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Firecracker Lell

Artwork for Billie's Birthday! xD

FINALLY! I did something for his birthday! :woot::yay:

1. I drew this! ( I can't believe I did this! So proud of myself! :happy: Looks sooo good! - Sorry I f'd up some parts of the writing :sorry: )


2. And made this with pic collage :D ( my favorite! )


Gonna take pics of them with myself & send them for the video!! :yay:

So how do you like them people?! :D

Firecracker Lell

New drawing! xD

I drew this for one of my best friends who just migrated to Canada & I can't see her for at least a few year... :cry:

She's a huge killjoy & idiot :wub: The way she hugged me after seeing this... my neck was about to break actually :lol:


Ideas? :)

Firecracker Lell

Few of my artworks ( you may have seen 'em before )

So, I guess some of you may have seen these before, but I decided to upload them again & I'm gonna upload more, soon! :P

Sorry, If they're so simple & elementary! I'm not a professional, I enjoy drawing my favorite stuff :D





Tell me what do you think :)

Btw, one more coming soon!

Firecracker Lell

More than just a brain fart!

Wow! I wonder how I'm alive right now righting this! It's been like 3 days that I can't sleep before 2 am & I have to wake up at 6:45!

For the first time, I slept with my eyes open at class :P

Anyway, this is a little bit more than just a brain fart! It's getting serious.

My dad makes me hate him. He's fucking everything up! I know he doesn't know how to express his love to his family! But y'know, if you're the kind of person who only knows him outside the house & at work, you'll think " wow! What a great & kind man he is ", but that's only for them! Not inside! :ermm:

Mom can be really stupid sometimes! Though I love her more than dad & hate her less than him, but she can totally put up a family war for no reason. I recently told her 'bout my depression & stuff, because I thought that would change the way she treats me, but nothing happened! She wants me to talk her, but every time I do, she makes me regret it! Like, seriously?!

I guess my parents have some kind of " modem disease " :lol: They just enjoy turning off the modem & pissing me off!

Another problem is myself! Yep, I know my flaws & I do admit them. And I want to fix them!

You know, actually there's no one that really knows me & one of the biggest problems about the damned society that I live in, is that the majority can't & aren't capable of accepting different people! They can't handle different opinions! That's sucks! :pinch:

I was talking about myself! Well, I try not to give a damn about what others think or say, but unfor-fucking-tunately I give a lot of shit!

I've been dealing with these people ( aka morons ) for a few years & I still have to do that for 3 years! ugh! Nobody's perfect! But can't we just accept & respect the individuality?! Sometimes, actually often, knowing & understanding what's happening around you & seeing everything breaking down before your eyes hurt.... " Ignorance is kind, there's no comfort in the truth, pain is all you'll find "

I guess when you're living here ( I'm talkin' 'bout myself & people who are like me " you just better shut your mouth, otherwise they'll attack you! " Fucking mess, you know?!

Whenever you decide to talk to someone, ( cuz I can't put everything inside of me anymore ), why do they always blame you?! Even though if you haven't done anything wrong?! Can't they just help & soothe you or at least be quiet?!

I'm sorry I'm a bit f'd up now, it's been like this for a few weeks now, I wanted to visit a therapist, but then I didn't!

Do you guys have any advices, please? :)

Firecracker Lell

First entry! Oh gosh, I'm exhausted...

Psycho! I'm surrounded by everything & everyone I hate! They can't seem to even get themselves right! They're fighting with themselves... If I stay in my room, they'll say why don't you come sit with us, if I go sit with them, some other crappy stuff would happen! I'm tired of all these people around me... Saying one thing & doing another thing! Just mottos & mottos, no actions. I'm tired of people being jealous, believing in some stupid bullshit that if they think a bit deeper, they'll find out they're all silly childish stories....Myths.

I'm exhausted! Why should they make fun of someone who is skinny or fat? Stop those damned bullies! It hurts...

Respect everyone's individuality. I'm not strange, I'm just different & I don't wanna be the same as others. I see nothing in being the same as others. I must be the change that I want to world to be. We all have to begin somewhere...

It's do or die!

I still remember the time my dad made fun of Green Day & my favorite stuff & insulted them so badly! But if I insult his opinions, he'd go crazy like " YOU DON'T HAVE THE RIGHT TO DO THAT "

Respect me, I'll respect you.

Cuz age doesn't define maturity.

When I say I've set my goal for life & I'm doing my best to reach my dreams, they'd just laugh at me....

I still love my parents, but I don't have the same relationship as I had with them in the past. It's not gonna be the same anymore. Screwed up...

I must confess: I love my brother more than anyone in my family, he can be moody sometimes, but without him, I don't know where I would be right now! Another stupid idiot running around & doing shit & going nowhere!

Mom's the second! I love her to death! She can be totally annoying, as if you want to throw a chair at her face :P

Sorry daddy, you're the last. You have broken my heart so many times & made me feel worthless like a piece of shit, but I still love you.