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About this blog

Just a bunch of random stuff. I have no idea why I even made this, to be honest.

Entries in this blog


New lyrics. Enjoy.


The Magic Of The Automaton


Here I come


Once was lost

Set me free



Kingdom sun



Every time

I tell myself

Put one up

on the shelf


Corrosion in






With every light

that guides my hand

Grind me down

into sand

Charging seas

and brittle air

I beg to you

but you don't care


Even back...

way back then

I could feel



It can't be stopped

with simple force

The damage is done

taken its course


Corrosion in







And isolation

in the confusion

The power of


You can run

but you can't hide

You can't kill

what's deep inside


It's a murder

if I say it so

It's a murmur

now watch it grow

How will you win?

The demon is vapor

Will it take you?

Your will is paper


Corrosion in






See it through

hold it down

Evil nature

Abnormal behavior



Your frustration

No correlation


Corrosion in







Lyrics - Warped Perspective

New lyrics. Enjoy.


Warped Perspective



What is your antimatter?

What is your truth?



Warped is your shatter

Warped is your youth



And the foil

to your recoil

We are connected

We are subjected


Nothing really matters

unless it does to you

Infinity does expire

and life begins anew


Young man

What is your view?

What is your goal?


Young woman

What is your ideal?

What is your soul?




Our warped perspective

it's unnecessary

The turmoil we feel

is so ordinary

One of a kind

when we are not unique

The subject in you

when we critique


One in your mind

we save our importance

Under the line

we're so unimportant




All of your worries

will fade in the light

Whatever you feel

the future is bright


All will encompass

just like your fear to you

There's a mirror to be

just like the mark in view




We are connected

We are subjected

We all remiss

We all exist


We simply remiss

We simply exist



Lyrics - Eyes of Rotation

The first of a new set of lyrics I've been writing, for a fictional little album I call Liquid Mirror. Enjoy.


Eyes of Rotation


It's all in the music

but the notes are to blame

We all want it deeper

until it's in our name


It's the force of reason

that starts our quest today

Through the power of doom,

our thoughts we obey


We all want it deeper

until it's in our name


If these are the cards,

then deal me again.

I won't fold in your presence

but I'll hold out my arms.


I've come to feel the rift

in what worried me then

Sitting in the coffee shop

wondering if I'll end


We all want it deeper

until it's in our name


These picturesque rhythms

arrive up in flames

The oil for the models

are used to play different games.

There's no use in hiding

against the ones that disturb

When I rise and remove masks,

I'm kicked to the curb.


We all want it deeper

until it's in our name.


Loss is the nature

and face to be played

I've learned to live, while

I've lost those who prayed.


It's darker today

but it's now my design

There is hope in the madness

and now it's my time


We all want it deeper

until it's in our name


Lyrics - Image Eraser

Last song from this little fictional album. Samples "It's Now or Never" by Elvis Presley and the Philharmonic Orchestra for music and part of the lyrics.


Image Eraser


It's time to break free

Hold me in a dream

Enter the screen

and pull me away

From the static

to the interference

It's time to break free

from the gleam


Into the emptiness

and away from life

I see you there

waiting for me

Is this a program?

Is this a trick?

All I know

is that I live on the knife


It's time to break free

from the falsehoods

Come see this through

and watch into the night

Your eyes know

all the ruin that appears

It's time to break free

and save our livelihoods



It's now or never

Come hold me tight

Kiss me, my darling

Be mine tonight

Tomorrow will be too late

It's now or never

My love won't wait


This digital age

has ups and downs

but we'll be alright

in the rain and shine

But we'll be alright



It's now or never

and it's time to break free


Lyrics - Loaded Landline

New lyrics. Enjoy.


Loaded Landline


It's all an illusion

the hole in the sky

the glimmer in our eye

A forceful retribution


It's all in our mind

that corroded everyone

the faint glow of the sun

the noise of our kind


Talking on this loaded landline


At our place in time

a cold feel mime


All of the lives we trade

for lies that degrade


Listening for hours

but speaking for years


Talking on this loaded landline


Lyrics - We All Live On Channel Z

New lyrics, partly inspired by The B-52's. Enjoy.


We All Live On Channel Z


(sampled from The B-52's "Channel Z")

Getting nothing but static

Getting nothing but static

Static in my attic from Channel Z


Getting nothing but static

Getting nothing but static

Static in my attic from Channel Z


It's time to resist

in fires we remiss

Holding onto the ashes

of the bodies we have burned


It's in the air that you breathe

It's in the mouths that you feed

Pay for the service

you could only believe



Won't have me dying for greed

or the moments I receive

Transversal in the afterglow

You all already know

We all live on Channel Z


But now I'm...


(B-52's sample)


Open up the radio

and let the rhythms flow

Sleeping in the cold of

the starless night


In the comets that remain

streaming errors that have slain

Rumble in the foundry now

and the citadel around




Televised wars

Terrorized Scores

Uphold the law

or tell it to me raw


This is how it always was!

The answer is "because"!

All we fail to achieve

was broadcasted on Channel Z


Where we're...


(B-52's sample)


(Chorus x2)



Lyrics - Televised Authority

New lyrics. Enjoy.


Televised Authority


You've wired up the engines

and are forced into the wind

Above the heads of drones

you fly as the sun is now dimmed


Forced into the wind

The sun is now dimmed


Televised in the aperture

of the wrecking ball

Politicians embrace the screen

with pride before the fall


Of the wrecking ball

With pride before the fall



In time and time again,

I cannot feel the wings

The sinkhole in the night

consumes what the morning brings


Authority continues with

every channel changed

Remotely controlled like

rockets that are ranged


We crown the heads with thorns

like they were sorts of kings

With a coat of fire,

you bow down and kiss their rings


They were sorts of kings

Bow down and kiss their rings


The static of the air

screams like echoed cries

The audience applauds

as the Earth shrivels and dies


Screams like echoed cries

The Earth shrivels and dies




We could all fight as one

but there's always a shout

The animals embraced in duel

while the sun is soon snuffed out




Lyrics - Public Demand

New lyrics. Enjoy.


Public Demand


I've got a feeling

but I cannot feel

I've got an inkling

but I've got no quill


You should retire

You're now expired

You're not the focus

That's why you're wired



Just keep it up!

Firing rate gone into the morning

When you get smoked up

there is no warning

Just give in!


With these opinions

and moves like gremlins

Eat out the sun

Race on, you stallions!


In 15 years you're finally gone

if even that long, Mr. Corporate Minion


(Chorus x2)


Lyrics - On Your Warning, My Dear

New lyrics. Enjoy. Samples music from "Bang" by Anitta.


On Your Warning, My Dear


You got me on an island

defiantly moving to the groove

You saw me at the pretense

to defend words you use to sooth


You take it to the crosshair

where the beats are just an interlude

You seek me for what I am

understand that's not true attitude



It's an affliction

It's and addiction

One that crushes

the body and the soul


On your warning, my dear

I'll reclaim all that you smear

No more living out of fear


It's a form of silence

Crying won't make it go away

It's a form of violence

A synergy where I never have a say


Running to the track line

Collapsing lung in the blatant

lies as you bury the media; fine,

kill me; just be swift and potent




On your warning

On your warning, my dear


On your warning

On your warning, my dear


Your control is a vice

Perhaps they won't believe me

Your numbing ways are the price

I wasn't paying for at all




Lyrics - Chaintronica

New lyrics. Enjoy.





Holding on for the riots to come

Holding on for the riots to come

Holding on for the riots to come

The destruction of all that you love


Set the scene

Migrants on the screen

Oppression in full force?

Dilapidated modern discourse


Open your eyes

You're permeating what you hate

Of all the lies

You spit damage upon their gate




Frustration running high

when it is normal to defy

Punk and justice are too mainstream


The "heroes" are bigoted

Oh, pray for the intrepid

You destroy your own


(Chorus x2)


Illustrate demands

of social contrabands


You say that you're the light

but then you take delight


in the suffering


of those who don't agree with you.




Lyrics - Warm Body Sitcom

New lyrics. Enjoy.


Warm Body Sitcom


Have you ever had an infernal romance?

Incidents that just never go your way?

Nights spent calculating every mistake

that anybody could have ever made?


It's a rhythm that you cannot get away from

no matter how hard you try

A random chance is all you need

but you're still never asking "why?"



The hero you'll never be

the answer you'll never see

I can't get it through

But my fire will never disappear

from under you


It's unforgotten burden on your mind

and it will not let you escape

Whatever bleeds stems from memories

that have some sort of dormant shape




The heat always tears through the new


Lyrics - Reflection in the Screen

New lyrics. Enjoy.


Reflection in the Screen


Each day it gets harder to see

The pixels in the foreground

always seem to strangle me


Try to cling to a murdering spree

Hope is always abandoned

when you watch shows on TV


It always roots to the growing tree

Intertwine the wires in your head

while you sit there absent-mindedly


It takes a habit to understand my glee

but no matter what you can say

there's really no changing me


Watch reflections on the screen, to be

Impossible to comprehend

origins of this damning decree


In the sunlit days we take for free

take an LED to the retina

and make believe you can still see


There will soon come a day

when we can't walk alone

Where the particles filter away

and we never leave our homes


Inject the next trend you need

Color your face with a rotten soul

I know what's left is all that will bleed

but after all, this was your goal


Lyrics - Laser Tripwire

New lyrics. Enjoy.


Laser Tripwire


The phone rings on

an iridescent day

Moving to the current,

your body starts to sway


Trembling at the thought

of who it may be

the one you loathe or lost

or who you can't see



It's a mark of hope

but never comes your way

As you step around what

you always try to say


The laser tripwire

spears the bond away


Infrared denial when

you never get the call

They said they'll let you know

when they arrive in the fall


That was weeks ago,

you know the wretched news

The somber realization

as you never touch the pews




The room is empty as

you visit for the last time

The picture of you two

is the only restless chime


Crystals fall from the lens

but no apparition appears

There's no use in waiting

for any more years.


Lyrics - Ride The Static Wave

New lyrics. Enjoy.

Ride The Static Wave


It's an information age of the seasons

Controlling views and masses for their reasons

Pulling away from the grip of paranoia

Killing in the name, they'll destroy ya




We all lose control

but the radicals


are just savages


It's a gray, smoking haze of the forests

Static blackout coming towards us

Opinionated news with no sources

Running the track again with the forces






No matter the name

they call it quits




Lyrics - Imitation Game

New lyrics. Enjoy.


Imitation Game


Running wild under the sea

of static and vile disbelief

Holding onto the end's dull rope

Days of freedom or days to elope



Speak up, speak out

Run north, then south

Oh, you'll be...



Parties of self reflection

imitation and condition


No rules and confusion

and days gone by with retribution

File a noose now, friend

It's not you meeting your end




Boards and dice with

memories pulled twice

Echoes in frame going

through small-time fame

Cut through history with

a fatal bell's toll

Embrace your demons

and your facade's roll




Asphyxiation, complication

elevation, confrontation







Lyrics - Calligraphic Holotube

New lyrics. Enjoy.


Calligraphic Holotube


Words weave through the night

when consequences are never seen as right

So many messages sent in time

However long it takes to turn into crime


Decisions were made, that I swear

Fabrics of luxury that we wear

Illusionary thoughts in my mind

A holographic image I'll never find


When the race has come, try to bend

but this connection between us I can't defend

Uncertain for one, unclear for two

The weightless are heavy when I think of you


Tears are crystalline inside the gloom

and our structure is frozen underneath the room

Digital words and unravelling eyes

in your calligraphic holotube disguise


Lyrics - Public Access

The start of a new set of lyrics from my conceptual album We All Live On Channel Z. Enjoy!


Public Access


It's a drama

focused on the center stage

Witness abound

looking to collect their wage


Holding the line

towing the vine

broadcasting for all to see


I've stated before

Drama's not for entertainment

Pixelated dreams

in forms of containment


Sipping the wine

we've got the time

juxtaposed by stereoscopic wings


Hold'em to the rhythm

when you can't get with'em

Arise and devise

a chance to disguise

With a new wave sound

we get down underground

Holding to defend

an enemy stated to be my friend

But the mood is right

and outfits so tight

I guess we all give in

when our worlds rest on a pin


Lyrics - Uncertain Future

The last song from Celestial Extraterrestrial. Enjoy.


Uncertain Future


In this world of entropy

a final caress, do you see?

The world going up in flames...


We watch from afar

as the light from the last star

finally gives in to fate


Have we learned nothing at all?

I guess we wait for the fall...


As I hold your hand,

you say, "Is this really the end?"

I have no answer, for I can't speak


We were drawn into the clash

and with crash after crash

debris rains down from above


Though the heroes live to see another day

it's a shame we aren't okay


But in time, words leave me

as we meet secretly

to move on, down in the grave


Perhaps things will change

but we are so badly arranged

and we already admit defeat


To live is to dream once more

but what were we really fighting for?


(sampled from "Parade" from Paprika)


Translated lyrics:


Energy in my heart is of chemical foam
A street of taxies, worn tires, blood and flesh
Behold all that is liberty is a parody of utopia
A shining boulevard of buyers and giga-movies
Mino Depression is nonsense, La Vie en Rose is on sale
They say you should know you are happier than you realize

Dying literacy is systematically auto-killed
The formaldehyde street of buyers and hanging wires
Moisturize that dry synergy with artificial sweetener
Raining money into the high-rise mega-temples

You can not write the word 'ignorance'. The future is on sale
Push aside and laugh at the karmic tale saying it’s superstition

Now it is coming to you, giving off a stench and devouring your shadow
The parade of terror is coming, and it is in your name

The roaring MC becomes a lethal dose for the public
On the street of cripples, selling diamonds and battered Tao
Behold all that is liberty is a parody of utopia
Rely on SSRI and say "hi-ho" in the coffee shop

Minor theory is flimflam, hedonism is on sale
It is non-repayable, it has reached the point of no return

Now it is coming to you giving off a stench, devouring your shadow
The parade of terror is coming, and it is in your name
Now your shadow procreates as if the ground is being smothered
The parade of lunacy is coming, and it is in your name


Lyrics - Memory Requiem

New lyrics. Enjoy.


Memory Requiem


In the manor

with the eyes gleaming

Caught in a web

of death and scheming


Will you show

your colors beyond the snow?


Will you die

before the rockets finally fly?



In time you will see no more

with asphyxiation in your inner core

Time is not on your side

Time is not on your side

Time is not on your side

and now we are free

Time is not on your side

Time is not on your side

Time is not on your side



We rule to live again

In time, sorrow ends

We will rise once more

We will rise once more

We will rise once more

A shine in galaxy seas

We will rise once more

We will rise once more

We will rise once more


Conquest from afar

Missions in the stars

Condemning weaker scars

And in time, we will live


Galactic battle at last

as we duel in the somber night

Thunder crashes down

as we fight to survive

Your kind has no hope

with invitation to then cope

against tides of destruction

and the final, invigorating stand.


Lyrics - Fate of All

New lyrics. Enjoy.


Fate of All


In the wasteland

with the sights

locked on to death


In the clash

of the fools

they fall without breath


In the deceit of the memories

gripping the people with insecurities

towing the line while dragging on their knees

as they fall down

gun down

into the freeze


Diving the nebula

crisis' eye

located at dawn


Hoarding the minerals

under the moon

with siphon in hand


Calling beyond fluid poetry

Cross this date from history globally

setting the sun in neo-idolatry

as you come down

from sounds

of people in need


Don't think you've bested me

while my sister still dreams


Lyrics - The Rebirth

New lyrics. Enjoy.


The Rebirth


In the light

guided by the stars

the true villain appears

Lay down your arms


In their plight

harnessed with desire

as they step to the throne

with the kingdom on fire


The strength

in the palm of your hand...


... will end it all.


Lyrics - Jeweled Star Prison

New lyrics. Enjoy.


Jeweled Star Prison



Is a forgotten plan

Surging through the alpha signs

of our clan



Is a forgotten name

Roaring through the static tides

of the game



But oh, how it glistens

and oh, how it gleams

To seal such a secret

is how it shall ring


To see is to believe

but it won't ail me

Underneath every cancer

is a juggernaut tree


But oh, how they grow


In every fragment, every land

and no mercy, they now flee

We are unforgiven

but enslaved are thee


It's too late for virtue

with the leader trapped inside

The people's hearts collide

With shards left to die


And now, they soon will come




With the wind in our favor

We all pay a price

for the damnation of the valley

to the last genome splice


And the war must go on

or trapped we all will be

like the sister of the princess

in crystal sprite beings




Oh, how it glistens

and oh, how it gleams


Lyrics - Dear Mothership

New lyrics. Enjoy.


Dear Mothership


Elevation in the battle

We fight from higher ground

Clockwork sculptures

never become unwound


Guardians of nutrients

to sustain our life

Red eyes, red lies

crescent wildlife



It's just agony

Resembling puppetry

Pulling down new world strings

while a UFO's siren rings


Dear mothership, come around

Rip apart the victims

Dear mothership, deliver now

the Princess schemes with stars


Starring two races in time

Positioning for stellar duel

No hope for the resistance

How life can be so cruel


Our fleet of flying saucers

ravage your sorry town

No sign of survivors

Shoot them all down




Let them go


Let them run


Under impossible weight


Black out the sun


The chill in your mind


Is all that's left


As you die


From our greatest theft


Lyrics - Die For The Cause

New lyrics. Enjoy.


Die For The Cause


Swimming in the star-lit sea

Dreaming that you're here with me


Mind in overdose


I'm in comatose


One hole in the line

Object in double prime

Oh, how you soothed me

as the creaking light we see

emerges from the castle door


With weaponry in hand

Our synergy is grand

Emptiness vibrates

as comrades meet their fates

under the heel of the heroes


The egg just born

under the full moon

sought battle to forwarn

but died for the cause too soon


Vines intertwined to fluctuate

and seek out a distant sun

Heart at an uncontrollable rate

but now stopped before the battle was won.


But it's too late

Too late for you

Consciousness slipping

as the wound grew.

The fragile one

that faded away

sought for new homeland

and we all obey


We all know

the stakes in play.

The princess will rule;

check the date and say

"The day seems

to last forever."

The mist has come

to take the never.


You're too far gone

to understand the end.


Lyrics - Heroes In Time

New lyrics. Enjoy.


Heroes In Time


Through time and disregard

into the patch of your soul

Spin rapidly through the stone

and enter the time hole


Open your portal to

the space in your heart

Seamless integration to

the end and the start


Heroes are what ruin the world

Heroes are what's left us uncurled


Four of them pass through

each moment in light

Looking through the optic glass

for a shining star in flight


These are the things that

we cannot erase

For doing so

puts a ghost across our face


Heroes are what ruin the world

Heroes are what's left us uncurled


In some resemblance of a past mistake

The dawn of our era leads us to daybreak

When they arrive to save their love

Chemical energy will rain from above

Holding to our values while we are at war

leaves us with little opportunities for what's in store

The heroes in time who travel the land

are the false notes that play in our band


Heroes are what ruin the world

Heroes are what's left us uncurled