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Lyrics - Long Lost Life

Posted by Louiejub in A Collection of Random Shit, 21 May 2015 · 22 views

New lyrics. Enjoy.

Long Lost Life

Hold the torch, please
Rise up from beneath
the holy forces in a fraudulent job

Feel the wind on your skin,
as molten waves come rushing in

Where will you be
when you are dead?

"I can't view an end
after I've lost my only friend.
The sirens pierce the scriptures
that bend."

How many more will you kill
through destr...


Shades of Louis C.K.: Part Three

Posted by DookieLukie in DookieLukie's Blog, 20 May 2015 · 74 views

Shades of Louis C.K.: Part Three This piece is called: Giamatti C.K., due to his resemblance of an non-bald Paul Giamatti. Although a good actor who chose horrible roles, his appearance gives him the vibe of a horrid actor who most likely stars in Adam Sandler films. Before adding the red, curly locks, this man looked like a groomed business man. Wow, what a statement.


Please Read

Posted by Ludwig van Beethoven in Beethoven's Eulogy, 20 May 2015 · 81 views

I didn't realize the conditions until this affected a family I love like my own. Please read and be enlightened, and maybe give some insight on what can be done about it. I apologize in advance for writing errors and the lame ass title as I am so frustrated right now I'm just typing without stopping...


First Song I Guess...

Posted by Jirachi in Jirachi's Blogs and Songs and stuff, 19 May 2015 · 73 views

I suck and its long but....
Wanted to die was too scared to try
Tears in my eyes and i say goodbye
But my hopes are high that tonight
I finally have the guts to die
Sick and tired of this life
Sitting on the roof too tired to cry
Wanna jump off to see if i can fly
No mater how many times i try
To die i always fucking survive
I always cut wit...


Assistance Requested

Posted by 21guns&novacaine in 21's Blog of Life , 18 May 2015 · 72 views

Hey guys, I normally would never ask it, but...
Do you guys remember the band 'Kut U Up' from the Pop Disaster tour and more noteably from 'Riding in Vans with Boys?'
On Facebook, they shared this update: https://www.facebook.com/KutUup/posts/850604605020835?ref=notif&notif_t=notify_me
Micah and Brooke Mattson had their newborn d...


Warning: Triggering Content

Posted by Chanelle in The Vibe of an Abnormal 17 Year Old Girl, 18 May 2015 · 85 views

Dear Suicidal Individuals,
My views on suicide were never the best. They were actually pretty stupid.
But now, a string has been snaked around my heart. Whenever the word is even brought up, someone beyond me pulls that string, bringing tears to my eyes.
I cry.
I don't want anyone to ever feel like it's a last resort.


This Feeling

Posted by Z J in Z Blog, 17 May 2015 · 104 views

My heart leaps from my chest
I’ve locked eyes with you,
Now I’ve forgotten about the rest
of the universe and I begin to think
What if I could use my words to sink
cupid’s arrow in to this girl who has
put my world in to a whirl-wind?
Though it’s probably not
love that I’m feeling,
my mind is still reeling 
and I...


Trying to win $10,000 for a student film...

Posted by youngreendayvet in youngreendayvet's Blog, 13 May 2015 · 104 views

So my film team has the chance to win $10,000. Voting for us is free and easy, so please help up us out! Here is the link http://savedonwd.wdc.../1860412/null/4


Todd has been promoted to media mod!

Posted by Liam in GDC News, 11 May 2015 · 867 views

We finally decided to bring Todd onto the team to help out with the downloads forum and keep them more updated.
Everyone welcome him to the team and don't give him too much shit!


I don't know what to name this

Posted by Lady Darkling in Lady Darkling's sort of diary, 11 May 2015 · 66 views

Been busy as fuck. SOl's and finals are coming up, and yesterday was mother's day, and shit's just been shit I guess.
I  don't write much these days. If I do it's to, for, or about my mom. Seems my mind just can't help but go back to that. I think that's normal.
I've been feeling off lately. Especially if I'm not doing something that takes over my...


Birthday card

Posted by JellyTime in JellyTime's Blog, 11 May 2015 · 78 views

This is the best birthday card I've ever gotten  :wub: My friends know me so well... 


The Fair and What You May See There

Posted by Sauli in 2+2=5, 10 May 2015 · 113 views

You can hear the singer singing
You can hear the song resound
You can tell you enjoy her voice
Even if you want to get out
And you paraphrase a famous poet
Who can tell the singer from the song?
And whilst you're busy wondering
The singer gets the words wrong
And as the singer leaves the stage
The applause she gets is swell
And everybody's talking...



Posted by Trotsky in Occupy Reality, 08 May 2015 · 151 views

Well he's some off-white trash
And his skin is stained
He's got a tattoo
He calls the Mark of Cain
And you can dish it out
'Cuz he will never complain, 
Never complain, never complain.
Says, he says
That he knows, he knows
There's one, one way
Life goes, goes, goes
And it's the subtleties
Of the clothes, clothes, clothes
That let the keen eye...



Posted by Lady Nightlife in Heroes & Cunts, 05 May 2015 · 620 views

Loljk got you to click.
Since Heroes and Cunts has been shit at keeping our mail.com account active, but since we also really want to promote the secrets aspect of our podcast, please forward any and all secrets for us to cover in our podcast to secrets.gdc.unfiltered@gmail.com (the old secrets thread email!) Use a fake email generator site or a...


"Punch Me (I Love You)" (lyrics)

Posted by Eva in Eva's Blog, 05 May 2015 · 115 views

Nothing hurts like a broken heart
Except for poison or when I crashed my car
Every time you look me in the eye
I know I might as well just say goodbye
Please just punch me in the face (I love you)
I need to get to a better place (I love you)
Please give me a kick to the head (I love you)
God was right and I am better off dead
You can...


this rage and love....<3

Posted by howi in papers and howi, 05 May 2015 · 150 views

the series drawing that i post this time i called "This rage and love..". :)
it's about restlessness, the story about growing up, love, ..anxiety and searching the meaning of our existence during the teenage years…

I try to add some text because I try to more illustrate the thought that I want to say and express…the text come from my s...


Low Quality 2.22: You Can (Not) Change - Chapter Six

Posted by Pikachu in John is a big, stupid commie, 04 May 2015 · 158 views

Everyone died except Liam, who was somehow alive the whole time. The end.


Sorry guys (I do suck at apologies)

Posted by 9876gwen in The blog of shit, 28 April 2015 · 190 views

Id like to say sorry to you guys about the earlier post I made to all I have managed to piss off or frustrate in that short period of time. I was pissed off from earlier events and from all the rage I had pent up from earlier on this month. So yeah sorry about being a dick guys.
And I would like to thank Chanelle for letting me talk and stuf...


Flatts' Bridge (a poem)

Posted by Dirntbag in Dirntbag's Landfill, 27 April 2015 · 129 views

What fantastic fishes can
passersby spy, leaning
over wooden railings, craning
their necks to detect a spot of colour?
Careening waves flank whirlpools as the
tide plays ring around the rosie,
crystal-clearing the surface to
reveal depths underneath; fish
flashing their scales and colourful
coral-heads congregating as reefs.
Cyclists pause in wonde...

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