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Just talking 'bout life and my band!

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My last gig in France

My band Jaded Morons is playing next Friday at that open mic night and we decided to play Lady Cobra :lol:

This is my last gig in France before I move to California, which unfortunately means we'll break up...

I will really miss playing with my bandmates, they're really cool guys, my bassist is the first guy I found who didn't hate Green Day (because it's actually his favorite band :D). My drummer is a long time friend who is actually a guitarist, he plays drums in the band because, well, because we need a drummer!

So anyways, we'll have a video of Lady Cobra up on YouTube by next weekend but unti then you can listen to our songs here ! :)


New song and 2nd mix of first song!

Hey guys!

We just finished mixing and mastering two of our songs! :happy: Check them out on ReverbNation

The new one is called "Another Day In Hell" and the second one is "Who Do You Wanna Be?" with cleaner vocals! :D

I am very excited about releasing "Another Day In Hell" because it's a song that I had a lot trouble writing the lyrics to and finding the right melodies but I am finally happy with those lyrics and melodies.

So take a listen and tell us what you think! :)


Sliver and Hybrid Moments cover

Hey guys!

Last Friday night my band and I played at an open mic night and we decided to play Nirvana's Sliver and Misfits', well known song amongst Green Day fans :lol: , Hybrid Moments :)

So click here, lean back and relax while you're watching my band's performance :P

Let us know if you enjoyed it or not :)


My band's first song!

Hey everyone!

I am very excited to show you my band's first song ever!

It's on ReverbNation go check it out if you have (literally) 2 minutes :)

We're a punk rock/alternative band from Paris, France (more or less). You can expect an EP from us in the next 2 months :D

I've been told this song kinda sounds like a Misfits song, go check it out for yourself and tell me what you think of it, positively or negatively as long as you're being constructive and not being a dick :lol:

P.S. : We're called Jaded Morons (what a name right?)