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    Hello folks. Lone here with your November stats. Last month was a total sweep for Green Day as far as the top 10 topics goes. We saw an increase of active members (+6%) and total visitors (+7%) from the month of October as well. To slightly recap: we celebrated the release of 'God's Favorite Band' with a new music video and Green Day concluded their Revolution Radio tour in South America. What's next for our boys? If you're looking for a place to voice your thoughts, we have a poll for that! 

    P.S. Apologies for not keeping up but I've posted the stats from April-September 2017 so if you're interested, check them out here!

  2. A few weekends ago I stumbled upon a really cool neighborhood in Hamburg that's basically the punk leftist heartland. There's cute little shops, cool restaurants and street art everywhere. I fell in love instantly. :wub: If I could choose anywhere to live, it would probably there. In the first two pictures there were a few people watching a footballame in front of a bar. The second picture honestly isn't that good but I had to take it secretly because I loved his vest. I was kicking myself for not telling him that and later after exploring the neighborhood I was sitting in the train and fantasizing about complimenting him, and just in this moment he walked past my window at the station, and yet I never saw his face. :( 

    I also randomly saw a feminist protest in the city which I immediately joined. I haven't been to any protest in so long (not because I don't want to go, but because I never know when there are protests in the city). It ended in front of the coolest building I've ever seen. It's called the Rote Flora (the red flora) and it's an old theater that's been occupied by leftists since the late 80s. 

    dfBYawQ.jpg   wgbsoxt.jpg

    euYxkhG.jpg    Az2o62U.jpg

    3hnNegV.jpg    g40oAni.jpg

    w5kDCBk.jpg  GxEjTM6.jpg  3TH9z6M.jpg

    ok8sxC5.jpg    qGVrMmy.jpg

    JSSZDFa.jpg    RPvficn.jpg

    CYZB5GD.jpg    1qJRlZM.jpg

    YKcA7uG.jpg    o9OxmDQ.jpg

    iCd5ewp.jpg    diJCLYZ.jpg

    FV7rGt5.jpg    GLdivMA.jpg

    WIif9tY.jpg    RLvWIOA.jpg

    dS1nSYf.jpg    O3SDjBd.jpg

    Xlfcpst.jpg    W2Ik0l2.jpg

    gwWZhAC.jpg    ApHkXCm.jpg

    hf0CsTL.jpg  qFGJ173.jpg  xk3b9XV.jpg

    L70lpXH.jpg    f6b7PuO.jpg

    cuwRYmL.jpg    DVBziVh.jpg

    xh050Jd.jpg    SCoE2ME.jpg

  3. New lyrics. Enjoy.


    Paper Alcohol


    I don't bow to hurricanes

    When the need strikes,

    you gotta take the reins

    Soak up the poison, choking me

    make me do things you wouldn't believe


    Impulse or reason,

    Moderation or greed

    Believe in the sickness

    Believe in me




    Unable to be cured

    Leave us to die

    At the whim of the absurd


    Rebounding coil

    Incentivize the pured

    Leave the young to cry

    From the pike of the torturer


    I can see it now

    We're the ones left behind

    A touch of the mortal

    Cut even shorter from those unkind


    I can feel it now

    An obsession man-made

    The caress of the bank

    makes the world afraid




    We are animals


    The chain has been linked


    We are animals


    Spinal tensions, we blinked

  4. 29.jpg

    Oslo on January 25th was supposed to be my last show until Manchester on February 6th. So when I got back from Oslo, of course I sold a few things on eBay and bought a Paris ticket. I’d go, camp out, then come straight home.

    Then a couple of days before the Brussels show, I saw my friend Anja selling a ticket for it. It was the day before Paris and would just work with my uni schedule… but I’d already booked my Ouibus to Paris. Did I abandon it? It was 12€ which is approximately 55 bowls of pasta… yeah, alright, another Green Day show was more important than 55 bowls of pasta.

    I had a crit that morning – a group where tutors and students critique each other’s work on their project so far – and I’d been showing this work. They already thought I was insane, then someone asked if I was going to more shows and I was like ‘well, I’m getting the night bus to go to Brussels tonight, I just booked it.’

    My mum Joy was absolutely not meant to be coming to these shows. I was meant to be going alone and not staying anywhere. She was still in a lot of pain after people pushed her over in Oslo, too. So what did we do? Booked her a bus to London and a seat on my bus to Brussels, obviously. She used to live in Brussels – it would be like a hometown show. That was my excuse for talking her into it, anyway.

    Ah, so here I was: hurriedly shoving all my camping gear into a big suitcase (I don’t remember why I took that instead of The Backpack) and dragging it through Truro to catch the night bus. It was about a 12 hour journey. I might have slept half an hour until it filled up in Exeter. When I arrived in London at 6am I was 99% convinced I had become a zombie.

    Two hours later, with about 15 minutes until our Megabus, my mum’s bus was still stuck in traffic. It pulled in with a few minutes to spare, but I could have left without that metaphorically soiled underwear.

    You know, boarding these buses is kind of like doors at a Green Day show. Some people take the queue very seriously and stand there for ages, others just clump around the queue to rush it when doors open and everyone is desperate to get in first. Anyway, I’d been sitting there for a good two hours, so I was not moving from the front of the line and got us the back seat. After the anticlimactic Eurotunnel (I didn’t even meet the Dark Bladers?! Do they know I’m a champion Beyblader?), we tried to spread out and sleep but we didn’t have much luck. Maybe it was the thought of those strip searches the driver told us were popular at that border.

    My mum says it rained for at least five minutes every single day she lived in Brussels, and to welcome her back it was a typical grey, rainy day. As the bus approached the station, the driver announced that he was parking around the corner to deter luggage thieves. He urged us all to collect our luggage immediately and to hang onto it tightly. We rushed off the bus to grab it and despite the rain, my mum commented ‘Brussels has changed.’

    When we finally figured out the Metro system and got to the venue, it was deserted and unclear where the line should start. The area looked pretty dodgy (well, Brussels seemed dodgy). I was beyond exhausted and didn’t want to sleep on the wet ground and/or get stabbed to find a proper line elsewhere when I woke up. We went to get pizza in the Belgian equivalent of Pizza Kebap and got a few hours sleep before heading back in the early morning.


    Fans from Spain, Finland, the Netherlands and England lining up at Forest National, Brussels, 7am


    Me (trying and failing to sleep) and Tamsin, also from England

    As the sun rose the day proved to be the warmest of the tour. We were actually able to take the blankets back early! Seriously! We weren’t wrapped in tin foil all day!


    From left to right: Magnus from Denmark, Sara from Spain and me, Yaz and Becky from England


    The line: getting longer


    Line essentials


    Brussels line, midday, ft. the ‘she’s coming to the show?’ look my mum gets every time

    It was early afternoon when the staff yelled that they were moving us and we needed to dump our rubbish immediately. Everyone began clearing up in a panic. I couldn’t throw everything away – I had my camera and camping stuff. Our hotel was a good ten minutes away. Sara rescued me by running all our stuff to her Airbnb nearby. When we got back they were locking us into barriers where we apparently weren’t allowed to bring any food or drink. I still needed to get my ticket from Anja and pay her for it, but she wasn’t there yet and I’d had to leave my purse in the Airbnb. Fortunately she arrived just in time and we agreed I’d PayPal her later.

    Something incredible happened when they transferred us to the new line: they honoured our number system. It’s never done because we expect venues to care – it’s just to help prevent line cutting and if venues do get it, that’s an added bonus. I’d never seen it happen before, though, until we joined this new line in numbered order. The line was kept in order by Magnus and a local lady who was super helpful explaining how the venue worked. My mum also sent back two line cutters in French. #proud

    When they let us in later they were still reasonably organised – I definitely remember it as one of the less stressful entries of the tour. Thanks to the local lady’s directions, I ran and got our favourite spot: Mike’s corner. My mum of course got pushed aside by kids who saw she was vulnerable, but I was saving her a spot so it didn’t do them any good.


    The traditional barrier selfie: Brussels

    We knew most of the lyrics to The Interrupters’ set and they knew us at this point, which was both cute and hilarious. They never got boring – they were just so much fun. When Green Day came on, Magnus was the first fan on stage. Billie snatched his Danish flag and displayed a Belgian one instead (all in good fun, of course).

    I’m not someone who really cares about the setlist – I wouldn’t go to so many shows if I found it dull – but when Billie began playing the intro to Troubled Times, the crowd clapping along, I must have deafened the people around me. They’d played it at the previous show in Amsterdam, but I didn’t think they’d ever play it again. It was so powerful live and I will never forget hearing it in a foreign country after impulsively making a 24 hour bus journey from Cornwall.

    In Longview, the girl Billie pulled up to sing attached herself to Tré and he had to tell her ‘you’re here to sing, not make out with Tré Cool!’

    Before playing Scattered, Billie announced ‘it’s Aimee from The Interrupters’ birthday today!’ before beginning to play something it took me a few seconds to recognise. Then I turned to my mum and screamed ‘it’s Amy!’ and she registered it with wide eyes. It was such an incredible coincidence, because it was there in Brussels of all places, that hearing that meant the world to her. Her story in the We Are Revolution Radio book of fan stories sums up the show, really.


    My mum’s story in the We Are Revolution Radio book of fan stories

    After the show we headed to the bus station with Tamsin and Anita from Ireland for our Megabus to Paris. The luggage thieves business had unsettled us quite a bit, but the piss-scented street was deserted. I slept for an hour or so on the bus but my mum didn’t. We tumbled off the bus and into the line with our luggage at 6am.



    The line in Paris, 6am

    Soon they moved us closer to the entrance and we (understandably) weren’t allowed to take our suitcases into the barriers. So I went into the line alone and held places while the others decided what to do with all our luggage. I laid on the cold ground and tried to sleep but it was freezing and my camping gear was in the suitcase. A while later my mum was able to dump our luggage in our hotel early and everyone joined me to begin the long wait.



    Paris line, late morning, ft. my Milan blanket

    At some point in the afternoon, my mum and I went to get food and when we came back, the security guy who knew us had disappeared and the new one refused to let us back in. We were told to make our way to the barrier separating our line from a later one, where Anita soon joined us when they wouldn’t let her back in either. It had begun to rain and anxiety was setting in. We’d been there for an hour or two when our security guy finally returned from lunch, laughed and let us back in.

    We’d seen Green Day in Paris in 2010 but we had seated tickets, so everything I’d heard about Parisian crowds being the worst had kind of gone over my head – it just felt like a fun, energetic atmosphere up in the seats. As doors grew closer the line became a tight squeeze, I got into an argument with a line cutter and people were beginning to lose their footing. Drunk people from behind were pushing and begging us to just let them past. When security called us forward, my mum was splayed over a barrier that was toppling over in the surge, with a half-eaten camembert in her face. I don’t think anything could be more French than being shoved almost to the ground with a drunk guy’s camembert invading your personal space.

    I was held up when my phone set the scanners off and then it was forever until they searched me. When I finally got in, Anita was saving me a spot on the catwalk which I was incredibly grateful for. We managed to squeeze my mum in later. The crowd was certainly the most aggressive yet, which was an experience in itself. Every few minutes I was fighting someone new out of my spot. I couldn’t breathe, but I was having fun. My favourite moment was probably Scattered. It was still surreal that I was hearing that song not once, but multiple times. I was also thrilled to actually see all of Still Breathing since because I preferred front row to the catwalk, it was the first time I’d seen it from that angle. Being able to see all these songs from different points of view was a luxury I was grateful for throughout the tour.


    Paris, the day after the show

    It was raining the next day as we got lost trying to find the Ouibus stop and missed our bus in the process. We ended up sitting in a café where I tried to dry my socks over a radiator, and very nearly got lost again when looking for our new bus. Eventually we made it and I must say, I quite liked Ouibus. I mean, I don’t really like any coaches, but some are better than others, you know? I could write a coach comparison blog.


    The most exciting view of Paris we got, via Ouibus: turned sepia to make it look like an old postcard? Or something?


    The British border from the Ouibus

    I joined my mum on the overnight bus to Nottingham. I would have had to leave as soon as I arrived if I’d gone back to Cornwall, and I appreciated the few hours of sleep in my own bed before we headed to Manchester. Neither of us were going to Leeds, until Tamsin messaged me to let me know someone was selling a ticket. Being the complete twat I am, I left my stuff with my mum in our Manchester hotel and got back on the train. On the 99 Revolutions Tour she went to Leeds Festival while I stayed home, so we were swapping places, in a way. I arrived in Leeds an hour or so before doors, legging it up and down the escalators in the station (I had a legit phobia of escalators for years and it ended there), accidentally going the wrong way and then finally making it to the arena.


    My mum wasn’t there for a traditional barrier selfie, so I selfie’d me and my flag instead

    I ran for my life when doors open and managed to get the end of the barrier on Jason’s side. In all honesty, I hadn’t slept for days and I was exhausted, my ribs were bruised from a crowd surfer in Paris and I was panicking way too much about the Manchester queue. The crowd initially seemed unresponsive too, until Billie roared ‘I want to hear your loud English voices!’ and it was as if we all woke up. I was no longer tired and it was a surreal experience, being back where it all began for me, in arenas in England. Because there is no experience like Green Day in England. There’s no energy like this, no atmosphere like this, anywhere else. To be one of those voices, a collective voice so loud it feels like it could shake the bowels of the earth – it’s surreal. I’m really not at all patriotic, but Billie screaming ‘fuck you I’m from ENGLAND!’ at the top of his lungs in Youngblood, then thanking us for welcoming him home was something else. They also played Armatage Shanks and I may have temporarily died (of happiness, obviously).

    I watched the fire raining down in Still Breathing, and in my head I could still see that similar scene during 21 Guns, back at Birmingham’s (formerly) LG Arena in 2009. I couldn’t stop myself crying as I recalled how then, the lyrics about giving up resonated with me so. Now, there I stood, as strong, happy and confident as I could ever have wished to be. I’d been so close to giving up, but I never did. I was still breathing. Partially because of this band. I have no doubt that thousands of others in that arena, screaming the words at the top of their lungs, were feeling the same way.


    Couldn’t resist a phone pic of my home country confetti

    After the show I met up with Neeraja from India who I knew through Green Day. It was her first show and I was so happy she’d finally had the chance to see them. We got lost on our way to the bus station and managed to find it after asking a nightclub’s security guy for directions.

    Before I unintentionally fell asleep on the bus, I wrote with the last of my phone’s battery: ‘I am exhausted. My head hurts and my eyes don’t want to stay open. But I’m so ready for my last show.’


    Want to submit your story, photos or fan art to be part of the next We Are Revolution Radio book? You can, and totally should, do that here!

  5. Hey guys, I'm Nico and welcome to another episode of Nico Talks About Stuff!

    Today's topic is something that annoys many people: Censorship in video games.

    Well, I think it's okay if a few things are cut out of a game to have them allowed for ages 13 and up, but the part where I think "What the hell?" is the fact that even 17+ games are getting cut.

    I mean, here in Germany, it's clear that they think underage kids are stupid and have never seen blood before, but if they really think adults are as stupid, I'm thinking "Whoa... what world do you live in?"

    Of course, there's the blood censoring:
    Character: *gets shot* Oh my God! I'm bleeding to death! I'M BLEEDING TO DEATH!
    Player: Dude, there's no blood anywhere...

    But that's not all. Some shooters go as far as to make the corpses just... disappear.

    They... disappear. Where to? And more importantly... why?!

    But video games are not the only victims. Movies and TV series have a hard time here too.

    Let's take Naruto as an example. Here is a picture of a scene from the original version, and here is a picture of that same scene from the European version. Wow.

    Something else in Naruto: Censored dialogue. Instead of...

    I... will kill you!
    Haha, we'll see about that!

    ...we get this:

    I... will degrade you!
    What? Dude, you can't do that! I'm the highest officer! Do you even know how long it took for me to work my way up?!

    But sometimes, in the US, things don't get better. For example, let's look at One Piece. This is the original version, and this is the 4Kids version. The gun was replaced by a fucking toy hammer...?

    What is that? That's so stupid! That's like if I would replace a rifle with an umbrella or something...

    Then, there are some changes that I just can't understand. Just look at this. What the fuck? Definitely not racist. At all. I don't even wanna know what was going on in their heads.

    Here's my personal opinion: Of course you don't need to show kids a head bursting open or something. But I think blood should be shown. Why? Come on. There's some guy that gets cut open by someone, and he doesn't lose any blood? The kids might think: "Hey, that doesn't look too dangerous!" and they might do it themselves.

    "Hehe, does this hurt? *stabs own foot* Oh... my G-- wait, what's that red liquid? I was fooled!"

    Yeah, I think it's more risky to cut it out, because you should know the consequences and learn out of them!

    What do you think about our German censorship? Write a comment down below! See you next Sunday!

  6. Spoiler

    If you told me I'd be loved one day
    I'd laugh, turn around, and walk away
    This feels nothing like reality
    But still not my fantasy
    How did I deserve to get here
    With you my problems
    Seem to disappear
    I was at my worst, now at my best
    My mind won't give you a rest

    Everything feels so right
    We can rule the world tonight
    You're everything that
    I could ever need
    I'll never leave

    I know you more than anyone else
    I care more about you than about myself
    When I was lost in my own despair
    You were the one who cared
    They all said the same thing every time
    But still I couldn't make up my mind
    Now I’ve made my choice and now I know
    I’m never letting go

    Everything feels so right
    We can rule the world tonight
    You're everything that
    I could ever need
    I'll never leave

    I have had no regrets
    Not one since I said yes
    I found my answer at last
    This is one wild ride
    The best of my life
    Can this go on until the end of time

    Everything feels so right
    We can rule the world tonight
    You're everything that
    I could ever need
    I'll never leave [x2]


  7. Trotsky
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    Here I stand
    More or less intact
    Sunshine on my back
    In fact, I'm fine
    I'm getting by
    One reassurance at a time

    I would write myself
    A battle hymn
    And sing the words
    Day in, day out
    But self-talk
    Has a self-defeating way
    Of burning out
    And seeding doubt

    I stare down my demons
    But they don't tend to flinch

    The guilt, the insecurity
    And all this fucking baggage
    If there's one thing that I've learned
    It's that this shit is made of plastic:
    Throw it all away
    But it will stay right where it lays
    It takes so much longer
    Than a lifetime to decay
    It's in the way

    In the ocean of the mind
    It flows into a garbage reef
    Soda cans and grocery bags
    A monument to grief

    An image of the struggle
    To move on; it would resemble
    The visage of an old dog's foggy eyes

  8. Smoldering Panda
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    Hello there. (As ever, apologies if my rant goes left, right, up and down and I don't claim to be a expert in anything. I'm also going out first draft-no proofreading writer.)

    Chapter/Verse/Hymn 2 - Pre-Consultation. 

    I always imagined therapy to have a big chair to lie on. Y'know, just like the movies or TV.  Turns out not, maybe when I get to my first proper assessment.

    So today was my pre-consultation aka "We booked this appointment for you months ago, remind us why you are here, has anything changed?". And because nothing has really changed mentally, some good stuff has happened recently - thanks to you six. You know who you are. But I'm at this stage in my life for a reason

    So after assessing over stuff with a professional (which I wrote in my first blog) it turns out that indeed I do need therapy - so my next appointment will be the real thing. Turns out after assessing all the stuff I told them/questionnaires/doctors references, there are four points they will focus on and officially diagnose:

    Anxiety - Fully expecting anxiety, it has made me physically sick and the idea of social interacting (eight times out of ten) with people has me scampering for the nearest dark place.

    Depression - Not really surprised, it has always been lingering around for many years now, hopefully will find a way to combat it so it fucks off entirely.

    OCD and Bipolar - These are the surprising ones - after looking them up through Google (the scariest thing you can do) I find it now somewhat related to myself and how I've been acting recently.

    So, now I wait for my first appointment and hope to crack the glass ceiling, to put some wood on the fire. 

    Here's to trying not to give up.



  9. Hi all. I just wanted to come on here because I haven't posted in a while! :)


    I have been inactive online due to multiple things...here are some:

    • I have been incredibly ill since September 17th. I was admitted to hospital for sixteen days and am still ill. I was told everything in the book; that I'm allergic to mushrooms, that I'm pregnant, that it's more kidney issues, kidney stones (which I had before, it wasn't that pain), etc. I have a fischer on my colon which is over 2" in length and am suspected to have chronic appendicitis. I was supposed to have surgery but was sewn back up because they said the surgery would split my colon. I am still in immense pain and going to multiple appointments weekly.
    • I am trying to lose weight. During the past year and a half I was on a very serious steroid to help with my kidney issues. Little did we even know my appendix was causing the infections in my other organs. Now that I am off of the steroids and switched to Cipro, I have been able to lose a lot of weight :D Not at my old size yet but so close and I am so proud of myself! My vegan lifestyle helps a lot with that to be honest. My face feels a lot less puffy when I sleep and my pants don't feel tight anymore. :D <3 
    • I have been in placement. I am in placement for a mental health agency in my city and it truly has been the best experience of my life, apart from any Green Day concert and meeting Tom. It is a lot of work but I am learning so much and really expanding on my social work skills! :) I hope I get hired here, it is my dream job.
    • Placement is 24 hours minimum a week. Classes are 10 hours a week. I work 10-20 hours at PetSmart a week, 4 hours a week with a client, and 4-8 hours a week with another client. All of my free time is used to do homework and talk to Tom and see my pets...also work out and build on my resume. :P
    • I have been applying for Master's programs. :) 
    • I have been applying for graduation awards.
    • This week I started going out with friends again and trying to make memories. :D 

    And yeh! That's what's up with me. Mainly the two first things but I just wanted to let people know I'm not dead. :P I have some of you on Facebook and I love hearing from you all. I still am in love with Green Day (listening to 86 right now), and still stay updated. I am trying to improve on my mental health and physical health a lot and just want to cross that finish line to graduation! :D I miss you all and can't wait to be more active when I'm graduated. :wub: 

  10. Fike speaks

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    Recent Entries

    now the summer of 2015 was only a small spark.   after returning home and listening to green day i began to find other good punk music  i found a love for nirvana as well

    a few bands include : the dead kennedys, the Ramones, Greenday, rancid, sum41, some blink-182, the offspring, and a few other random punk songs 

  11. Hey! A long time ago when I was more of a regular on here, me and an old friend of mine (@Idlewild. in case he ever comes on again) made lists of the most influential albums to our bands' sounds! Another friend ended up doing it later too, and mine went through various edits! I haven't posted an edit of it in a long time, and this time I'd say it's the final version! As I used to say all the time back then, there's a difference between "favorite" and "influential". All of these albums would make it onto a favorites list, just in a different order. lol You'll notice a lot of them are a similar style, since it's mostly alternative and punk rock in there, but you'll see a few oddballs! At least some element of every one of these is probably in my music somewhere! lol

    EDIT: You'll notice that there's some comments from 2014 on this. That's because I can't delete fucking blog posts or get rid of old comments, so I had to edit my old post! You'll also see that the soundtrack to Repo Man used to be on here. Not that I dislike it now, but most of the stuff on there is already on this list under different albums (Suicidal Tendencies, Circle Jerks, etc). :P Anyways, here's the list:

    01. Nevermind - Nirvana
    02. 1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours - Green Day
    03. S/T debut - Bad Brains
    04. New Day Rising - Hüsker Dü
    05. Chronic Town EP - R.E.M.
    06. Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables - Dead Kennedys
    07. Bug - Dinosaur Jr.
    08. Trompe le Monde - The Pixies
    09. Wasting Light - Foo Fighters
    10. Bleach - Nirvana
    11. Copper Blue - Sugar
    12. Staring at the Sea compilation - The Cure
    13. S/T debut - The Clash
    14. S/T debut - Suicidal Tendencies
    15. In Utero - Nirvana
    16. Insomniac - Green Day
    17. Sleep, What's That? EP - Crimpshrine
    18. Quit Talkin' Claude... EP - Crimpshrine
    19. Turn It Around! compilation - V/A
    20. The Real Thing - Faith No More
    21. Angel Dust - Faith No More
    22. Boogadaboogadaboogada! - Screeching Weasel
    23. Apollo 18 - They Might Be Giants
    24. Forbidden Places - Meat Puppets
    25. Workbook - Bob Mould
    26. Hate Your Friends - The Lemonheads
    27. Hectic EP - Operation Ivy
    28. Bivouac - Jawbreaker
    29. No Control - Bad Religion
    30. S/T debut - Rites of Spring
    31. Split LP - Nar/The Lizards
    32. IV EP - The Lookouts
    33. Play Cell - Tilt
    34. Static Age - The Misfits
    35. Paranoid - Black Sabbath
    36. Is This Real? - The Wipers
    37. Red Roses for Me - The Pogues
    38. Goodbye Ellston Avenue - Pinhead Gunpowder
    39. Back from Samoa - Angry Samoans
    40. Zenyattà Mondatta - The Police
    41. Nothing to Fear - Oingo Boingo
    42. Ride the Lightning - Metallica
    43. (GI) - The Germs
    44. Scott Pilgrim OST - V/A
    45. Split LP - The Faith/Void
    46. S/T EP - T.S.O.L.
    47. It's Alive - The Ramones
    48. Group Sex - Circle Jerks
    49. New Traditionalists - Devo
    50. Mr. Tambourine Man - The Byrds

  12. NickTheToaster blogs about stuff

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    So this is a blog! Pretty cool, I guess.

    I'm not sure what I'll put on here, probably just whatever comes to mind. If there's anything you'd like to see, then you can message me and I'll see.

    New here, so anyone who wants to reach out and chat, go ahead please!

  13. Writings and shit

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    Lady Darkling
    Latest Entry

    It's five thirty AM and I haven't slept. I've been thinking about too many things recently, I feel like all I've done for the past month is think. It's so loud, this weirdly boisterous silence in my head.

    Mom, all I want is to come see you again. Maybe I'll feel like less of a failure, as a person, as a daughter, if I can visit you without having a fucking panic attack. Because that's what happened isn't it? I managed to talk to your grave for a grand total of maybe two minutes, like you could hear me, before I couldn't breathe. And it had been so long since I'd cried like that, so fucking long. Two years. Since that day I came home from school to the shitty apartment that you took your last breath in and just screamed at your pictures for hours because I knew dad would come back late from work that day. Two and a half years. And I've only come to your grave once, because it was my 18th birthday and I couldn't not come. 


    The corner of my memory
    A brown piano settled on one side
    In the corner of my childhood house
    A brown piano settled on one side
    I remember that moment
    Way taller than my height
    The brown piano that guided me


    Even though I was gone for a long time
    Without repulsion
    You accepted me
    Without you there’s nothing
    After the dawn, two of us
    We welcomed the morning together
    Don’t let go of my hand forever, I won’t let go of you again either


    I watched a live performance of First Love during my all nighter, and for some reason it made me extremely emotional. There's just something to the passion of the song, the way the instruments rise and fall. I don't know. Give it a listen, it's... unique.


    Stay Dirty


  14. Green Day – Nimrod: Feature.


    In 1997, Californian band Green Dayreleased their most underrated but diverse record in the form of Nimrod, an album bubbling with hooks and dark edged lyricism. The band had to prove they were still relevant after the disappointing Insomniac, a record which did have its hits, but never hit those meteoric heights. Dookie did so in 1994. That opus brought Green Day into the limelight, a light so vibrant and crucial.


    Dookie was a statement of intent, a colossal compendium breaking boundaries, a piece of punk layered with snotty nosed mellow drama. It truly rooted Green Day into the big time, overthrowing their past records. But, as they grew, tensions did too, and the band was banished from Gilman Street, a punk club where many acts nurtured their souls and tweaked their sounds.


    As Green Day prospered, many people became distant, fans who loved the band walked away. This is when Green Day became a goliath act, securing places at biggest festivals. But, as they put their pen to paper, their punk laurels were fading. Not to say that the band was forgetting their roots, they just had to grow, they had to burst and breakaway.


    Green Day was a major label band when they signed to Reprise in 1994. Some people think the band shot to fame with their seminal record American Idiot all those years later. So the act was making millions well before Jesus Of Suburbia was constructed, they were flying the punk flag through the flurry of scepticism.


    And Nimrod pushed Green Day into the light even more so with a ballad that shook the world. That melodic heart-puller is Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life). It’s a song many play at their wedding day, it’s a song which resonates and showcases lead singer/guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong’s impressive writing talent. 


    Good Riddance sent Green Day onto the airwaves, although it angered the punks and estranged. They were blasting the band for their decision to put a ballad on one of their albums. They thought the act was selling out, nipping at the arms of greed, shooting for the pot of gold. But, Green Day didn’t surrender and moved on up regardless. 


    Nimrod may contain one of Green Day’s most poignant scores, but the record as a whole is punk infused. Nice Guys Finish Last is a blistering, guitar driven masterclass. Redundant mops up the fragments of punk’s inner core, and cools it down as Armstrong sings with ease and great tone. Reject is a fast-paced pile-driver, it’s in your face. So many of these songs return to the punk days. And that shows us Green Day aren’t leaving their signature sound to rot, they never have cascaded into bubble-gum pop territory, they have tweaked it, adding more complexity. This complexity is heard on American Idiot. A record which saved the pioneers from truly derailing. It’s an album many hate, but many people love the diversity it showcases.


    American Idiot may be Green Day’s most popular and audacious LP. But there’s flashes of this magic on Nimrod. The true intensity it creates, the darkness it exudes is believable. It may not be Green Day’s magnum opus, but what it is, is something which strikes punk into veins of those seeking a thrill.






  15. 9876gwen
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    Man its been a long while since I posted one of these on here but not time better than the present, right? So ever since I started college, ive been having more people coming up and saying they thought I was still in high school or that I look like I still belong in middle school(im 19 btw). What's worse is that most of the people who say that begin treating me like a kid who's still in 8th grade or something. Like, they treat my thoughts or opinions on a matter like they're invalid because I look like im a child and apparently a childs opinion doesnt matter. It's really demeaning and confidence crushing ya'know? Like for example, the last date I went on with my boyfriend was horseback riding, we had to sign this waiver saying we wont sue if we get hurt or whatever, the lady who gave us the waiver almost made my boyfriend sign the parent/guardian part until we gave her a strange look and she asked for my age, she acted surprised and apologized =/  Or sometimes older people will shoot us dirty looks because we are holding hands. Not to mention the NON STOP carding I get. Just about anything that could require ID I get asked for and extensively questioned, some times accused that im using a fake. Sometimes I just wanna scream "Im an adult, stop treating me like a little kid!" I already know im going to be looked down upon in the workplace when I get a job because im young/ look young, that im going to get the barrage of child jokes. Anyone else struggle with something like this? Like why do most people my age look like models in their mid 20s?

  16. The Universe is but a Network of Interdependent Probabilities.



    Yet, here you stay, in practice acting more 

    like inevitability—

    one from which I can not escape. 


    You may feel like impossibility, 

    but as sure as I’m still breathing, 

    my thoughts will create reasons to return to you. 


    I know that each time I wake, 

    the rush of you is waiting, sworn 

    to grace my head with silly notions 

    of our escaping with each other, 

    but then soon after, I’ll recover myself—

    I should know by now that love is no good for my health.


    Still, you’ll have my heart racing, 

    I should probably tell you about the affection 

    that’s baiting me, but I’m not sure that’s a conversation 

    that I can sell.


    So I write it here, in hopes of—well, I don’t know what.


    Perhaps this is an illocution. I could give it up to you,

    but that would take precise execution. 


    Even then it may be no solution, 


    more like an illusion than means of absolution, 


    more like elusive, barely a beggar’s chance at improving affairs. 


    I could dare to let loose and lay my thoughts out in a fusion 

    of emphatic rhymes, poetic screeds, epigrammatic lines, 

    and dramatic pleas for your constitution. I’d bleed for you, 

    leave my heart out bare, leave no room for confusion,

    no room for ambiguous conclusions. 

    Perhaps doing this will lift the noose 

    and disperse these daydreams 

    it seems thoughts of you are oft producing.


    Even if I hand you this as unrepentant proof 

    of how much of my attention you command, 


    I can’t imagine that you’ll care.


    Still, I’d like to prepare something grand,

    it’s my nature to embrace hyperbole. 


    To chase dramatic tropes and wear 

    them as a cloak in the streets for all to see. 


    Oh, how audacious I must be 

    to call what I do poetry. 

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    For those who don't know, Blue is a Japanese 1981 daphne blue Fernandes RST50 "Revival" Stratocaster with a maple neck. It has a 7 screw hole pickguard (as opposed to a 11 hole).

    Unfortunately finding this model in daphne blue is next to impossible, I've only ever seen 1 or 2 other ones and they weren't for sale. Because of this I decided to settle on getting one in any colour and just having it repainted. It took me about a week to find the exact model for a decent price. Most places wanted $700+ for the guitar even though that model isn't worth that much. After searching through ebay, Reverb, and other trading posts I eventually found one on an online store in Japan. Unfortunately they wouldn't ship to Australia but luckily for me, I had a friend in Japan will to help me out!

    The guitar arrived a few weeks later and looks fantastic! I forgot to take pictures of it before it went off to get painted (it's currently being done now) but here's some ones from the online store :)




    Up next - Part Two: Painting & Relicing

  17. Hello, fellow GDCers. Thanks for all of the well wishes through all of this craziness with my dad.

    The latest on my dad is that he will have to go through chemo and radiation starting on September 11th. Surgery was unable to remove all of the cancer, so the doctors now want to do radiation to remove the last of it which they believe they can do. They had to remove one of his jugular veins during the surgery as well as a muscle from his neck to his shoulder that has now limited the ability of him to raise his arm above his head.

    Swallowing is an issue for him at the moment and he's on a liquid diet until he can get his swallowing under control.

    So, today...my mom called to tell me that she has a tumor on her throat and that she will need a biopsy to see if it's cancerous.

    I honestly don't even know how to process all of this. Between my dad's cancer, his confession of an affair 15 years ago and now my mom maybe having cancer? In a dark way, it's almost become comical. Nothing fazes me anymore and I just laugh at awful news now because it's become so ridiculous.

    Anyhey. Life is swell and I can't wait to see Green Day in 12 more days.

  18. What I Lost

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    I have a new blog post up on my new website: www.whatilost.net

    Again, it's about losing 93 pounds over the past year. Enjoy!


  19. Comrade
    Latest Entry

    Somehow I've suddenly not posted any writing here for coming up to a year.

    EDIT: I liked this when I saw it again and did a little rewrite, changed up the middle stanza and made it a little more reflective. I like it. I've not been writing much - I've not had vast amounts of inspiration - but the more my year in Sheffield fades in the rear view mirror the more I'm drawing from it, the more I see it did for me. 



    Northern Soul 


    Said she was down from Glasgow  

    And out looking for a bit of a rascal  

    Who’s up for dancing all night on the tables; 

    Someone who ain’t all hung up on social labels,  

    She’s dressed up to the nineteen nineties; 

    Cargo pants and an orange velvet crop top 

    She got for cheap in a Dev Street second hand shop, 

    Matches her hair, could make the night stop 

    She thought “I - I can see it in his eyes, 

    He’s only in it for the prize” 

    But Oh darling I –  

    I see it in your eyes 

    ‘Cross all the spilled beers you look alive. 

    Can I take you home? 


    And I can't promise if you come 'round tonight  

    That you're gunna have the night of your life.   

    And you know this isn't more than it seems;  

    I never said it, but you know where I've been,  

    You've been there too, so try me tonight. 

    Your mates are jealous and they're off picking fights.  

    When I see you there's one thing that I know; 

    You've got some spirit, you've got a northern soul... 


    All linked arms singing Come On Eileen 

    During the verses I catch her eyeing me  

    While her friend’s friend makes his move and  

    Leans in for the kiss and only gets his girls’ hand… 

    In mine, she turns around 

    The whole crowd cheers us on,  

    We forget about the song… 

    And Darling I –  

    I see a little green in your eyes 

    On this night, in this light you look alive  

    Oh let’s go home? 


    “I like that you seem suave… 

    Tell me all your stories 

    And we’ll stay up ‘till the morning” 

    Oh Darling I –  

    I kissed her body and I told her  

    All the things that make me older  

    And she laughed 

    And rolled a little closer; 

    “This’ll just be another story!” 

    Darling I 

    Feel so alive. 


  20. Hello!

    Perhaps this is a dorky request, but I figure since we're all music enthusiasts here, why not?

    The composer of the first three Tomb Raider games is hosting a Kickstarter project to revamp the soundtrack with a full orchestra, to be recorded at Abbey Road studios in London. I wrote up a summary regarding the project over on the Tomb Raider Deviantart page I admin if anyone's interested in more details: http://tombraiders.deviantart.com/journal/The-Tomb-Raider-Suite-News-686956563

    Here's the direct Kickstarter link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1636910846/the-tomb-raider-suite/description


    We're almost there! If anyone would like to back the project, there's some epic goodies up for grabs when you participate including signed posters, shirts and more! 


  21. Green Day Songwriting Project

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    I might do it so its a single song cuz i dont have that much time

  22. Dan's Blog

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    This is my first blog entry here, so if you've found yourself reading this then hey! I hope you enjoy the chaos of thought this will no doubt evolve into over time:P

    Oh yeah, there will be spoilers for the show if you're reading this btw, if you haven't already finished it.

    So last week I started seeing a lot of controversy on my facebook about 13 Reasons Why. I was seeing people praise it for its brutality, but I was seeing far more people complaining that it was too much/too triggering/disrespectful to mental illness and rape victims. So I had to watch it for a number of reasons. For a start I couldn't imagine it possibly being as brutal as people were making out. Secondly, it was touching on issues like bullying, suicide and rape. I know a lot about bullying, but not much about the other two, so I figured it was kind of important to watch.

    The first few episodes didn't really grab me much to be honest. I'm only saying this because I can't fully articulate my thoughts, but they felt kind of High School Musical to me. I obviously knew it was going to go to dark places, and the episodes did have dark undertones, but what I saw from those episodes seemed like a huge cliche, the whole idea of jocks and nerds etc. I don't like the setting of an American High School for some reason, and I thought some of the characters seemed like generic archetypes that would never exist. But I guess that was the genius of the show, you never know what goes on in someone else's life. 

    As it went on it got harder to watch. I saw the life slowly drain from Hannah over the course of the flashbacks, and I saw Clay unravel in the present through his guilt and anxiety, all while everyone else on the tapes seemed more concerned with their own reputations than the fact they collectively drove a girl to suicide. The basketball scene where Clay hallucinates Hannah's corpse in the middle of the hall stands out to me. I ended up growing to really like Hannah as a character, even though the idea of the tapes was cold and fucked up.

    The last few episodes really broke me though. Watching the scene of Bryce raping Jessica was uncomfortable, and I was finally understanding that the show was as brutal as everyone had said, and was only going to get worse. Jeff's death was sad too, he was a sweet guy and didn't deserve his fate, and I felt for Clay in the flashbacks having lost who seemed to be his closest friend. Everybody deserves a Jeff. Then Clay's tape really upset me. The fact that Hannah included him in the tapes, but revealed that she didn't blame him for anything, instead telling him that he was just such a good guy that she didn't deserve because she would've fucked him up. Including him in the tapes to me means that she wanted to explain to Clay why she killed herself, maybe in the hopes of her not wanting him to blame himself. She didn't even do that for her family, and it was really poignant I guess. And Clay's reaction was heart wrenching. Following that, Tony's support for him was touching. We all deserve a Tony too. And the rape in the next episode was painful to watch. The life drains from Hannah's face as it happens. Katherine Langford did a great job as Hannah.

    The finale broke me. There had been two rapes and a number of heart ripping emotional scenes, how could it get worse? It showed Hannah actually killing herself. It pulls no punches, we see her slit her wrists and bleed to death in the bath. And if that wasn't bad enough, we see her parents find her body. Nothing happens off screen. I won't lie, that was the moment I finally cried like I'd wanted to since episode 11. And then I cried some more an hour later when I'd gone to bed. Some people can maybe write the suicide scene off as fiction, but it's not. It's reality for so many people every day. When life overwhelms them, they die alone in a bathtub and in agony after cutting their wrists only to be found by a family member or friend who had no idea anything was wrong. It was so raw it really got to me thinking about the people who die like that. And I don't even know anyone who has, I can't imagine what it must be like for people who have known someone who killed themselves. It was sad letting the character of Hannah go too, like I said earlier I'd grown to like her as a character a lot. I should also say I've never been so emotionally invested in a TV show before because I finished it last night but I still feel really fucking sad and gloomy. So please recommend a more cheerful show on netflix to get my mind off this if you can.

    I think I'm glad I watched it though, it fucked me up but I can't praise 13 Reasons Why enough.



  23. Rampancy at Midnight

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    Nearly every day starts the same for me. I wake up late, grab a coffee while getting ready for work, then I spend a few minutes reviewing stats and metrics from across a dozen different websites. On days off  like today, the only change is that I haven't showered yet. After getting my coffee and powdered donut (my biggest weakness) I went about trying to find something entertaining to watch while I tweet from my cell phone about other bands I've heard about. Then I finally decided to get of my ass and then immediately plop in front of the desk and start really promoting things. Running an ad on Facebook/Instagram, that takes a lot of work. Then I have to go see what is trending on twitter, might be able to use those. Of course I have 2 of 6 songs left to record for the album, so a quick review of those and  any fresh ideas that might come from em are a must! Right now I'm working on the new intro for Opposition, I think it will be massive! It is of course a 7+ minute long song, the second one on this EP. Just can't help myself.
    After losing a straight hour between submissions, media contacts, streaming, uploading, downloading, cross referencing, and just general PR shit, I think I'll take a break with some more coffee and keep watching the 13 Reasons Why show. MAybe.

    On a side note, I quit nicotine on Friday morning so now I'm noticing how much more ADD I really am! It's fucking insane!