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  1. Lone
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    By Lone,

    Happy December! It's that time of year where we let ol' Frosty here loose. If you don't know who this magical beast is, you can find it by switching the theme at the bottom of the forum.





    Please use Frosty responsibly.

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    It's Romantic Isn't It?


    Maria Gloria

    One of the many wonderful photographs by Maria Gloria. Take a moment to check out more of her photography and leave a comment


    Make a suggestion for next weeks MasterPiece of the week my sending BeachBum a pm.

  3. Billie Hoe
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    I just stumbled upon this short video on Facebook and was completely floored by it and just... holy shit man. I don't know if this has been posted here before, since the video is four days old. I wasn't sure whether this warranted its own thread or not, but I wanted it to be here. So I made a blog post about it. 

    Please watch the video. Watch it twice.

    Description: As the school year winds down, one student finds himself starting an unexpected relationship.


  4. I'm eager to see how activity around GDC and the 'green day community' (lower case, as in, not the location, but the fan base as a whole) changes over the next several months as the band starts doing promo again and goes back on tour. 

    Around the release we saw such a huge influx of users. Monthly traffic last month here on GDC was more than 75% higher than the same time last year. Expected. Unfortunately November this month was down 26% from October. Also expected since there's a whole lot of conversation and interest when a new album is released. 

    I'm still hopeful that with a new single and more promo coming things will pick back up again. This place does pretty well when the tour is active as fans want a central place to organize and talk. While most of the world moves on to Facebook pages and groups, there's something unique and special about communicating on a forum dedicated to a topic you care about. In the back of my mind I'm always worried that with the advent of new social media, communities like this one will be less and less popular. But over the last couple years, seeing the type of people that end up here has only convinced me that places like GDC will remain a unique attraction and a worthwhile one. It's not as passive as something like a Facebook page. Members have to actively engage if they want to be part of the community. 

    So hopefully that will remain true for a while, and hopefully activity will pick back up as fans come back to look at a central place to talk to like-minded people when the tour kicks back off.

  5. Not counting today, and I am not, there is exactly four days left of November and NANOWRIMO. For those who don't know, which is apparently most people, NANOWRIMO is the abbreviation of National Novel Writing Month, AKA November. There's a site that basically organizes this whole thing where you write a 50,000 words (min) novel in a month. The point is to just write everyday and get it out of the way, even if it's crap. Editing and all that magic can happen later.

    It's also something we do for our creative writing class. Now thankfully, my creative writing teacher is not evil, so she doesn't require us to hit the full word count, she just wants weekly progress. That's it. But for me, this isn't about the class, not really. It's about something I started about six years ago, when I was a wee lass of 11 years. I am currently still technically a wee lass, but less, I should hope. Not the point.

    I started this novel when I was eleven, and I wrote like 8000 words for it before I realized my writing was shit and I liked the idea too much to ruin it with my crap writing skills. So what I did was put it aside, with the intention to get back to it after I upped my writing skillz. That didn't really happen. So when last year, the first year I took creative writing, Mrs. Cutter -aka my writing teacher aka the love of my life she's amazing- told us about NANOWRIMO I thought that was the perfect opportunity to pick this story back up. Trouble was, I wasn't, and am not, a fast writer. I was still in the beginning stages of letting go of my borderline obsessive need for perfection before moving on. A big problem for writing, as it made me edit while I was writing and slowed me down a ton.

    So I started it back up, didn't finish. I wrote about 18,000 words, and five thousand of it was crossed out because I realized it contradicted either something that had happened or was going to happen. Now this year, I've picked it back up again, and my personal goal for NANOWRIMO was to finish this story. And I have, almost. Now, however, the problem lies in the fact that about 13,000 of my word count is in another document from last year. Yikes.

    I'm trying to add more stuff into the story, but there's only so much I can do after the plot has taken it's course. I've added more description and extra scenes here and there, but ultimately, I know what I have to do. Start the sequel. And fuck, motherfucker, I am not ready for that. I have nothing planned out for how that's going to go, vs the first one which I spent six years working and developing in terms of plot. This is going to be completely new territory, and that's pretty scary.

    I should really stop now, as this is really just my way of procrastinating from writing. Like that dance break and food break and drawing break that I took over the past three hours that I was supposed to be writing. Also, I've been listening to the same six fucking songs from Queen since like three days ago on repeat. Halp.


    Moods: THAT'S WHY THEY CALL ME MISTER FAHRENHEIT I'M TRAVELING AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT I WANNA MAKE A SUPERSONIC MAN OUTTA OF YOU + crying on the inside because my dad just left for Iran and he's gonna be there for three weeks for business stuff and that means no parents for three weeks which is kind of nice but also NO + is it obvious I'm high af on caffeine


    Stay Dirty


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    Last weekend, I took a day trip and during the drive to and from I decided to listen to the Green Day albums in order uninterrupted (save for the event I went to). This was significant for me in many ways. In truth, I have a terrible habit of not listening to anything as an album anymore. After importing all of my CDs to my ipod years back, I seemed to have it on permanent shuffle. Maybe it's just that I'm never going anywhere long enough for an album listen. Anyhow, I really wanted to go on this chronological GD journey and it certainly was enlightening:

    1039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours
    - If any album takes a "least favorite" place, it is this one. It felt, in essence, like 19 of the exact same song and I quickly became impatient with it. Now, in theory, I suppose it's hard to judge it like that because although we view this as an album now, it was originally what, three albums? And were only combined after the fact.
    - Annoyances aside, listening to this is so funny purely for how drastically Billie's voice has changed. With this and Kerplunk, sometimes you feel like you're listening to another band entirely.

    - I expected to feel the same about this one as the first, but I liked it more than I realized.
    - I previously would have said that Words I Might Have Ate was my favorite off of this, but I think with this listen Christie Road took that spot very easily.

    - I've always had a hard time picking a "favorite album" and I still do. Given their style shifts over 20 years, it's hard to get comparative. But I think if my answer was this album, I would feel confident and satisfied with that.
    - Even more difficult is picking a true #1 song. Right now I'm giving it to When I Come Around.

    - I used to think some of my least favorite songs were on this album, but I'm not sure that's the case anymore. Of the early albums, this is an easy 2nd placer.

    - Holy crap, this one was a shocker for me. I really did not enjoy listening to most of this album and it fell very low on my overall rankings very quickly.
    - You can definitely tell it's a sign of style shifts. You've got songs that seem typical and fitting with the previous 2 (Hitchin' A Ride, Nice Guys Finish Last) and then you get the outliers (King For A Day, Walking Alone is indicative of their next steps). I appreciate the experimentation, but I have to say that there are just so many songs on this album that are forgettable to me.

    - This one did the opposite of Nimrod for me- songs that I thought were forgettable and uninteresting were much more enjoyable for me this time. The catchiness of the songs is strong in each and that's something I tend to be shamelessly drawn to in music overall.
    - I should note here that I followed this up with the three IS songs, and Shenanigans before I moved on to AI.

    American Idiot
    - I expected to have this album be revitalized by listening to it again. Alas, it did not escape its reputation and, ironically, it fell on my list. We cannot argue that this album was a success, was well done, was/is iconic- to some degree or another. But I found myself listening to this album and being uninspired by 90% of it. I think it's fallen victim to being overplayed for me. JOS will always reign for me emotionally. It seemed to be immune. But Holiday is a good example of a song that gives me no excitement anymore. Each song is radio hit after radio hit and it's completely lost its power for me. JOS, Whatsername and Homecoming remain some of my favorite GD songs ever, but the rest of it, not so much.

    21st Century Breakdown
    - It will be blasphemous to say, but I enjoyed listening to this more than AI. Part of it is probably the era itself, but even those first few songs are just invigorating.
    - I can absolutely admit that its biggest flaw is its length. There's a whole section that I probably could have easily done without. And 21 Guns will remain one of my least favorites of all time...but overall, I quite love this album and I feel that I'm in the minority there. Oh well.

    Uno, Dos, Tre
    - I should first note that my drive stopped in the middle of Uno and I ended up listening to the rest after the fact so they didn't get the same "in a row" treatment as the rest.
    - My opinion remains largely the same with these and in truth I don't think they're worthless. They are good songs. I think when most of us are criticizing them, we're really subconsciously disgruntled with the era and the situation itself. It was a dark time. The songs will probably always have to carry some sort of baggage that way. But there are gems. X-Kid is easily my second favorite song of all time if we're going to continue to give When I Come Around the top spot.
    - One thing that is completely successful here is the thematic structure of the three albums. The lighthearted start of the party, the out of control middle, the hangover redemption. They seem to perfectly represent that.

    Revolution Radio
    - I like this thing more every time I listen to it. I think it ranks pretty high up there for me. Another blasphemous statement, I suppose.

    Final Rankings:
    - I would note that this is purely a representation of the order of which I personally enjoy them as opposed to a true analysis of which albums are better than others musically, commercially, etc.

    • Dookie
    • Insomniac
    • 21st Century Breakdown
    • Revolution Radio
    • Warning
    • American Idiot
    • Uno
    • Tre
    • Kerplunk
    • Nimrod
    • Dos
    • 1039 SOSH

    And who knows...this could easily change in another 5-10 years when I realize I need to listen to everything again. Although, hopefully, there will be a lot more albums to add by then so it may be more difficult. :happy:

  6. Recycle Bin

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    I look around me to see where do I fit in this world... every time I think I found my seat, I get chased away by the people who think that I'm the odd one out.

    I never belonged anywhere, not in school, not in university, not even in my own home. My society thinks that I'm weird, other societies also think that I'm weird since I have a cocktail of interests and a contradictive mixture of beliefs that make me the outcast wherever I go.

    To the people around me, I've always been the girl that likes things no one else likes, and for that reason there's nothing in common between us to talk about. Despite the fact that I don't think there's anything wrong with their interests they seem to think that there's something wrong with mine. This led me to have only two options: either keep my mouth shut and pretend to be someone that I'm not just to fit in, or I be myself and accept the outcome even for the price of not having someone to talk to.

    I picked the latter.


    I'm sorry that talking about your dilemma of picking a lipstick that matches your outfit is something that would put me to sleep.

    I'm sorry that I like cars more than I like fashion.

    I'm sorry that I like rock instead of pop.

    I'm sorry that I'm sentimental and not materialistic.

    I'm sorry that you never understood me, and you never will.


    And I'm sorry that I'm not sorry for who I am...


    I had to get it out of my system

  7. UYkEK7d.jpg

    I don't know what to do
    To get me back to you.
    I've got nothing left to lose;
    I'm sadness, tears and blues.

    All bridges have been crossed;
    I guess our love is lost.


  8. A short (relatively speaking, compared to an essay, anyway) critique of how "millennials" are stereotyped:

    We do not think we are "special snowflakes." We may indeed be a generation that has realized from the onset how not special we are. Conventional wisdom would assert that many young folks' approach to social media is "like farming" and getting attention. You know what 100 likes on Facebook is worth? Nothing. And we know that. All the way back to the MySpace days, I saw me and everyone else decorate our pages with the same HTML codes and post the same songs and copypaste the same bulletins.

    I don't think my facial piercings and shaggy hair are symbols of noncomformity, because a million other people have them too. I just like how they look. Maybe there is a little subconscious influence in my head telling me it amounts to "making a statement", but that's an easily recognized delusion. And by pointing out that dressing weird or getting pierced or doing something against the grain doesn't amount to individuality, I'm not "special" for saying that either, because everyone else has already come to that realization too.

    When I first learned about the 1960's hippie culture and the anti-Vietnam protest and groups like Students for a Democratic Society, I kept thinking "why is there no counterculture anymore?" The truth is that there is a mainstream culture and a counterculture that has been so blended that everyone walks the line between both. And here on social media, that blending is on display in full force.

    The next time you see a stranger on the internet expressing an identity of gender noncomformity or some abstract political or spiritual ideas that don't flow well in the mainstream, don't assume that person is trying to be special. Instead, consider that person may be wanting to find others just like them. Cliche as it as, it rings true that the more connected we get, the lonelier we get. I truly believe the internet is still a net positive thing, because it's very cool to find out when none of your neighbors or your classmates or peers or family quite get you, there is someone on the other side of the world who does, who you are free to talk to any time - instantly.

    You see, we know we aren't special. We know originality, real originality, is so fleeting that you always miss it. Because when an original, revolutionary idea is conceived, it catches like wildfire and spreads. The rest of us are just hoping to set off the next spark, but we know the odds and we know how it is. We're saturated in the finer details of every day life. Going down your Facebook feed is much like walking down the street - you see a lot of things: most of them scarcely matter to you, fewer things still that even help you grow as a person. But all of it together is the unfolding and unending story of all of us.

    Some have said my generation is uniquely sensitive. I say we have the thickest skins yet. You say "we didn't have this disorder and this dysphoria and this condition back in the day." You sure as hell did. Some of those people whose feelings and conditions were invisible are dead now. Some of them are homeless or in prison. And some of them made successes of themselves. They have a nice car and a big house and a meaningful career. But some of those same successful people are hanging on by a thread every damn day, feeling the weight of the world on their chest that presses and presses but never stops their breath.

    Every life has adversity. But the point of adversity is to face it down, conquer it and grow. Life is not settling for feeling shitty. Saying "I'm miserable and I have no way out of it, but I'll just go on" and settling for that - no. You're supposed to fight. And the people around my age are the ones who are realizing these battles shouldn't be fought alone. So if you want to make fun of these support networks we make for people who feel the pain of bigotry and misunderstanding, consider that those people are healing and working in unity to overcome what they're facing.

    Let me tell you something about "trigger warnings" and "safe spaces" I've heard some folks laugh at. Those were around long before I was born. What the hell is "viewer discretion advised" on TV? Someone is going to say "fuck" on TV and you felt the need to warn us. That's just the status quo. A parental advisory sticker on a CD, or every time the news anchor warns the viewers that they're about to show "graphic content" - you accept that. So there is nothing unacceptable about saying "hey, we're going to be talking about racism or rape or something horrible here, and we know some of you have been personally affected by that and may not want to have to think about that right now." A courteous heads up.

    You all have safe spaces. If you have a group of friends who you know you can just talk openly with without fear of being judged, that's a safe space. If you go to an AA meeting, would you want someone to come in and plaster the walls in ads for liquor? Would you want a group from the nearest bar marching in uninvited and ranting about how trashed they are and what a crazy night they're having? No, you don't want that. And that doesn't mean if you've quit alcohol that you can't a handle a world where alcohol exists and people like drinking. If you go to church, do you want someone to come up next to the priest or pastor and argue that God doesn't exist? Again - indulge me. Can you not handle realizing there is a world with atheists? Are you incapable of defending your beliefs in an intelligent debate? Of course you can handle it and you're capable, but your church wasn't the time or the place. That's a "safe space." Ours are just as valid.

    You say my generation doesn't tolerate dissenting opinions. I've yet to hear a single millennial say that if you disagree with something like marriage equality that you should be put in prison or pay a fine. That's ridiculous, and precisely why that's not what any of us believe. You say university students shouldn't protest speakers with a "different worldview." Everyone draws a line somewhere with who and what is unacceptable. If Westboro Baptist Church was going to come to a conservative, Christian university, many of those conservative, Christian students would protest and say "hell no, we don't want them here." Because they, like liberal students, see a degree of hatred and intolerance that is unacceptable and they emphatically say no. Any reasonable person would understand students saying "we won't let David Duke speak here." And some of you will argue "but they protested people who aren't anything like David Duke or Westboro Bapist Church, they protested reasonable people." It's a matter of differing perspectives. But unless we're jailing these people or inviting political repression, no one's first amendment rights are being violated.

    We are not sensitive, we do not think we're special. We didn't invent safe spaces and trigger warnings and we aren't the only ones who make use of them. We are definitely not threatening anyone's right to free speech. And we're not lazy either. We're doing what we can with what we have, and a lot of us are making a difference. Every day.

  9. Z J
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    Cursed be the country

    standing on stolen land.


    Cursed now, be that land,

    built with sin and slave hands. 


    Cursed be the hand

    of heathens who cast

    a ballot in his name.


    Cursed be the name 

    of the patriot who didn’t vote. 


    Cursed be the voter 

    who felt the choices were the same. 


    Cursed be the same 

    voter now wishing

    they had not refrained. 


    Cursed just as slavers 

    before us, a congruence found

    in Rome’s remains.


    Cursed be our empire’s reign:

    To our fated ruin

    we are chained.

  10. Hi whoever manages their way over onto this blog thingy I just have to vent about the recent things ive seen "fans" of Green Day say that's really grinding my gears. <Terrible Family Guy meme> So as of recent ive seen a lot of people who claim to be fans of Green Day or their music leave -I guess that's how you would put it- the fandom or stop/ boycott listening to the music altogether because they found out Billie didn't vote for Trump or because of all his recent political posting. Like how do people logically think "oh because he has a different opinion on POLITICS his music sucks now and I hate them" Like the hell? Like ive seen someone say they've been a fan since they were a baby now they arent because hes posting his opinion. Someone else said "Dont make me hate you guys now" all because he didn't vote Trump. Do people turn into mindless brainwashed monkeys when he comes to politics and the election or something? Do people lose all sense of logical thinking? 


    Yeh so.... venting/rant over


    Heres a nice meme Click 4 meme


    UPDATEARINO- Called the person out who left the fandom because they didnt like that he posted his opinion on politics, gets called stupid and blocked.

  11. We cannot escape the perceptions of us held by others, nor can we escape from our perceptions of others and the truth that the people we surround ourselves with are who we make them out to be. 

    If we accept this to be true, we are at any one time the version of ourselves that others hold to be true. That doesn't diminish us as an individual in our own right (unless the view of us held is inherently shitty) but it's explain why we can be such a different person around different people. Maybe not everyone is: I’m not saying what follows applies to everyone because there are always exceptions to the rules, and there are underlying consistencies in our personalities and beliefs which mark us our own person. But I know the people around me change who I am, to some extent. 

    At school I was pegged as the quiet, submissive nerd. To this day, around a lot of the folk from school who gave me a hard time, that is what I revert to. If anyone has seen The Rock and Kevin Heart's film Central Intelligence, there is a great scene demonstrative of that where The Rock’s powerful, loud but insecure rogue CIA agent is confronted by his high school bully and shuts down. 

    Around my friends, especially Uni friends, I'm a leader. They think of me as a bit of a dick, but definitely no arsehole and certainly not a cunt. I've been described and labelled as charismatic, funny and headstrong so those are the traits I inhabit. Already on my new MA, I’ve been pegged as ‘knowing a lot’ and being confident, so I’m comfortable piping up to ask questions and debate in lectures.

    If someone had said I seemed a bit thick, that’d have changed my persona within that context. Abby, a girl who I lived with and who holds me to account like few others, has noted that girls get quickly infatuated with me – which sets both parties up for a fall. I've frequently felt unable to match those expectations.

    Likewise though, I know I bring out sides to my close friends they otherwise wouldn't be considered as having: around me, my friend Dunks becomes far more assertive, focused and particularly lexically fixated. Around his musical friends he – surprise, surprise - is a character dominated by his musical talent. Around Alex I inspire feats of hitherto untold hedonism, but also quiet warmth and stillness he otherwise lacks.

    Closeness is another factor.

    People often say they are their true selves around their closest friends or partners, but I'd disagree. Intimacy allows further walls to be broken down and trust established, but it also makes the other persons view of you even are powerful. My personality is drawn to its extremes by the people who are close enough to me to have mined deep enough to find them: Emma, my oldest friend, cuts through my pride like no one else because she was the only person who knows me now who was close to me as the short fat bullied 12-year-old who cried on her shoulder. It’s not to say that is how she sees me, but it's how she knows me. I'm also the funniest I get around her, partly because that's what she expects of me. It gives me the freedom to crack a joke I otherwise wouldn't. But that's one of the consistencies in my personality: I cherish making people laugh because I know what it's like to be sad. Some people bring out the worst, some the best, some just magnify everything , because it matters so much and the chemistry runs deep. Electricity is bright, but it burns and occasionally short circuits. 

    Perhaps all of this is why it holds true that you always only find good relationships when you're not looking. Whoever comes along isn't clouded and shaped by your preconceived notion of 'what you want.' It’s quite difficult to live up to an idealised vision of a partner that has been created internally, separate from you, to fulfil their specific needs. No real person can do that. We also can't force open mindedness regarding new people, to do so is still to shape the people you meet before you've met them. If you need to be loved, you will find love and admiration in anyone who gives a modicum of attention. Likewise, if you find the whole notion of a relationship or new people in general wretched, meeting people will be a wretched experience. 

    That's important with regards to social anxiety. If you anticipate being on edge around people, or people finding you awkward, that's what will be. This isn't mindless theorising anyway. As a lecturer, I have to shape the perception of myself as being worthy of respect and being in control. It’s similar to theatre - actors plant the seeds of the character in the minds of the audience. How well they do this dictates how successful or high quality the performance is. An actor without an audience is just a person. It’s the audience who establish and accept that they're playing a character. Crowds, like individuals, reflect this basic point of human nature on a massive scale: if the crowd demands a villain they will get one. If the crowd bays for a demagogue, one shall be created. Look at the US election. 

    This leads me back to an earlier point: when we are alone our identity breaks down. A few days alone time is always healthy. But go too long, or too regularly, and the only mirror you have to see yourself is yourself, and that is an infinitely deep vista. Small wonder depression, anxiety and even early death is linked with loneliness; if you've ever been stuck ratting around your own head without release, you'll know it feels like you're killing yourself. Perhaps worse, if you plant the perception of being a loaner in others' heads or even worse expect others to have that perception of you when you do escape the confines of your mind you do what we do: become what people think you are. 

    Likewise, if you are desperate to impress you'll lose sight of who you are. I've fallen into that trap. The cruelty of it is that it often feels like utter bliss when we get the affirmation we so crave. There’s a fine line between being a part of something and giving yourself up for someone. But that's the role of self-esteem and self-worth: the more you have, the less reliant you are on other people's views of you for happiness. This isn't to say that those with unlimited self-esteem are more likely to be consistent across everyone they know, it just means that they value themselves and their positive reflection without the negative festering. Self-love doesn't so much direct us towards good people and second as much as it does steer us away from the bad ones. 

    So it's worth being mindful that we are only that which we are perceived to be - but the consistencies across those varying perceptions, and the universal experiences, knowledge and feelings we hold mark us as ourselves as individuals. Just don't spent too long on your own, or that individual will unravel.


    Or long essay short, Eminem:


  12. Affle speaks

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    Maybe punk's not the right word but... This is just weird.

    I went to lock my phone and remembered that I had stored a piece of paper between my phone case and my phone for safe keeping.
    A few days ago I had worn my Rancid shirt to work. We were getting a delivery of milk to the store and the guy who was bringing it in had recognized my shirt and knew who they were. Bonus points for him, now he's cool.

    Before he officially left he came back in and gave me a little piece of paper and said they were bands I should check out on Facebook. Gon Publik and One Last Crime. Why not, right? So I put that little piece of paper behind my phone. 

    Figured I'd look them up tonight, and lo and behold, the milk guy is in both of these bands and singing. Holy shit??


    I'm just at a loss for words and thought hey why not post about this here?

    Rock on lil milk man \m/

  13. New lyrics. Enjoy. Samples music from "Bang" by Anitta.


    On Your Warning, My Dear


    You got me on an island

    defiantly moving to the groove

    You saw me at the pretense

    to defend words you use to sooth


    You take it to the crosshair

    where the beats are just an interlude

    You seek me for what I am

    understand that's not true attitude



    It's an affliction

    It's and addiction

    One that crushes

    the body and the soul


    On your warning, my dear

    I'll reclaim all that you smear

    No more living out of fear


    It's a form of silence

    Crying won't make it go away

    It's a form of violence

    A synergy where I never have a say


    Running to the track line

    Collapsing lung in the blatant

    lies as you bury the media; fine,

    kill me; just be swift and potent




    On your warning

    On your warning, my dear


    On your warning

    On your warning, my dear


    Your control is a vice

    Perhaps they won't believe me

    Your numbing ways are the price

    I wasn't paying for at all



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    Aww, look at my blog name. That's cute.

    It's weird , I haven't been on here in 3 years.


    I remember coming on almost every morning before school, sometimes during school, then after school. Back when I was convinced that Green Day was what made me happy, I could just fire up an album and lose myself in the music.

    I don't know what changed. I still love them, but they're just a band now. I've gone months without even thinking about them, when a few years ago they were all I thought about.

    Sometimes, when I listen to them, that old fan emerges, but for the most part, she's gone.

    I want to sell off a lot of my GD merch because I see no reason to keep it. I'd rather have the money. It's weird, I used to make lists of all the GD stuff I wanted. I'd scour websites looking for cool shit that I could fill my room with. Kinda glad I didn't have a job back then, I would have wasted so much money. I've always enjoyed physical vs. digital, like I'd much rather have my clunky NES than have the games on VC or emulator or CDs vs. buying off iTunes, but at the same time I don't like having a lot of "stuff" because it just takes up space.

    I'm supposed to be studying for my American Government test tomorrow at 8 AM. Fuck me, right? I've never had any interest in politics, I couldn't care less to be honest. As long as I can get out of this class with at least a B, I'll be happy.

    I'll probably browse GDC for a few more minutes. I kinda want to come back here, it used to be my home. I can only hope that some people remember me, but I never seemed to manage to make it in the "in" crowd no matter how hard I tried. Story of my life.

    Time to go down the rest of my Rumchata and actually study so my grade doesn't get any worse.


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    Green Day @ Aragon Ballroom in Chicago, IL. October 23, 2016.

    Sometimes I come up with crazy ideas. This one seemed like a crazy-not-so-responsible-idea, but I just couldn’t let it go so I pulled the trigger. I knew I wouldn’t regret it in the end.

    Green Day’s new album Revolution Radio came out on October 7th and they’ve been playing a few club shows in the United States to warm up before they start their official world tour. The closest show they were going to play was Chicago on Wednesday, September 21 but a few of the band members got sick so they ended up rescheduling the show for Sunday, October 23. In a meant-to-be-sort-of-way this worked out perfectly with my days off from work.

    Of course the tickets sold out within seconds of going on sale, so I had been looking on Stubhub for a few weeks. The prices were insane so I just kind of forgot about it for a while. Who’s crazy enough to drive to Chicago alone, anyways? Green Day ended up announcing their spring tour and I bought tickets for their Green Bay and St. Paul show. I thought this would suffice but when I thought about how long 170 days is, I just HAD to go to this Chicago show. Green Day is the one band people would EXPECT me to drive 10 hours to see.

    On Friday, October 21 I logged onto Stubhub and clicked purchase. NO BACKING OUT NOW! I couldn’t believe what I just did but I was feeling crazy so I got home from work and researched hotels in the area of the venue. I was on my way! I packed and left Fargo at 2:00AM. I’m a night owl so it wasn’t a big deal for me. I jammed Green Day music the entire drive and pulled into Chicago just before noon.

    The drive into the city wasn’t that bad. I even had to go downtown to pick up my concert ticket from the Stubhub office. After that, I had a couple hours to kill before I could check in to my hotel so I decided to check out the “free” Lincoln Park Zoo. My GPS lead me the way I really didn’t want to go -- down the Magnificent Mile. But I made it!

    When I arrived at Lincoln Park Zoo, I realized I was in Chicago because parking for 0-2 hours was $25. But I’ve been to the city a few times now and you just have to expect crazy prices wherever you go. I was at the zoo for an hour or so but I was exhausted from driving all night so I headed to my hotel at 3:00PM.

    I slept for a couple hours, and then I made myself wake up to watch the Cubs game. I knew it was going to be a historic night. I became a Cubs fan after I spent the day in Wrigleyville back in May. To see the Cubs advance to the World Series was unforgettable.

    On Sunday I checked out of the hotel at 10:00AM and headed to the Aragon Ballroom in Uptown. I was kind of confused when I got there -- because no one was lined up in front of the venue. But after I looked around for a bit -- I went to the far side of the building and saw about 70 kids with Green Day shirts lined up in an alley. Sigh of relief! I was #79 in line.




    I spent the next seven hours listening to other people geek out over Green Day and talk about their favorite albums and songs. It seemed like such a crazy world, because no one has ever liked the same music as me. Green Day has always just been my thing, which I’m fine with, but this felt pretty cool. I stayed in line the entire day, and only left once to find a bathroom before doors opened. Other fans offered me their leftover food throughout the day so I wasn’t completely starving.

    Venue security was there the entire day supervising and telling people who showed up where to stand. We were in an alley that was maybe 15 feet wide, and maybe 300 yards long. I was in the first line about halfway down -- but as soon as kids were lined up all the way to the end of the alley -- they started another line right by us, and then another as more people got there. This kind of worried me because were people REALLY going to stay in their line once doors opened? Somehow it all worked out and I was one of the first 100 people into the venue.




    They started moving the lines at 5:30PM and as soon as I rounded the corner and saw the Marquee, I started shaking! This was really happening! I was about to see Green Day! First they checked our ID’s at the door and then we went inside where they very thoroughly went through ours bags/purses and patted us down. After they scanned my ticket I walked further into the venue and saw that we actually had to go up some stairs.

    The problem was, they weren’t letting anyone upstairs yet because the band was finishing soundcheck, so a mob of people were collecting at the bottom of the stairs. After approximately 5-10 minutes, security said, “go.” And a mad rush up the stairs ensued. It was terrifying but I made it to the top and quickly ran around the corner trying to see where to go. A kid in front of me fell flat on his face which warned me that there was a step down. Venue security was yelling at everyone, “No running!” but of course, we all ran! I could see the stage now and there was only people on the barricade so I booked it and made it to the second row!




    By this time it was about 6:00PM and we still had to wait another hour before the opening band Dog Party came out. It was an all girl band -- two sisters from Sacramento. Billie Joe’s sons actually introduced him to the band and he invited them on tour. To be honest, I could care less about opening bands so I was happy when they were finished. Dog Party came on at 7:00PM and were done around 7:30PM.

    Now it was time to start getting excited! At 8:00PM Bohemian Rhapsody started playing over the speakers. This has been a long time staple of a Green Day show. Everyone goes crazy singing along. To be honest, I didn’t grow up listening to that song and I don’t know any of the lyrics. I’m obviously in the minority there. The song finished and another long time Green Day concert staple came out on stage. The drunk bunny.


    The drunk bunny warms up crowd before Green Day comes out on stage



    Finally the lights went out! The moment I waited all day (and more like 4 years for) was finally here!



    I’m really almost speechless about the concert itself. It was everything I could have ever imagined and more. I was right in front of the stage; I made eye contact with Billie and Mike; I sang along to every word. It was so surreal.

    My favorite songs from the setlist included Letterbomb, Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Youngblood, 2000 Light Years Away, Christie Road, Hitchin’ a Ride, Are We The Waiting, and Jesus of Suburbia. BUT my absolute favorite part of the show was when Billie Joe pulled a fan up on stage to play guitar for my all-time favorite Green Day song -- When I Come Around. The entire crowd gasped as Billie slung his beloved guitar Blue over the kid’s shoulder. When he played the first note, you could tell Billie was impressed. As was everyone in the room. The kid had unbelievable stage presence. I think Billie enjoyed it just as much as the kid did. It was hard not to have a smile on your face. Super cool moment.


    Green Day invites fan on stage to play When I Come Around on guitar



    I only recorded one full song -- Still Breathing. It’s my favorite song from the new record. It’s about Billie Joe being sober for the past four years. The lyrics are relatable to everyone.

    “As I walked out on the ledge
    Are you scared to death to live?
    I’ve been running all my life
    Just to find a home that’s for the restless”

    And it’s just unbelievable when the entire crowd is singing, “I’m still alive.”


    Green Day performs Still Breathing


    “The great thing about survival mode, is that you survive. This song’s for you.” - Billie Joe Armstrong

    The last song was Good Riddance (Time of Your Life). They can play this song for all of eternity for all I care. It’s the perfect last song for a Green Day concert. It’s something unpredictable but in the end it’s right...I did have the time of my life. A Green Day show would feel so incomplete without this song to send you home.

    After a 31 song/two-and-a-half hour set the show ended around 10:30PM. I noticed how sore my legs were as I tried to take my first steps since getting into the venue at 6:00PM. I limped out of the building and got into my car. I sat there for a while and watched my videos and went through my pictures. Asking myself, did that really just happen?

    I left Chicago around midnight and pulled into Fargo around noon -- after many MANY pit stops and cups of caffeine. But for Green Day, it was more than worth it. They’re MY band. They’re my heroes. They are the one thing that feels like home.

    156 days til I get to see them again...

    March 30 - Green Bay

    April 1 - St. Paul




    "This is a place where every weirdo, every anxiety-prone, awkward human being can come and feel at home. - Billie Joe Armstrong


  15. Big Cheese
    Latest Entry

    Hey, guys! Just thought I'd come on here and give an update on me for the people who don't have me on Facebook or just haven't seen my posts.

    I've been doing pretty good for the most part. Things got really bad for me from April to August, but luckily things are just fine now. I still have that fear that things are just gonna come back and shit on me again, but I try not to focus on that. On a more positive note, I'm working a lot more on my movies recently. I still write songs occasionally, but I'm a bit more into my movies now 'cuz I just feel like I'm better at writing movies that doing songs. I still plan to do one album though, but I decided to tie it in with my movies, so I'm gonna do a movie about my band. lol Me and Jaimie (my brother, for those who might not remember) are gonna be filming our first one here soon, like within the next month, so that's pretty exciting. For those who are interested, I have the scripts written for 3 of my movies, so just message me if you wanna read them!

    I also became a vegan during the summer. I'd been a vegetarian for a while, but around June I suddenly became lactose intolerant for some reason, and since I was gonna give up dairy I just decided to go all out and give up all animal products. It's been going pretty good. I've slipped a few times for pizza ('cuz I love pizza) because no one here has vegan options, so I've eaten some pizza with no meat once on a blue moon (it's only been twice) and I just dealt with getting the shits. lol

    Other than that, I'm kinda the same old guy you all know. I still listen to all the bands I used to blab on about to you guys all the time, and I'm still crazy over Nirvana and Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters and stuff lol. Other bands I've been listening to a lot recently though are They Might Be Giants, Dinosaur Jr, Husker Du, R.E.M., Violent Femmes, Alvvays, DIIV, The Pogues, ect ect. If you guys hadn't noticed, my taste in stuff doesn't tend to change much. :P There might be stuff that I like a bit better that others nowadays, but I haven't stopped liking anything.

    So yeah... Like I said, just thought I'd give an update for the people who might not be in contact with me. I really do miss all of you guys, and I hope you guys miss me too. That might sound a little conceited, but I just hope you guys have fond memories of me or enjoyed talking to me and stuff. I really do hope to talk to you guys a lot more soon.

    Take care! :)

  16. Aloha GDC brethren! :ga: 

    Tis time for me to start my my fundraising efforts for the 2016 Extra Life campaign! 

    To summarize, Extra Life is a charity event, in which you play video games for 24 hours to raise funds for the Children's Hospital of your choice. :) I play for the Children's Hospital of Denver, Colorado, as I know some kids who go there, including two kids I used to babysit who go there for diabetes check ups. I love doing volunteer work, and I love games, so this event is really a match made in heaven. <3

    Now, I know you might not want to donate your hard earned cash to someone you do not know, but be aware! There are rewards for doing so! This year - opposed to last year, I will be giving away one of my drawings to one lucky winner. It may be one of the ones I have listed below, another one that I have finished, or a custom piece! You'll be entered into the raffle automatically when you donate any amount to the link below. 

    :woot: http://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.participant&participantID=198196


    Thank you so much! 

  17. If I remember correctly, last year I created a list with my favorite tunes for autumn. Today in a bus ride I came up with the idea to create part II, including my favoirte tunes that caputre atumn mood

    Agalloch - ...and the Great Cold Death of the Earth (The Mantle, 2002)

    Blind Guardian - Harvest of Sorrow (A Night at the Opera Japanese Market Version, 2002 or Nightfall at Middle Earth Remastered 2007 (both times bonus track))

    Insomnium - Winter's Gate (Winter's Gate, 2016)

    Yue - In Legend (Ballads 'n' Bullets, 2011)

    Herbstleyd - Nargaroth (Herbstleyd, 1998)

    Alesia - Eluveitie (Helvetios, 2012)

    Wardruna - Helvegen (Runaljod - Yggdrasil, 2013)

    Wintersun - Death and the Healing (Wintersun, 2004)

    Blues Pills - Little Sun (Blues Pills, 2014)

    Tuomas Holopainen - The Last Sled (The Life and Times of Scrooge Mc Duck, 2014)

    Apocalypitca - Cohkka (Reflections Revised, 2003)

    Chelsea Wolfe - The Waves Have Come (Pain is Beauty, 2013)


  18. Albums:
    Blink 182 - California
    Green Day - Revolution Radio
    NOFX - First Ditch Effort
    Sum 41 - 13 voices

    1st place: 3 points
    2nd place: 2 points
    3rd place: 1 point
    4th place: 0 points

    Album covers:
    Green Day - 4h place (It's just a burning radio without any text on it)
    Blink 182- 3rd place (Cool drawing, too much white)
    NOFX - 2nd place (Nice black and white image, NOFX style)
    Sum 41 - 1st place (Clean design, just perfect)

    Number of songs I like:
    Blink 182: 4/16 -> 25% -> 4th place
    Green Day: 6/12 -> 50% -> 3rd place
    NOFX: 11/13 -> 85% -> 2nd place
    Sum 41: 10/10 -> 100% -> 1st place

    Good singles (promotional songs):
    Blink 182: 0/3 -> 0% -> 4th place
    Green Day: 2/3 ->75% -> 3rd place
    NOFX: 3/3 -> 100% -> 1st place
    Sum 41: 3/3 -> 100% ->1st place

    Production and mastering
    Green Day - 4th place
    Blink 182 - 3rd place
    NOFX - 2nd place
    Sum 41 - 1st place

    Blink 182: 2 points
    Green Day: 2 points
    NOFX: 9 points
    Sum 41: 12 points



  19. Alissa's Blog

    (This is already posted on GDA with awesome photos by @MooreClick, but I wanted to post it here for those of you who are solely GDCers and for my own easy access. Enjoy! :))


    After a two-year break from touring, Green Day was clearly itching to get back on the road. And in case anyone doubted it, Billie Joe Armstrong made it known early Monday night at the band’s first promotional show for Revolution Radio, its new album that releases Oct. 7.

     “You know what sucks? Taking time off of playing music. It’s hard,” he said, just a few songs into the setlist, gazing out and smiling at the eager, sold-out crowd inside Columbus, Ohio’s Newport Music Hall.

    “Look at this fucking place. Look at this. We’re back.”

    Cheers and applause erupted. Yes, they're back — in every sense of the word.

    Despite the hiatus, and after recovering from an illness that led them to postpone tour dates last week, the band thankfully didn’t appear weary or out-of-practice. In about two hours, they ripped through a 25-song setlist with no frills but all the high-energy antics of an arena show. The intimate feeling of seeing the orchestrated chaos just a few feet from your face is almost indescribable. From the second row of the 1,700-person venue, I could see all the tiny details usually only spotted in professionally shot videos: the beads of sweat rolling down their faces; Billie Joe’s quirky starred-and-striped socks; an adorable message, “Hello Again!”, scribbled in silver marker on the front of Mike Dirnt’s black sleeveless vest.

    Monday night’s set opened with new singles “Bang Bang” and “Revolution Radio” performed live for the first time, in that order. It’s a thrilling one-two punch that’s hard to top. The songs sounded just as good live as in the studio, if not better, as the band fed off the enthusiasm of a crowd that already had the lyrics memorized. The two songs blended in seamlessly with an otherwise greatest-hits-heavy setlist dominated by singles from American Idiot and Dookie. The show mostly followed Green Day’s tried-and-true formula for live shows, peppered with a few pleasant surprises in-between, including the return of “Scattered” and “Hitchin’ a Ride” from Nimrod and Kerplunk’s “2000 Light Years Away” and “Christie Road.” Billie Joe even sang a few lines from the trilogy’s “Nuclear Family” during the bridge of “Scattered” and looked quite amused with himself during the seconds-long medley.

    Many fans, myself included, were initially surprised the setlist wasn’t filled with deep cuts from the past or more new songs from their upcoming album. But as the show continued on, with little deviation from what longtime fans have come to expect from a Green Day concert, I focused less on the songs’ rarity and more on enjoying the performance. This show, I realized, wasn’t meant to be like the last club show I attended, at the House of Blues in Cleveland, the night before the band’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction. It wasn’t a nostalgic trip down memory lane. It was, it seemed, about looking forward to the future and getting back into a groove to prepare for a lengthy world tour that's likely in the works.

    From my spot in the pit, in front of Mike, the crowd was nothing like the House of Blues, either. For me, that was a good thing. There were fewer crowd surfers, fewer angsty fans clobbering each other to get a closer spot and few, if any, moments where I felt overwhelmed, at-risk or exhausted. Due to a strict policy that prohibited cell phone recordings of the show (which some fans, unsurprisingly, disregarded anyway), there were also fewer people blocking others’ views to get shots for YouTube. At first, I thought the policy was bogus, but in hindsight, I appreciate it. At my first Green Day show, in Pittsburgh in 2013, I spent more time fending off a violent girl who was desperate for YouTube footage than enjoying the music. Here, everyone seemed more focused on having a good time than anything else. The crowd wasn't dead by any means, but my experience with it was tamer and more controlled this time around.

    The band was having a blast, too, and that was evident by the smiles that never left Billie Joe and Mike’s faces and their frequent laughter. I couldn’t see Tré Cool much from my spot in the pit, but I did catch him chuckling a few times, too. During “Minority,” Mike planted a kiss on Billie Joe’s cheek. Billie Joe playfully bantered with the crowd during “Hitchin’ a Ride” and joined saxophone player Jason Freese on a harmonica during “King for a Day.” The pink bunny made its return in the preshow. The show was filled with good, genuine fun and emotion.

    Mainly for those reasons, I was really bummed to see Revolution Radio’s third single, "Still Breathing," was listed on Monday’s setlist but not played. The recently released song, which alludes to dealing with addiction, epitomizes the message of moving forward and positivity that Monday’s show seemed to symbolize. Because the band delayed its tour a week, it’s possible the song was scrapped because isn’t ready to be performed live yet, but I hope it’s added to the setlist soon. I could easily see it becoming a crowd favorite and it’s a song full of raw emotion that clearly resonates with the band, too.

    Given the political nature of Revolution Radio’s titular track, it came as no surprise that Billie Joe devoted a little show time to political talk, too. He joked about the presidential debate occurring that night and encouraged people to vote and "bring sanity back" into political discussions. He also mentioned it was fitting to kick off the tour in Ohio’s capital city, presumably because it’s a swing state that heavily influences elections. Personally, I also found it fitting that the band debuted the song “Revolution Radio” in Columbus because the city has recently sparked several Black Lives Matter protests, following a fatal police shooting of a 13-year-old black robbery suspect this month. A similar protest in New York inspired Billie Joe to write the song. Just moments before the concert doors opened Monday, a protest formed (unrelated to the concert) and prompted police to shut down a portion of the street adjacent to the concert venue. An eerie coincidence and a powerful reminder of the song's relevance.

    The show closed with two acoustic songs, “Ordinary World,” Revolution Radio’s beautiful, but simple closer, and the classic “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life).” "Ordinary World," written for a namesake movie starring Billie Joe that releases Oct. 14, didn’t receive nearly the same reaction as the fast-paced new songs, but those who were familiar with it, including me, seemed to appreciate hearing it.

    A friend of mine and longtime Green Day fan attended the show with me, and on our drive home, he mentioned how differently the band, especially Billie Joe, presented itself compared to recordings of shows he’s watched in the past, such as fan videos and Bullet in a Bible. Since, at this point, I’m a bit jaded to the band’s criticism, I assumed he was being critical. The statement that followed surprised me.

    “He just seemed… happy. Really aware and appreciative of what was going on.”

    I think that’s a message any fan who criticized the show’s setlist could learn from. Just appreciating the moment. One such instance that really struck me Monday was during the performance of “Waiting,” listening to the lyrics referencing the “dawning of a new era,” while the stage lights faded into a soft white glow around the band. It just seemed so fitting. Revolution Radio releases in just nine days. Its supporting tour, and Green Day’s newest era, is just getting started.

    If Monday’s show is any indicator of what to expect, I can’t wait to see what it brings us.

  20. Green Day: Still Relevant.

    Green Day status as a band is colossal. They’re true wisdom chasers, chroniclers of punk rock, masterminds behind the art of rock operas. And their hearts are completely drawn to music and its values, its magical aura, its stronghold. The act from California are still relevant and fresh. Their music has always evolved and flourished, it has always been truly monumental. Their style may have changed over the years, but their true humbleness has stayed rooted.

    Since 1986 Green Day have explored different musical angles and have morphed into a punk machine, tapping into genres and merging them together to create unique sounds. But are the band still relevant? That’s the question on the lips of many. And you know what? They’re still relevant, they’re still a band that many love.

    The band has created some of the most infectious and lyrically cohesive songs of the last 20 years. From their bratty major label debut Dookie to the politically drenched American Idiot, the contributions have always been golden. Billie Joe Armstrong’s sneers and poetic strands have caught the imagination of millions. The leading man writes with verve and precision, opening up worlds and creating stories. He’s gifted and often misunderstood, but truly entertaining. The band as a collective are truly purposeful. They’re focused on ascending and overtaking what they’ve done previously. Their minds are tuned in and ready to empty fables when needs be.  

    That’s why the Californian punk kings are still relevant!