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how Uno! Dos! Tre! helped me!

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Uno! Dos! Tre! and my emotions!

How Green Day Uno,Dos,Tre helped me get through my breakup!

Well at the start of September my girlfriend and I broke-up. We had been in love since 3 years and it was an amazing time...

I was very upset, as you could imagine, at the beginning, it went better with the time but sometimes there are this days when it comes all back to me... And now I decided to write about it!

There were some factors which helped me in the past 3 months.. There were my friends which are really fuckin great friends!!! They were and they are amazing! Another part was the music of Green Day!

The first album out there was Uno! Well Nuclear Family was a kind of Fuck you song for me! Fuck it all my dreams are away, all I wanted... It's the death of the Nuclear family!.. Well this Album came out and I was quit a bunch of shit... But hearing this Album gave me some chills... I can't even describe it.. there is Stay the Night were I was like I wanted to sing it to her... I just wanted her to know that I want her...

And of course there were this party tunes! Carpe Diem, Let yourself go! they thought me to go on with my life... to say fuck you! I'm still alive... I should do a fucking blast and try to enjoy my time... Sweet 16 was sort of a real bitter song... Bring me back one hour ago.. I mean she was my Sweet 16! And this song is just a beatiful reflection when you look at it at my position... She will always be my sweet 16.. Rusty James... a real bitter song... with so much emotions of Billie packed in... It catched me the very first time I listen to it... Uno gave me the acknowledge that I wanna live my life like I want... and a I dont care attidude! I mean ... fuck I just take other decisions now... and I'll hope I will grow on them!

Then !DOS! came :D and woooow what a party album :D

The first song i refear to on dos is Stray Heart! What brilliant, brillant Lyrics... I remember me singing to Stray Heart alone in my house and drinking a beer ... or 8? .. Well @ the Dos time i went to this party mode... I said fuck you to all my emotions... I wanted to be as cold as a stone... And Dos fitted in perfect... Fuck time? I just wanted to shout and make party and drink... and make party and drink... And also there were this songs like Lazy Bones... which I heard on the next day... Totally wasted from the night before... I was just sick... Wild One.. a song that brings back so much memories... And there is Nightlife... I remember when I first heard it and I was like WTF! is this shit :D But then... when you do this party and You are totally wasted it seemed that this song fits pretty well! I mean thats just the way I wanna sing drunken... Listing to Uno and Dos with some friends, reading the lyrics, explaining my emotions over the song i played helped me really a lot! And Dos kinda made me Fuck lets do this... Just party try to cover your emotions and just make party!

And finally Tre!

WHAT A BLAST! Lyrical i think its the best album of the trilogy... Brutal Lovem Missing You and Walk away bursted tears into my eyes... And i must say I just had to whine 2 times before cause I listened to music.... The other songs I cried my soul out with no reason but listening are Eric Clapton- Circus and Green Day Good Riddance... Well Brutal Love... I'm a disaster.. Yes! this was my situation.. Everybody thought I'm fine.. I mean I seamed so but I was drinking 4 times a week... I was sometimes thinking about drinking @ 8am alone in my living room... This song was a slap in my face... Missing You... This lyrics... just a masterpiece... They say so much I was thinking those whole months... And now I could express this again... This is a HUGE THANK YOU TO GREEN DAY FOR THIS!!! ... X-Kid.. This song feels to me like Billie is singing it right into my face... And I think that I can understand his emotions when writing this... Amanda... It's like does she know I'm still out there? we changed? we know nothing about our situations know... I cant stop thinking about this..! Walk away! What if i just walked away.. when I never argued at the end of the relationship... And this song gaves me so much hope!!! It will pass, the swealing never really lasts... ( but also it says You dont forget!!) But the scar remain reminds... The bigger we came the harder I felt... 99 Revolutions... this song was the only of Tre I heard before... And i said to my best friend 99 REvolutions! I wanna get 99 Revolutions this year! I wanna change this song is like I don't know it's like it gives me this emotion I can change and I can walk on! And so much energy!

I hope that I'll envolve over the time and walk on! It was just a brief fast written story about the Trilogy and how it helped me! :)

Thanks for the read... I'm sorry for the huge amount of english failures :P.

I'm not the best in English ! Greatings from Austria! :D

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