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Posted by Idlewild. in Lyrics for The RBMKs and other crap, 02 September 2014 · 24 views

I'll find a happy place,
I'll find a happy place,
I'll be a better person,
I can be a better person,
This world's not perfect,
I know,
I know,
If all I can do is throw some words together,
You know I will,
I will,
I'll show my better side,
I'll show my better side,
I'm so many different people,
You know,
I know...



Posted by Floyd Pinkerton in Lieutenant Tumbleweed, 02 September 2014 · 21 views

I made a thing.


Excerpt from my novel in progress (Voice of the Leviathan)

Posted by Trotsky in Occupy Reality, 02 September 2014 · 24 views

I've nearly typed out 20,000 words over the last two weeks for my most ambitious work of prose yet that will be over 100,000 words when complete. This work is high fantasy with steampunk influences and I'd rather not summarize the context. Instead, I've chosen some standalone excerpts to share. Enjoy, and I welcome all feedback. 
The Highwayme...


Binder Collages

Posted by Dirntbag in Dirntbag's Landfill, 02 September 2014 · 34 views

Yeah, I made some collages for my school binders in an attempt to distract myself from the awful reality of what the binders are used for. They're inspired by films that I like and they are pictured below. (Sorry for the bad quality. They can be viewed on tumblr here .)


Mike Dirnt (Drawing)

Posted by inthehallwaynow in crap, 29 August 2014 · 139 views

I felt like this would appeal to more than just the people that frequent my art thread (thank you soo much to those who do find the time)
Mike Dirnt


My opinion about GDC!

Posted by Steven Seagull in theanswer's Blog, 29 August 2014 · 520 views

I felt like I should write another blog about how I feel the things are run here. Spoilered because huge.



House Always Wins

Posted by SaintJimmy13 in Things I Write, 29 August 2014 · 103 views

So you've finally made it to The Strip, the heart and soul of New Vegas. You arrive just in time for a tumble-weed to roll past over the scarred and broken road as a pair of guys settle an argument the old-fashioned way, and you see a man in an alleyway with a trilby tilted over his eyes as he cleans a six-shooter while another man gets himself into the b...


"I Want a Flood" - lyrics by da Malleus

Posted by Malleus in One for the Ballad, 28 August 2014 · 68 views

I Want a Flood
Just like the fences line the backyard
I've been good at putting up fronts
And the sun beats down on the torn white paint
Slide the strings and pull another stunt

Like I'm too sick to dance the night away with him
If you wanna see us fall then please just ask
Let me know when the farce of our friendship begins
If you want us to lea...


Ramblings about college/life

Posted by Z J in Z Blog, 28 August 2014 · 104 views

Since I'm shipping off to college on Sunday, I've been a bundle of different emotions/thoughts. I wanted to put these thoughts down somewhere so here works best. 
Here I sit, days away from what is likely to be the biggest culture shock I experience in my life. I'm staring in the face of impending responsibility while my dependent life comes t...


"I can't move on and I can't stay the same."

Posted by JardyOfSuburbia in JardyOfSuburbia's Blog, 27 August 2014 · 99 views

Dear Kayla Marie,
This is a letter I’ve been thinking about writing for a few months now and it’s certainly the hardest thing I’ve ever had to write.
From the very first day we met in class a few years ago I began to fall in love with you. When I found out you had a boyfriend, I did the only thing I’ve known how to...


"Loser" (lyrics) [this is my favorite song out of what I've written]

Posted by Eva in Eva's Blog, 26 August 2014 · 99 views

No hope for me, you know
I'm in second
In every race I run
Never winning
The girls at the finish line
Never finish
When it comes to me
Twenty-two seconds
Left until high school
Which I'll miss because of
Further complications
That I caused by failing
All examinations
So all that's left is self
I'm a lose...


Custom Lyrics - Splitting Paths

Posted by Louiejub in A Collection of Random Shit, 25 August 2014 · 55 views

A new song, also about something that I've been going through recently.
Splitting Paths
It's hard
to let it out
It's always hard
to change your route
It's hard
to let it out
It's always hard
to change your route
I really don't know
how to tell you this
I can't even write it down
for emphasis
I really don't know
how to t...


1st day o school

Posted by 9876gwen in 9876gwen's blog n shit, 25 August 2014 · 65 views

So I dont blog like ever but after my first day of schooooooool I feel I need to for some reason. Firstly we had one new change that like pissed everyone off. Because the FDA and Mrs Obama wants people to eat healthy we cant buy soda or really sugary snacks or anything with high calorie intake anymore unless you wait until 3:30pm. So yeah. First day of sc...


That time James! Was Creative

Posted by James! in This Means Alot, 25 August 2014 · 114 views

Okay so my parents the canvas holiday they won it in a tombola and didn't want it my parents wanted to trow it out, I saved it and thought I'd see what I could do with it ie paint over it, it was a canvas print btw not a painting

I wanted to do something simple and easy as I can't draw and this would be the first thing I've really painted since I left...


let your dim light shine...

Posted by howi in papers and howi, 25 August 2014 · 130 views

You float like a feather
In a beautiful world
And I wish I was special
You're so fuckin' special.....
i made a drawing about my feeling recently,...i dont know why my drawing it's getting dark and depressing, and tend to be suicidal....i try to stop it but i can't. it just my inner expression who want's to comes out..
drawing for me it just like writing...


Ebay Alert!

Posted by fiercecircus in fiercecircus' Blog, 24 August 2014 · 56 views

Hey friends. it's been a while since i've been on, some of you i keep up with via twitter/FB but anyways...


I need some cash so i put some of my records up on Ebay. Some are GD/Lookout Recs/PHGP related, so pass it on to your friends.


please and thank yo...


Album Review: Exile on Main St. by The Rolling Stones

Posted by Darth Praxus in Flashing in the Dark, 24 August 2014 · 100 views

Cross-posted from Facebook.
The Rolling Stones have never been an album-rock sort of band. In their heyday, they were a virtual hit-single factory, putting out 45 after 45 of stuff that was pure hook, pure sex, or, most often, both a...


A Bit of Monologue

Posted by Lady Darkling in Lady Darkling's sort of diary, 20 August 2014 · 91 views

A bit of monologue from a character of mine. I was bored.
"If I lose my head now, would it make any difference?
Am I already gone?
I look and look and look and I can never see the answer; while spending all my time wondering if it's staring me in the face and I'm too stupid to notice.
Music that's faded, clothes that are scratched, every day is...


Kids'll Blow Dandelion Fuzz...

Posted by Sarasaurus in Sarasaurus' Scribbles, 18 August 2014 · 97 views

He makes me want to hit something. When he starts everyone pays for it; everyone gets the blame; everyone suffers. Already I've heard him say “If I were to guess, Sara has it … and she's just being a snaaaaake. ” He says it in that disgusting, drawn out and repulsive way. The sound mirrors his facial expressions; the kind of face you pul...

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