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Swimmers Fan Site/Forum

I noticed Swimmers (formerly known as Emily's Army) didn't really have a fan site or a forum, so I made one.


The site is http://swimmers.band and the forum is http://swimmers.band/forum 


Please sign up if you can; it would be really nice to start getting some content up on there before I publicly launch it.


and I'm definitely looking for some dedicated Swimmers fans to help me with editing content on the site, so please let me know if you're interested! :)



Dogs are okay. I mean, I like cats better.

but dogs can be cool sometimes.

It's kind of cool when dogs are like your best friend and stuff. they can like hug you.

they can hug your soul.

and keep you warm at night when they sleep in bed.

and also a guard dog can protect you and scare off unwanted people.

Sometimes dogs do things that are not okay. and they should be banned



Milk is good in cereal and in root beer. but bad in water.

Never mix milk and water. That's just nasty.

Chocolate milk is pretty good, and vanilla milk is super yummy.

but if I drink it too fast, I feel like I'm going to throw up. I don't know why.

I prefer to drink Skim Plus. Idk I just think other skim milk tastes watery.

and watery milk is BAD.


Making Video Responses for Secrets

I want to know if you guys think we should make video responses for secrets.

I was thinking a group of volunteers could be selected each week to respond to secrets. I'll send them maybe ...five? ... secrets and they can make videos of them responding to them. Then I can edit the video to display the question on screen while I read it, and show different people's responses to them. We can call them "Secret Sundays" or something.

I can choose different people each week, and not choose every single response from every single person. Just a mix and match of responses.

Obviously this would be aimed towards the secrets that are asking for advice or something.

Let me know what you think, and if you have any other ideas/suggestions.


The Secret Keeper


Lyrics, Pt. 1

Here are some songs I wrote. Because it's just lyrics and no music, it's going to get boring, so I'm going to leave out the parts that are repeated. Hope you like them! Also, NO STEALING


If You Find Me

This one is about feeling lost and like I'm not allowed to think for myself or be my own person. It's like other people already decided what I'm going to say or do, and it's not up to me in any way.

If you find me, please let me know

I don't know where, but I'll take myself

and go go go go

I don't know who I am, but I just wanna be free

Help me figure it all out

if you find me

Who am I?

and is it okay

If I lose my mind?

Do I have my own anyway?

According to them, I can't think for myself

Am I my own idiot?

or am I just another one?

What's the use of saying what's on my mind?

I get the same excuse, they tell me all the time

they don't want to listen to what I have to say

'cause when they hear one side,

they don't want to hear the other one

Better Town

This one is about all the dumb people in my home town.

These hypocrites are full of it

They always gotta have it their way

They're all on drugs and they won't shut up

to hear what I have to say

These people with fake skins look like mannequins

and they think that's okay

just stop sniffing glue for a minute or two

and hear what I have to say

Here's what I have to say:

maybe things are better off this way

I'll be laughing when you're not around

Finally, it can be a better town

We were all friends 'til it came to an end

and I saw the stupid things you do

I'm getting sick from all of this

and I really hate you

I'll kick you down onto the ground

I'll spit in your face

Don't tell me what to do, 'cause I'm not you

and get out of my place

One more thing, just listen to me

You were cool, but now you're lousy

I just can't stand this anymore

One more thing, just listen to me

Now you're gone and I'm so happy

Well I guess that's what friends are for

Quite Honestly (I Love You More)

A quirky, cheesy little love song. It was about how I left someone for someone else, but then I realized my mistake.

Lying with out feet in the sand

I fell in love with you that summer

We would laugh as I would hold your hand,

but now my hand belongs to another

I broke your heart,

and I'm so sorry

I tore you apart

You lost the lottery

now what can I do so you will forgive me?

Quite honestly, I feel bad

don't get mad

there's nothing I can do

Quite honestly, you're on my mind

all the time

I think about you

I might have changed my mind a lot before

but I love you more

Time has gone by so fast

I can't say I'm too happy

am I just a part of your past?

or do you still think about me?

Something that was

always will be

and just because

you're so angry,

does this mean

that you'll never forgive me?


A song about boredom. Plain and simple.

Staring at the walls

they begin to come alive

I've been here too long

can't figure out why

I need a reason to go somewhere

give me a reason to get out of here

Wait, and I'll be there too

Wait, I wanna be with you


I don't know what to do

So show me the way out

Wait, but I'm stuck inside

Wait, another worthless mind

too late;

I'll never find the time to get away

Staring at the ceiling

I try to close my eyes

I hate the feeling

of being trapped inside

another second, I can't take this anymore

please let me know what I'm still doing here for

Dog Tag

The first (and only so far) political song I wrote. "Dog Tag" is referring to wearing IDs around our necks and being treated like dogs.


for everyone in the nation

They always gotta know who you are

and what you're up to

Go on a vacation

or get an education

Too bad!

you need it!

without it, you can't get through

Shut up

all you girls and lads

don't say a word

just show me your dog tag


for everyone in the nation

You don't have an ID?

Well, you must be a terrorist!


a funny sensation

when you find out our enemy is smarter than this

Shut up

I don't give a crap

punish me if you want,

but I'm not wearing this dog tag

Autumn's Grace

This is actually a song I wrote for my niece, who's name is Autumn Grace. However, I wanted it to have a double meaning. So you can either think about this as about a little girl (who's older sister's name is Summer), or just a song about falling in love in the wonderful season that is Autumn.


Summer has been filled with so much fun

and I can't wait for Autumn to come

The leaves are falling down

Autumn's grace is all around

It's Autumn's grace

and I can't wait

for Autumn to come again

When you wanna talk, tell me everything you can

I'll be here when you think you're at the end

A chill is in the air

Autumn's grace is everywhere

When winter comes, the sky will turn black

and I'll just want Autumn to come back


This song is about my sister's divorce. Or you could think about it of divorce in general, although I do make specific references to playing video games with my (ex) brother-in-law, and their children's names (Summer and Autumn). It's basically saying marriage isn't supposed to be a fairytale, and that they made these vows to each other for a reason and shouldn't have made a promise they weren't sure they could keep. This is probably the most meaningful song I've ever wrote, although it's also the angriest. but a lot of feeling went into it, trust me. I was probably more torn about the situation than anyone else in my family.

You both got problems

you know you do

and I'm sick of hearing you

complain about the little things

so hear me out and don't throw away the rings just yet

I'm aware of the lying,

and I know all about the crying,

but he's a really good dad

at least give him that

besides, even when times are dark,

you made the promise "'til death do us part"

and I don't see anyone

with a loaded gun

So maybe, just maybe

you're still in love?

(I actually sing the words "question mark" here, to make it obvious)

Excuses... yeah, they come in dozens

but he's my brother, and I love him

so think again before you let him go

I don't wanna play Nintendo with anybody else

Screams and shouts are what marriage is about

the tough times are what marriage defines

Summer and Autumn can't go on without 'em

everybody, please help them see:

It's only fair that it's not fair 'cause this ain't a fairytale.

Welcome to the Marrytale.

That's it for now. I might post the rest sometime in the future. Let me know what you think!


RE: iHeartRadio

Billie Joe... although I can't say I'm not extremely disappointed in you, my heart goes out to you. From the first line of the opening song, something clearly was wrong. I would like to say I'm sorry for whatever happened to you, and I know the crowd's lack of reaction plus getting cut short (although now apparently that's not true?) made things way worse.

But Billie... you were clearly drinking... a LOT. That was definitely your worst performance ever. If that was the first time I saw you live, I'd never see you again. I'm embarrassed as a fan, because I don't want people thinking THAT was the band I was into. I want them knowing the band I'm into was the band that played Irving Plaza last week.

Please know that I truly hope everything is okay, but if nothing did happen before your set, and you got that drunk before a performance just because, well... you're a freaking idiot. You're not only a husband to an amazing wife and a father to two very talented young boys, but you're an idol and an inspiration to millions of fans around the world. People look up to you.

I know people make mistakes, but you're really scaring me. I need you around as long as possible.

Please get better soon.


Your crazy, tie-dye wearing fan,

Lauren Nicole

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