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GDC Logos

So, I made two logos for GDC, 'cause I was bored. :P

Trying to match with the red theme, I came out with these two logos :


and this one -


It was just for fun. It'd be great if any of the mods liked them. :whistle: I kid. :P


Exam or ¡TRÉ!? Make up your mind..

So, I had my Biology exam today and with ¡TRÉ! being leaked last night, it was way more than hard for me to not to get distracted. I had to make my mind up, ya know?

¡TRÉ! or Biology? Biology or ¡TRÉ!?

I already screwed my Chemistry exam and to increase my average I had to focus on Biology for a better grade.. but with ¡TRÉ!, it was like "WOAH! I NEED TO LISTEN TO IT THIS MINUTE". And, I was procrastinating anyway, so I grabbed my headphones, my phone and my notebook. I downloaded the leak :P:ninja:

and after done extracting it, I copied it to my phone.

I had everything ready, all I had to was play it and listen to it on full volume.. but my textbook was lying beside me, and I was left all tensed, eventually,

I ended up playing Brutal Love and...


I doodled down all my feelings. :lol:

And for X-Kid, my sketch was pretty hilarious, "Beej surfing". :P


It was amazing, when I listened to 99 Revolutions, I felt so happy.

¡TRÉ! is too awesome. I'll be doing a review of the Trilogy soon, you know? when I'm done with my exams. :lol:

That's all for now. :)

Rage and Love.

- Pix. :P


So, I've never really made a blog entry before and I've no idea how it works.

Anyway let's get this started. :happy:

I'm from India and everything here get's complicated when you finish your school, and the big word pops in front of you - College. Generally we have to study till 10th grade and in 11th you have to decide which subject you're going to take and stuff. I completed my 10th grade this year and soon after finishing my exams in March, I had a 3 month break. I really didn't do anything creative :P I was all lazy and my life was redundant. Wake up late, watch TV, go online and, then watch TV again, eventually I became fat :P but, little did I know that I had to make really good use of these three months. I had to choose a subject for my future. My mom wants me to become an Engineer and I want to become a Graphic or a Web Designer but then here comes the troublemaker "MATH".


:lol: has always been my enemy, since 1st grade, I always used to get the lowest grades in Math. :P I loved science and other subjects but Math made me feel suffocated. I wanted to leave Math forever but, my future was in Math. If I wanted to become a Graphic Designer, I have to take Math! 'cause it's the only way I'm gonna make it there, but no! it's not my favorite subject, how? I was in a dilemma but I made a decision, I took Math and I was a little confident. I had to work hard for 2 years and I made it in my mind that a little hard work is all I have to do everyday. So, I had to leave school. School? I call school my home, I've spent over 10 years in school and I really didn't wanted to leave school.

So, I left for my College, the first week was okay, it was not that difficult. I loved Math

:shok: and I was surprised myself. :unsure: I really didn't expect that I'd end up loving the subject I hated for the past 10 years. :lol: But, soon it started to get worse, I didn't make much friends at College, nobody knew about 'Green Day' and I was all low. :ermm: The timings were pretty hectic too, I had to sit in College from 8 am to 5:30 pm. Added to that my college bus would take half an hour to reach home so, I had no time to do my favorite things like GDC, Graphics and stuff. :cry: While my school ends at 2:40 pm and I was used to the timings. I was literally getting the feeling of ...

"My friends are gone, I've got nothing to do.. so I sit here patiently , watching the clock tick so slowly, gotta get away, or my brains will explode". "Take me to that place that I call HOME!!" .

There was a lot of pressure and Math was not easy.. I couldn't take it anymore, so I talked to my mom and I told her that I wanted to go back to school and take Science instead of Math. After two days, she was like 'alright' though she was really disappointed with me.
But, it was okay. She wanted me to be happy.

So, after thinking for long over this issue I officially left Math, and I took Science in my school. I was back to school, Everything is normal now, I made many friends and I'm trying to get them into Green Day

:lol: and I can actually play my favorite sport now. :lol: It's not about sitting at one place listening to the lecture anymore. I'm loving science and I have a little time to do my stuff and I'm happy. Well, I fog my world with so many things :lol:. Anyway, that's all for now. :happy: It's pretty long and boring. :P Well anyway, see you soon. :whistle

Bye bye.


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