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Not So Serious.

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About this blog

Some random thoughts and stuff by me.

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I don't know what to call it.

Yesterday, I was pretty high on weed. I end up writing some stuff while I was with my friends. But the funny thing is, most of it don't make any sense to me now. :lol:



Stay happy!


Podcast ideas.

Hey guys, I was thinking of starting a podcast with my friend. We are really interested in media studies and thought that this would boost up our portfolio for the admission application. So can anyone give me some tips on how to start, what to do and how to approach the idea of the podcast? We can talk about music, movies, lifestyle, TV shows and basically anything. I was thinking of making it more special for our place where we live and also talk about some problems that are going on in our state. Would that be a good idea? It would be really helpful if someone can help me with the structure of a podcast. That would just get us started. I was thinking of recording a Demo EP and put it out here for feedback because your feedback means a lot to me!

I hope the Static Noise guys can give me some ideas ;)

Thanks :)


Stuff. Thoughts.

Hey guys, I hope you all are doing fine. I wanna wish all of you a Happy New Year!

Ah this time there's no song from me, no lyrics or music. Just a plain blog post about my feelings. I don't feel too good today, I don't know why. I had a rough day, it wasn't bad and nothing bad happened. It was just a very busy day, running around the city for various jobs. And at the end of the day I am exhausted and frustrated.

I was at my aunt's place with my Mom and we were just talking about various stuff and then the topic of my cousin brother's death came up. I wasn't here when he died 3 years ago, I was in a different city for studying. I got on the train to meet him after about 3 years, the day he had an accident and died. My cousin sister (His own sister) just got engaged the day before he passed away, so there was a mood of celebration and I was on my way to the celebration. I was so happy when I pictured the scene in my head, seeing my brother after such a long time. But couldn't.

So, anyway, my mother was depicting whatever happened the day he died. It was an accident, a bike accident. I just cannot write about it cos even thinking about it gives me tears, I loved him so much. I was immature when he died, I didn't know how to deal with it. Nobody told me when I was in the train. I got to know when I reached home. I was just numb, everyone was hugging me and crying and I couldn't react. But now when I listen to everything that happened on that day, tears roll into my eyes in a flash. I just want to get it out, I don't know why I am writing this, but when my mom talked about it today, it made me incredibly sad.

And I care about someone a lot but I think that has turned into annoyance for that person. I might have 'over' cared but I can't help it. I just care about some people more but it hurts so much to see that the person is actually annoyed by you asking what's wrong and stuff. I am a mess right now. You guys are thinking that too, right? I mean, talking about someone who is just an online friend. Whatever one might do or say, life is sometimes not what it seems like, at the moment.

Did that even make any sense? OMG I am rambling. I'll stop. See you later guys!


Song writing while studying.

This is weird, but whenever I sit to study for my exams, I end up writing a song. This happened to me on Monday morning when I woke up a little early to study and I ended up playing with some lines in my head and when I penned them down on the paper, it turned out to be a full-fledged song. Well, whatever it is, its good :P

I haven't really decided on a title, but your suggestions are welcomed! Thanks.


I just wanna scream

Never wanna dream

Take the pain away

Before I decay

Cos its wearing out

Me inside out

I really don't know

What made you go away..


This life

Never gave me anything

This knife

Will cut through (oh) anything

This pain

Will never really fade away

This rain

Will never stop falling from my eyes


I just wanna cry

But my eyes are dry

I just wanna run

And never return

To the fucked up place

Where people judge by face

I am running out of time

And I wanna leave all of this behind me..

I have also figured out everything about this song, the melody and the tempo and stuff. Maybe me and my friend will record it after our exams. Thanks for reading and please make sure you give your precious feedback and comments on this.

Thanks! :)



This is not a regular blog post. I have been doing a lot lately so I'm just not getting time to write =/

I hope this hectic time goes away soon.

This blog post is basically about my bass compositions which I have been doing for quite sometime now.

I have had no formal training so please forgive my mistakes. I just play from my gut feeling and end up composing something.

Here is a compilation of Three basslines done by me. I put them in one track with a 3 second gap between each of them.


Hope you guys enjoy it and please leave your comments !



Something Dark..

Hey guys, I'm back with another song kinda thing, finally!

I wrote this not long after I wrote the earlier one. And its strange but this song also came out when I was half asleep in my ASP.NET programming class. This one is a bit darker. I don't know I'm happy or sad that I wrote this but it was something that was inside me for a long time so I'm glad its finally out. Its short but not sweet. You'll agree to that after reading it. Its basically about wanting to die when the world around you has collapsed.

So, here it is:

I don't know what to do.

I don't know what to say.

Cos I'am devastated in such a way.

That I hope I don't see another day.


I dont wish to live anymore.

Cos this has shaken me up to the core.

The wall of lies that I built around.

Demolished right away into the ground.


Now I need a new hope.

A hope that I could live for.

A hope that would help me cope.

Cos I don't wanna live anymore.

And cos I don't wanna live anymore.



Introduction and A Song !

Hey guys, this is Ritz (which all of you know)

I already have a blog at WordPress: ritzkayal.wordpress.com

But I thought it would be great to create a blog here too cos I spend most of my time here. :)

The first thing I'd like to share with you all would be a song(?) that I had written half asleep in my ASP.NET class. Well, I dont know how it came out cos I had not written anything for past one year. I was shocked to be honest and kinda glad too cos yeah its great to write and let out the feelings.

When I started writing it, I was sure it was gonna be some depressing shit but it turned out to be something with hope and based on love, which I had no intention to write it like that !

So instead of blabbering I'd present to you the song. I actually didnt derive any title for it so it would be great if you guys could suggest some titles.

Thanks !

Here it is:

I lived in a dream.

A dream that could never be fulfilled.

It was different from what I had.

And yeah, that was kinda bad.


It showed me what I longed for the most.

Company, friendship and all that I had lost.

It gave me a new hope to live.

Maybe a day will come when it will be fulfilled.


So I smile when I face the world.

Even though I am sad as the events unfold.

Nothing can get me down, I say to myself.

Even though the truth doesnt hold in oneself.


I lost my faith in everything.

I was sure this life would give me nothing.

Then came the angel that changed my life.

She gave me everything that I dreamt every night.


She was with me when I was alone.

She taught me to live life the way I had never before.

I was overwhelmed that I had her.

I just wished I never lose her.

and I just wished....


Thanks for reading.

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