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Life Update

Hey guys! So I have been on a long hiatus of GDA and GDC. Last time you saw me my display name was Radio Victim so just in case anyone is confused who I am. Yeah last time I was on here was probably my senior year of high school which was back in 2014 and probably just the beginning of that year. I just wanted to make a blog of things I've been up to lately and thoughts I'd like to get out and use this as a journal device.

So I've graduated high school since being on here and I'm now in my second year of college. I go to Indiana State University and I'm studying business which is more or less challenging. But things are good here, I find college way less stressful than high school which was a nightmare for me. I broke up with my girlfriend I had senior year after only two months of college, I felt like I was being tied down to live a life of missed opportunities if I stayed with her. We're on pretty good terms now though so there isn't any ill will to either one anymore. I've befriended a few buddies at college who are pretty good musicians and have two bands that I'm working with while at college. One of them is Runaway Chuck which is comprised of all my buddies I've met at ISU with me on bass. That's pretty fun, we play indie/pop style music but we want to expand our sound as much as possible but not too much that it's hard for listeners to latch on if we're one genre for one song and a completely different one for another song. My other band, For Your Health, is the one I'm really excited about. I play guitar and sing, my brother is on bass and sings as well and my high school bud, Jake, is on drums, he also goes to ISU. We're more of a general punk band, I kind of want to have a sound with influence from all sorts of bands from the likes of The Story So Far, Knuckle Puck and With The Punches to Gates and Turnover and even some skate punk stuff like MxPx and Propagandhi (as well as newer Propagandhi). I have lots of hope for this band, I've gone to some local independent house shows and shows at clubs and what not and it is an absolute blast to be there. I want to do that and be involved in that scene, I've really been amazed at how many people in Indiana have that same energy and love for music like I do and all I want to do is play, tour, travel, record, rinse repeat. It might get draining but for now it's all I can think about. 

I've also had a big lifestyle change which is adopting veganism. I just started around August 2015 and honestly, it's one of the best decisions I've ever made. I feel so much better about myself health wise. I was pretty heavily influenced by listening to Propagandhi and actually doing some research on it and I really had my world flipped from that. I don't really have much to say on it but I take pride in it and I love to tell people that about me.

I really haven't done a whole lot to be honest. Things have definitely changed both good and bad but that's life. I probably won't be on here very often still but I just was thinking on it and I am really grateful to the people on GDC because there was always something to keep me afloat in life and people on here helped me in many ways and I couldn't thank you guys enough. Catch you guys later!


I Don't Need You

Just leave me be on my own, I'll find my way, my way back home.

I don't need you to hold my hand to guide me through the darkened lands.

Oh honey please, don't stand by me. I need my space. I need to breathe.

And if I fall so will you, you stick with me the whole way through.

And if I say, "Go away", you never leave you're here to stay.

You know I ain't the perfect mate but you don't care no you ain't scared.

Ain't scared to say what's on your mind but i don't have the time.

To hear you tell stories of how fun we were, how good we were.

And if I fall so will you, you stick with me the whole way through.

And if I say, "Go away", you never leave you're here to stay.

I will admit in the end I loved you more than a friend.

You were mine, I had you. You had me the whole way through.

And now you're with another man. One that won't reject your hand.

-Written by Jordan Ross


Moving On

Get me out of here and let me walk alone.

I won't regard my fears, they'll rot away themselves.

I never told you I could see through you, good thing I found something that made me proud.

Going down, is all it ended up doing.

But I found exactly what kept my heart beating.

I'll see you around, I'm sure our paths won't ever stop crossing.

But don't frown, the world is yours for searching.

I'll be fine, take your time.

-Written by Ryan Cage


What A Waste

Just a little diddy i wrote. It's about my school!

Tell me what you know!

Tell me how it goes.

What's the point of living if I can't have it all?

I thought it would be easy but somehow you deceived me into thinking it was something that would benefit us all!

I wanna know what I mean to you!

I've had it all and done it all but it makes no difference.

How could it be that you could make me feel so senseless.

But you don't care, you don' care about me!

Well now I'm out, yeah man no doubt!

I took all the tests with minimal success.

Now I'll be pursuin' my life, not in ruins and try to come out on top of all the rest.

Now I know what I mean to you!

I've had it all and done it all but it makes no difference.

How could it be that you could make me feel so senseless.

But you don't care, you don't care about me!

-Written by Ryan Cage