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  2. 4933457_orig.jpg

    It's Romantic Isn't It?


    Maria Gloria

    One of the many wonderful photographs by Maria Gloria. Take a moment to check out more of her photography and leave a comment


    Make a suggestion for next weeks MasterPiece of the week my sending BeachBum a pm.

  3. I've started a new band and decided that the first EP should be for free.  Let me know what you guys think :) I'll be releasing more music in the near future along with creating a YouTube channel





  4. Note: Inspired by the fantastic Nico & Vinz song of the same name. I wanted to my spin on their theme.


    Am I wrong,

    for wondering where the rest of me has gone?

    For not playing along?

    For wondering where the hell I belong?


    Am I wrong,

    for not loving the cage in which I stay?

    For straying from the page I was handed?

    For thinking that, maybe, there’s another way?


    Am I wrong,

    for finding today’s version of love to be a shallow notion?

    For not wanting to leave my heart out in the open?

    For hopin’ that someone else has felt this emotion?

    Am I wrong, 

    for fighting for the things I need,

    and not just the ones I want?

  5. New lyrics. Enjoy.


    Spiral Willow


    Think back when we were alone

    in the starry sea

    The image floods in

    almost constantly

    Under the spirals

    of the willow tree


    Now we're adrift and

    I want you to know

    that it all comes naturally:

    the melancholy flow

    And in the asteroid lines

    your presence will grow


    When you're around me

    it's hard to see

    anything not free


    Pull the lever and fuel no coal;

    your mind on the shoal

    combs the thought of my soul


    Under the spiral willow

    was it just a dream?

    Is this whole adventure

    just not what it seems?

    All made up;

    another mind scheme?


    All I can do

    is vision me close to you

    I hope you feel it, too.

  6. 1. Complain about not being allowed to vape at work. 

    2. Vape. Possibly while at work. 

    3. Bang Anna. While vaping. Can an e-cig be turned into a sex toy? Only one way to find out! 

    4. Teach dog to vape.  Vape with dog. 

    5. Go back to work. Vape some more. Complain about not being allowed to vape at work. 

    Bonus round: blah blah social injustice 



    ... I'm really not even trying anymore. 

  7. Stage 1 - The Outlaws

       Trolls are born in the season of the uneventful. Well over a year must pass without a disappointing garage rock album, a controversial outburst by a musician on tour in Latin America, or any meaningful current events in politics or pop culture. It is only when the air is dead still that the trolls can descend from the tree branches to the dry, spring soil of the forum without their little Caterpie jizz-ropes being torn apart by the wind. In their larval stage, they crawl on their bellies to the general chat, Green Day, and advice subforums in search of activity.

       Spamming these forums with generally pointless but mildly humorous content awakens many of the forum's creatures from their hibernation. Unfortunately, it also attracts the attention of the moderator - the forum's apex predator. The trolls, however, avoid extinction because of the popular support of others and because the moderators do not have enough ban-venom in their glands to kill all of them. The activity of the trolls intensifies as the outnumbered mods hunt. Frustration at the inefficacy of the mods causes discord among the predators' ranks. Some mods will even shed their badges and join the trolls. Others will remain clandestine sympathizers. 

       When the dust clears, the hunt is a failure. Most of the trolls emerge stronger and more popular than ever, while the mods appear impotent - causing the rest of the forum creatures to lose their fear of them. The alpha troll, beta troll, the ex-mod and all the sycophants are decisive victors of the battle. Even so, two trolls are bitten by the mods. One is eventually resuscitated, but was chemically neutered by the ban venom and thus acts very tame upon its return. The only troll injected with a permanently lethal dose of ban venom is the misanthropic, histrionic, unfunny little bitch.


    Stage 2 - The Meme-spammers

       After consolidating power, the trolls release spores to spread their culture and reshape the forum in their image. The status feed is fully covered in these spores by summer. The blog trees' bark is resistant but many succumb nonetheless. The trolls celebrate the memory of the misanthropic, histrionic, unfunny little bitch by elevating her to the status of a quasi-religious icon. 

       Memes become the dominant fauna throughout the forum biosphere. In this stage, the mods surrender to apathy and accept the memes as necessary to sustain an otherwise lifeless habitat. Consequently, the lack of any meaningful threat triggers the instinct of the trolls that it is mating season. The trolls go into heat.


    Stage 3 - The Circlejerk

       The trolls feed freely on the bountiful meme leaves, but are unable to find any suitable mates. The message from the rest of the forum's creatures is clear - "okay, you amuse us, but I don't want you passing your genes to my offspring." Yet their hormones have reached critical mass. Without relief, their internal organs will rupture. Unable to copulate, the trolls survive by forming a circlejerk. 

       Each troll strokes the erect hemipenis of the troll to his left. They must ejaculate regularly to avoid a violent death. The circlejerk continues throughout the entire mating season. The predator mods have only regained enough power and influence for a few half-hearted cockblocks per month. Most of the memes die from drowning in troll semen - only the self-referential memes remain. 


    Stage 4 - The Hunt

       Nutritious rep strengthens the muscles of the trolls but permanently addict them at the same time. The self-referential memes can no longer reap adequate harvests of rep. Instead, the trolls evolve to imitate the behavior of the predators mods. They select their targets at random though as opposed to the mods only hunting down those who threaten their power. The trolls thrive on rep and rep flows from chaos. The ecosystem of the forum is plunged into bedlam as the trolls select victims and the inhabitants of the forum take sides. 

       Only when the rest of the forum becomes bored of the random bullying do the trolls accept they must live on subsistence levels of rep.


    Stage 5 - The Bore

       The forum is marked by relative peace, much like the conditions the trolls were born into. With the hunt over, the trolls regress to less vigorous versions of stages two and three. The meme spores are thin and the circlejerk often goes floppy. The mods have regained their status but leave the trolls to their own devices, not because their power isn't sufficient but because the influence of the trolls is too insignificant to expend effort on. 

       This is where the life of the troll ends. They are no longer funny, they are no longer mean, they are no longer a nuisance. They are just really fucking boring. The end. 


  8. Job duties include, but are not limited to:

    • Making good posts
    • Giving unconditional rep to other group members
    • Targeting users and posting at them
    • Deeming people inferior to you and the group

    Minimum requirements: 

    • PhD or higher is preferred, but not necessary
    • 5 or more years experience being online
    • Proficiency in thread-starting and overall post-making
    • General distaste for the chat room and its frequent users
    • Must have 1 or fewer friends irl
    • Prior rep-fishing experience is preferred, but not necessary

    Please submit your resumé and cover letter via Personal Message to be considered. Qualified applicants will be called to schedule an interview.

    **Past applicants need not apply** 

  9. Reasons:

    1) this shit is not active whatsoever

    2) no one makes good, interesting or funny posts. they all fish for rep with their really cool and edgy low member online clique because they have no true friends irl

    3) anyone who tries to shitpost aren't even ironically funny 

    It's pathetic when someone has to go out of their way to try to make the site fun (aka Lil B posts) and the only time the members here are active are when there's drama or when green day does something (and even when they do do something I don't really consider 100-200 people online at once an accomplishment by any means) 

    Honestly If I'd rather be on 4chan than here There's a serious problem imo, idk why I log on here cause I see the same exact threads I saw when I was here 2 weeks ago, hell even 2 months ago lmao

    If anyone tries to make a new or interesting thread, it either gets closed or merged and then it dies or it barely makes it passed page 2

    U can say what u want about me, i dont care care if you think I'm a trolling prick or whatever, but the site isn't active enough to have interesting intellectual conversation with people that know what they're talking about so someone has 2 make it interesting once in awhile 

    Pce n lov 


  10. long, lone days
    subtly wore
    the softened silk
    of white tulips
    flowing to a whimsical
    dance that protested
    in the day.

    the air brushed gently
    onto lime-green stems
    and swayed the petals
    perfectly out of reach
    of one another, still
    minded in the fields
    by the brightness
    and warmth of the sun,

    their stance behaves admirably;
    to embraces perfecting a silhouette
    in the distance of singing birds,
    nevermore, the eye beholds
    a trickery of invisibility
    and sheds a narrow, escaping path.

    made by a certain fragrance -
    the environment seems unending.
    powerless, I would feel, much akin
    to depths that gave an impression of eternity.

    all throughout, the stability becomes
    enchanted and leaves one in a state,
    so convincingly, unable to feature
    a recognition of the time.

    one looks back and almost instantaneously
    wonders, how we forfeited such a surreal
    softness and gave it away, like a cracking log
    in roaring embers.

    conditionally, we presented the image of chance
    and left it to be painted by our circumstances -
    managing the colors in comparison to emotions
    held faintly and highly to the landscape that was unheard of.

    yet, brilliantly, the consequences of the day we die
    would not be remembered as much as the reincarnation would be.

  11. WeAllFloatDownHere's Blog

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    Latest Entry

    So going into a reclusive state the last week and debating in the gun thread came to the realization that when heated I act like an asshole towards others and that's not something that's okay or cool I've never intentionally set to insult anyone on the board but I realize I do have a hot temper and I need to control it better so to anyone that I've insulted like Dai or Ceadog or anyone else for that matter I apologize and nothing personal was ever meant 

  12. Latest Entry

    I decided to experiment with pop art in this piece with Gerard Way.

    Line art:


    Finished piece:


  13. Latest Entry

    i told you that i felt really sad

    so you let me braid your hair and line your eyes with black ink

    just to make me smile and laugh


    i told you that i felt really bad

    so you bought me vegetable soup from the shop

    for $4.25, which was all you had


    i told you that i hate myself

    you took me to the park and played me songs on your guitar 

    just so i could love myself


    i told you that i felt alone

    you drove two hours in a storm

    just to watch tv at my home


    i told you that i miss you

    and you called me for an hour or so

    just to explain that you miss me too


    (I don't know how to end this, so I'll end off here for now)



  14. I've written a few more songs since "Broken, Wooden Boy" but this is the newest and one I instantly liked, so I thought I'd share it. I'd love any feedback from it, or if you'd be interested in helping me actually make this a song (AKA vocals, guitars, bass) thanks :) 


    A missing parachute 

    and two left feet

    leave me bruises

    on life's concrete


    Oh, Oh, Oh, it hurts

    The stress and pain, will never work


    And you came, like  a bandaid

    picked me off my feet

    sank into my soul

    The shame, that's been guilting me

    you healed up

    and took me home


    Now we seem in love or what used to me

    but the truth ain't always what is told to me

    I've got miles to go, but the cord's too short

    so wrap it around my neck instead...


    And you came, like  a bandaid

    picked me off my feet

    sank into my soul

    The shame, that's been guilting me

    you healed up

    and took me home


    Life is gonna hurt,

    like, pulling off a bandaid

    Life is gonna hurt,

    like, pulling off a bandaid

    but it's time to say goodbye (x)


    thanks for reading! 

  15. For those who have watched the anime, and listened to the opening, here is a little something I did. 


    An acoustic cover of it. Please tell me what you guys think of it! :) I still have a lot to learn, but this is probably my best one yet! 

  16. I saw the light before darkness came to pass over me forever
    A beautiful transition to a cold and harsh truth I now must face
    Embrace the cold, so pale and old, enshrouded in eternal
    I close my eyes one final time, a last goodbye
    All love leaves from my lips, my body lifeless
    Sifting through this grand oblivion
    The veil of mist consumes all that I am
    All that I was merely a shadow
    In the greater null and void
    My victories forgotten, all tragedies now rotting and in vain
    Futile in the end, succumb to fate
    Eradication of the essence I once held
    Isolation is the purest agonizing hell
    Desolate seclusion from the passing of myself

  17. seagull's Blog

    Latest Entry

    This blog is for all you stupid fucking trolls and haters online saying inhumane and hurtful things about fedoras. Well guess what? They rule harder than YOU, DIPSHITS! You don't know fucking anything about this hat, Idiots. Quite frankly, I just think you're jealous ass haters. 'Cause you couldn't even pull off this look. You couldn't even wear a fedora if your lives depended on it. Because you know what? It's class, And class is for men and swag is for boys, but you wouldn't know shit about that, Fucking haters. This hat is for what cool people wear, And you can't figure it out! You sit there online on your fucking websites and you're stating bullshit about it, but guess what? It's just a hat, And you're not even cool enough to wear it! So next time, You think before you do trolling. I'd Implore you to do a little bit of thinking, If that's even possible for you, To think before you do fucking hating on fedoras. They're just a hat... And you're just a stupid SWAG idiot. You think swag is sooo cool, Well guess what? ITS FOR BOYS and class is for men! My fedora is class. That's all i gots to say to all you stupid ass haters and bullshit bully trolls. You don't know shit, You don't know fashion, You don't know anything about this world if you keep saying bullshit jokes. I know you're just trying to be stupid and ass funny but it's not fucking funny. Get the fuck offline if you're gonna keep saying this bullshit keep spouting this out of your stupid ass keyboards. That probably aren't even mechanical. Listen, Log off, Idiots. You don't know shit, You stupid swag. You don't know shit and I DARE you to say one more fucking joke and i'll slit your throat neck. Anyway that's it. See you later fucking idiots.

    Yes much better now!

  18. Thing

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    Since Invision Board 4.x is managing to confuse even us web folks, it just took me about two hours to find what I've been looking for. And since this is not the fault of the board staff, or my own; rather a result of a "what the hell they were thinking?" sort of a move on the behalf of Invision Board developers and their blissfully ignorant betas, I thought I'd share my list of gotchas as I discover them.

    The only way to see new content on threads you follow, since your latest visit.

    This won't work from the followed content panel.

    This won't work from the notifications panel.

    This won't work from your user profile.

    This won't work from any of the front page widgets.

    Go to New Content and set the filters like I did in this picture.


    Congrats, you can now follow your subscribed threads. I have added the link to my bookmarks as, so far, getting things to show the right way would require setting the options each time.

  19. I noticed Swimmers (formerly known as Emily's Army) didn't really have a fan site or a forum, so I made one.


    The site is http://swimmers.band and the forum is http://swimmers.band/forum 


    Please sign up if you can; it would be really nice to start getting some content up on there before I publicly launch it.


    and I'm definitely looking for some dedicated Swimmers fans to help me with editing content on the site, so please let me know if you're interested! :)

  20. I’ve needed to take some time to collect my thoughts. Yesterday, when the Unsecreting Thread was posted, I really didn’t have time to do anything other than react, but I have more to say and I’ve had time to think it over, so I’d like to speak my piece, especially since I was the person most targeted by the “secret.” I'm posting this publicly because honestly, if these people don't feel that I deserve a real apology, I don't think they deserve for me to keep my thoughts and feelings on them confined to a private message. 


    I find it truly disgusting and disturbing that, as Lil freely admitted, the group went around and “mined information” from various users in order to put it in their sick secret. What a complete and utter betrayal of the trust that makes this community, well, a community. How very dare any of you think that your stupid, deranged revenge plot be more important than having basic respect for very personal things told to you in confidence by users who trusted you and considered you friends. How dare you think it was justified of you to spread things told to you in confidence around the forum just so you could get some weak, stupid “revenge” on people who made jokes you don’t like on the internet. And how dare you bring Lindsay, Hannah, Ola, Nora, Jizz, and Liam into your demented “plot”? It completely takes the cake that you saw fit to drag people who have been nothing but kind OR who don’t have access to the forum to defend themselves into your disgustingness. I can honestly say that I have never felt as grossed out by behavior on the internet before. The violation of trust is mind-boggling. 


    I’ve said it before but I'd like to reiterate - I have no idea what I did to Ceri to make her hate me enough to be okay with those lies being spread about me. Ceri, I sat up with you so many nights trying to help you with various things. I sincerely worried for you, tried to help you, valued you as a person, valued your friendship, enjoyed you for who you are, and was real with you about my thoughts and problems. Your involvement in this stings the worst. I know you had to have been heavily involved with the shit that was written about me because you were the only one who would have even thought to put any of that together. And now I find out that apparently you’ve messaged everyone you thought deserved a message from you, but I didn’t warrant one. You have turned out to be the most two-faced cunt. I don’t wish ill on you - I don't think I could ever bring  myself to wish ill on you - but I’m incredibly saddened by your true colors and regret having wasted the time I did on you. 


    As for the rest of you - Lil, Tom, Graham, but Tom and Graham especially - I knew there was a reason you all rubbed me the wrong way. I knew you weren’t as squeaky clean and awesome as you all claimed to be. I knew you were vicious little fucks behind it all, and it’s really nice to know that I was right, after I’ve been reviled by you guys for months and months because my posting style doesn’t fit your tastes. Your half-assed, self-serving, unapologetic, self-righteous “apologies” make me sick. I hope you’re all too ashamed of yourselves to ever show your faces on this forum again. You don’t seem to feel a lick of real remorse for any of the people you hurt with your bullshit, as your ridiculous explanations so clearly prove. You guys don’t deserve to be a part of this community ever again and frankly you’re all scum to me.

  21. Latest Entry

    I don't know, I thought maybe I should make some sort of announcement about this. I'm gonna be leaving GDC, at least for a while. Besides yesterday's shitstorm, I just generally don't have much desire to keep posting on here. Not to complain, but I just don't feel like the forum is what it used to be. I don't feel like it's much of a "community", that whole community feel is just gone. It feels more like fucking high school than anything else nowadays.

    Additionally, I also kind of get the feeling that maybe I've outgrown my time on here. I don't know, it's weird. I kind of wish I could write more on the matter but I really can't think of much else to say. I've enjoyed my stay on here, I've met some of the most wonderful people ever on here but I really feel like I must go. This is the best online forum I've ever been on, so huge thanks to Andres and everybody for making it what it was. I've had some of the best times of my life on here, and I'll always keep those as special memories.

    If you want to get in touch with me, you can find me on Facebook (Alan Conner) or you can send me a Skype request at minigun121696 (however, if you do that please tell me who you are so I don't write you off as spam lol).

    Thanks to you all!

  22. Maybe it's for the best that GDC was down, I never would have completed my projects for county fair. :lol:


    Here they are :wub: Pain in the butt, should I add? :lol:

    I'll post additional artwork in my art thread, but I'm going to drop this here. I drew it exclusively for the auction. Basically a visual middle finger to the flag burners, social media brats and the ones who disrespect our veterans. They seem to forget that they're only allowed to burn that flag and bitch about hating the US because those soldiers died for that freedom. They hate it so much here? Go live somewhere else. :lol: 


  23. Ok sorry this took like 5 months but I had no lyric inspiration and I would've had it up sooner but Andres broke GDC. So. Here. 
    Link: https://soundcloud.com/walkingc0ntradicti0n/inner-monologue

    Lyrics (which are in a spoiler cause it's long as hell):

    Part I - Intro to Frustration

    This is the time for honesty
    You'll be surprised, just wait and see
    This is the story of my life 
    Watch your step, it's not that safe
    I wonder if you will relate
    To all the darkness deep inside 


    Part II – Alone


    All the way at the bottom
    I don't stand a chance 
    No one will put up with me
    I don't know how they can 
    Fading into the walls
    As time just passes by 
    Wondering how many
    Of you want me to die


    I'm just nothing,
    You wish I'd go away
    Don't care much,
    I'll lose everything anyway 
    I act like I don’t give a fuck
    But I’m so sick of being alone  


    At home while everyone's out 
    Who cares anyway 
    Waiting for boredom's end is
    How I'll spend my days 
    Something just isn't right but
    That's the way things are 
    Look at this pathetic life,
    Now this has gone too far 


    I'm just nothing,
    You wish I'd go away
    Don't care much,
    I'll lose everything anyway 
    I act like I don’t give a fuck
    But I’m so sick of being alone  


    Part III – Revelations


    So sure my friends would get what I see
    Yet not one of them is there for me
    Getting kicked, a laughing stock
    But they just turn away
    Hit a wall, anything to distract myself
    Even though I just needed help
    I can't stand my ground 
    Can't erase all my mistakes 


    I thought I knew what was going on 
    But turns out I was way wrong
    How could I have been so blind 
    Everything I know is a lie


    Thought it got better but that was a fake 
    Starting to think that nothing will change 
    It feels like it's just one day again and again
    To hell with this shit, I need to escape 
    At least it's not with the other way
    Who will even notice 
    They don't hear a word I say


    I thought I knew what was going on 
    But turns out I was way wrong
    How could I have been so blind 
    Everything I know is a lie


    Part IV – Fuck Logic


    They say we're all different 
    But everyone acts the same 
    They're either jerks or just insane 
    There is no in between 
    My faith in the world's gone 
    I doubt it's coming back 
    Call me anything you want
    But I'm just stating facts


    Nothing makes sense, and this place sucks
    I hope you know I’ve had enough 
    Thinking about it makes me sick
    What could I do, it’s out of my hands
    My fate rests with who I can’t stand
    All I can say is “fuck logic”


    You say you have no favorites
    But I can see through that 
    Even your first impressions 
    Seem to put me off till last
    I’m more than smart enough to hear
    What you can’t really say
    I don’t know why you feel the need 
    To lie straight to my face


    Nothing makes sense, and this place sucks
    I hope you know I’ve had enough 
    Thinking about it makes me sick
    What could I do, it’s out of my hands
    My fate rests with who I can’t stand
    All I can say is “fuck logic”


    Part V – Transformation


    I fucked up once again
    I’ve done something else I regret
    There’s not much else to say
    This is all my fault 
    There will be hell to pay
    I should expect it anyway 
    All I ever do is 
    Drive you up a wall


    I’m beginning to see
    What’s really wrong with me


    I don’t care what I do to anyone else
    I’ll blame everyone for causing hell
    There's nothing there to gain
    I can't imagine all the damage I've done
    Is this really what I've become
    I know I have to change


    This has spun way out of control
    I realize this is getting old
    How you haven’t left again 
    I just don’t know
    The guilt is starting to set in
    I don’t think I’m really forgiven 
    Please stay with me, ‘cause
    I’ll never pull this shit again

    (PS I already have an idea down for the next one, amazingly. Hopefully that gets done quicker than 5 months)

  24. deafleopard's Blog

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    Todays another start to a wasted day,

    Waking up early,

    putting your sheep clothing on,

    looking the same as everybody else,

    Working on the breadline,

    just to survive,

    stuck in the same old 9 to 5 routine,

    Trying to keep your feet onto the ground,

    Not fucking around,

    Scrapping every penny earned,

    Sitting on the hilltops,

    watching the city burned,

    pay your way in society,

    repeating the same damn shit,

    but that won't ever be me,

    don't want to die alone,

    working 'til the devil gets me,

    disguised as a holy man,

    can't live just to survive,

    breaking the mould,

    i've gotta make it mine,

    make it mine to live ,

    gotta make a name for myself