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Tubbie Head's ART

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About this blog

In this blog I'm going to post my past, present and future drawings!

Entries in this blog

Tubbie Head

Digital drawing of Billie Joe

So, I think I finally finished my first try at digital drawing/painting. I still think it needs some more work, but I just want to move on, I've been doing this for a looong time! Hope you like it!


Tubbie Head

Just another Billie Joe drawing!


I almost forgot about this blog... Here's another drawing of Billie, this time black and white!

Hope you like it! I haven't done anything this year, I hope to do something after I finish my exams next week (this time not a Billie Joe drawing!.. Well, I still have one of him to finish, but y'know :shy: )

Tubbie Head

Billie Joe Armstrong drawing- 2009


Here's my second colour work,made back in 2009, It's Billie Joe again, I've done many BJ drawings... Oh well, he's a nice model don't you think? :D

The pencils I used in here were the regular cheap pencils, so the colours don't look as good as the ones I made with HQ pencils, but I still had fun drawing it!

Tubbie Head


I'm starting my own blog! Just to try it out...

Going to be posting my artwork and maybe other stuff :D