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Review: My musical highlights of 2016

In this post I just want to share my musical highlights of 2016

Song of the year: And then there was silence - Blind Guardian (A Night at the Opera, 2002). No day has passed without I listened to this masterpiece. 14 perfect minutes of music.

Album of the year: Imaginations from the other Side - Blind Guardian (1995) and Litourgyia - Batushka (2015)

Best album released this year: Winter's Gate - Insomnium

Best concert I've been to: Hans Zimmer, hands down. I still shiver every time I think about it. It was so perfect, so great and a dream coming true.

Best festival I've been to: Ragnarök Festival. It was small and cozy and cold (because it was in the beginning of april and I slept in a tent!)

New genres I discovered: Black Metal, Blackgaze, Doom Metal

New bands I discovered: Agalloch, Nargaroth, Nocte Obducta, Swallow the Sun, BATUSHKA!!

Festivals I've been to: Ragnarök Festival, SummerBreeze, Christmas Bash

Concerts I've been to: Hans Zimmer, Brainstorm/Winterstorm, Amon Amarth

Concerts Ive missed again: Sonata Arctica, Behemoth, the Vision Bleack, Van Canto ( :( )

Highlights of 2017: probably live-album of Blind Guardian, Insomnium Show at Ragnarök festival, NEW WINTERSUN ALBUM!!!


Line-Up: ?, Noctura, Hell, Gloryhammer, Rage, Orden Ogan, J.B.O., Saxon, BLIND GUARDIAN.

When I heard that Blind Guardian are going to headline the second day of the Christmas Bash Festival this year I told my boyfried that we have to go there, but I did not order any tickets yet. Then I forgot about it and when they announced that the whole Imaginations from the Other Side album will be played this evening I ordered tickets as fast as I could. And, as always, I was not disappointed of my favorite band. In this entry I will reflect the whole day chronologically.

After a 3hour car drive we arrieved just in time for the first band, whose name I forgot. Before entering the location we had our belated lunch, so we almost missed the first band and only heard one song so I can't really tell how they were.

Noctura was the second band this evening, playing a mixture of black metal, death metal and black gaze, even covering ABBA (<3), and I really liked them, sadly they just played 30 minutes. After a 15 minutes break, my first highlight entered the stage: Hell. They are a typical heavy metal band, with a wonderful, dramatic show and an awesome singer. He acted and sang fantastically, I think he just was too heavy for broadway. The costumes of the band were fantastic too, they just looked as they haved escaped from an darker victorian era in a parallel universe.  Sadly they are not that much known in Germany so the crowd was not that engergetic as later in the evening. Furthermore I think the missing popularity in germany explained the shortness of their setlist, they  only played for 30 minutes. I hope they will tour again someday and play longer shows...

The band that followed Hell was Gloryhammer, the side project of the Alestorm singer. I am not a big fan of alestorm and Gloryhammer was (in my eyes) rather boring, even though they performed a funny, crazy show, with crazy costumes. Their music is some generic power metal, and their lyrical focus lies on some super-heroes saving the galaxy with heavy metal and alcohol. I think this kind of music is funny if you are super drunk, I found it ridiculous. So my bf and I took the chance, went back to the car to eat something and I grabbed all Blind Guardian CDs we listened to on the car ride to the festival, because I needed them for something that made this day the best day of my life. (I will talk about that in a moment)

Rage was the follow up of Gloryhammer who are a power metal band from Germany. A lot of people have gathered to see them but my bf and I decided to watch them from the back, sitting on a bench. From what I heard (i couldn't see anything) they have played and engergetic, fast set, with a lot of crowd siging and shouting, so they have been quite good but nothing super special. When they were almost through their set I got up and joind the queue for...


I did not know about the signing session in advance, I just saw an unremarkable, small cardboard sign which announced signing sessions. Unfortunately the session of Blind Guardian was at the same time as the Orden Ogan show (which is one of my favorite bands) and so I joined the queue early and I only missed half of the Orden Ogan set. But this was absolutely worth it because I had some nice chats with other blind guradian fans while waiting in line and now I have a signed Imagiations from the Other Side, At Night at the opera, and Beyond the Red Mirror album and I just died inside when Hansi and the rest of the band stood in front of me (omg I'm such a fangirl, but this band is legendary. Really. And I have never thought this would happen to me :D ) .

After I have put my cds back into my pocket I joined my boyfriend in the crowd for the last three songs of the Orden Ogan show. I have seen Orden Ogan twice before, first in 2012 and another time last year and I just have to say that they have gotten better over the years and they are just playing awesome songs in an awesome show and everyone around me just shouted and screamed and sang along to their very epic power metal music. The setlist contained a well-balanced mixtured of old songs and newer ones. Another highlight of the evening was that my bf catched a drumstick and gave it to me. We went back to the car to put back my newest treasures and to sit down a bit. We were in no hurry because the following band was JBO.

JBO are also a german band, who have dedicated themselve to use famous songs, write new lyrics to the melodies and perform them in a "funny" way. Musically it was boring and lame, and as Gloryhammer this music is for driking. As Rage we watched them from the back and I was so happy when it was over. After JBO my boyfriend and I walked to the front to see Saxon and they were quite cool. As Hell, they play good, old heavy metal and it was fun to watch and hear and I had a great time and the 60 minutes show were over quite fast. There were a lot of people and a bit of crowdsurfing so I had a very nice time while wating for Blind Guardian.

As the attentive reader might know, the main act of the evening was Blind Guardian. I have seen Blind Guardian in May last year and so I had really high expectations for this evening. And I was not disappointed. They started with "the ninth wave" as opening song which is a perfect song because it builds up so nicely. Nightfall followed next and then Hansi, the singer announced what I already knew: that IImaginations from the other Side will be now played in full lenght. And every single song was played and performed fantstically. I truly have no words for it. Each of the musicians did a wonderful job, each solo and every note was just perfect. This is live music on such a high level, there are just a few comparable artists out there. My personal highlights were: imagiations from the other side, a past and future secret, mordred's song, born in a morning hall and and the story ends. After "And the Story ends" (which is the last song on the imagiantions album) they only played the two classics: the bards song and valhalla. The crowd was amazing in every single song. Every person around me knew every song by heart and so we all sang along to every epic chorus and verses. We didn't stop singing vahalla until the band left the stage and it was just a magical moment.

The only thing I have to critizise is that Blind Guardian did only play 1h and 15 minutes which was not enough but this was'n their fault. On the festival there were just too many bands and too little time.

Overall I just have to say that I had so much fun and I heard so many rarities that are seldom played live (mordred's song, I'm alive, born in a mourning hall, another holy war...) that I'm just a lucky person that I was able to see them.



Autumn Playlist 2016

If I remember correctly, last year I created a list with my favorite tunes for autumn. Today in a bus ride I came up with the idea to create part II, including my favoirte tunes that caputre atumn mood

Agalloch - ...and the Great Cold Death of the Earth (The Mantle, 2002)

Blind Guardian - Harvest of Sorrow (A Night at the Opera Japanese Market Version, 2002 or Nightfall at Middle Earth Remastered 2007 (both times bonus track))

Insomnium - Winter's Gate (Winter's Gate, 2016)

Yue - In Legend (Ballads 'n' Bullets, 2011)

Herbstleyd - Nargaroth (Herbstleyd, 1998)

Alesia - Eluveitie (Helvetios, 2012)

Wardruna - Helvegen (Runaljod - Yggdrasil, 2013)

Wintersun - Death and the Healing (Wintersun, 2004)

Blues Pills - Little Sun (Blues Pills, 2014)

Tuomas Holopainen - The Last Sled (The Life and Times of Scrooge Mc Duck, 2014)

Apocalypitca - Cohkka (Reflections Revised, 2003)

Chelsea Wolfe - The Waves Have Come (Pain is Beauty, 2013)



Tuomas Holopainen I love you.

So that's it. I got nothing more to say.

But seriously.

Today is the release date for my most anticipated album of 2015: Endless Forms most Beautiful by Nightwish. I discovered this band in Fall 2011 shortly before Imagninaerum was released. And three exciting years passed between Imaginaerum and Endless Forms Most Beautiful. Meanwhile Anette left, Floor came, a new live-album was released and Tuomas Holopainen realized his solo project "The life and times of Scrooge" (my most listened album 2014 btw). So the waiting for the new album was all but boring.

And there we go, yesterday I preodered the album on amazon because my visit at every cd store in my city was without success (somtimes they have the album in the stores one day before release day but not yesterday). So I followed an impulse and preordered it last minute. And since midnight I was hitting the refresh button on my browser page until amzon released the mp3-download. and then, 40 minutes after midnight the journey began.

I started listening to the album and I was so excited but my excitement turned into disappointment after the second song was over and I stopped the music after the 7th. This was not what I expected. Not at all.

But this afternoon after finishing my assignment for university I tried again.

I'm going to describe every song with one word, after having listened to the whole album in total 2 times and the greatest show on earth 4 times

1. Shudder before the beautiful: amazing

2. Weak fantasy: awesome

3: Elan: Good

4. Yours is an empty hope: meh

5. Our Decades in the Sun: tears

6. My Walden: beautiful

7. Endless Forms Most Beautiful: good

8. Edema Ruh: Calm

9. Alpenglow: wonderful

10. The eyes of Sharbat Gula: I don't know yet

11. The greatest Show on Earth: thisisfuckingamazingoneofthebestsongstuomaseverwrotetogetherwithghostlovescoreandthepoetandthependulum

Floor does a decent job, marco and troy have to sing more, tuomas plays piano so wonderfully <3

And now I'm gonna listen to this album over and over again. Goodbye world, goodbye social life.

Edit: and still, Imaginaerum is above all.


Yesterday I've been to "Paganfest" a small festival tour through germany and it was fucking amazing! 5 bands played for 5 1/2 hours and every single band was fucking good. But let's start from the beginning with


These guys were really good, I was surprised because I didn't expect anything but after the 2nd/3rd songs the first two rows (i was standing in the second row, right in front of the singer) were all headbanging. The only thing that wasn't that good is the sound and that there were not so many people in the club because they started their show at 6.30pm


These guys fucking rocked. They are a black metal band and I really had fun during their show. Especially when the singer jumped off the stage and then was suddently standing next to me and I didn't know the lyrics. and then told a few people to go up on stage and it was really fun. I love club shows.


This band is from Netherlands and they were singing their songs in dutch which sounded really funny :D but it was a nice show, everyone was headbanging like crazy and jumping up and down and singing along because there were a lot of fans of this band in the crowd.


Battle Metal from Finland. This says basically all. These guys just were as good as the other bands, I didn't know any of their songs but I had so much fun because a guy who was standing behind me was going crazy and we both were all the time jumping and headbanging.


When a good friend of mine showed me "When time fades away" the intro song of Wintersun's second album Time I, I was blown away because the music was so awesome and from this moment I wanted to see these guys live. That happened three years ago and yesterday my dream finally came true. And it was fucking amazing. It was wonderful.

Their intro song of the show was (as I hoped) "when time fades away" and I almost cried when that song started and around me all people were going crazy and started clapping and the guy I was talking about was now standing next to me and we both had tears in our eyes because it was so touching. and then Wintersun entered the stage and they started playing "Sons of winter and stars" everyone was going really crazy. Jari (the singer) is a god. During the whole show there were almost none crowd interaction and the thing is that Wintersun does not need something like that.

The only thing jari had to do was lifting his hands and shouting "hey" one or two time and then the whole crowd started cheering.

The best thing was that they played the whole Time I album, and this is a dream coming true because I just LOVE this album.

They played around 1 1/2 hours and the time flew by and it was over so fast. I could listen to this band for ages.

I wish I could turn back time because this evening was so fucking awesome.


WIntersun also played a new song, according to a setlist someone posted on facebook the song is called "Forest" and the style and melodies of the orchestral parts were very similar to the style of the ones on the Time I album so I really hope Forest will be on the Time II album. And the funny thing is that the show yesterday was the tourstart of "Paganfest" so I was one of the persons who had the chance to listen to this song the first :wub: and it's a really good song.


Finally I have the time to write about it. The one and only album at the moment, i play it on repeat for over 3 weeks now and it hasn’t lost any of it’s magic. It's the new album by blind guardian called beyond the red mirror I'm talking about. Blind Guardian are a Speed/Power Metal Band and one of the best at the moment (at least in my opinion). chronologically it’s the follow up of their 9th studio album „At the edge of time“ but the album itself tells the story of the main character of their 5th studio album which was released 1995.

The album is complex, it’s really really complex. there is not the typical song structure the most of you are used to. there is a thing like a chorus but no verses because the melodies of the verses changes after every chours and there are a lot of awesome and fast guitar solos. so you have to take time and really listen to it. and a lot of fans didn’t like it at first but you really have to listen to it like 30-40 times in a row to recognize the power and beauty of these melodies.

And it’s bombastic, If you like nightwish or/and wintersun then you’ll love it, I guarantee it. Furthermore this is the best concept album I've ever heard, because it really tells the story with the music, the lyrics and the music work perfectly together. Also the artwork of the album supports the story telling, it has beautifully drawn picutes of the 9 gods and I really like the colour scheme :wub:

my original plan was it to write my opinion down for every song on this cd but it would be too long so I only write about my die-hard favorites which are more then the half of the songs on this album

The ninth wave (9.30 minutes)- this is the opener and the first two minutes give me chills everytime because I love the way the intro builds up. First there are only choirs, then the drums, then another choir then the guitar then more orchestra and then hansi kürsch, the singer of this wonderful band, sets in. and after this two minutes it’s blind guardian how you know them and how you love them. and the middle part where the two guitarists play two wonderful solos at the same time, this is musical skill on a really high level.

Twilight of the gods (4.50 minutes) – this was the single which was released before the album and when I heard it the first time when it came out I was a little bit disappointed but my former disappointment is now replaced with love and love and guess what? – yes you’re right – love. I fucking love this song the chorus kicks ass and the guitar solos are badass.

At the edge of time (6.55 minutes)– this is one of my favorites. this song is as the rest of this magnificent album, pure art. every second every single note every single line has its reason. and this chorus is so epic I don’t have the words for it. the vibe of this song is dramatic, it’s all or nothing our hero, our protagonist has to decide if he breaks through the mirror in another world to save his.

Distant memories (bonus track)(5.55 minutes) – I really like the bridge and I really like this desperate vibe of this song, I can’t really explan it I don’t have the words. Here the orchestra and the guitars are perfectly complementing on another and there are a few lines that fill my eyes with tears because it’s so beautiful. it’s not a ballad but not really a fast speed metal song, it’s more progressive metal.

The holy grail.(6.00 minutes) this chorus is good, it’s awesome it’s one of the best melodies I’ve every heard. Our hero fights at the battlefield the final battle and the only thing I want to do while listening to this song is to fight with him. It’s a really fast and a very powerful song (in my opinion the most powerful song on this album) and I can’t wait to hear this one live. Together with at the edge of time and grand parade the holy grail is the die hard number one of my favorite songs right now.

Miracle machine (3.00 minutes)– When I listened to the album the first time this song really suprised me. it’s a really beautiful three minute piano ballad and it leaves you desperate and speechless. desperate because this is the moment where our protagonist lost all of his hope and calls for a miracle to complete his quest to fight the evil gods. and it leaves you speechless because hansi shows that he can sing. he sings this song in such a perfect voice, it’s strong and tender at the same, this song and this vocie gives me chills every time and I had tears in my eyes when I first heard it

Grand parade (9.30 minutes) – this is the song of the album. the one and only. the best song blind guardian ever wrote according to andré olbrich (the lead guitarist and the one who writes the songs together with hansi kürsch who is the lead singer). and I totally agree with him. this song has everything the album contains but packed in one single piece of art. the orchestra and the guitar parts are magnificent, amazing. and the chorus is wondeful. it’s epic, it’s bombastic, it’s just good. no it’s more than good, it’s perfect. this song is pure perfection and the part from 6:30 to the end is the. best. thing. i’ve. ever. heard. in my. entire. life.

and these are the songs you really must listen to: at the edge of time, the holy grail, grand parade

and to make it easier for you here is the thing. have fun :)


My autumn playlist

It's getting cold and dark, trees loose their leaves and melancholy is all around me. So I curl up in my bed, read lord of the rings and listen to these songs

The last of us (main theme) - The last of us OST

Ruska - Apocalypitca

Go slowly now, sands of Time - Tuomas Holopainen

The Islander (Instrumental version) - Nightwish

Jodie's Suite - Beyond two Souls OST

One Day - Pirates of the Carribean At World's End OST

Seemann -Apocalyptica feat. Nina Hagen (Rammstein Cover)

Autumn Love - Thomas Bergersen

The Misery - Sonata Arctica

Master of the Wind - Van Canto

When Time fades away - Wintersun

The Bard's Song - Blind Guardian

Epilogue (Relief) - Apocalypitca

Time - Inception OST

Shamandalie - Sonata Arctica

Kuolema Tekee Taitelijian - Nightwish

Rise - The dark Knight Rises OST

Taikatalvi - Nightwish

The Unforgiven - Metallica

Yue - In Legend

Farewell - Apocalyptica

Ocean Soul - Nightwish

Transcendence - Audiomachine

Breathe - Two Steps from Hell

The Hammer has fallen - Sabaton

Last of the Wilds - Nightwish

End of my Journey - John Dreamer


down (poem)

Fogg covering green hills

Trees, naked

Fading colours,

Long nights awating us

The shore

The endless waves

Home of my soul

Take me down with you and

Drown by the sea

Down with this ship

We will drown

To the sea

A long last call

Braking the silcence

Who are you to wait for me?

My love is still exisitng

It's never faded away

It's burning like a candle

In my heart

For you

Take me down with you and

Drown by the sea

Down with this ship

We will drown

To the sea

The water surrounds us

The mist is rising



You took me down

And we drown

To the sea

inspired by this song



Yesterday I went to "Rock am See", a one-day festival in Konstanz (some of you may remember that GD played there last year). Headliner were "Die Toten Hosen", one of the most succesful and famous Punk-Bands in Germany.

My friend and I arrived at 2pm at the venue, the festival started at 13pm, so we've missed the first band (the Strypes) so I can't tell how they are and what kind of music they're making. We arrived at the first part in front of the stage (the area in front of the stage was seperated in different parts) right before the "Donots" came on stage. I don't know many songs by them but I didn't care, this band is incredible live. Everyone was jumping, singing and moshing, the atmosphere was awesome even if it was pretty early in the afternoon. They played for 50 minutes and the last song was my personal highlight, the song is called "so long" and the studio version Frank Turner is singing too. And I loved the song and the performance, it was awesome. The donots rocked and everyone was happy and in a great mood. The weather was absolutely awesome, the sun was shining and it was pretty warm for Septemeber.

When the donots went off the stage, we left the front and sat down in the shadow and watched the third group called "Band of Skulls". They were... okay, nothing really special, the audience did not jump, or clap or sing because they are not really known here in Germany and all were full of anticipation for the next group, so we all were pretty happy when they left the stage again.

Then, the "Broilers" entered the stage and the whole crowd went fucking crazy... moshpits everywhere, everyone was dancing and singing... another incredible live act, and an awesome punkband. It was just an amazing show. My personal highlight were "meine sache", it was the last song they've played and I had goosebumps and I was just happy.

The next band ("Primal Scream") really sucked. They were incredibly bad... the show was so boring and the music did not fit... (it was a mix between rock and electro and some people around us laughed when the singer tried to interact with the crowd.) And no one clapped when they left. To make it short: They were just lame.

Then another highlight came on stage: "The hives". They are an amazing live band and their interaction with the crowd is one of the best I've ever seen. The atmosphere in the crowd when they entered the stage was not so good, because they were all pissed because of the band who played before. But ~two minutes after the Hives started playing the mood was euphoric and everyone was dancing... later, the singer did a special and funny stage dive because he told us to sit down :D This was really funny and awesome. This show was really good and even if I didn't know a single song, I was dancing and jumping...

but then, "Die toten Hosen" entered the Stage and everyone was going crazy. Literally. The intro was, like always "Drei Kreuze, dass wir hier sind" and immediatly after this, they played "ballast der Republik" and "altes Fieber" "Auswärtsspiel" and me and my friend had no expectations in the setlist, we thought they'd play just another standard-festival set. We were so wrong. After "Auswärtsspiel" Campino said, that they'll change the setlist a bit and they'll play other songs as usual. Right after this announcement they played "alles wird gut" and the hardcore fans went crazy. Then they played their usual stuff, like "Bonnie und Clyde", "Schrei nach Liebe", "das ist der Moment". But then, one of the most awesome things happend. They played "Helden und Diebe", a pretty old song. During the tour, a few fans made signs with "Helden und Diebe" on it and they held them up all the time and they hoped that they'll play it some day. And they played it. And all went crazy. It was truly incredible. And after "Helden und Diebe" the played "Call of the Wild" which was my personal highlight because I just love this song and I never thought that they'd play it live... it was just awesome, I'm running out of words right now... after this song they played "Liebesspieler" and the crowd went crazy again. God, it was awesome. Just awesome... Then, they played standard stuff like "Wünsch dir was, Hier kommt alex and of course "Tage wie diese". But then, they played "Wir sind bereit" and "Achterbahn", two very old songs... and again, the hardcore fans went crazy. Die toten hosen also played "Liebeslied", "Alles aus Liebe", "Freunde" (another personal highlight, I just love this song :wub: ) and "You'll never walk alone".

And I have to say, this is the best concert I've ever been to. The setlist was a dream coming true :wub: I was smiling all the time, while i was

writing this. I was totally euphoric all the time and after the show I could barely walk. What could ever top something like this?


Farewell Forever (Poem)

The time has come

The dawning of the last day

A black sun rises

Tears falling down

The last hug, the final goodbye

A farewell forever

Sleep without awakening

The moon turns into sun

Dream turns into reality

Pain into luck

Death into life

Darkness into light

The path of life

Only a lie

The rope is cut

Memories are fading away

My heart is in peace

Smiling is easy now

A new beginning

I’m flying away

My soul is free forevermore


This poem is inspired by this song



On Friday night I went to my first "Die Toten Hosen" Concert and this is my review of the show. Right now, "Die Toten Hosen" are a very successful band in Germany and I expected that the show will be sold out (and it was sold out), so I bought my ticktet somewhen in October last year. I was really excited and they did not disappoint me at all.

Me and my friends arrived at ~5.45 pm at the venue and we've missed the first support band completly. I was standing the whole show in the middle of the crowd and to my right side there was a huge moshpit, which was awesome :) The second support band was okay, a few people in the crowd were singing but it was nothing special. The third support act was really disappointing (in my opinion), it was some kind of acoustic stuff and the crowd did not like the music... when he left the stage again, no one was clapping and it was just boring. Before the second support band came on stage, Campino showed up and announced them. This was really cool and surprising, the whole crowed yelled when he came up on stage.

Before "Die Toten Hosen" entered the stage, they've played "Blitzkrieg Bop" as an kind of intro song which reminded me of the pink bunny before the GD shows, and I was super happy. The real intro song was "drei Kreuze, dass wir hier sind" which is also the intro of the latest album. Then they jumped on stage playing "Ballast der Republik" and then right next to me, the pogo started and all dancers were very nice and apologized when they ran into me :lol: . After "Ballast der Republik" they've played "Altes Fieber" and the crowd was singing and dancing and the whole atmosphere was really nice.

They've played all their hits like "Alles was war", "Bonnie & Clyde", "Pushed Again", "Hier kommt Alex", "Wünsch dir was" and, of course "Tage wie diese" During "Tage wie diese" there were a confetti-rain and the whole crowd was singing and dancing and I was moved to tears because it was just epic.

Another moment in the first half, which is worth to mention it, is that before they started playing "Steh auf, wenn du am Boden bist", Campino talked a bit about football and loosing important football matches, and he talked about his favorite football team "Fortuna Düsseldorf" and about the local football team (which is not really successful) and then he told the crowd sth like "yeah, you know how it is to loose" and he wanted us to sit down - then they started playing "Steh auf, wenn du am Boden bist" and during the first verse we were all sitting and then when the chorus started, all jumped up... this was really epic too.

After "Tage wie Diese" the band left the stage and I did not notice that, during the song, the crew built a stage in the middle of the crowd only a few rows behind me! Then the band walked on the stage and they played a few songs in the middle of the crowd - that's what I call a surprise! :D and so, I was very close to the band. The first song they were playing on the little stage was - surprisingly "Strom" and I was going crazy because it is one of my favorite songs and I did not expected that they'd play this song. So I was super happy :wub: Also they've played "Schön sein" and a cover which I can't remember :(

Then they went back to the front stage and now they've played a few more awesome songs. To "Liebeslied" and "Alles aus Liebe" the crowd, and I, went totally crazy and I really love these two songs. But the best moment for me was, when during "Schönen Gruß, auf Wiedersehen" the guy next to me asked me, if I want to sit on his shoulders. So, I enjoyed this song from above and I'll never forget this. It was just beautiful to see all these hands and heads and then the stage... I still got tears in my eyes when I think about it... and this guy was really nice (my faith in humanity is restored now :lol: )

Then they've also played "Freunde" and I'll never forget this too. Me and my best friend putting our arms around our shoulders, jumping and singing the lines... Then they've played "Draußen vor der Tür" which was very emotional and moving too...

After the closing song "You'll never walk alone" they came out on stage again to play "Eisgekühlter Bommerlunder" and this was a surprise too because, normally, the show is over after "You'll never walk alone"...

Unfortunately, I forgot my camera at home, so I couldn't take any pictures, which I regret now :( But I've "stolen" two cups and I caught a bit confetti during "Tage wie diese"


The cups


and the confetti

All in all, I have to say, that "Die Toten Hosen" are an awesome live band, they are full of energy and enthusiasm and it was a really memorable night for me :)


double life

double life

Smile. Smile.

So easy. So trivial. Daily practise in the mirror.

Laughing. Laughing.

Clangorous. Loud. Happy. Sharp. Cold. Unemotional.

Luck. Luck.

Elusive. Fast. Warm. Illusion. Lie. A broken promise of better times.


don't notice the difference

Let the mask fall. Let the veil fall off your face. Be you.

But what is me?

Two faces. One shadow in the mirror.




Sunlight flows down a hill

green grass, full of life

a blue sky

birds singing melodies full of love

the air is the breath of life

we will see that place

we will feel that place

we will be there

no harm will cross our ways

nor suffering, nor pain

nor loss, nor sadness

peace and happiness



you and I, we will be there

in peace

this place is in my heart


and you are the way

the way and the key

to unlock me


This poem is inspired by this song:



You (Poem)

you used me

you abused me

you destroyed me

you're trying to hold me

you're trying to talk to me

you're trying to be a good man

you don't see my pain

you don't see my rage

you don't see my hate

you're trying to touch me

you're trying to keep me

you're trying to debilitate me

you don't hear my silent screams

you don't see my invisible tears

you don't smell my fear

I'm trapped in a nightmare forever


This is the most personal poem I've ever written. No comments, please.


Road 86 (Poem)

Let's go down to the road 86

where all of our dreams lay

buried in asphalt and sand

dreams of hope

Let's go down to the road 86

where the fire is burning blue

a fire of a lost home

burning long

burning our memory

Let's go down to the road 86

where the stories are told

stories of love

told by dead souls,

formed by rage

formed by anger

Let's go down to the road 86

where the dead are living

under grey skies

where the ground is made of broken glass

Let's go down to the road 86

where sailors, travellers

whores and gamblers

found what you're searching

live-long luck for the unlucky ones



Hear the rain fall

silent drops on the ground

the black of the night

beautiful, strange

See the tears fall

silver lines on white skin

red lips, dark hair

beautiful, so beautiful

Listen to the silence

left by broken hearts

only darkness remains

darkness and red rain

This is my first poem I publish. Thoughts, critc? Comment! :)


I think it's time for a new entry. I totally forgot that I have a blog and there's so much going on in my life. Good and bad stuff.

Yesterday I realized that one big part of my life is going to end pretty soon: school. In four weeks I'll write the "Abitur" which are the German graduation exams (they can be compared to the A-Level exams) and I have to study a lot to pass them. I gonna write exams in German, Maths, English and Spanish and the three languages are no problem for me. I have to study a lot for spanish but that's only history and stuff like this, but it's not that hard. Maths is the problem. Today I studied and studied and studied and I felt like I'm a total loser. But I'll pass it somehow. I hope.

But what comes after school? I'm really sure that I'll go to university because I want to have freedom and independence. More or less. But I never thought about the future in general. To me the future is a blank paper and I have to fill it with my stories and experiences. It's pretty awesome and scary at the same time. In school I was protected and other people like teachers and parents show me the road I have to go. But in a little time I can decide on my own and I'm afraid of these decisions. And I'll be on my own.

Another thing I realized recently is that I have two lives, two sides, two personalities.

The first side is the side that the most people know of me: the crazy Green Day fangirl who loves to listen to music, is good at school and has a few, but good friends who behave a bit childish. But in the eyes of the people I meet everyday I'm also reasonable and strong. I'm more or less "normal"

And there is another side of me which only one person knows. I'm glad that this person exists even though our relationship is a bit complicated (I don't know if this is the right word, I can't find a better one) but this person is the only person around me who knows everything and with that person I can really talk about everything.

But the problem here is that the two sides of me are contradictory. If the persons around me would know about my other side, the image they have of me would collapse. And I'm standing between two "worlds" and in my daily life I'm never the person who I really am.

Third and last thought or description of my current situation. I fell incredibly lonely. I need a person next to me, who wakes up with me and goes to bed with me. Who hugs me when I need a hug, who gives me comfort when I need consolation. Who is there for me everytime. But, to close with the words of Tuomas Holopainen: "Hope is only an illusion". This will only happen in my dreams. And dreams are collapsing like life does sometimes.



I'm a really big fan of Hans Zimmer's music. He is propably the most famous composer nowadays and his music blows my mind away. I found this today on youtube and it made me realize that music is the most beautiful thing that exists in our world.


This is a piano cover of two Hans Zimmer songs and it's awesome.


No Space for Sadness


This is my first blog entry. I decided to start a blog because i want to write about things which happen in my life - but only about things which make me smile. In our world there is so much bad: war, terror, hunger, poverty, egoism, jelousy and so much people complain about their lives and everything. But if you focus only the bad and miserable things in your life, you forget to see the beautiful things. I know how that feels because i had a very hard time in my life. I was broken and I wanted to kill myself. I only told one person what happened to me and how i managed myself back into life. So, my mission is to show you the beautiful side of life and not the bad ones because in the times i suffered, nobody showed me the beauty of life. :)

In this blog i gonna post poems I've written, songs which mean very much to me, reviews of thing which made my day and so on.

But there's no space for sadness :)

The first thing i want to write about is music.

Music means everything to me. The most time of my day i spend with listening to music.

Music brought, no, Music kicked me back into life. I said it before but i mention it again, i had a hard time. I was broken and alone. But then i discovered music and especially green day. From one day to another my life got sense again. I was sitting on the floor in front of my classroom and a classmate was sitting next to me. She was listening to music with her Mp3-player and i asked, what she was listening to. She gave me her headphones and in this moment Boulevard of Broken Dreams was playing. The song blew me away. I was sitting on the floor, unable to speak, to walk or even to think. My friends asked me what was going on with me but i couldn't speak.

I knew which band has written the song and i knew the song's name and so i went to the city and bought American Idiot. and i was listening to it over and over again. And in this moment I've listened to Boulevard of Broken dreams the first time i was happy. And until now (this all happened December 2009) the song makes me happy. From this day i was a die-hard Green Day fan. I'm waiting for almost 3 years to see them live and on saturday my dream comes true.

So my passion to music started and in the last year i discovered more bands and i turned into a metalhead. Now I prefer Metal and not punk but my favorite band is GREEN DAY. Now and forevermore.

The most important thing is, that i can't live without music anymore.

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