and the suck up of actually having the Jeff Matika show in it...

Not enough time...

This sketch is SO unfinished that Billie doesn't even have his tattoos.

I may use this sketch as a base for something else later....


Misc Art - Matchmaker - Art dump!

I've been drawing my original characters a lot, Zach and Elise... I really should make a timeline, since me actually writing the story is unlikely... Three easy things to identify timeline...

1. If Zach's in a suit, it's his school uniform from HS.

2. Zach got the tattoos after starting college.

3. If Zach and Elise are cuddly, it's college.

Description after each pic will help.


Once these two get together, the don't do a very good job of keeping away from each other... But, to be fair, they don't have much alone time since they're both in University and Zach is constantly practicing and doing shows with the band...


Zach and his headphones (they say music, btw, hence the name of the piece).

Music becomes his life very quickly after meeting Elise. She opens up a whole new world to him by teaching him guitar, and he runs with it, never looking back... And, yes, he takes Elise with him. Also, the music is 'Fur Elise' by Beethoven... This piece becomes a point of amusement for the two, for obvious reasons...



Zach being his charming self. I imagine this being a school picture... Some ass tried to make him smile...



Elise cleaning up Zach after a fight. As stupid as it is, she finds it endearing.

This is the first non canon picture I've done. This exact situation never happens, as she never cleans him up after a fight until college.

This is a colored pencil over a photocopy of the original pencil sketch... I cheat. And hate doing line art because my hands shake so much.


GD Art - Billie Joe - Jimmy on cardboard


St. Billie... Sharpie, ballpoint pen, and a bit of colored pencil on cardboard. 13.5" x 13.5"

He was an impromptu drawing at work... I had received Warning on vinyl at the office, and I just started doodling on the shipping packaging.

Photoed on my cell phone, sooooo.... meh.

My friend on Twitter said to me, "I love how you always make him look so cute."

To which, I responded, "I can't do savage, dark, or anything like that, so I embrace what I can: little, cute, and pouty."

.... Sad truth... In case you were wondering.


GD Art - Billie Joe - Pancake Creeper


Tomorrow, Feb 12, is pancake day, and my friend Lucky is very excited about it. She's been fixated on pancakes all day. When I asked her what I should do for Billie's birthday, she said, "PANCAKES!"

So... Billie Joe pancake creeper was born...

Sorry, Billie...

Another quick sketch.


GD Art - Billie Joe - Waiting sketch


A sketch I did this evening. I was kinda thinking about the guys getting ready to go out on tour. What it is like when you're ready to go but have to wait for it to actually come...? I would suspect that they have some mixed feelings but are really ready to get out there now. I guess that thinking got into my drawing.

I hope they're ready to be out on the road. on tour.

It'll be nice to see a well rested, healthy Green Day again!

Aspen will be the first time the band has been out in public together in months! *excitement*


Misc Art - Star Trek - Captain James T Kirk


I started re-watching the original series after I heard line in Futurama about a 'Class M' planet that was covered in 'Roddenberries'... I laughed, and I was the only one. No one else in the room got it...

I was like... Yes, it's time to watch Star Trek again.

Kirk (as played by Bill Shatner, I need to specify)... well, he's my fav Star Trek Captain... Can't help it. He's a noble cowboy, strong willed, and such... blah, blah, blah...

I drew him while watching... colored in photoshop...

I am such a geek.



I was commissioned to do a St Billie tattoo for a lovely lady in the UK.

These are three variations.

I'm not going to go into all the annoyance I had with this (which is why there are three)...

Yes, this is a rework of my St Jimmy based on three main guys who played the part in the musical... Tony, Josh, and Billie.

(I do realize more people have played the part, so hush).



GD Art - Holiday Card 2012


Happy Holidays guys!

(I know this is late, but I forgot to post it before I left for the holidays)

This was my Xmas card for my Idiots this year! <3

EDIT: And before anyone here gives me shit for it (since other people seem to like to point these things out)... I KNOW THAT TRE IS THE SHORTEST... It's the way they're standing... There is actually a full body drawing for this, but I had to cut it off for the card. Billie is standing with his feet apart (like Mike usually does), making him shorter... I did this on purpose so you can see Mike.


Misc Art - Rise of the Guardians - Jack Frost


I went and saw Rise of the Guardians with some of my Idiot friends. We all loved the movie. It's so much fun!

The girls REALLY loved Jack Frost. They thought he was a hottie.

He's voiced by Chris Pine, and I think the designers tried to make Jack resemble him. But instead they got a combo of Black Parade era Gerard Way and Elijah Wood.

Because the girls liked him so much, I promised them that I'd draw him for them. I did this directly on my PC in Photoshop 7 last night (I usually do a sketch first).


Misc Art - Legend of Korra - Bolin & Pabu


Bolin and his mascot and pet, Pabu...

I'm proud of myself. I drew characters other than my favs! I have to admit, Bolin is FUN to draw. It's his eyebrows.

I want Pabu. He's so adorable! He's a Fire Ferret, for those of you who don't watch the show. They combine animals in the Avatar universe. Fire ferrets are ferrets and red pandas, clearly.

Colored in Photoshop.

The base sketch....


Color Flats:



Misc Art - Legend of Korra - Makorra fun!


Just finished watching Avatar the Last Airbender and Legend of Korra again.

This is Korra and Mako, for those of you not familiar with the show.

I don't care what anyone says, I like Mako. His little bit of douche is part of his charm... It also makes him more real. I mean, Korra isn't a saint either... People fuck shit up, usually not on purpose, but they do. What I love about the Avatar universe. The characters have more depth than most other cartoons.

Anyway, I fully support this canon ship. (I'm totally Irosami, too... I think they're better together anyway because their demeanor and poise work better).

CAN'T wait for season 2!

Sketchie that I colored in photoshop.


GD Art - Green Day DOS promo & coloring page!


New Green Day album, the second in the Trelogy, is coming out Nov 13 in the US!

The second of my album promo arts for this album! Get out there and spread the word, my fellow Idiots!

I decided to do one with Billie, Mike, and Tre (My Mike DOS promo can also be seen in my blog). I did the base sketch of this a while back, and it's taken me this long to do the line art/color in photoshop.

The background and text are ripped from the album cover itself.

ALSO. I turned this drawing into a coloring page that you guys can print out and color!!! YAY!

It's really big, so you'll need to Download it from my DeviantArt site: http://kelly42fox.deviantart.com/gallery/34261857#/d5jwomb


GD Art - Mike Dirnt - DOS promo


This is a quick promo drawing I did at work for DOS. Spread the word, y'all! Feel free to use this, if you like... It's why I made it.

It's cheap colored pencil.

I've never been good at lettering. One reason why I quit interior design. ha.

Still working on the full band promo for DOS like the one I did for UNO.


Hey guys.

I've had a number of requests, through various channels, for more art tutorials. I'm planning on a colored pencil tutorial.

My question for you all is this:

Is there a specific art piece you'd like to see me color in the tutorial?

It can be anything. Something I've already done. Something I haven't colored yet (may be a good way to get me to color that piece you've always wanted me to).

Also, if there any other kinds of tutorials you want to see me do, this would be a great place to note that... I'll be easier for me to keep track of them this way.

Thanks y'all,



GD Art - Halloween 2012 - Anime Style!


Green Day's Halloween this year is going to be Anime themed... Now there's a big surprise... It only seemed logical with what I've been drawing lately...

Mike as Ken from Street Fighter

Billie Joe as my fav Cowboy, Spike, from Cowboy Bebop

Tre as Vash the Stampede from Trigun

Choosing who Billie and Tre would be was pretty damn easy... Mike, on the other hand, didn't really go with anyone... Was originally going to draw him as Wolfwood from Trigun, but that was too many suits in the line up... And besides, Wolfwood as black hair... So I went with my fav Street Fighter.

Drawing Billie as Spike was a trip, let me tell you...