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  1. Latest Entry

    By Andres,

    Asking for some donations for GDC to cover some costs. We have our license renewal which is $50, and the updated dark theme we got with the last upgrade was $20.

    If you're willing to help out, you can do so via PayPal (you don't need an account, it accepts debit/credit cards). Click the button below.




    As always, I know not everyone is in a position of being able to donate. Perfectly understandable! Thanks to those of you who can, and to those who can't, I won't forget this. :fuzz:


    Reminder that if you donate $5 or more you'll be put into a group that has all ads disabled across GDC.

  2. 4933457_orig.jpg

    It's Romantic Isn't It?


    Maria Gloria

    One of the many wonderful photographs by Maria Gloria. Take a moment to check out more of her photography and leave a comment


    Make a suggestion for next weeks MasterPiece of the week my sending BeachBum a pm.

  3. Latest Entry

    New lyrics. Enjoy.




    Millions of silent policies

    caressing the divine

    Millions of different rhythms

    playing up and down my spine


    With a wave of two fingers

    lines in the air form

    Digital signals enter

    in tangent chloroform


    When it gets bigger and faster

    and starts obeying our command

    Our method of destruction

    is highly in demand

    But don't think that

    we are completely armed

    because we still sing along

    to that same broken song


    It's easy to destroy with guns

    and numb with ethanol

    But it's amusing to ruin

    with ideological control


    Do you understand

    the bio-attack?

    It's a robot designed to

    snap confusion right back


    When it gets stronger and smarter

    and starts parading on your land

    The state of your nation

    is on foundations of sand

    But don't think that

    we are even alarmed

    We broke every rule

    when we used the wrong tool


    Energy from the bodies

    of your fallen men

    become the fuel we need

    to take it to number 10


    Our salvation is

    now staying alive

    If only you could reach us

    in our stereo hive



    We are broadcasting

  4. I took a walk to clear my head only to end up in a state that's far more clouded

    I've let this depression sink right in and my skin shows signs of aging

    See these bags beneath my eyes? The dark circles that I've drawn, these weary lines

    These bloodshot eyes crossed in the sky, a bleaker shade of grey

    Freedom is forgotten when self pity takes control of every step I take


    Yearning for a constant, ache for something more than this

    Shatter every bone until the soul has gone amiss


    Sitting all alone, staring at the blackness in the window

    Takes me far from here, as I wonder where it goes

    I begin descent into a world without my woes

    Falling ever closer to the warm embrace of home


    As I reflect upon the mess that I'd left upon my desk, clutter enshrouding

    In letters, tangled words beneath I see the structures as they're sinking

    See the sentences collapse? Colliding stories into unstable rough drafts

    Beautiful sight that cost my life, the chaos in my mind

    Each page provides a glimpse into the furthest depths of my condition's outbreak


    Yearning for a constant, ache for something more than this

    Shatter every bone until the soul has gone amiss


    Sitting all alone, staring at the blackness in the window

    Takes me far from here, as I wonder where it goes

    I begin descent into a world without my woes

    Falling ever closer to the warm embrace of home


    Watch it fall apart, staring from the sidelines, tearing at the heart

    Behind these eyes, a city that once thrived is but a ghost town, empty cause

    Built throughout a lifetime, deconstructed blinks us by

    Waving hands in oceans deep, the conceit is but a lie

    The emptiness of isolation's call becomes the silent cry

    Solitude, am I?

    Solitude, am I?


    Yearning for a constant, ache for something more than this

    Shatter every bone until the soul has gone amiss


    Sitting all alone, staring at the blackness in the window

    Takes me far from here, as I wonder where it goes

    I begin descent into a world without my woes

    Falling ever closer to the warm embrace of home

  5. my lonely riot

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    Yes, and how many ears must one man have
    Before he can hear people cry?
    Yes, and how many deaths will it take 'til he knows
    That too many people have died?

    The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind
    The answer is blowin' in the wind. ...

    ( bob dylan )

    hello all GDC'ers,....;)


    There were giant attacks in France. A big earthquake and a tsunami hit Japan. A bomb exploded in the crowd in Turkey, Afganistan, Mali. Another bomb exploded in Lebanon. A Russian airplane hijacked and crashed at Egypt and all passengers died. another Rusian warplane shotdown near the Syrian border and trigering nuclear war,.... There was a great anti-government demonstration in South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia. ISIS is still killing so many innocent people in Iraq and Syria. Lots of people is being killed in war in many countries.

    We just want peace..........:cry:


    all this drawing series are my concern by what's going on in the this world now days,..every day i read or heard news about war and violence around the globe...from paris to midlle east...war is goin' on now days.....it makes me sad.
    i questioning myself...where is the love for human being??

    imagine all the people life in peace.....

    You may say I'm a dreamer
    But I'm not the only one
    I hope someday you'll join us
    And the world will live as one...
    this time i post 8 drawing....all just my imagination and my expression....




    where is the love,...



    i love you all...



    love is the answer...



    love bombs...



    to all the leader around the world..where is the love...



    ask your self..where is the love...


  6. Latest Entry

    Flash: 129 dead in Paris.

    Maybe I’m too young to know,

    but I don’t see where this

    battle ends, the media pretends

    that we can defend our sensibilities 

    with hyperbole and fear so they sear

    violent flashes in to our minds 

    and define each tragedy with a line

    on a newsreel, but they still can’t 

    make it feel real 


    Flash: 43 dead in Beirut.

    Send out your prayers,

    and another twenty-one gun salute.

    Chaos ensues when there are no absolutes

    and there’s no clear enemy to shoot, 

    but really the root of our problems lie in fear


    Flash: Russian plane downed in Egypt.

    224 lose their life, without a chance to seize it

    and the death toll keeps on increasin’ and the evil

    keeps on a’ feedin’ on our need to believe in 

    an absolute solution to the confusion 

    but that only adds to the life we’re losin’


    Flash. We give it a moment of thought,

    then it’s all in the past and we ask ourselves

    why because we’re aware that we let these 

    flashes pass by without properly addressing the

    problems that lie beneath the surface;

    We think a Facebook post serves the purpose 

    but it’s worthless because without action we can’t hurt this

    evil that seems to have too long a reach,

    they thrive on panic in the streets and they know 

    they can’t be beat so long as fear keeps us up at night.

    Do we have what it takes?

    Do we make a stand and fight?

  7. Beethoven's Eulogy

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    Can't go to my dream school, or my top choice logical school. I've been in a depression for the past month. I didn't bother applying to the University of British Columbia, which I had been dreaming of since I was a little kid, because of green card issues. A month ago, I got in to my top choice logical school which I'm absolutely in love with- University of Pittsburgh, and I got in to the program I applied for (pharmacy). For exactly 4 days- 96 hours exactly- I was unfailingly happy, finally able to smile for the first time in months, feeling absolute joy and relief and excitement of what's to come, euphoric, knowing that I could finally escape the hell life I've lived and for once be able to start fresh somewhere I love, that everything I dreamed for was finally in my hands and becoming reality. Some of you might know my background. Essentially, the idea of going off the college and finally being free has been one of the only things keeping me sane. I remember watching the personalized Pitt acceptance video non-stop- a thousand times would be no exaggeration. I took a selfie for my snapchat story announcing my acceptance. I still have it- my eyes have never shined brighter nor has my smile ever been wider and more genuine.

    I failed to think through the logistics of my dream. I had just expected to take out student loans and be fine- I would graduate in 6 years and a pharmacist's starting salary is $100,000. However over the course of those 6 years, EXCLUDING room, board, and other expenses, adding in current interest rates, I would end up having to pay over half a million dollars worth of debt. My family has no money for me, I'm on my own. In a new state, a new city, studying a profession I don't love. I will be getting no merit awards and only very little financial aid from Pitt (the school is known to be terrible at providing aid no matter how much you need it).

    Four days after I got my acceptance to Pitt, I got my acceptance to Duquesne. I had just applied to Duquesne just because, as a safety, just a back up school that had the 6 year program, a school I never though I'd have to go to and would hate to attend but you know, just in case. They are giving me an absurd amount of money. I would be able to attend undergrad (2 years) for absolutely free (and they also gave me a few thousand to pay for on campus rooming), and also have guaranteed admission in to their Grad school (Pharmacy is super competitive and hard to get in to Grad school for, which makes Pitt also a gamble if I went) plus a continued scholarship to Grad school where I would have to pay minimal. This sounds great, except that I don't want to go there. However, I was stupid and didn't apply anywhere else since I thought I was going to Pitt, and by the time I came around, I had missed all the deadlines. Often 6 year programs such as pharmacy have their own special deadlines. I could apply regular decision to other schools, but I wouldn't get as much as I need for scholarships. I've tried applying for private scholarships- submitting essays, writing short answers, all of that stuff. It's just nor working out. I'm stuck at Duquesne.

    Maybe going to Duquesne wouldn't have be as bad if I hadn't gotten in to Pitt. But having that opportunity and not being able to take it for financial reasons is just crushing. I've spent my whole life not being able to afford things- eating reduced for quick sale stale bread and not so fresh produce, wearing hand me downs from friends, having only one pair of jeans that I had to wear all year round, never going to movies or hanging out with friends, or do anything much at all. It hasn't been until recently that things have become a bit better for my family financially. Not being able to go to the college I love because of money just broke my heart. All I wanted was to get away and go somewhere I love, and I can't even do that. I've been through so much crap and I can't even have this one thing. I'm sorry if I sound really whiny, I'm having a really hard time wrapping my head around this.

    I've been trying so hard for the past month to make myself love Duquesne. I've been googling everything I can, I've been talking to Duquesne graduates and I've called the school multiple times for more information on the school, I've been looking only at the pretty pictures (google maps shows the school as just a bunch of ugly buildings in the city, not much campus at all), I've followed the school on facebook and youtube, I've set my backgrounds to the Duquesne logo- literally everything I could think of. It's not working. How am I going to spend the next 6 years looking next door to Pitt, knowing that could have been me there (Duquesne is also in Pittsburgh)? All of the research and reaching out to Duquesne grads have also only made me more wary about the school. Everyone I've talked to who have attended the school have told me that the girls at Duquesne (70% female population) are basically all rich whites who wear designer labels and don't talk to you if you don't wear the right clothes or can't afford to drink starbucks every day and whatever else they do. I know those aren't the people I would want to be friends with, but when that's basically everyone at the school, it's kind of hard to ignore. I know there has to be a few low income people like me on scholarship, but those are very few and I'd still probably be overwhelmed by all of the other girls. It's just going to be like the past 17 years of my life again- being made fun of and being the outcast because of factors stemming back to my financial situation. People who have been to Pitt however love it and tell me it's a much more open and kind environment than Duquesne, that they loved it so much more than Duquesne (I know people who have gone to both), and that the school in general is just so so so much better. I have visited Pitt's campus and it's so beautiful. My parents and I took one look at Duquesne and went gag puke nope, didn't even stop the car to get out for a better look.

    All of the people in my "friend group" at school are also judging the fuck outta me and they all still think I'm going to Pitt, nvm Duquesne. I don't really care, but in a few weeks, all I will hear and see are their acceptances into Cornell, Stanford, Princeton, Carnegie, Northwestern, UVA, Georgetown, and all of those schools. I grew up running with the best- being one of the very few people in the nation who took AP Biology freshman year etc. All of these kids have above a 2350 sat score and have well rounded resumes. This sounds so selfish and mean, but even though I'll be happy for my friends, how am I going to cope with the feeling of being left behind, of them having everything set and happy and me having everything crushed around me for the thousandths time? Where is my payoff for doing the same stuff as they do, while at the same time dealing with so much crap that this post comes nowhere near to covering? Am I going to be forever the underdog, the one that's just there, the failure who doesn't deserve to be happy? I'm a second generation immigrant that was born in China, I know I'm not meant to be happy and my role is to create the third generation which actually gets to do what they want and be happy, but can't I have anything? I've given up my dream profession for a more stable one, I've given up my country (Canada), and I might have to give up love and enter in to a loveless marriage. What do I have.

    If any of you have any advice on how I can make myself be ok with going to Duquesne, on how to not be completely shunned by everyone there, or any other advice, please comment below. I'm pretty fucked up rn.

    TL;DR- Hurry up America with the free tuition ideas and implementation.

  8. Latest Entry

    Great expectations give birth to great stress

    Don't pity the pariah who would settle for less

    A legacy, a debt, a breathless race to success

    One must first kneel down if they wish to be blessed


    I've been living in a mad world all too familiar

    Where every disappointment is deja vu

    With nothing but dull nails, I've been digging underground for shelter

    Like when I sank beneath the waves to see the darkest, coldest blue


    I march with the procession of the flagless mercenaries

    In step only with the tachycardia in my chest

    A legacy, a debt, a breathless race to the mausoleum

    One must first be no one if they wish to be blessed

  9. My youth group was in charge of leading the church service this morning and I offered to be the main speaker because I never shut up anyway and I figured it'd be a good opportunity to talk about some things I consider important. So that's why this is written as if I'm speaking to a congregation.


    So I'd like to start this out by quickly introducing myself to the members of this congregation who don't recognize me or know me very well. My name is Eva [insert last name]. I am a senior at West High School and have been heavily involved with this church's youth group for the past four years. I'm a percussionist, a member of the high school marching band, and I still enjoy playing Pokemon video games and watching Spider-Man cartoons. And my 18th birthday is tomorrow.

    But, honestly, I get a pretty weird feeling when I think about my birthday this year.

    I'm not saying it's a bad thing because it's definitely exciting - I've made it another 365 days, people praise me just for existing, I get to eat cake, open a few presents.

    And while those things are fun and exciting, I'm also a little scared. I don't feel old enough to be an adult - a real, official, legal adult. It just doesn't seem real. And not in one of those "It's so good and so exciting that I'm in disbelief because of just how great it is" ways. It's more of a "Oh God, I'm a legal adult and I'm graduating high school and I have to pay for college next year and live on my own for the first time and then I'll have to graduate from college and find a real job even though there are adults today who have professional degrees and are still unemployed or working at basic entry-level positions and I probably won't be able to buy a house when I'm older and I don't have a car and I barely know how to make myself dinner and I just really, really, really want to hang out with my friends and chill without having anyone mention the words 'college' or 'plans for the future' to me ever again."

    And in some ways, I believe I'm incredibly lucky to have been born in 1997 because coming of age in 2015 has definitely had some perks, but sometimes it just seems like a pain. Of course, every generation is going to have problems and misunderstandings with people who are older than them, but with the technological and social and global changes that have happened in the past 20+ years, I just think that it's incredibly hard for a lot of older people to even understand where my generation, the millennial generation, is even coming from half the time.

    Everyone I know has a cell phone and has always had a cell phone, for one thing. I knew how to use Google when I was in the 1st grade and I knew how to upload YouTube videos by the age of 11. My best friend in middle school was a girl named Alexys who lives in Toronto, Canada, and we're still friends and communicate frequently today. I met her online when I was 12. I've never met her in person.

    I've always been stressed out about college. Or rather, I've always been stressed out about paying for college. When you need a college degree to get a job these days, it feels like there are no other options - go to college or live out your life unhappy and struggling to find decent work. That's what we've been taught since elementary school. But how can we be happy about attending college when it costs $9,410 a year if you're in-state or $23,893 a year if you're out-of-state or at least $32,405 if you go to a private college and the average student debt for the class of 2016 is expected to be higher than $30,867?

    I was 11 when the 2008 recession happened. Sometimes it's hard for me to understand the current unemployment rates and how low they actually are because when I think about my childhood, no one had jobs and all the stores were closing down.

    The United States has been in war for practically my entire life. George W. Bush is the first president I can remember being in office and ignorance towards Islam is something I've had to grow up constantly hearing. And I don't remember what the world was like before 9/11. And I don't remember a world without mass shootings.

    My heart goes out to all those who were affected in Paris these past few days but it didn't shock me at all. It was just another Friday night. And that almost makes it worse.

    While I was writing this, I looked up things about the millennial generation just to brainstorm and there were a few good things written about us but there were also quite a few negative things. A few generational theories hypothesize that we are the next Me Generation, entitled, shallow, and narcissistic.

    But I don't think that's true. I think that we could be seen as entitled and shallow and narcissistic when $30,000 of student debt and mass shootings and the War on Terror are normal. Because the adults who are watching us grow up, who are parenting us, didn't grow up in 2015. To them, it may seem entitled that a majority of my generation expects to go to college. But is it a feeling of entitlement if we expect to come out of it with $30,000 of student debt? Are we entitled because we've reluctantly accepted that we need a college degree to be considered "successful" in modern America? Because when you grow up seeing anyone from high school drop-outs to adults with professional degrees unemployed because of a recession, it's hard to feel entitled to a job. It's hard to even expect to have a job.

    And are we narcissistic because we have front-facing cameras and selfies and social media? I honestly don't know where the idea that millennials are narcissistic even comes from. How are we a self-centered generation when we are the ones primarily leading and organizing the Black Lives Matter movement? My generation spends so much time educating each other on social justice issues like racial inequality, financial inequality, or transgender rights, mental health rights, and reproductive rights - just to name a few - that I honestly believe we can make a huge difference in the world.

    So I don't think we're entitled. And I definitely don't think we're narcissistic. I think we've grown up in an age of technology that other people just don't understand. I think that we're not understood because others don't realize that we've been worrying about college debt since the 3rd grade. I think so many huge economic and global events have happened in our short lifetimes that the cultural and social climate we've grown up in is completely unrecognizable to most people in more ways than they could ever imagine.

    So, with all of this in mind, tomorrow is my 18th birthday.

  10. Dirntbag's Landfill

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    Though at present they are tremendously decayed
    my memories are brighter now than when first conveyed.
    Experience is dull, but remembering is vibrant -
    at first just thrumming vibrations in my mind, then
    coherent orchestral noise that engulfs rooms;
    upon reflection the past turns completely new.

    A continually superior high, a shade cooler,
    a path less travelled by,
    and though I could spend years in a dream,
    I know that eventually the wick of my fantasy
    will wane and I’ll be left only with
    the shadows of shadows on the walls of my cave.

    Though my body feels blue-dress clad,
    I must know I’m not in wonderland, must realize
    my life elixir is not of indefinite supply.
    I know this and yet, make a scuttling retreat
    into the dark like so many scared fish from sharks
    in the face of all that new, unexamined…


    Leaves curl and whither in a life without light,
    my body is exhumed. I have lived my life



    This poem was inspired by (and sort of a response to) the fictional Allen Ginsberg poem written for the movie Kill Your Darlings.

  11. Latest Entry

    our chains were tightly weld,
    as the letters melted
    from the brim
    of our lips and exhaled
    to lovers words.

    they became vacationed;
    our  years passed
    and still, the moon's edge
    secretly wore her tattered
    perfume that arose,
    impressing our celestial sphere.

    it's as if sweetness recycled
    the rain's softness into
    an illusion that fed flower basins
    and crept mixed scents into foreign winds.

    the pastures is a place she marked
    and wept in as fragments
    of her imagination wished to
    be pieced together.

    jealousy's murmur breached
    a creation it ached for, longing to wear
    the flesh that treasured sounds of birds singing
    to the flow of a rivers drought.

    and as the bridge closes in,
    light's descent aimed beneath
    and we'd walk together
    to a rhythm of fidelity's chorus.

  12. Latest Entry

    I want to be the person who never leaves your mind.
    I want to be the dream that helps you unwind.
    I want to be that lingering thought that keeps you up at 4AM on a school night.
    I want to be the person who makes your smile so bright.

    I want to be the person your heart aches to hold.
    I want to be someone you'll even love when we're old.
    I want to be the person you hope to run into in public.
    I want to be the someone who gives you butterflies in your stomach.

    I want you to love every flaw on my face.
    I want to speak to you and have your heart race.
    I want you to miss me when I'm gone for the day.
    I want you to always want me to stay.

    I hope that this feeling won't ever go away.
    I want to make you happy in every single way.
    I want you to be happy, please don't close all your doors.
    But, I want to know if you want me, I'm yours. 


  13. 5th November 2015. Remember, remember, the 5th of November. I’ve had this in my mind in the coming days to today’s date, and felt a more potent significance in it than ever before. I’m not sure why, and maybe it is just a coincidence, but it has taken on real significance as I’ve just received news that one of my friends took his own life in the last few days. I’m stunned and shocked at the moment, and finding it difficult to know what to think, feel and say.

    I hope Simon has found peace now. I felt an affiliation towards him, but knew that he was troubled and it was difficult to really connect completely with him. I knew that he was a good guy and I can’t imagine what he has had to go through, along with his brother, having lost both of their parents to alcoholism a few years ago.

    My last meeting with him, I’m sad to say, was a difficult one. I made a couple of off the cuff remarks which I didn’t think were pertinent, but it struck a chord in him and he questioned me, knocking me back making me aware of how it could sound to him. I understood later from my own judgement and also confirmed by my friend that he thought I was just talking rubbish and 'taking the piss'.

    My oblivious nature makes me do or say inappropriate things some times, for which I have to take responsibility as it is borne of my sometimes reckless behaviour. I want to say I’m Sorry to Si. I wanted to say sorry when he was here, but didn’t think I could. I hope that you are reunited with your parents and can look over your brother from the peaceful place that I hope you have found. I felt I understood you from the perspective of a brother, as we both share similar sibling circumstances. I saw inside you the good person that should be able to strive for joy in life, but I also know how hard that can be. With an illness as well to deal with, I can understand how it could get too much to handle on your own. I can feel how lonely it must have been, but it hurts to think it was enough to take your own life. I wish I could’ve helped.


    Whhhoooooooooooooooooo wants to participate in an awesome campaign for the children's hospital of your choice? :woot: 

    The Extra Life campaign is open, and you can sign up to play video games for 24 hours to raise money for your chosen hospital. They don't have to be PS4 or Xbox games, either. Play whatever you want! If you want to play a game of monopoly, or Flappy Bird on your phone, go for it! It all counts. :D

    If you wish to sign up for this year's game day (Which is November 7th) Go here -> http://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=cms.page&id=1197 

    Allllsssssoooo, if you would be so kind to donate to my donation pool, no ammount is too low. If all you can give is 5 cents, then that's 5 cents more than I had before. I'm sponsoring the Children's Hopsital of Denver, Colorado.  http://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=account.profile 

    If you're already signed up, or plan on doing so, let me know and I'll spam the internet seeking donations for ya ;) 

  15. Have you ever heard a recording from a group that absolutely sucked? We all have. We don’t always have the vocabulary to talk about what isn’t working in a musical recording, though.

    That’s why I’ve developed the Vision, Prowess, and Production scale for rating a musical recording. I needed a better way to give constructive feedback on the creative work of my peers. A regular 5 star scale just isn't enough feedback.

    The scale has three broad categories: Vision, Prowess, and Production. The recorded work is allotted a number between 1 and 10 in each of the 3 categories, with a 10 being the best score and a 1 being the worst. The work should be rated within the style of music they are working in. So, Prowess for a Pop album won’t look like Prowess for a Progressive rock album.


    Vision is easily the most subjective of the three categories. A record with great production and fantastic performance can still lack inspiration and depth. There’s nothing wrong with any specific part of the song, but there is also nothing that sets it apart. It’s boring.

    A plagiarized song, or a recorded cover with no unique interpretation would be excellent examples of a lack of vision. If every song on the album is about ex-boyfriends, then you might not have very good vision.

    There is also musical vision, though. If your drummer recycles the same three beats throughout an entire record, there is a lack of vision. If all of your songs are four chord songs, then you lack vision.

    Vision is also something that you can compliment when other things are missing. There are many cases where a band is really on to something with a piece, but the execution is just bad. Their “being on to something” may be vision. For a professional band, the vision of a particular album will be what separates their hits from their flops.


    Prowess is about how good everyone is at their respective duties in the band. Are they bad? Are they adequate? Are they amazing? The prowess scale is where you reflect this opinion.

    Sometimes in an amateur recording, there’s something distracting in the mix. The guitar player might be out of time, the singer can’t stay in key, etc. Maybe the lyrics are poorly phrased. Sometimes it’s just 1 thing.

    Rush would be a great example for a group with prowess. The drums are excellent, and so are the bass, guitars, and occasional synthesizers. For many people, the thing that makes them unlistenable is the vocals. Opinions are divided on Geddy Lee’s voice, but for the sake of the example we’ll say that we don’t like his voice.

    Most people would consider prowess to be a strength of Rush, but this is the only place where a criticism of Geddy Lee’s voice could come into the picture. Do they have vision? Yes. Is there production could? Yes. Do they have musical prowess? All but the vocals.

    So, how do we assign a numerical ranking to the prowess category? You have some of the best rock musicians of all time, but you need to incorporate the voice criticism.

    One way to do this would be to divide the points into 4 groups: Guitars would be 2.5, drums would be 2.5, bass would be 2.5, and vocals would be 2.5. Even if you give the vocals a 1.25, or an F, the group receives an 8.75 in the prowess category.

    In other cases, a person’s voice might result in a larger point deduction. Rebecca Black’s nasally singing on Friday combined with poorly worded lyrics might put the prowess of her single at a 2.5.


    Production is the arch nemesis of a garage band. Everything about your performance and song might be great, but the tune can still be unlistenable if something is wrong with the recording or mixing.

    The guitar can’t be heard.

    The entire band sounds like they are playing out of a tin can.

    You have to turn down the volume when the playlist comes to the song.

    Every song ends in a fade out.

    This is the area that is the easiest to botch, but the hardest for a layman in production to give constructive feedback on. Mixing and recording are as important in creating good music as the actual writing process for a song.

    Not all combined scores are created equally. A band may have a 24 as a combined score but a bad record if any of the individual scores fall below a 5. The vision and prowess might both be at a 10, but if the production is at a 4, it still might be a bad record. An acceptable scratch tape maybe, but not the kind of thing you would promote and sell.

    The best way to demonstrate the scale is to apply it. The first example is Dark Side of the Moon. Vision: 10. Prowess: 10. Production: 10.

    Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd is considered to be one of the greatest albums of all time. It’s innovative, well performed, and well recorded.

    Now, let’s evaluate the album your friend next door put out. He’s not much of a singer, but he can play a ton of instruments at a reasonable level. Vision: 5.5. Prowess: 6.5. Production: 5.5.

    It’s not horrible to listen to, but it’s not going to go 4x Platinum. Most garage bands will hover between 16 and 21, whereas bands with record deals will have higher combined scores due to often better production.

    More Examples:

    Signals by Rush: 27.5 (Vi:8, Ps:9, Pn:10).

    Back in Black by AC/DC: 27 (Vi:9, Ps:8, Pn:10)

    Nevermind by Nirvana: 30 (Vi:10, Ps:10, Pn:10)

    Clockwork Angels by Rush: 28.5 (Vi:9.5, Ps:9, Pn:10)

    Abbey Road by The Beatles: 30 (Vi:10, Ps:10, Pn:10)

    13 by Black Sabbath: 26 (Vi:7, Ps:9, Pn:10)

    The Number of the Beast by Iron Maiden: 29 (Vi:9, Ps:10, Pn:10)

    The Final Cut by Pink Floyd: 25 (Vi:6, Ps: 9, Pn:10) This album really sucked for them.

    Core by Stone Temple Pilots: 28 (Vi: 9, Ps:9, Pn:10)

    American Idiot by Green Day: 28 (Vi: 9.5, Ps:8.5, Pn:10)

    Dos by Green Day: 26.25 (Vi:7.5, Ps:8.75, Pn:10)

    Led Zeppelin IV: 30 (Vi:10, Ps:10, Pn:10)

    Thriller by Michael Jackson: 30 (Vi:10, Ps:10, Pn:10)

  16. 1. Complain about not being allowed to vape at work. 

    2. Vape. Possibly while at work. 

    3. Bang Anna. While vaping. Can an e-cig be turned into a sex toy? Only one way to find out! 

    4. Teach dog to vape.  Vape with dog. 

    5. Go back to work. Vape some more. Complain about not being allowed to vape at work. 

    Bonus round: blah blah social injustice 



    ... I'm really not even trying anymore. 

  17. Job duties include, but are not limited to:

    • Making good posts
    • Giving unconditional rep to other group members
    • Targeting users and posting at them
    • Deeming people inferior to you and the group

    Minimum requirements: 

    • PhD or higher is preferred, but not necessary
    • 5 or more years experience being online
    • Proficiency in thread-starting and overall post-making
    • General distaste for the chat room and its frequent users
    • Must have 1 or fewer friends irl
    • Prior rep-fishing experience is preferred, but not necessary

    Please submit your resumé and cover letter via Personal Message to be considered. Qualified applicants will be called to schedule an interview.

    **Past applicants need not apply** 

  18. Reasons:

    1) this shit is not active whatsoever

    2) no one makes good, interesting or funny posts. they all fish for rep with their really cool and edgy low member online clique because they have no true friends irl

    3) anyone who tries to shitpost aren't even ironically funny 

    It's pathetic when someone has to go out of their way to try to make the site fun (aka Lil B posts) and the only time the members here are active are when there's drama or when green day does something (and even when they do do something I don't really consider 100-200 people online at once an accomplishment by any means) 

    Honestly If I'd rather be on 4chan than here There's a serious problem imo, idk why I log on here cause I see the same exact threads I saw when I was here 2 weeks ago, hell even 2 months ago lmao

    If anyone tries to make a new or interesting thread, it either gets closed or merged and then it dies or it barely makes it passed page 2

    U can say what u want about me, i dont care care if you think I'm a trolling prick or whatever, but the site isn't active enough to have interesting intellectual conversation with people that know what they're talking about so someone has 2 make it interesting once in awhile 

    Pce n lov 


  19. WeAllFloatDownHere's Blog

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    So going into a reclusive state the last week and debating in the gun thread came to the realization that when heated I act like an asshole towards others and that's not something that's okay or cool I've never intentionally set to insult anyone on the board but I realize I do have a hot temper and I need to control it better so to anyone that I've insulted like Dai or Ceadog or anyone else for that matter I apologize and nothing personal was ever meant 

  20. I've written a few more songs since "Broken, Wooden Boy" but this is the newest and one I instantly liked, so I thought I'd share it. I'd love any feedback from it, or if you'd be interested in helping me actually make this a song (AKA vocals, guitars, bass) thanks :) 


    A missing parachute 

    and two left feet

    leave me bruises

    on life's concrete


    Oh, Oh, Oh, it hurts

    The stress and pain, will never work


    And you came, like  a bandaid

    picked me off my feet

    sank into my soul

    The shame, that's been guilting me

    you healed up

    and took me home


    Now we seem in love or what used to me

    but the truth ain't always what is told to me

    I've got miles to go, but the cord's too short

    so wrap it around my neck instead...


    And you came, like  a bandaid

    picked me off my feet

    sank into my soul

    The shame, that's been guilting me

    you healed up

    and took me home


    Life is gonna hurt,

    like, pulling off a bandaid

    Life is gonna hurt,

    like, pulling off a bandaid

    but it's time to say goodbye (x)


    thanks for reading! 

  21. For those who have watched the anime, and listened to the opening, here is a little something I did. 


    An acoustic cover of it. Please tell me what you guys think of it! :) I still have a lot to learn, but this is probably my best one yet! 

  22. seagull's Blog

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    This blog is for all you stupid fucking trolls and haters online saying inhumane and hurtful things about fedoras. Well guess what? They rule harder than YOU, DIPSHITS! You don't know fucking anything about this hat, Idiots. Quite frankly, I just think you're jealous ass haters. 'Cause you couldn't even pull off this look. You couldn't even wear a fedora if your lives depended on it. Because you know what? It's class, And class is for men and swag is for boys, but you wouldn't know shit about that, Fucking haters. This hat is for what cool people wear, And you can't figure it out! You sit there online on your fucking websites and you're stating bullshit about it, but guess what? It's just a hat, And you're not even cool enough to wear it! So next time, You think before you do trolling. I'd Implore you to do a little bit of thinking, If that's even possible for you, To think before you do fucking hating on fedoras. They're just a hat... And you're just a stupid SWAG idiot. You think swag is sooo cool, Well guess what? ITS FOR BOYS and class is for men! My fedora is class. That's all i gots to say to all you stupid ass haters and bullshit bully trolls. You don't know shit, You don't know fashion, You don't know anything about this world if you keep saying bullshit jokes. I know you're just trying to be stupid and ass funny but it's not fucking funny. Get the fuck offline if you're gonna keep saying this bullshit keep spouting this out of your stupid ass keyboards. That probably aren't even mechanical. Listen, Log off, Idiots. You don't know shit, You stupid swag. You don't know shit and I DARE you to say one more fucking joke and i'll slit your throat neck. Anyway that's it. See you later fucking idiots.

    Yes much better now!

  23. Thing

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    Since Invision Board 4.x is managing to confuse even us web folks, it just took me about two hours to find what I've been looking for. And since this is not the fault of the board staff, or my own; rather a result of a "what the hell they were thinking?" sort of a move on the behalf of Invision Board developers and their blissfully ignorant betas, I thought I'd share my list of gotchas as I discover them.

    The only way to see new content on threads you follow, since your latest visit.

    This won't work from the followed content panel.

    This won't work from the notifications panel.

    This won't work from your user profile.

    This won't work from any of the front page widgets.

    Go to New Content and set the filters like I did in this picture.


    Congrats, you can now follow your subscribed threads. I have added the link to my bookmarks as, so far, getting things to show the right way would require setting the options each time.

  24. I noticed Swimmers (formerly known as Emily's Army) didn't really have a fan site or a forum, so I made one.


    The site is http://swimmers.band and the forum is http://swimmers.band/forum 


    Please sign up if you can; it would be really nice to start getting some content up on there before I publicly launch it.


    and I'm definitely looking for some dedicated Swimmers fans to help me with editing content on the site, so please let me know if you're interested! :)