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letterbomb91's Artwork

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Artwork by: letterbomb91

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Sweet Children

Saw this pic and was like omg it says Sweet Children craved on the wood beam!! :o I wonder how they got up there and did that lol. I don't know I just found it a cool pic that is allxD


Green Day Explosion

This is a Green Day Montage titled "Green Day Explosion'' blogentry-66057-0-92489900-1342738921_th I made this around christmas time of last year and I had a bunch of Green Day articles in a binder so I decided one night to make the pics out of the articles and make a montage out of them. It was fun too put together and it took two days to make. If you guys want to see more visit https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.191236860952817.47707.100001995137068&type=3 for the rest of my artwork. I'm proud off all of it:)