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    By Lone,

    10 Most popular topics for May 2016
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    9) Your ideal Green Day show/playlist - 120 posts
    10) 2016 U.S. Presidential Primary Season - 119 posts

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    Episode 101 - What in the world is #REVRAD?

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    Popular topics shows Green Day is one of the most talked about topics since they own half of the top ten topics and the top three as well! This has only happened one other time this year (March). However, all but the number of new topics created (increase of 2) have decreased in comparison to last month. Perhaps this is truly the calm before the storm? As far as the community goes, I'd like to give a shout out to the class of 2016! Congrats to those who have graduated and those who will this month as well.

    GDC Tip #2: After you've inserted an image in your post, you can adjust the size of the image/thumbnail (any image larger than 500px by 500px will get resized to a thumbnail) by hitting control/command and right clicking the image to get this dropdown menu:


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    Happy posting!

  2. 4933457_orig.jpg

    It's Romantic Isn't It?


    Maria Gloria

    One of the many wonderful photographs by Maria Gloria. Take a moment to check out more of her photography and leave a comment


    Make a suggestion for next weeks MasterPiece of the week my sending BeachBum a pm.

  3. I recently Jason White had a band named California, which at first I thought it was gonna be like a surf band or something, but then I just gave it a chance and I was pretty impressed by the band. If you want to give them a listen, I suggest first listening to Hate the Pilot.

  4. Viva La Sonia!'s Blog

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    Viva La Sonia!
    Latest Entry

    Hello GDC, :)

    I've started writing again lately. Not as much, and maybe not as well .  but I've decided to get this blog started up again. Apologies if they're not very good. And feel free to go through some of my older stuff, if you've never read my work before.

    I hope you enjoy all future posts!! 




    I didn't intend on invisibility 
    But that's how I feel when you look at me
    I've gone back to the comfort.
    Of a cold empty room
    Ridden with stories
    Ended too soon.
    I've curled back into my shell
    Of feeling like everyday alive
    Is a day in hell.
    I've retreated into the safety 
    Of my mind like a hurricane.
    With only the slightest
    Memory, of when I was sane. 
    I know I'll never feel that way
    And I curse your name to this day
    For making me this way.
    Hollow, empty, broken, insane.


    Where did you go?
    from what I remember, 
    You were supposed to be here forever 
    Will you ever return?
    If so, what's your excuse
    You needed to run away to see my use
    Will you ever stay?
    The forever you promised.
    Will remain worth the dirt.
    You're buried under 
    With my tears and rose petals 
    Over, where I deserve to be. 
    What's my excuse?
    For crying over someone 
    Who was never mine to lose.
    For making the same mistakes
    I've been taught not to make.
    I could cry in the pouring rain
    Hoping I turn as cold as you are now. 
    My blood as still and eyes as dim
    As yours will remain from now on. 
    But what's it worth to know 
    If I'll never know where you really did go.

  5. Z Blog

    Z J
    Latest Entry

    Seeking: Sleep



    This youth is forever fleeting,

    so I ask myself: 

    How do I make the most of life 

    while my heart’s still beating?

    How do I obtain all it is that I’m seeking

    when time keeps disappearing with each blink?

    It’s all I can manage to think about

    as I stare at my ceiling appealing 

    to whatever God will have me today. 


    This feeling, 

    this pit in my stomach,

    is from fears I’ve long known

    but long been concealing. 

    Now my mind is reeling.

    Time is stealing away my life and it seems

    like all I can do is lie here and take it. 

    But, this feeling is a trap.

    It’s a code 

                I need

                         to crack.

    It’s a wall that looms ahead,

    and I have no choice but to break it. 

    When it comes to freeing myself

    from the burden of time,

    I don’t have the means to fake it.


    I know I’m destined to make it some day. 

    (Yet still, I’ll pray I’m not mistaken).

    Time’s a resource from which we never stop taking. 




    I’ll never stop creating. 

    But first, I’ll have to shake the shadow that time casts.

    I can’t live in the past and I can’t allow 

    myself to move too fast. I have to live

    and love and make this moment last.


    I run all of these thoughts through my head 

    while I lay here in bed and it’s no wonder I can’t pass out.

    I’m caught in the middle of a fifteen round bout

    between myself and my head, but if Ali taught 

    me anything it’s that I’ll have time pout when I’m dead.


    So instead, 

    I’ll shout my words at the wall.

    I’ll bleed sharpie writings on bathroom stalls.

    I’ll find scrap-paper so that I can scrawl my thoughts 

    and I’ll still be fighting long 


          I’ve dropped 

                            the ball, 

    but I won’t quit.


    I’ll roll with the punches, I’ll take my hits.

    If I want to be immortalized 

    I have to make something that resonates,

    something that flicks a switch 

    in the audience’s minds. 

    Something that can help them find 

    a bright star on a cloudy night 

    or an escape when they’re in a bind. 


    Through words, 

    I’d like to live forever.

    I’ll beat the clock by living through every line.

    I toss my heart in to the rhythm 

    and my soul in to each rhyme 

    and together they’ll

    make a sound that echoes 

    across the halls of time. 






  6. Lady Darkling's sort of diary

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    There are things we don't like about the people we love, things we have always known. Things that aren't on the forefront and therefore, we can pretend that they're not an issue when in fact, they're pretty big issues. I love my father. He is amazing, he works so hard for me and my sister, and he's given up so much for us. There are things I hate about him.

    Like how he said 'insane', made weird googly faces and laughed like it was a joke, like it was funny. Like how he refused to listen to me afterwards because I was being disrespectful to him and suddenly it's my fault that I am angry at him for basically making fun of me. He doesn't understand, of course. Every time I've tried to tell him it's been dismissed under my age, and I think he doesn't want to understand, because then it would mean I'm hurting. But I am hurting, and this doesn't help.

    It's moments like these where I wonder, how would he differ if he could understand? Would he say these things if he knew his own daughter hallucinates sometimes? That she wants to cut her skin until there's no skin left, and sometimes she does? That she has panic attacks and bangs herself against the closet wall until she bruises? Would he still look in me in the eye and laugh?

    There are things I hate about the people I love, and my father's inability to listen is one of them.


    Moods: crying and stressed because I have my pre calculus final tomorrow and this just happened


    Stay Dirty


  7. howi
    Latest Entry

    I declare I don't care no more
    I'm burning up and out and growing bored
    In my smoked out boring room..

    (green day - burnout)

    hello all GDC'ers,....i made this and i'd like to share it in my gdc blog....:)

    howi's lonely riot...an imagination series about girl who is punk,rock n roll and against all authority.....:mad:






    green day girl-1 ( pen,watercolour, marker, acrylic on paper 30x30 cm )



    rage and love girl  (pencil colour, pen,watercolour, marker, acrylic on paper 23x34 cm )



    the class of '13  (pencil colour, pen,watercolour, ink, marker, acrylic on paper 23x34 cm )



    long view  ( pen, pencil colour, watercolour, acrylic on paper 28x28 cm )



    rock 'n' roll mafia  ( ( pen, pencil colour, watercolour, acrylic on paper 30x30 cm )



    wasted youth  ( pen, pencil colour, watercolour, acrylic on paper 33x33 cm )



    she  ( ink, marker, pen, pencil colour, watercolour, acrylic on paper 27x27 cm )



    green day girl #16 ( pen, acrylic on paper 28x28 cm)



     i'm the son of rage and love  ( pen, pencil colour, marker, acrylic on paper 30x30 cm )



    rage and love girl  ( ink, pen, pencil colour, marker, acrylic on paper 30x30 cm )



    rage and love the story of my life   ( ink, pen, pencil colour, marker, acrylic on paper 26x35 cm )



  8. Occupy Reality

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    Are we nothing more than...? 

    Items on the line, dead on arrival

    Fuck-ups by design

    With a will for survival

    Are we so easily defined?


    Two-dimensional outlines

    Life on this surface

    Born, bred and bled

    Then force fed a purpose

    One that somehow

    Left us feeling worthless


    Designation: degradation

    No debate, no conversation

    Shrug off your ideals

    Or you'll never make it

    If you feel too real

    They'll show you how to fake it!


    I was right when I was young

    Caustic bite but no forked tongue

    I was right when I was young

    Now let the air

    Rush out my lungs

    I'll scream out insurrection!


    Are we nothing more?

    Who are we at the core?

    We were right

    When we were young

    We were right before

  9. Comrade
    Latest Entry


    I’ve been watching her eyes roll,

    Not in irony though:

    “It’s only half four, what you leaving for?”


    The sun’s come up and she hasn’t come down.

    That was the last time I caught her knocking around

    With that boy who wasn’t good for her;

    It weren’t his fault they just weren’t a fit

    ‘Cause she was too preoccupied cutting her wrists –

    She had too much gear and he wasn’t equipped.


    Waking up at the wrong end of the day,

    She’s pretty so she gets her way.

    But she’s sad, she has a second taste of the food she’s had

    Still she says it’ll be better one day.


  10. Dirntbag
    Latest Entry

    Knee deep in mud - then a splash
    and from waist down I’m encased
    in a begriming, cleansing bath.
    Savannah sun encrusts my back,
    hackles sheathed in grey cottage cheese
    that calcifies and begins to crack -
    bedroom this warthog’s wallow;
    bedclothes, pleasantly cool, swallow 
    my body whole.

    I wish I could lie forever in this
    watering hole, until it doesn’t feel 
    like I’m underwater anymore,
    until days blur and feeling numbs
    from never rubbing off any of this mud,
    just rolling and clogging my pores until
    I’m stuck in up to tusks and horns.


    A real nice warthog:


  11. New lyrics. Enjoy.


    Imitation Game


    Running wild under the sea

    of static and vile disbelief

    Holding onto the end's dull rope

    Days of freedom or days to elope



    Speak up, speak out

    Run north, then south

    Oh, you'll be...



    Parties of self reflection

    imitation and condition


    No rules and confusion

    and days gone by with retribution

    File a noose now, friend

    It's not you meeting your end




    Boards and dice with

    memories pulled twice

    Echoes in frame going

    through small-time fame

    Cut through history with

    a fatal bell's toll

    Embrace your demons

    and your facade's roll




    Asphyxiation, complication

    elevation, confrontation






  12. For anyone who's been waiting on part 2 of my research on socialism leading to communism - I apologize that it's taking a while. I've been swamped with looking into other important subjects, such as confirming on how the monetary system is loony business, reading up about the Montessori way of education, etc. I have these 2 PDF files I'll want to look at, one that I'm absolutely sure is about the use of RFID microchip implants on kids (ICK!), and one that is about Whole Child Education - something I need to get a better understanding of. My friend Anita Hoge had suggested that I read up about Maslow, and I just got started doing that.  

    As soon as I'm done going through those 2 PDF files, I shall look into Karl Marx, and Engels. ...I REALLY want to start on putting together the pictorial video towards the fifth podcast my dad and I did some weeks back, and put that on my YouTube channel. *sigh* I'll start getting pics together next week. To hear all 5 podcasts ahead of time, before I start sharing them on this blog, you may listen them on NewGrounds: http://silverfoxjams.newgrounds.com/audio/ The first one is titled "Hello Interwebs...", and that is quite a mind boggling webisode. This conversation between my dad and I, it's quite a debut! Anything that has "Discussion Podcast" to the right are the parts of the series.

    Another way of educating oneself is through listening to certain songs through the ages that describe the various real world problems that just never cease. It's another way to show that throughout history, certain tragedies and crimes keep repeating over and over again. To quote from a lyric from a Puddle of Mudd song; "Same old shit, different day." 

    I'll pick some from my YouTube Playlist custom soundtrack to share with you all, "The Awesome Anti-NWO Soundtrack/Ultimate Soundtrack for Humanity". As I type, 249 songs in all are on it! I'm sure there's more than that out there, lol. I've found songs that are really old ones, such as those by Robert Johnson, Fela Kuti, and Billie Holiday. There's more by older musicians, and a handful that are more recent; The Offspring, Linkin Park, Staind, Michael Jackson, Muse... (Of course I put songs by Green Day on there, too. I've got about 5 or 6 songs by them on there so far!)

    Here are the 5 I'll share at random. Enjoy!

    1. Muse - "Uprising" (This band for one is AMAZING! The front man vocalist, Matt Bellamy, he's got a helluva range! Example, have you heard how him sing on their song "Supremacy"?!? Everyone in this band is so good at what they do. ...Anyways, this is a great song that calls for revolution, to resist against the tyrants who want to dumb the masses down.)

    2. Rage Against the Machine - "No Shelter" (This is one of my favorites by this band. This song tells the truth about the kind of propaganda that's been put out there to keep the many distracted and unaware of the reality outside the American Dream. The video to go along with the song to me is powerful! Warning: there's some intense imagery in this!!)

    3. The Clash - "Clampdown" (This one is a classic, describing how people have been conditioned on how to live. The lyrics are in the description box if you check this one out on the YouTube website.)

    4. The Who - "Won't Get Fooled Again" (This would be another classic song! My parents and I like The Who a lot...)

    5. Lauryn Hill - "I Get Out" (She used to be in the 90's group The Fugees! [Do you remember their cover of the songs "Killing Me Softly", and Bob Marley's "No Woman No Cry"?] This song is about her rebelling against the filthy bastards in the music industry. This is also her message toward the masses, to wake up and realize the reality that is the Tyrant System.)

    Haha, okay I lied about picking 5 songs. Why not choose a BONUS one?! Here you go, guys and gals; one of Green Day's songs I put onto this playlist. ;) This is one of my most favorite songs, from their Warning Album.


  13. Im not sure yet

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    Why cant i show whats in me?

    i feel pointing fingers.

    no thats not me!

    i want them to see!

    but who can see through concrete?

    All the while, the devil that can see,

    whispers and mutters that it knows me.

    there is one way to make yourself inside out...

    i try to write down the flow of colors

    but i hesitate, knowing that the swords

    that are my words will bring pain.

    bang bang two shots are one page.

    slice slice two limbs are gone but its complete.

    those parts of me will not again be seen...

    were the costs worth it?

    who would take that tainted meat?

    only the devil gobbles it up.

    and it is my home, the only one i will ever know.

    i throw up the colors that did not

    make it onto the pages,

    staining my skin.


  14. youngreendayvet
    Latest Entry

    Last year everyone on the GDC was so supportive with our award winning student film Saving Sadie! I wanted to take this opportunity to show our gory ass short film that disturbed a lot of people! 


  15. This is a really random story but it kind of freaks me out how weird it is, so here goes. So, to start this off, I'm just going to say, I write fanfiction. I have for three years, but it's not that smut shit because I figure I can write something kinda worth while and it doesn't have have all that crap in it. Anyways, I wrote a BVB fanfiction on the afterlife and suicide (All for the sake of experiment and reaching out to people) and all of that and have been posting it to this creative writing website. In my last update, I mentioned in my notes that I live in Wyoming, and one of my commentors said they did, too. Not a big deal, really. So I asked them, which part? The SAME TOWN AS ME. They're friends with some of my 4-H friends :lol: Best part is, they're just as weird as me and not into country music like everyone else in this forsaken town!!! But I'm having an issue... 

    ughhh I want to make friends with them, because this is a rare occurance. Sure, I have friends, but I don't have much in common with them. This is my chance! haha... But the problem I'm having, is if I tell them who I am, they may have heard of me before, because my town is tiny... and what if it spreads around and then that follows me for the rest of my highschool days... "Taryn writes fanfiction!" 

    1. I don't do it because I'm obsessed, it's because it's like working with a premade character in a story. You already know what they look like and all their quirks, so they're easier to work with and they have a pre-existing background. 2. I NEVER wanted my writing to ever intervene with my actual social life because people can and will, make fun of you for anything, and this is about as good as announcing you warship Satan or something. I'm not popular enough for it to spread like wildfire, but I know enough people to make it travel, which is a problem. 

    So what in the actual hell am I supposed to do with this?! On one hand, I want to make friends with her because she seems like a really cool person, but I don't know if she'd keep how we met a secret. On the other hand... I really don't want this to follow me forever if it slips from my grip, and the people who actually know me, happen to go and read this story, and associate me with my work, writing about suicide and all that crap. I could never talk myself out of a mess like that. So I'm asking for legitimate advice on how you would handle it, because truth be told, every single one of you has fangirled about something, even if it wasn't as low on the fandom chart as writing fanfics. What would you do? Thanks... 

  16. OK, hopefully that got some people's attention. I need some help. Auditions were just announced for a local production of American Idiot that I will be auditioning for. I'm wondering if anybody has, or if anybody is able to get/produce/create a high quality, instrumental only version of Brutal Love. Everything that I found on YouTube still has audible portions of the original vocals. Feel free to reply in the comments or send me a message if you are able to help. Thanks everyone :)

  17. Todd
    Latest Entry

    Paper Hearts
    By Todd Pritchard

    “Sara, do you want to drive?” asked Sara’s mother as they walked out to the car. “Not really” Sara answered, bluntly. “You’re going to need practice if you ever want  to get your license” her mom said. Sara sighed loudly and said “Maybe another time, mom” as she sat down in the passenger seat. “Well be sure to pay attention to what I’m doing so you can learn” her mother said. “The first thing I always do is I check my mirror.” Acknowledging her mother, Sara looked up from her phone, then focused on the heart-shaped ornament hanging from the mirror. “Mom, why do you keep that there?” Sara asked, pointing at the glittery red paper. Sara’s mom smiled and answered “You made that for me when you were little. It reminds me everyday how much I love you”. Sara sneered and said “I don’t like it, I think it’s ugly”. Hurt by her teenager’s harsh words, her mom replied “Well when you get your own car, then you won’t have to look at it”. But Sara wasn’t listening, she was too busy looking at her phone. Fighting back tears, Sara’s mom pulled out of the parking lot. She found it hard to accept that her little girl was growing up. She looked up at the ornament dangling from the mirror, which read “To Mommy, Love Sara”. Then everything went black.

    When Sara came to, she did not know where she was. She opened her eyes and looked around. There was a TV on the wall across from her, a window at her side, a chair in front of the window, and she noticed she was laying in a bed. Suddenly, a man’s voice said “Sara, are you awake?”. Sara tried to look over to her left, where the voice was coming from, but her neck hurt too much. “Hello?” she asked, nervously. There was no answer. Then Sara heard the sound of footsteps and an older lady came into view. “I’m gonna take your blood pressure, hon” said the lady as she came around the bed to Sara’s arm. “Wha- what happened?” Sara asked, realizing she was in a hospital. Hearing his queue, the man in the room walked over into Sara’s view. “Sara, you were in a pretty bad car accident. Luckily, you only have a few bruises” said the man in a stern voice. “Is everyone else alright? What about my mom?” Sara asked, worriedly. The man looked Sara in the eyes and began to tear up. “Your mother was killed in the crash” was all he was able to say before the tears started rolling down his cheeks. Overcome by shock and grief, Sara wept over her sudden loss. The man, still crying, knelt down next to Sara and took her hand. Together they cried.  

    Sara had lost track of time by the time she ran out of tears. When she went to wipe her eyes dry, she realized she was still holding the hand of the man comforting her. “Who are you?” she asked as she dried her cheeks. “I was a first responder at the crash. I pulled you and your mother from the car” he said mournfully. Before Sara could respond, the man reached into his pocket and pulled out a small piece of red paper. “I found this in your lap when I pulled you out. I thought you might want to have it”. Sara sat up and took the ornament. Overwhelmed with emotion, Sara hugged the man. “Thank you” she whispered in his ear.

    Three months had gone by, and Sara had not given up on learning to drive. Deeply affected by the loss of her mother, she had bought her own car and was determined to get her license. Finally, the big day had come, and Sara went to the DMV for her driving test. Along for support came Sara’s new friend, the first responder who had stayed at her side since the accident. “Good luck” he told her encouragingly, getting out of the car to let the instructor in. As the instructor sat down in the passenger seat, Sara made her final preparations. As she clicked her seatbelt in, the instructor asked her “Are you ready?”. Sara gasped. “One more thing!” she exclaimed, reaching into her pocket. In one swift motion, Sara hung the red heart ornament from the mirror, then adjusted it. “There!” she said, proudly. “Do you think you’re going to pass?” Inquired the instructor. Sara looked up at the mirror one last time. For just a second, she saw her mother’s smiling face looking back at her. With confidence, Sara answered “I know I will”.

  18. I just formed a band called 18 Cent Loan, we will play pop punk, similar to early Green Day. We don't have a bassist, and the drummer is bad at his job, but I can temporarily turn up bass on my amp, so... Success? Don't expect any live shows, even if you live where we do, cause we aren't doing them yet.


    Happy 2nd birthday to my loveable bunny, Jack! Although you can't read this or understand the concept of a birthday, I hope I was able to give you the greatest birthday party any rabbit has ever had! In the year and a half I've had you in my life, I have been blessed with your quirks, adorableness, and unconditional love. You made my lifelong dream of having a bunny come true the day you literally hopped into my life! I am the luckiest girl in the world to have you. I have found so much pureness and innocence in you. You have taught me to be more quiet and find love in the simple things in life. The way you play with "toys" that are the wrappers for the actual toys I buy you, and the way you stomp your foot until someone in the house stops yelling is something I've always observed and appreciated. I also love how you are so spoiled, because it has taught me to be a little bit selfish. ;) Self love isn't always a bad thing! You mean so much to me and I promise I will never give up on you and I will always love you. I will always give you the best care I can until the day I die. You mean so much to me and I will make sure your future compensates for the horrible first six months of life you lived. 

    I hope you enjoyed your 6 BIG birthday salads! <3 I love you so much. 


    First day I found you!

    Cutie <3


    Lounging after a purple cookie treat!


    Little sniffer c:






    Finally two!




    I love you!!!! :bunny: 

  20. HungryHungryModels
    Latest Entry

    I decided to make punk themed Valentines. Just for fun. cx You can print them out or use an editor to fill them out and use them if you want. :D


    Green Day:


    1000 Hours



    2000 Light Years Away



    Give Me Novacaine



    Last Night On Earth



    Brutal Love




    My Sweet Valentine




    Heart Shaped Box


    The Clash:


    1-2 Crush On You



    For any lonely, miserable souls on Valentine's Day... Print this out and hang it up as a sweet reminder:




    Happy Valentine's Day! <3

  21. Ryan's Blog

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    Hey guys! So I have been on a long hiatus of GDA and GDC. Last time you saw me my display name was Radio Victim so just in case anyone is confused who I am. Yeah last time I was on here was probably my senior year of high school which was back in 2014 and probably just the beginning of that year. I just wanted to make a blog of things I've been up to lately and thoughts I'd like to get out and use this as a journal device.

    So I've graduated high school since being on here and I'm now in my second year of college. I go to Indiana State University and I'm studying business which is more or less challenging. But things are good here, I find college way less stressful than high school which was a nightmare for me. I broke up with my girlfriend I had senior year after only two months of college, I felt like I was being tied down to live a life of missed opportunities if I stayed with her. We're on pretty good terms now though so there isn't any ill will to either one anymore. I've befriended a few buddies at college who are pretty good musicians and have two bands that I'm working with while at college. One of them is Runaway Chuck which is comprised of all my buddies I've met at ISU with me on bass. That's pretty fun, we play indie/pop style music but we want to expand our sound as much as possible but not too much that it's hard for listeners to latch on if we're one genre for one song and a completely different one for another song. My other band, For Your Health, is the one I'm really excited about. I play guitar and sing, my brother is on bass and sings as well and my high school bud, Jake, is on drums, he also goes to ISU. We're more of a general punk band, I kind of want to have a sound with influence from all sorts of bands from the likes of The Story So Far, Knuckle Puck and With The Punches to Gates and Turnover and even some skate punk stuff like MxPx and Propagandhi (as well as newer Propagandhi). I have lots of hope for this band, I've gone to some local independent house shows and shows at clubs and what not and it is an absolute blast to be there. I want to do that and be involved in that scene, I've really been amazed at how many people in Indiana have that same energy and love for music like I do and all I want to do is play, tour, travel, record, rinse repeat. It might get draining but for now it's all I can think about. 

    I've also had a big lifestyle change which is adopting veganism. I just started around August 2015 and honestly, it's one of the best decisions I've ever made. I feel so much better about myself health wise. I was pretty heavily influenced by listening to Propagandhi and actually doing some research on it and I really had my world flipped from that. I don't really have much to say on it but I take pride in it and I love to tell people that about me.

    I really haven't done a whole lot to be honest. Things have definitely changed both good and bad but that's life. I probably won't be on here very often still but I just was thinking on it and I am really grateful to the people on GDC because there was always something to keep me afloat in life and people on here helped me in many ways and I couldn't thank you guys enough. Catch you guys later!

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    To the people reading this, hello! 

    I just realized that I posted something without even describing my blog or talking about what I intend to post on here. I guess I got too excited after reading lizziebix's suggestion to create one!

    I have been writing stuff for a long time now and I post it here and there but most of it is what you can call "organized chaos." I'm just trying to get back to writing and in the meantime I want to share the things that I have written in the past and this seems like a good place to do that. 

    Before I post anything new, I'd like to say that I'm just an amateur so I really appreciate criticism. Comments are always welcome.


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    I know a guy
    He's filled with hopes and dreams
    That he hasn't got a clue how to fulfil

    He's got these big ideas
    Of leather jackets, shouts and screams
    In dingy clubs and angry pubs across the land

    What he doesn't realise
    Is that unless he really tries
    To set the scene up for himself
    He'll just keep making alibis

    Late at night up in his room
    He writes the words of pain and strife
    And he hears them ringing out over a crowd

    He sits with his guitar
    And works his fingers 'til he bleeds
    And in his head he's standing up upon a stage

    What he doesn't realise
    Is that unless he really tries
    To set the scene up for himself
    He'll just keep making alibis

    Dissatisfied with music
    Playing on the radio
    He's not content with what the modern world's become

    His mind's stuck in the past
    A time when passion ruled one's heart
    He romanticises life he never knew

    What he doesn't realise
    Is that unless he really tries
    To set the scene up for himself
    He'll just keep making alibis

    The opportunity is there
    It's clear in broad daylight
    I don't understand just what he's waiting for

    What he doesn't realise
    Is that unless he really tries
    To set the scene up for himself
    He'll just keep making alibis