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Article 2: Former Abuser Writes Letter To His Ex

I am now writing for the Odyssey Online and we as writers are expected to share our articles and reach as many viewers as possibly, therefore, for every article, it is required that we share it at least once somewhere, like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. I really don't have many social media friends so I figured I could share my articles here in my blogs! I have two articles so far but there will be a new one every week.



Article 1: I'm 18 But I Look Like I'm 12?

I am now writing for the Odyssey Online and we as writers are expected to share our articles and reach as many viewers as possibly, therefore, for every article, it is required that we share it at least once somewhere, like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. I really don't have many social media friends so I figured I could share my articles here in my blogs! I have two articles so far but there will be a new one every week.



Preparing for Your Live Green Day Show

In the case that you're a scatterbrain, basket case, or total maniac due to the fact that you're extremely excited, you may accidentally forget something to bring to your concert. You may also just be completely lost and unsure what to bring. Here are some ideas, especially if you're traveling some distance by car.

EDIT: Also bring anti-nausea medicine, and a first-aid kit!

- Photo ID.

- Credit Card that was used to purchase tickets.

- Printed e-mail confirmation of ticket purchase, or mobile access to your e-mail account.

- Full tank of fuel. (Prevents unaccounted for stops)

- Bottles of water and snacks. (This will also prevent unaccounted for rest-stops, and also save you money)

- Clear directions to your venue, and parking area.

- Over-the-counter headache medicine. (Headaches can occur during long car-rides because of elevation changes, and also loud music doesn't help)

- Quality foot-wear, particularly if you're going to be in the pit.

- Ear-plugs for those who would like to protect their hearing.

- Band paraphernalia. (You wanna look cool, right?) 

- A travel bag of some sort, like a comfortable backpack. (This will be handy for keeping track of your purse, wallet, and other belongings)

Check your e-mail for your venue's rules to see what else you can bring along, phone/camera wise. (I've seen some say that there are metal detectors, and no audio recordings, photos, or videos allowed)

If you're staying at a hotel, remember to pack enough clothing and other basic travel needs. Don't carry a lot of cash. You may need some cash for tolls, and parking, but the fewer bills you have on you, the better.

Be safe and have fun! I hope everyone is all stoked for the Ohio show!




Preparing for Purchasing Tickets: Tips & Tricks

This advice applies to those who are using LiveNation to purchase tickets on their laptop/desktop computer (non mobile device).

Here are some things to do to prepare your computer for the fast-paced, adrenaline inducing, quick clicking madness of grabbing some tickets.

1) About 30 to 20 minutes before the tickets go on sale, completely power down all devices and computers that use your wifi internet connection that you will not use to attempt to get tickets. (If you would like to restart your device that you will use for the tickets to freshen it up, that's fine as well, just give yourself enough time to reboot!) 

2) Restart your router to give it a refreshing boost, especially if there are storms in your area, or if you are prone to slow internet regularly. You should leave the router off for at least 30 seconds before restarting, but a couple minutes would be optimal. 

3) Connect your ticket-snatching devices to the internet again if they do not automatically reconnect. This would also be a good time to ensure battery power and a working charger nearby.

4) Clear out your temp folder. You can do this by clicking start, (windows key + s for Windows 8) and typing %temp% and pressing the enter key. Do ctrl+a to select all the files, and then the delete key to delete them. This is all useless junk, but if something important were to be in that folder, you would be prompted to skip deleting it. 

5) Use the latest version of Chrome as your web browser. If Chrome doesn't work so well for you, I would suggest the latest version of Firefox, Fast Browser, or Chromium. 

6) Disable all of your browser extensions. If you would like to keep Ad-Block running, that's not a huge deal. 

7) Close out all necessary tabs and programs. Things like Photoshop, Facebook, Gmail, and PowerPoint can slow you down. Open your task manager, and go to details, or tasks, and end any unnecessary memory hogs. 

8) Once LiveNation is opened up in your browser, you can amplify its performance. In the instance that you don't have many opened tabs in your browser, it will be easy to find in task manager. Click the chrome.exe file that is using the most memory. Most likely, that's your LiveNation tab. Right click that chrome.exe file. Set priority > above normal. If you notice LiveNation responding a bit faster, that's a good sign that you chose the right Chrome file. You can then continue to up the priority to high. 

9) Be prepared to have a swift mouse and typing abilities. You may be prompted to prove that you're not a robot about 100 times like I was. You can change your mouse speed in your mouse settings. If you have a wireless mouse, make sure it has fresh batteries. Clean out your keyboard if you must. Avoid having food or drinks nearby. Any wetness or non-human finger skin touching your trackpad can cause your mouse to freeze up, as I found today with my anxiously sweating hands. Maybe have a towel just in case, haha. 

10) Be calm and efficient. Have your credit card by your side. If you have Chrome auto-fill, you may not have to waste much time filling in your little details. 

Best of luck to you all who are ready to get some Green Day tickets! If you have any questions, let me know. 


Punk Valentines!

I decided to make punk themed Valentines. Just for fun. cx You can print them out or use an editor to fill them out and use them if you want. :D


Green Day:


1000 Hours



2000 Light Years Away



Give Me Novacaine



Last Night On Earth



Brutal Love




My Sweet Valentine




Heart Shaped Box


The Clash:


1-2 Crush On You



For any lonely, miserable souls on Valentine's Day... Print this out and hang it up as a sweet reminder:




Happy Valentine's Day! <3


Only The Good Die Young: Chapter 1

"Tell me your full name, your age, height, weight, eye color, hair color, and ethnicity." said the voice from a shadow. "My name is Devon William McKenney. I'm 34 years old, 5'9", 160 lbs, brown eyes, brown hair, and I'm Caucasian." Devon said nervously. He ran his hand through his hair, absorbing the sweat. Though it was too dark to see anything, he knew he must have looked a mess from sweating so much. He heard the foot steps leave the room. 

"Tell me your full name, your age, height, weight, eye color, hair color, and ethnicity." said the voice, as the door gently closed behind it. "Leon Maurice Dean, 27, 5'11", 185 lbs, brown eyes, raven hair, white. Please, I can assure you, I'm a well-built man." Leon's pleas were not responded to. He shook in his chair, with tears running down his face. The voice had already left, the door had closed. 

"Tell me your full name, your age, height, weight, eye color, hair color, and ethnicity." said the voice, coming from behind. "Calvin James Hensly Jr., 29 years old, 6'2"." said Calvin. There was a pause. "I still need your weight, eye color, hair color, and ethnicity." said the voice. "I'm... 311 lbs." There was a sigh from Calvin. "Blue eyes, dirty blonde hair, and I'm white." he finished. Of course it was too dark to see, but Calvin could hear the figure moving close to him. "I'm very muscular!" he added. Calvin felt a pair of cold hands around his waist. His chain had been loosened. So as not to seem weak, he refused to complain about the chain rubbing his skin raw, but a sigh of relief came from him when he was given some slack. "Thank you." he said, but the door had already closed. 

"Tell me your full name, your age, height, weight, eye color, hair color, and ethnicity." said the voice. "My name is Jackson Jared King. I'm 33 years old, 6'3", 208 lbs, brown eyes, black hair, African American." Jackson said confidently. The voice replied "Are you not scared?" "No, I am not; fear is for the weak." Jackson said firmly. The door slammed, behind the voice. Jackson whimpered a bit, hoping he sounded brave enough to the voice. To his surprise, the voice replied "I know you couldn't see me leave, so I slammed the door to trick you. I hear that you are scared." "Please, no, I am not. I am not weak!" Jackson pleaded, but the voice had really left that time. 

"Tell me your full name, your age, height, weight, eye color, hair color, and ethnicity." said the voice. "Brandon Finn Lee, 26 years old, 5' 10", 180 lbs, brown eyes, black hair, Asian." Brandon said quietly. He crossed his legs, and bit his lip, straining to see where the voice came from, but no sooner, it was gone. 

"Tell me your full name, your age, height, weight, eye color, hair color, and ethnicity." said the voice. There was no response. The voice repeated the instructions. "I'm Riley." was the only response. "Please tell me the rest of your information." said the voice firmly. "Riley Sylvester Haynes. I'm 22 years old, 5'9", 166 lbs, green eyes, my natural hair color is ginger, but I dyed it blonde. I am Caucasian." he said. "Thank you." said the voice, and left. 

A day had passed since the 6 men were interviewed. A light switched on in each of their rooms. Their doors opened automatically. Their chains unlocked. Jackson was the first to stand up, and approach the door. He peered out, and saw just an empty hallway. The right side led to a dead end, the left side led to a black door. Calvin stood up slowly and carefully, so as not to stretch his skin too quickly and tear the open flesh. Leon stood up, his legs were shaking, but he looked outside of the door, to find a hallway with two doors at each end. Devon and Brandon stayed in their seats for a few moments, thinking about what was happening. Riley got up and stepped outside the room, and without even looking left, ran to the right. His was abruptly stopped by a white wall like the rest of the hallway. He turned around to run to the other direction, but found another dead end. A voice came over a loud-speaker, in each room, that no one had been able to see before. "Please exit the hallway and gather in the laboratory." Jackson opened the black door to his left, and saw a sign in the room that said "Laboratory", so he entered. Calvin also found his way to the lab, as did Leon, after his second attempt. Devon found his way to the lab, and so did Brandon. Riley went back into his room, and saw a door at the back, which he opened. There was a sign in the room that said "Workshop". He saw a desk, and a tool box. He quickly opened the tool box, but found nothing. "This is pointless!" he yelled. He kicked the desk furiously. There was a ladder behind the desk. "A ladder, really?" Riley looked around the room. There was a hatch on the ceiling. He positioned the ladder, climbed up, and crawled into the duct. He became hopeful that he was escaping. There was another latch. He opened it carefully and quietly. He saw the other 5 men standing in the lab. Jackson and Calvin eagerly lowered him down. "This is a test of weakness. This is what happens every quarter." said Jackson. "I just want to know how I can get out of here." Riley replied. "Then don't be a wuss. The weak ones never make it back, that's all I know." Jackson said, and then sighed. "So why were we called to this lab?" asked Brandon. "If I make it out of here alive, man, I'm never leaving my state again. Much less country." Leon whined. "We're in this together. If this is about weakness, all of us together can prove ourselves worthy by over powering these asses. We can over-take them and escape." said Calvin, hopeful. "I've been here for 2 years. How long have you guys been here?" asked Devon. It became clear that they all had been there for their second year. They all eagerly awaited for something to happen.


2015 Self Reflection

Copied and pasted this right from the book of face, so if you've seen it there, no need to read here. But if you're wondering what's happened to me, this is what's been up. Enjoy this not so lovely book of face formatting. Ctrl+a, Ctrl+c, Ctrl+v is wonderful, right?
I've decided to do a year in review type reflection for each month of 2015. It's going to be quite long, fair warning. I've also decided to include a photo of myself for each month because I thought that would be interesting to see. Credits to Todd on photo decisions.
January 2015
On the 1st, I was walking the dog and I heard a hissing and growling noise coming from the creek, which was below a bank. There was a rabid raccoon running up the bank from the creek towards the dog and I, and we started to run away from it because it was chasing us. I ended up tripping and Sebastian was nice enough to wait for me to catch up. It was such an intense moment, having fallen while there was a vicious raccoon right behind me. Not even exaggerating! 2015 came in with a bang so to say! Also that month, I had a really successful final science project. I also got to talking to Todd more than I had ever before, and we became best friends literally over night. A-Treat soda (a PA specialty) was going out of business and my parents were going all over Berks county to buy the last of it. They went to a 24 hour store at about 11 pm or midnight to go get more and I was supposed to stay up and watch the house and the dog, and stuff. I was tired (even though it was the weekend) and wanted to stay awake so Todd ended up keeping me company so that I was awake and alert and that's how our friendship really started... Snowy cold night and A-Treat soda company shutting down. Which by the way, A-Treat is now back in business and our basement is filled with hundreds of soda bottles and cans!
February 2015
February was really fun for almost the entire month. I had been quite social and talking with friends and keeping up with everything. School was going well, I was in the SAC and doing a lot of tagging in my free time. If you don't know what tagging is, it's just making graphics in Photoshop or whatever you use. My friendship with Todd continued to grow, and I had been making plans for senior year with my other friends. I prevented my house from being burnt down about twice that month. I was thoroughly enjoying the snow. It was a pretty good month!
March 2015
March came in like a lamb if I remember correctly. But I could be wrong. Anyways, I was Photoshopping a bit less, and doing more photography and other artsy things. One Friday night, I was chatting with some friends and Bryce apparently asked Todd if he and I were a thing, and Todd asked me how to reply and I basically told him to tell Bryce yes, and so that's how that became official, but in a much nicer and more pleasant way, this was just a brief summary. Ever since then, Fridays have been my lucky day this whole year. March is very memorable. Everything was going pretty well. I mean, my parents were still being assy towards me a lot but the good things balanced it out. I wore about 3 different shades of green on St. Patrick's day. I was having a lot of fun that month.
April 2015
April was a pretty sucky month, to be honest. It felt like forever until I was going to be done with my junior year, but I was still doing well in school, just getting bored. There were a lot more issues going on with my friends and family. I felt distant from everyone. I was a lot less social. I was beyond angry about not being allowed to see Green Day at the house House of Blues show. I became super bitter and jealous about the whole thing, and wanted to hear nothing about it, and I felt guilty for feeling jealous. For God's sake, I had 2 great tickets in the cart and my parents just wouldn't let me do it at the last minute, so that was all just false hope. I also felt bad that I had gotten a chance at tickets and Todd didn't even get to go. Everything about that month was blah. My parents would take my laptop away from me a lot so I was more bored than usual. There was a lot of tension between me and everyone else it seemed. This was around the time I pretty much stopped going on GDC.
May 2015
May 2015
I've sat here thinking about May for a while now and I don't really remember much about it. It was just as tense as April, I feel. I was busy a lot, but I still felt bored and I was more lonely than ever. Nothing seemed great in particular really. I was happy to be ending junior year soon, and on a high note. Except, I remember how I was super upset that I didn't get to go to prom. As a member of the SAC, I helped plan everything for it... I was so dedicated. And yet, I wasn't allowed to go because it was in Harrisburg and my parents wouldn't allow me to carpool with anyone. I would have even been able to go for free since I was a member of the SAC. But whatever, it was just a bumming month.
June 2015
June 2015
Summer started and I wasn't really allowed to be on my laptop as much at all and so I felt really isolated, haha. Did a lot of yard work... Cleaning... All that kind of stuff. I was back into my tennis game. I missed Todd a lot. I felt that since school had ended we didn't talk nearly as much mainly because I wasn't allowed to socialize or anything. I don't really like summer anyways.
July 2015
July was a much more memorable month. Once the summer fully kicked in, things heated up so to say, haha. Again, there were some bumps. July 2nd is always really hard for me to deal with because it was the day my pop died in 2012, and immediately following his death, a lot of things changed for the worse. His funeral was on the 7th, which would have been my rabbit's birthday had she not died of a heat stroke. The double sevens just weren't that lucky there... That night we got home from the funeral and it was storming wickedly and our electricity went out, and it stayed out for a couple weeks. That was the longest couple weeks ever. It was so hot and uncomfortable, and a lot of our food went bad. I always get flashbacks from that every July, and I think about how things could be better now, and different, had things worked out differently then. July 4th was nothing special this year really, my parents were arguing about my dad talking to the neighbor instead of focusing on grilling and then my dad burnt something trying to do fireworks that night, haha. July 17th has always been my lucky day, because it's a combination of my favorite numbers 7 and 17. I got to hang out with Todd that day, which proved to keep 7-17 lucky for me. We got to play tennis together and I got this really crappy food from a sandwich shop. I offered some to Todd but thank God he didn't eat any of it. We took pictures but I looked horrible in them all. I blame that gross July humidity before a storm. From there on out, July seemed like it kept getting better... Until my dad's younger brother committed suicide on the 25th. They hadn't talked in a long time, but it was still really upsetting to him obviously. I have a really weird irrational fear of funerals, so I was secretly happy that my parents told me to stay home. Todd kept me company and distracted me from being depressed and stuff... Then we celebrated Dom's birthday a couple days later and things were feeling up again.
August 2015
Pretty much wasn't allowed on my computer at all and everything is such a blur from that month because I did nothing fun or interesting. I barely talked with Todd that month, I mean, I did... But it wasn't much. However I must say that I got to call with him multiple times over summer because we weren't in school, which is more than I can say for now, haha. It was always really hot outside. Sebastian played in the creek, I tried to stay cool. At the very end of the month, the 27th I believe, I began my senior year. It was a good start, everything was going great. I was excited to get back to it.
September 2015
Besides the start of September being extremely hot, things seemed a bit more normal. School was going very well, I was excited to be turning 18 within the next month so I was trying to think of things I could do as an adult, haha. I was stressing to the max like crazy trying to figure out plans for college and graduation project and everything. I was trying to be more social too. I was trying to talk to more people again. Still, I was always stressing about making sure all of the chores were done and my school work, and the friendships I was trying to rekindle were just out of place feeling. I kept up with photography when I had the chance. Since not having been able to Photoshop regularly in months, I felt like I lost my touch and I lost interest in tagging and graphics.
October 2015
I turned 18 that month. October is definitely my favorite month. The time of year is lovely, I feel more connected with myself. I don't know how to explain it properly. I was a lot less depressed and I started doing "darish" things before I turned 18, haha. Nothing seemed really special about my actual birthday except for the fact that I stuffed my face more than usually. I had Todd at least and he's never a bore. We'd been chatting a lot more regularly, but October 28th was the last time that we actually called, except for once for like 3 minutes before the call was lost. When I say call, I mean skype call. I don't phone call people, haha. Partially because I do not have a phone and my parents see it pointless for me to so whatever. Halloween, my favorite holiday, was quite enjoyable. Overall, October was fine. I had joined my school's tech club and SAC and the year book committee and the Principal's Cabinet.
November 2015
I was sad and depressed again a lot, I felt distant from everyone, I was always being yelled at. Still doing very well in school. I've had 100% or higher in my classes so that was pleasing. Todd and I had been talking a lot but still no calling, so I was getting really antsy a lot and just wanted to crawl in a hole and die pretty much. Really couldn't stand much that whole month. Thanksgiving was fine, I ate a lot as usual, haha. My tech group leader started noticing my good work ethics and my photography abilities and my good communication which he often complimented me on, so that was nice.
December 2015
My tech group leader appointed me as administrator of our tech site. He also enlisted me in making a series of videos for him to present to the graduation committee to show some demos of his new idea for the graduation montage (which was a success thanks to my demos, he noted). That was pretty awesome. He also offered me to take the position of a teacher who is going on maternity leave, so that I can run her photography club of 1st graders. I would love to take him up on it. I finished all of my math work for my high school career, so that's amazing! I'm still stressing like crazy about future plans and I feel like I'm lost in the China smog. Todd and I still haven't called but I've had a better year with him than I would have ever possibly had without him. Socially I'm still trying more than ever to keep in touch with people and I'm not sure if it's working, but it's worth a shot. I've been an incredibly active student and I'm helping our principal get senior tee shirts for our school and lots of other cool things. Christmas was fun, and enjoyable. You all probably saw the Instagram posts, haha. I'm looking forward to a fresh new year to make even better.

New Project: Paul's Boutique Track Art

Paul's Boutique by the Beastie Boys has to be my favorite album. So... I've decided to start a project creating lyric posters for each individual track.

The original release included 15 tracks:

1. "To All the Girls"

2. "Shake Your Rump"

3. "Johnny Ryall"

4. "Egg Man"

5. "High Plains Drifter"

6. "The Sounds of Science"

7. "3-Minute Rule"

8. "Hey Ladies"

9. "5-Piece Chicken Dinner"

10. "Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun"

11. "Car Thief"

12. "What Comes Around"

13. "Shadrach"

14. "Ask for Janice"

15. "B-Boy Bouillabaisse"

However.... As of the 2009 Remastered Edition for the 20th Anniversary, "B-Boy Bouillabaisse", the track over 12 minutes in length, was broken up into individual tracks, which is what I'm going to use for this project. So they will be:

59 Chrystie Street/Get On The Mic/Stop That Train/A Year And A Day/Hello Brooklyn/Dropping Names/Lay It On Me/Mike On The Mic/A.W.O.L. (To All The Girls Medley)

The album starts and ends with the same song, so I will only make one for that.

I'm going to post them in my art thread individually, but when they're all done, I'll probably make a blog with them all together. So, without further ado, my first one:

"To All The Girls"


"To the stewardesses flying around the world"



GDC Social Experiment

Last week, I decided to start an experiment based off of things I saw from the Secrets Thread. Obviously since then, a lot has happened, and the Secrets Thread is now closed. However, I would still like to finish this experiment.

Because the Secrets Thread allowed senders of the secrets to be completely anonymous, it was easy for anyone to stir shiz from afar and have no consequences. This could have even just been a lurker. But of course, people like to speculate, guess, and pin secrets on people, because they can. Because it will never be proven. Everyone thinks that they know everyone else's posting habits, and have their syntax down to the punctuation, sentence structure, length, tone, and emoticon.

This has prompted me to have a personal conversation with a fellow GDCer. In the conversation, of course, my name is known, but the other, is not. You can participate in this experiment if you'd like, or not. Read the conversation, which was not scripted, and see if you know who the other person is. What led you to believe it was that person? It will be revealed on Monday morning; as in EST morning.

Savannah: I was just talking about death with some people. A question came up, and it's interesting to thing about... When you die, what would you want done with your body? And what would you want to be remembered for?

Unknown: When I die, I want my body to be buried alongside my family. If I die before them, I want them to be buried alongside me. When I die, I want to be remembered for the good I did to help others around me, for my intelligence, and for my love of my family and friends. Overall, I want to people to really miss me when I'm gone.

Savannah: Ahh, that's nice to know. I have a terrible phobia of coffins, and so I said that I would like to donate my body to science. My parents were fine with it, but some people disagree with that type of thing. I mean, it should be up to the person anyways, right? If I couldn't have my body donated to science, then I suppose being put in a wall would be the next best thing, because a coffin in the ground is even scarier to me. And cremation just freaks me out, too. I agree with the feeling of definitely wanting to be remembered after you die, and be missed. Idk, I have an odd feeling that once I die, it will just be an eternal unconsciousness. I like being able to think and feel, and be alive, ya know? (=

Unknown: Well if you're dead, you won't know what they're doing with your body so you wouldn't have any phobias. If you believe in the afterlife or reincarnation, a cool way to look at what it feels like to be dead is like what it feels like to sleep. It's instantaneous and you can't tell how much time has passed before you wake.

Savannah: It is nice to think about reincarnation, I must say. Personally, when I sleep, I experience deja vu and weird psychic feelings sometimes, and it's just such an interesting sensation. When I wake up, I'm left in this totally mind-fuck type of phase. And yeah, I know I wouldn't know what was happening after I died, but... It's something that I can think about while I'm alive. But the cool thing is, I dream about coffins very often, and because of that, the fear is less. Dreams sometimes incorporate your fears to help you cope with the things you are afraid of in your wake life. Do you remember your dreams well?

Unknown: I remember my dreams, but I don't have psychic feelings and weird sensations lol

Savannah: LOL :lol: Don't get me wrong, I'm not a gypsy looking into a glowing ball. XD However, I've watched and read a lot about dreams, and it's something I find rather interesting. How was your Valentine's Day weekend? :P

Unknown: Eh not too special. Went out with my guy friends Friday night to see a movie. Then hungout after and did stupid crap lol. The rest of it was quiet because it's far too cold to go out. Just hungout with my roommate. Had a nice chat with some random girl who likes similar music, so that was cool I guess. But as a single guy, Valentine's Day isn't super special. How about you?

Savannah: I have to agree, my Valentine's Day wasn't super special. The only Valnetines I got were on GDC. :cry: But yeah, I ate lots of chocolate, treated myself to some new clothes, went outside in the snow and did some photography, and ate popcorn. Sounds like you had a pretty relaxing day though. :D What movie did you see?

Unknown: Kingsman. It was really good. A nice action movie with some satirical comedy. New clothes are always nice haha. Hey, you should love yourself before anyone else, so a V-Day spent on yourself is very well spent :)

Savannah: Ooh, that sounds cool. Action movies with satirical comedy: A+. And yeah, that's very true! It's good to put yourself first sometimes, or else, life just becomes miserable...

If you could come up with an allegorical story for GDC, what would it be about?

Unknown: I'm not sure on the exact details, but I'm thinking it would be something like Animal Farm. The GDCers rebel against the mods for dumb reasons and eventually create a forum that is completely opposite of what they intended when the small amount of power goes right to their heads.

Savannah: Hahaha, that sounds about right. XD Thanks for the chat, yo.

Note: After reading this back, I realize how much of a trippy hippie I sounded like. XD


Painted GDCer #9

I really hate to do injustice to people, so I hope these aren't sucking too badly.


Whoops, still in Presidents' Day mode. :lol:

I meant:



Painted GDCer #7

This was the last GDCer that I actually had written on the original list. However, one was thrown in the mix of the list, causing this to be the 7th instead of 6th. But now I've got more ideas and so I'm just going to keep making more.

The 7th Painted GDCer:



Painted GDCer #6

Gah, this one took a while. I was also being more picky about this one. Pretty happy with how it came out though, and I like the style. Kinda like a sloppy cartoon thing or idk... So here you have...

The 6th painted GDCer:



Rep Me

I actually thought of this a while ago, but got busy and forgot about it, however I was just reminded of it last night, so here ya go:

Rep me, rep me my friend

Rep me, rep me again

I am the only one

Who can only have fun

I am the only one

Who can only have fun

Love me

Do it and do it again

Praise me

Rep me, my friend

I am the only one

Who can only have fun

I am the only one

Who can only have fun

Your favorite inside source

I'll start some brand new wars

Appreciate your concern

Report and never learn

Rep me, rep me my friend

Rep me, rep me again

I am the only one

Who can only have fun

I am the only one

Who can only have fun

Rep me (rep me)

Rep me (rep me)

Rep me (rep me)

Rep me (rep me)

Rep me (rep me)

Rep me (rep me)

Rep me (rep me)

Rep me (rep me)

Rep me


Painted GDCer #4

So, I'm painting GDCers in Photoshop. I apologize if I've portrayed you or your GDC friend badly, because I'm terrible at painting in Photoshop. Like I said, these probably look terrible.

The names of each will not be revealed, but if you know the person, it should be easy to guess. It's not meant to be a challenge. So without further ado, my fourth GDCer...



Painted GDCer #3

So, I'm painting GDCers in Photoshop. I apologize if I've portrayed you or your GDC friend badly, because I'm terrible at painting in Photoshop. Like I said, these probably look terrible.

The names of each will not be revealed, but if you know the person, it should be easy to guess. It's not meant to be a challenge. So without further ado, my second GDCer...



Painted GDCer #2

So, I'm painting 6 GDCers in Photoshop. I apologize if I've portrayed you or your GDC friend badly, because I'm terrible at painting in Photoshop. Like I said, these probably look terrible.

The names of each will not be revealed, but if you know the person, it should be easy to guess. It's not meant to be a challenge. So without further ado, my second GDCer:



Painted GDCer #1

So, I'm painting 6 GDCers in Photoshop. I apologize if I've portrayed you or your GDC friend badly, because I'm terrible at painting in Photoshop.

The names of each will not be revealed, but if you know the person, it should be easy to guess. So without further ado, my first painted GDCer:


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