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So I see a lot of stuff has changed

Nice, the place looks great~ Lot's of neat new things. So anyway it's been how long since I was last here? Close to a year I think....Holy crap, I remember being obbsessed with coming on here on a daily basis, when did that change? I think it started when my computer kept being an idiot and blocking this place, I just got so used to not being able to get here that I stopped coming. That, and I think I've lost touch with the people I know here.... Well what's new with me...I had a job, for like, three months before I got fired over errors in my till(worked as a cashier at Save a Lot, not fun x.x). They'd write me up for two dollar differences, I get like ten or so bucks but two? Seriously? That's crazy. I did manage to come up fifty bucks over my first night on the machine, some guy asked for the cash back and I missed it; thing is, this dude didn't bring it up to ANYONE, so I guess it was his mistake I had to pay for...Nice >.> Sufice to say I really didn't like working there, I barely got any help or training beyond a computer, and it felt like I was on my own most the time, it blew ass. Other than that I've been helping out run a roleplay forum and....Well, trying to keep trucking, since recently especially I've been feeling less and less motivated to do anything, I don't eat or drink much and I'm still in that little hole I've been in for years. It'll end soon hopefully, with one steady job I'll be alright, or by some fluke I get into a college...But most of them are so damn expensive I freak x.x But I don't know, I'm managing...



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