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No Regrets.

Here is a new poem called: No Regrets.

No Regrets

I lay here.

Upon my death bed contemplating the life I never had,

Reliving the feelings of sadness, dread and narcissism,

All because I was too scared to venture outside the home,

Outside the comfy and cushy nest,

Which I always thought was the best.

Because once there are tubes hooked into you,

Then you know the time is near.

Because once the tubes are within you,

There is nothing to fear.

Because once the angel of death gives you that divine kiss,

You will enter that eternal bliss,

Where the materialism and money you had mean nothing,

And the social standing you had becomes disgusting.

Because life is too short to just sit around,

And judge everyone because I was too scared,

To be the person I always wanted to be.

Because there is only one chance to enjoy this life,

Before our bodies and soul disconnect and leave the divine.

Because the only person who can judge us on our lives,

Is the so called omniscient person within the sky.

So take every chance you get my son,

To achieve everything you want to and love the life you will never regret,

One full of laughter, happiness and hope,

And memories that will allow you to cope.

Because once you are on your deathbed there is no place to go.

Because once you are on your deathbed there is no place to go.

So surrender your soul, faith and happiness to the powers of hope,

And let the emotions float,

To comfort the loved ones around you.

Because life is too short to live in regret.

So let this heart ring out....

So let this heart ring out....

To the angels of life.



I know it has been a long time between posts, but I am a believer of letting the magic happen when it does, not forcing it.

But, without further adieu, here is Stars.



Are the naturally programmed lights of the earth,

Which encompass the feelings of all,

Yet never provide any warmth,

Despite being the sole comforting image,

On a cold winters night.

And whilst I sit here,

Feeling all alone on the park bench,

Drinking some 40's,

I have time to reflect,

On everything that could of been.

And even though all this time has passed,

I still sit here and wonder why you played emotional games with my heart,

To only go once the light I provided, dims out to the darkness of the night.

And even if this cigarette hangs from the mouth,

Of an whiskey breathed drunk.

I can hold my head up and say to myself,

That I at least tried and failed miserably at loving you.

But at the end of the day,

When this cigarette hangs from the mouth full of whiskey breathe.

I can look into the sky and follow my dreams and lives,

Without you being there.

I am over you.



This poem is an old one that I wrote a while ago.

But I think its decent enough to chuck up, Cheers.


I spend so much time standing still within the beacon of light

yet my mind seems to always race by

I always think about the times where I used to try

yet failed everything causing me an abyss and a sense of alone

thus I can only run away from these emotions for so long

before they finally catch up and break me

I can only be in denial for so long

before the world finally inherits me and changes me forever

because when I finally met you my life changed forever

the melancholy became happiness

the frown was changed into a beautiful smile

and the sparkle within my eye returned

because when I met you my life became a blur

the wall between me and the world was tore down

I allowed myself to feel and trust again

because you ended up proving me wrong.


Paradox Unknown.

Paradox Unknown.

The space within time is meant to be a paradox that's unknown,

Yet I waited for so long for that return,

To hear the sound of a text beeping, to visualize the words you say,

But you left me in the dark,

You left me here all alone.

And as the days pass that turn into months,

As the harsh cold seasons war on within life,

I am left here trying to remember everything you have said,

Thinking that you will never return to me,

Believing that everything that happened was just pessimistic deceit.

Thus the acceptance of defeat is admitted,

I move on despite my heavy heart and face the barren world,

No love, no hope, no connection for me,

Just a social outcast because of what you did too me,

You not only ruined me, but you left me all alone.

And as time passes within its powerful vortex,

As these feelings begin to decrease and as acceptance seems nigh,

You waltz right back in expecting everything,

Yet I have the last laugh as I finally know,

That I have left you in the undertow, I am finally free.


Entry #2... My life (writing piece).

Random thought and Inspiration:

The inspiration behind this piece comes from the idea and knowledge that I may never be famous or inspirational to the world, but due to the field I will be entering I have the ability to inspire the lives of others. This piece is called My Life, hope you like it.

My Life.

The rain tousles from the grey skies,

As gently as the willow weeps over the loss of its leaves,

Life was supposedly never meant to be like this,

but I have come so far, yet so little has been achieved.

So as I lay awake and stare at the midnight moon,

And dream of the future I had planned for,

I settle back into the reality,

Which I apparently was born for.

I am here for neither heroic feats or greatness,

I am neither here to set the world on fire,

I am here to be the best person I can be,

And inspire the lives of those who I may teach.

So I follow the passions of my life,

And keep the desires of my heart within touch,

I share the warmth of my heart,

and the magnificence of my touch.

And with all this in mind and within heart,

I write the pages of my life within a cursive style,

Because I know that I am here to inspire those of the next generation,

to follow their heart.


The Raven.... ( A beginning of a journey)


Well I have never been the one that has done well at public speaking.

But for me, this is a new beginning, a new journey and avenue for me to release my thoughts and ideas into the world.

I will start of with the newest piece I wrote, I hope you all like it.

The Raven.

The Raven flew through the swaying trees of the night,

with the autumn breeze fuelling the gusty winds,

Its flight wasn't horrendous,

neither was it condescending within reason.

So as it may perch upon the derelict rooftop,

of this decaying mansion that is devoured by rust,

with walls that are wrought with mould,

and carpet that's covered in mothballs.

And may this set the serene scene,

of a perfect romantic tragedy,

where both an aspiring Romeo and Juliet,

fall victims to the darkness of the an evil throne.

May they fall within the sight of the raven perched on the rooftop,

who may be able to signal the alarm,

but what happens when you give all you can give,

and you feel alone?

The raven may do nothing but convey the voice of the unknown,

it can only help those who are defeated, broken or alone,

who are willing to give into the need,

but there is nothing more it can do,

then fly through the autumn sky alone.

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