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Green Day drawing for me. <3


Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.. That I was saying when I first saw it. My friend made that for me, for my birthday. :wub: I really love it. Esspecialy Tre's eyes, Mike's tattoo and Billie's lips. :happy: That's the best birthday gift that she could give me. Last year she made this amazing Gerard Way drawing for me.

I really love it. <3 <3 <3


Best friends: My cat & UNO! =P


Yesterday I post a picture when she was sleeping next to UNO, but today after the 3rd listening of it she fell asleep.. Sorry but I just couldn't resist of not uploading anoter picture of her next to UNO, because she's just so cute.. :happy: (and I also upload another photo, because I like it more that yesterdays..)


My 1st Coldplay concert! <3

On 12th of the September I went to the Coldplay concert in Munich! First of all I'm not a huge Coldplay fan, I mean my dad loves them, so he just took me with him. I went to this concert just because I was corious how it's going to be. Maybe it'll sound weird that I'm not a Coldplay fan, but I knew actually all lyrics to the songs that they played. And I was also a bit shocked that no one (or very small population of people if we compare to Green Day show) weared Coldplay t-shirt or some other Coldplay thing..

I came at the door to entrance at 3pm. I was actually 100% sure that I don't have any possibilites for the front rows. But when I came there (2 hours before they're going to open) there were just like 10 or maybe 15 people. I realised that It'll be pretty easy to get to the front. I was right! I finished in the front row (at the catwalk or how we called it?).. It was so cold (7 degrees) and It was raining all the time. I was shakeing, that cold I was. I weared my converse shoes and I was wet really fast. Marina and the Diamonds was quite good, but I wasn't really happy because of the weather and I was really excited for the Coldplay show.

I think that they came on the stage at something past 9. It was so awesome to see them really close. The whole show was amazing and I'm happy that I went with my dad. I also threw one of my toys to Chris Martin. I threw it on his leg. :P

The whole show was great, esspecially all of the effects and fireworks. But after the concert I became really sad again, because I remembered on the last canceled Green Day show and what I have actually missed there. But I couldn't be too sad, because this was a real spectacle!

Everything would be perfect if it wouldn't be so cold, and when we drived back home it also started to snow. :lol: And in the bus the heating machine didn't work so.. The whole day was just really COLDplay! ;)



I was waiting one week to write this blog post, because I couldn't do it earlyer (I was so emotional fucked up). I'll tell you about the worst experiance in my life, when the Green Day show on I-Day festival on 2nd of September was canceled. This supused to be the best day of my life, but it wasn't. I dreamed about next Green Day show since 11th of June in 2010 (I was on their concert in Munich and it was amazing. Best day in of my life). When they announced that they're going to play on I-Day festival I was so excited and I have booked arrangement in some concert agency. I was so happy that I did this, untill I have joined GDC and I'm actually really glad that I did this. If I would go to the show with this concert agency we would come in Bologna at 3 pm and that would be absolutely too late for front rows. I find out that when I read on GDC forum that people are going to be infront of the arena at morning hours.. I canceled my arrangement and booked a hotel and buy tickets for the show.. When I did this I felt calm, because I knew that is everythig prepered to be the day of my life.

Last 2 mont of the waiting for the show was just so hard for me. I was so norvouse to see my idols again. When I had some hard times I thought: C'mon.. Just imagine how awesome will be in Bologna. Last 2 weeks before the show I was a bit nervous because of the weather, but I said: Fuck rain. If it will rain, It will.. The show can't be canceled just because of the rain.. Um.. What about if it will happened something like in Venice when the show was canceled because of storms?? Hmm.. No this can't happened second time in a row rihgt? When I have just thought how horrible feeling must be if they canceled a show and how bad must people in Venice felt.. I tryed to imagine, but it's hard. I didn't know that it's so awful untill it didn't happened the same thing to me.

One day before the show (on Saturday) me and my dad arrived in Bologna. We slept in the same hotel as other Green Day fans I guess.. WHen we arrived we first went to our room and then to Parco Nord arena. When I saw the stage (from outside of the arena) I totally freaked out. I was so happy that tomorrow my dreams are going to became true. It was actually kinda weird feeling when you saw so many Green Day fans walking down the street. On Saturday I had really fun. I came back to the hotel at around 6 pm and then I met awesome girl and her mother from Croatia. We went togather again to the arena and we saw that some people are already camping infront of the doors. I started to cry, because I knew that I don't have even small chance to be in the front. At that point me and her wanted to go to camping, but we decided that we're going to go to the arena tommoros at around 6 am.

The whole night I was so norvous that I couldn't even slept. I was waking up and watching on the clock and finally it was 4 am – time to wake up! Usually when I have to wake up early for school I have huge problems, but on Sunday I just woke up and get dressed very fast. At 6 am we were infront of the arena and waiting for the door to open. They opened something past 12.00.. I ran really fast and ended in front rows (not first, but really close). I was so happy I had amazing position and it didn't even rain!! Everything should be perfect. While waiting I met even more people and they're amazing. I felt a little bit sad that I don't know any other Green Day friends in real life, but I didn't thought about that anymore, because All Time Low came on stage. I really love them. They had awesome show and they were funny and it was perfect.. I'm not really Angles & Airwaves fan and Social Distorsion but they were actually really good.

Just The Kooks and a few more hours were beetwen us and having a time of my life. But then some man came on the stage and read something in Italian language. I didn't understand what he was saying, but from the reaction of the people I find out that this news is not the best.. When they played Mike and Tres tape I actually understand what the fuck was going on. At that point I couldn't stand anymore, I sat on the floor and started crying. Some guy was crying too and he came to me and huged me and we cryed togather. I was so sad and I actually so shocked that I couldn't belive what was happening. I cryed the whole way back home too (5 or 6 hours). When I came home I still cryed for at least 2 days really hard and I didn't even eat or sleep nothing. I felt like my life just stopped for a second. It was really the worst dissapointing in my life. But I actually couldn't be angry on Billie. He was ill and I understand that. Well he's just a human so I was really suprised that a lot of Green Day fans were really angry on Billie.. That's just not fair. :(

And some fans also said that they could not complain much, because they saw 3 bands for free (we'll get our money back), but still I just can't say that I can't complain, because I actually 'lived' for that show at leat 4 month, esspecially last 2 months, even more last 2 weeks and of course 1 day before. It's obviously that Green Day and Italy just don't match.




My blog is alive (again)!

I wasn't actually very active with writing my blog, but I feel that I want to share my minds with you so I decided that my blog should be alive again. I won't write imagination storyes anymore but I'll post some pictures, my minds, my feelings and some other random stuff. See ya in my next blog post. xo

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