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My life, and how its so boring

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Sam Smith

About me Page, V.1

so i made my first about me page, go check it out if you want, also, just thought id make this little entry because i haven't in a while.

quick summary;

ive been told by my doctor, that ive been experiencing harsh symptoms of Paranoia, seems right.

my best friend split up with her Bf,

i met Sean Smith from The Blackout, cool guy!

my Guitar is looking more and more like Blue everyday.


~Disrespect your surroundings~

Sam Smith

Green Day tattoos

so when i come of age, a year on Tuesday, i will begin obtaining tattoo's, i already know what I'm getting for my first, i just need an idea for my Green Day one. im mixed between the Kerrplunk flower and the Heart-grenade...

Sam Smith

Kawaii BEEJ

dawhh c: my sides needed superglue when my friend made this and sent to my Billie Joe Fanpage on Facebook :'D


i think with time and work, a Kawaii BEEJ could be born, that would make me soooo happy :lol:

Sam Smith

What Hi-Fi/Sound-system you blastin'?

As my birthday approaches, in witch, none of you will prop's make a thread about. yay. My Mother is getting me a classic Hi-Fi system, a tall stack with CD player, radio, a Cassette player, the works. although I'm having trouble finding one i quite like the look of, the best i have found is a Sony LBT-G1. simple, and i can put my turntable on top.

Thought id ask what kinds you lot had? maybe you could improve on what i already plan? how does yours sound?

Extra notes: i dont want one of these newfangled sci-fi pieces of crap im seeing. with a 1000 disk changer and shit.

Sam Smith


Hello everyone, i may not of mentioned. but your anti-social member Sam Smithey, is an actor, and i am glad to announce that i will be in the first EVER (with special permission's from Pete Townsend) amateur production of The Who's;


If you live in the north of England, in the Manchester/Stockport regions. then do come down and see this, for 4 nights only. and if you're lucky, its rumored that The Who themselves may be coming to see us at one point!

love and razor-blades- Smithey

Sam Smith

My first blog post. HUZZAH

Thought since i joined this place, i might try everything out while I'm here. i got the full package not point letting it go to waste.

expect more of me.

up the Punx - smithey

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