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Far From Here (Poem)

Posted by Z J in Z Blog, 01 July 2015 · 81 views

A letter from war, another excerpt from the story I'll never finish
Far From Here
The moment seemed to be specially crafted,
chosen for you and I by some higher power
I looked at you, as vibrant as a spring flower
and all I could think was I don’t want this moment to sour
But we met in the wrong time and wrong space,


RAGE - pt.2

Posted by howi in papers and howi, 29 June 2015 · 90 views

Like refugees
We're lost like refugees ...
hello GDCers,... ;)
I was angry without a couse,…. :mad:
I lived in Indonesia,..a third world country in south east asia,..it’s a beautyfull country and I love it so much,…but in the reality we faced so  many  poverty and injustice in all sectors,….the post...


feral english (an ars poetica poem)

Posted by Dirntbag in Dirntbag's Landfill, 25 June 2015 · 95 views

before there was matter,
there was poetry, or perhaps
they were birthed in unison -
tendrils of existence,
hot as black smoker vapor
escaping into the sea, or space’s void.
words can only come in to play
in one, specific, crystallized way,
exploding out of nothing and shouting
to everyone in Earth’s foetal form;
no-one, as of yet.

in t...


Lyrics - Dancing Minds

Posted by Louiejub in A Collection of Random Shit, 24 June 2015 · 85 views

New lyrics. Enjoy.
Dancing Minds
Hole in one
eyeball socket, pitched through
a longing direction
Will she be for me?
Or will I stumble
in a vocoder and static noise?
of this shedding
embedding in a room
Will she be the one?
Who am I talking
about, if anyone at all?
Just now
and back then
Trapped in ambivalence...


2015: Literary Summation, January-June

Posted by Ana´s. in Flashing in the Dark, 24 June 2015 · 121 views

For your consideration: the five best examples of fiction and the five best examples of nonfiction that I've read in the first half of this year. ("The first half" here meaning up to the first half of June—I'll be writing part two before December is over, so this balances things out.)


"I Hate Punk" (lyrics)

Posted by Big Cheese in Al's bullshit, 24 June 2015 · 171 views

A song critical of punk fans. Love the music, hate a lot of the fans. :P It's directed at all those fucking dumb shits who try to uniform punk, saying you have to do this and that to be punk or whatever and the ones who argue about what's punk and what's not.
I hate punk rock and I hate you
There shouldn't be rules I have to do
Isn't it suppose...


This is very important

Posted by Juste Bro in Juste Bro's Blog, 17 June 2015 · 193 views



Current behavior

Posted by Steven Seagull in seagull's Blog, 17 June 2015 · 585 views

From 1 to 10, 1 being "you're a dick, die bitch" and 10 being "sweet muffin" how would you grade my behavior so far? I need feedback. Thank you good people.


Why I'm Very Concerned About GDC

Posted by DookieLukie in DookieLukie's Blog, 15 June 2015 · 1,731 views

Just as a disclaimer, I know everything I'm about to say will be quickly dismissed by members of GDC with comments like "Well you deserved it" or "You had it coming" or maybe even something more detailed. I know most of what I've said in the past has been to annoy, to joke, and for comedy, but if I could be serious for at least one blog post, I'd like to...


Last Chance!

Posted by youngreendayvet in youngreendayvet's Blog, 15 June 2015 · 97 views

Hello GDCers!
Today is the last day of Campus MovieFest's #SavedonWD contest, so tomorrow you won't be able to vote for Saving Sadie, which is the award winning student film I produced and edited. If you would like to vote, thus qualifying you to win a Western Digital My Cloud, just follow this link http://savedonwd.wdc...s/showentry/...


Packing Up: The Breakup EP *lyrics*

Posted by Sappy in Uptight and Jinxy, 14 June 2015 · 61 views

I've been writing songs like the two previous songs i've posted on here, and decided to do a theme. the theme that came to be was relationship issues, thus i have a small group of songs about breakups. if i ever recorded them, it would probably be titled Packing Up: The Breakup EP, thus the title of this blog! I'll post the 6 new songs along with links to...


Landmarks of My Youth: A Poem

Posted by It's Splash Time in Pyromanic Ninja Pirate Nerd , 14 June 2015 · 56 views

I've lived here all my life
I know all the landmarks
Yet somehow
I see them still
As the landmarks of my childhood
The blockbuster on the corner
Though it has long since
Become another shop
Shall always be
The blockbuster on the corner
I return
To places I have tread
And expect
To still see my footprint
Forgetting the many footprints
That have obscu...


Woe to the Vanquished (Short Story)

Posted by Trotsky in Occupy Reality, 12 June 2015 · 128 views

            Three lunar cycles had passed since the fall of the Highlands; two since the occupiers’ tribunal condemned Cordan to die. By the winter solstice, the designated day of reckoning for the man called deviant, war criminal and heretic, the once proud city of Bryn saw only four hours of daylight. Dust and debris...


Tomorrow (Poem)

Posted by 21guns&novacaine in 21's Blog of Life , 06 June 2015 · 139 views

You're here... But you're not.
I'm lost, caught up in what should be happening.
But isn't, because a few wrong words.
I probably chased you away
With words I tried so hard not to say
My dreams haunted me with a recurring story
Yelling at me to yell at you.
I couldn't escape it, now I'm wrong.
More pictures clog up my newsfeed
praying it's enough to...


Help! ESC key not working?

Posted by 9876gwen in The blog of shit, 06 June 2015 · 137 views

So a day or 2 go I noticed my ESC key stopped working on steam so I just shrugged it off but now it wont work on ANYTHING! What could be the problem? Im on a Dell Inspiron 11 3000 series with Windows 8 


Popular Topics: May 2015

Posted by Lone in GDC News, 06 June 2015 · 404 views

10 Most popular topics for May 2015
1) Airing of Grievances - 1,558 posts
2) Green Day playing 924 Gilman St tonight (May 17th) - 840 posts
3) Battle Of The Green Day Songs - 388 posts
4) Blasphemy & Genocide: Unpopular Green Day Opinions, Part 2 - 347 posts
5) Ben gets bitchy (split from General Conversation thread) - 306 posts
6) The Work Thr...


New Project: Paul's Boutique Track Art

Posted by HungryHungryModels in Runway Shenanigans, 27 May 2015 · 152 views

Paul's Boutique by the Beastie Boys has to be my favorite album. So... I've decided to start a project creating lyric posters for each individual track. 
The original release included 15 tracks:
1. "To All the Girls" 
2. "Shake Your Rump" 
3. "Johnny Ryall" 
4. "Egg Man" 
5. "High Plains Drifter" 
6. "The Sounds...


The Horrid Silence

Posted by Pop Punk Princess in Shades of a Paradise Long Gone, 26 May 2015 · 147 views

Walking deeper into pain (Trudging forward slowly)
Twisting paths turn everything (Twisting them recklessly)
Weary as light slips between (Weary devastating)
This subtle loss of clarity (Subtle obviously)
Slipping, darker territories (Slipping, this disdain)
So lost, I cannot see (I cannot see)

Treading unaware of what comes next
Never knowing what is be...



Posted by Afflejack in Affle speaks, 24 May 2015 · 175 views

this is literally about a fish ok
I acquired a fish last night via my boyfriend and so far all I've done is add water to the tank so the filter can work properly and I already feel like i've done something wrong :(
it's a bit lethargic so i think it's in shock so i looked some stuff up and since its a betta fish i think the water is too cold. but i...


Jokers, Masters, Wishing Wells.

Posted by Sauli in 2+2=5, 24 May 2015 · 104 views

He came in, looking ragged
And he bade you to let him in
He said he's got the joker, yes,
He said he expects to win

So you call him your master
And you let him come inside
As he tells you that both time
And his hand are on his side

If the world is a wishing well
Then we ourselves must be the coins
We're thrown in in hope or despair
That the dark t...

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