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ANJI's 3D Graphics

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I made this 3D model of Billie's Blue guitar :D


It's not perfect but i'm happy with my first attempt at guitar modelling.

My next 3D model will be Billie's signature Gibson guitar. Look out for that soon :happy:

Comments are appreciated! :D

This is a 3D model of a Mitsubishi Eclipse I made about 3 years ago whilst doing my degree in CG :D

I'm still pretty rough on rendering and lighting which is something i'm currently improving on, but im pretty happy with the result!

Let me know what you think :D



Speed Driver!


Hey all :D

This is my first blog entry. I did Computer Graphics Technology at university 2006-2009. I learnt 2D/3D graphics, animation, flash, web design, video/audio editing, film/camera work etc. I mainly created 3D graphics for games and film.

This is a 3D animation i did in 2009 for my final year project. It's created completely from scratch. I made this to look like a racing game trailer. The final version came 3rd out of over 60 projects which i am really proud of :D Screenshots of the car and city are also added.

Now looking back at it i know i can do hundreds of improvements. If i can go back to it one day, i will make it even better than it is!

Comments are much appreciated :D