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    Lone here with your late stats post for the month of March. The end of March/beginning of April marks the end of the first leg of the North American tour but they will be back at the end of summer! For you new folks who went to a show, go on over and say hi in the show threads. We had an increase of total visitors (+31%), total posts (+2%), and total reputation given (+1%). We'd like to welcome @Paola17 to the top five active members of the month, joined by four others who made an appearance the last month. That's it for now. Toodle-loo!

  2. Lady Darkling
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    Someday far faraway in my past, I was a child. Not a child in terms of age, that's something I still carry with me. No; child as in innocent, in so many different ways. A child hasn't been touched or tainted, by skin or by thought. A child is free, to roam without fear and sleep without nightmares that carry something more. A child hasn't lost anything significant, hasn't worked to gain something, hasn't felt despair, love, longing, lust...

    I miss it. God, I miss it. So much, too much. I miss the days when my head wasn't full and my chest wasn't empty. I didn't long for the touch of someone I can't have, not the way I want to, anyway.

    It's funny. Nothing has changed and yet everything has. It's hard to admit your feelings to yourself but once you do you can't take them back. No matter how much I want to, I can't take it back.

    I'll tell her everything, piece by piece, year after year. I always knew I would. Even when we weren't even friends yet, I knew she was special. There was something in the way she held herself; she knew who she was and she felt no shame in it. I fell in love with the idea of her before I fell in love with her as a person, but it was always her, it will always be her. I will tell her everything because I can't not. I don't have it in me to deny her. My sister... she doesn't understand. It's not her fault, I haven't told her how I feel about our friend, and I never will, but she assumes that it's because I favor the other. "You didn't read this book when I recommended it to you twenty times yet all she had to say was she really liked it and you bought it in 3 minutes." The bitterness hurts, but I'll take it. It's better than letting them know how much this hurts. Everything else that hurts I will share one day, because she makes me want to tell her.

    But not this. I can see it now, the rejection, but that isn't what stops me. I know her; fuck I know her so well, and I know she'd feel bad. Guilty. She doesn't deserve this, she doesn't deserve me and my fucking haywire emotions, she deserved better, so much better, and even if she felt the same way I couldn't do that to her. We're in different continents for crying out loud; it would never work, not long term.

    But that's what I want. Her, long term. I wish I didn't, I wish these feelings would go away, but they don't. It's been five fucking years, and I haven't even seen her for like the last half of that; I've changed, and so has she. We've grown and fallen apart as friends and back together -because we always fall back together- but my heart hasn't changed.

    I tell her I love her every time we talk and it feels like a lie, because when she says it she means "you're my best friend" but when I say it I mean "you're the love of my life."

    Maybe I'm wrong. I'm still... young. Not a child, but young. Inexperienced and new. Maybe she's not "the one." Maybe she'll be one of many. But something tells me that if anything was going to change it already would have.

    I hope I'm wrong.


    P.S. fuck how did this even happen this was supposed to be a meld of fiction and my own frustrations but it ended up being a confessional. I shouldn't be surprised. When it comes to my brain, everything always somehow leads back to her these days.


    Stay Dirty


  3. Dead Microphone

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    That title of this blog post is a line from a song. Not one I wrote or anything. 

    But on the subject of things I did write, I deleted my old blog because there was way too much shit I was no longer even remotely satisfied with, and because that's what happens when self-consciousness and impulsiveness are dominant traits in one's brain. I'm starting over with a convenient word doc anyone can download at this link: http://docdro.id/2PKGIO2 

    Therein lies the poetry that survived the purge, a small volume titled Recursions. That is the complete collection of all my poems which I still like. Most of it has been posted here before, but one blog is better than 20. It opens in a new tab and everything when you click it. That's that. 

  4. Hello, fellow GDCers. Thanks for all of the well wishes through all of this craziness with my dad.

    The latest on my dad is that he will have to go through chemo and radiation starting on September 11th. Surgery was unable to remove all of the cancer, so the doctors now want to do radiation to remove the last of it which they believe they can do. They had to remove one of his jugular veins during the surgery as well as a muscle from his neck to his shoulder that has now limited the ability of him to raise his arm above his head.

    Swallowing is an issue for him at the moment and he's on a liquid diet until he can get his swallowing under control.

    So, today...my mom called to tell me that she has a tumor on her throat and that she will need a biopsy to see if it's cancerous.

    I honestly don't even know how to process all of this. Between my dad's cancer, his confession of an affair 15 years ago and now my mom maybe having cancer? In a dark way, it's almost become comical. Nothing fazes me anymore and I just laugh at awful news now because it's become so ridiculous.

    Anyhey. Life is swell and I can't wait to see Green Day in 12 more days.

  5. New lyrics. Enjoy.


    Reach Into The Moon


    What if I run now?

    Will I ever be okay?

    Do I deserve you?

    Do I deserve anyone today?


    Sometimes visions are all I see

    nothing is ever real

    The distance seems too far

    for me to ever feel



    Reach into the moon

    That is where I reside

    A counter to everything we see

    That is where I hide


    If you see the moon

    hanging from the line

    Fear me, for I have

    fallen from the divine


    Why do you stay by me?

    When I never get things done?

    What is the path of

    stars when the lights run?


    I always say what I mean

    to better my own view

    Driving away the remnants

    of my chosen few




    Living in air pockets

    away from the fear

    Giving into the torment

    of relapsing when I'm so near



    Roaming among coasts unclear


    Do you hear the bells now?

    They've only come for me

    I'm the leader of the sinners

    but it's what sets me free




    I'm positively negative

    and I remain unchanged

    Realism tires out

    the unholy and the strange



    Seeping into the void


    Riddles only confuse

    when science is my point-of-view

    There's no reason for this feeling

    but it ends when I think of you


    Orbiting out of skew

    into what is true




    Into what is true

  6. What I Lost

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    I have a new blog post up on my new website: www.whatilost.net

    Again, it's about losing 93 pounds over the past year. Enjoy!


  7. Comrade
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    Somehow I've suddenly not posted any writing here for coming up to a year.

    For the most part I've not been writing much. The odd line here, the odd paragraph there. Disjointed ideas and exercises in description or writing things down as they happen so I don't forget the funny little things and stories life throws up, but about four months ago I started writing a lot more again.

    I think I stopped after a severe case of writers' burnout and block. I didn't have anything left to say and nothing I was doing, seeing or feeling really inspired me to write. But over the winter, I started to feel a little less jaded and out poured the words. There's a lot I won't share because it's objectively naff, but these, to me, really capture a pair of liberating moments in time.



    There’s nothing rare about a pretty face 
    And my friends were on the case:
    “Yeah she was fit, but you’re well rid of it”
    I broke her heart into little red pieces;
    I heard that I was a terrible person
    From the ‘victim’ who had kissed another:
    “You’re manipulative and always have to be right”
    And if I’d put up a fight then I was proving her right. 
    Take your pick of the posies, I admit; 
    But the worst thing that I did 
    Was mistake beauty for emotional intelligence
    And take her back a hear ago.
    I almost believed it when it mattered then, 
    But she just blogged the whole time and moaned about her shitty friends.




    Northern Soul

    Said that she was down from Glasgow 
    And out looking for a bit of a rascal 
    Who’s up for dancing all night on the tables;
    Someone who ain’t all hung up on social labels, 
    She’s dressed up to the nineteen nineties;
    All baggy pants and an orange velvet crop top
    That she got for cheap in a second hand shop…
    She thought “I can see it in his eyes,
    He’s only in it for the prize”
    But oh darling I – 
    I see it in your eyes:
    Across all the spilled beers you look alive,
    Can I take you home…

    I’m fooling around, making the most of my last young days 
    I’m having her ‘round, I think we’re gunna misbehave 
    This girl speaks to the adolescent all alone
    Who’s still self-conscious about his growing body, 
    Back when the touch of skin was something that I’d never known;
    And I’d never been free the way that she has northern soul.

    All linked arms singing to Come on Eileen
    During the verses I catch her eyeing me 
    While her friend’s friend makes his move and 
    Leans in for the kiss and only gets the girls’ hand…
    In mine, she turns around
    The whole crowd cheers us on, 
    We forget about the song…
    And Darling I – 
    I see a little green in your eyes
    On this night, in this light you look alive 
    Oh let’s go home?

     “I like that you seem suave…
    Tell me all your stories
    And we’ll stay up ‘till the morning”
    Oh Darling I – 
    I kissed her chest and I told her 
    All the things that make me older 
    And she laughed
    And rolled a little closer to me;
    “This’ll just be another story”
    Darling I
    Feel so alive.


  8. Hello!

    Perhaps this is a dorky request, but I figure since we're all music enthusiasts here, why not?

    The composer of the first three Tomb Raider games is hosting a Kickstarter project to revamp the soundtrack with a full orchestra, to be recorded at Abbey Road studios in London. I wrote up a summary regarding the project over on the Tomb Raider Deviantart page I admin if anyone's interested in more details: http://tombraiders.deviantart.com/journal/The-Tomb-Raider-Suite-News-686956563

    Here's the direct Kickstarter link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1636910846/the-tomb-raider-suite/description


    We're almost there! If anyone would like to back the project, there's some epic goodies up for grabs when you participate including signed posters, shirts and more! 


  9. Green Day Songwriting Project

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    I might do it so its a single song cuz i dont have that much time

  10. Yep you guessed it new song here you go:
    In retrospect I should've redone the guitar parts for vocals but oh well
    Other than that I think this is my favorite one besides the previous song



    Remember that summer night 
    I spent half the party alone
    Depressed over stupid fights
    I made you a friend on my own 

    The memories all flood back...

    Do you remember when
    We texted all night
    We hated our lives
    Now we're alright
    I remember those days
    They seem so far away
    It's when things finally changed
    You came and stayed
    You've made me okay 

    Remember how homecoming sucked
    Got home, cried when we got our chance
    Later there was the haunted house
    You got so scared you took my hand 

    The memories all flood back...


    100 hours of phone calls
    We talked about everything
    Yet nothing at all
    We've had so much fun 
    Look at how far we've come 

    [Guitar Solo]

    [Do you remember when
    We texted all night
    We hated our lives
    Now we're alright... x2]
    I remember those days
    They seem so far away
    It's when things finally changed
    You came and stayed
    You've made me okay  [x3]
    Since that first day
    You've made me okay

  11. Okay, so since I can't delete blog posts, I decided to just take this old one ('cuz the song this post was originally for was basically an old version of this one) and update it with this. Anyways, I think the song is pretty self-explanatory. That girl that I've been on about forever has a new boyfriend now, and this time they actually seem really happy together (unlike with her last boyfriend where they just seemed indifferent). Obviously, that's made me wonder whether I should just let her go or what, and this song reflects that. 

    I'm not gonna post chords for this one 'cuz I don't have them all worked out yet. I have some of it worked out, but not all of it.

    Verse one:
    I want you to be happy, but I'm still in pain
    I'm sitting here alone in the pouring rain
    Just trying to figure out if it was worth the wait
    'Cuz now it really looks as if I was too late

    I know this doesn't mean that it'll last forever
    But you two really seem to be so happy together
    It's gotten to a point where I don't know what to do
    'Cuz if I fell in love again, well it just wouldn't be you

    I still love you with all my heart
    But my dreams are torn apart
    I'm not sure I can let you go
    You mean so much, you'll never know

    Verse two:
    I could've been with you if I wasn't so scared
    That I couldn't say a word and all I did was stare

    Now everything I believed just feels like one big lie
    And I don't even know if I should bother to try

    [Repeat pre-chorus/chorus]

    Final chorus:
    I still love you with all my heart
    But now my dreams are torn apart

    If this is what you want, then it's okay
    But is there still hope of us some day?

  12. So I never updated this blog beyond saying that Familiar Faces was playing a huge talent showcase at House of Blues Cleveland. Well, here's what happened...


    We played HOB Cleveland Live Music Showcase, judged by Kat Gaynor, formerly of Warner Reprise. It was a great set, with a lot of the music off the "upcoming" record, and a new song I'd written a week earlier for the show.

    We won, beating out 9 other groups including hip-hop, rock, rap, and instrumental pieces. I was in fucking shock, believe me, but we won.

    We went on to meet with Kat, got her contact info to get some advice from her on what our future should look like.

    We then proceeded to slowly and quietly fall out and do absolutely nothing with the band. I wanted to write unique and creative new music that wasn't just new, but sounded different. Our drummer, Tommy, wanted to create music for an audience that already existed locally, and more-so music that he was already a fan of. That kind of music you've heard a dozen of your friends promote on Facebook that just sounds sort of - done - for lack of a better word. And I don't mean to be so harsh, if that's how I'm coming off... I don't think his new band's music sounds bad or anything, it just doesn't sound at all unique or original from my perspective.


    Anyway, our fanbase grew to be pretty large and we could have done a lot with the moment we gained following the HOB show. We didn't even release the album, though. I put up over $300 of my own money toward the $650 total we owed. About $150 of it came from the band funds we'd been holding onto from ticket sales and all that. I refused to pay for any more of it though, and there was only really about $120 left, so I figured the other 3 members of the band could handle that. One of them went off to college about 300 miles away, so he was just out altogether on the whole band thing. The other two just didn't really seem too concerned with it.

    So, here we are, nearly two years down the road, no album, no band. Which would feel fine if we hadn't been in the middle of what was our most active, most productive, and most popular time together. It all just kind of dropped off, and no one cared enough to pick it up. I'm to blame just as much as anyone. I began loathing band practice and the entire writing process with Familiar Faces. I didn't have the creative control I used to, and I wasn't trying to give it up. I'd write songs and suggest covers that explored areas we hadn't already been, like reworking Hound Dog into a Punk Rock cover with a new solo, or trying to make My Heart Will Go On somehow sound badass. The rest of the guys were happy to do Blink 182, Fall Out Boy, and Taking Back Sunday covers forever. Every now and then we mixed in a cover from one of the hot new up and coming indie rock bands.

    But every good thing comes to an end and, if all goes well, you make something better for yourself when it's all said and through. I've never stopped writing. I don't know how to. I don't post or publish anything these days, or at least I hadn't until this past week. I'm enjoying working on my own original music, and that's all that really matters. I'll probably start a new blog here soon with some of the material I've been working on.

  13. Dan's Blog

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    This is my first blog entry here, so if you've found yourself reading this then hey! I hope you enjoy the chaos of thought this will no doubt evolve into over time:P

    Oh yeah, there will be spoilers for the show if you're reading this btw, if you haven't already finished it.

    So last week I started seeing a lot of controversy on my facebook about 13 Reasons Why. I was seeing people praise it for its brutality, but I was seeing far more people complaining that it was too much/too triggering/disrespectful to mental illness and rape victims. So I had to watch it for a number of reasons. For a start I couldn't imagine it possibly being as brutal as people were making out. Secondly, it was touching on issues like bullying, suicide and rape. I know a lot about bullying, but not much about the other two, so I figured it was kind of important to watch.

    The first few episodes didn't really grab me much to be honest. I'm only saying this because I can't fully articulate my thoughts, but they felt kind of High School Musical to me. I obviously knew it was going to go to dark places, and the episodes did have dark undertones, but what I saw from those episodes seemed like a huge cliche, the whole idea of jocks and nerds etc. I don't like the setting of an American High School for some reason, and I thought some of the characters seemed like generic archetypes that would never exist. But I guess that was the genius of the show, you never know what goes on in someone else's life. 

    As it went on it got harder to watch. I saw the life slowly drain from Hannah over the course of the flashbacks, and I saw Clay unravel in the present through his guilt and anxiety, all while everyone else on the tapes seemed more concerned with their own reputations than the fact they collectively drove a girl to suicide. The basketball scene where Clay hallucinates Hannah's corpse in the middle of the hall stands out to me. I ended up growing to really like Hannah as a character, even though the idea of the tapes was cold and fucked up.

    The last few episodes really broke me though. Watching the scene of Bryce raping Jessica was uncomfortable, and I was finally understanding that the show was as brutal as everyone had said, and was only going to get worse. Jeff's death was sad too, he was a sweet guy and didn't deserve his fate, and I felt for Clay in the flashbacks having lost who seemed to be his closest friend. Everybody deserves a Jeff. Then Clay's tape really upset me. The fact that Hannah included him in the tapes, but revealed that she didn't blame him for anything, instead telling him that he was just such a good guy that she didn't deserve because she would've fucked him up. Including him in the tapes to me means that she wanted to explain to Clay why she killed herself, maybe in the hopes of her not wanting him to blame himself. She didn't even do that for her family, and it was really poignant I guess. And Clay's reaction was heart wrenching. Following that, Tony's support for him was touching. We all deserve a Tony too. And the rape in the next episode was painful to watch. The life drains from Hannah's face as it happens. Katherine Langford did a great job as Hannah.

    The finale broke me. There had been two rapes and a number of heart ripping emotional scenes, how could it get worse? It showed Hannah actually killing herself. It pulls no punches, we see her slit her wrists and bleed to death in the bath. And if that wasn't bad enough, we see her parents find her body. Nothing happens off screen. I won't lie, that was the moment I finally cried like I'd wanted to since episode 11. And then I cried some more an hour later when I'd gone to bed. Some people can maybe write the suicide scene off as fiction, but it's not. It's reality for so many people every day. When life overwhelms them, they die alone in a bathtub and in agony after cutting their wrists only to be found by a family member or friend who had no idea anything was wrong. It was so raw it really got to me thinking about the people who die like that. And I don't even know anyone who has, I can't imagine what it must be like for people who have known someone who killed themselves. It was sad letting the character of Hannah go too, like I said earlier I'd grown to like her as a character a lot. I should also say I've never been so emotionally invested in a TV show before because I finished it last night but I still feel really fucking sad and gloomy. So please recommend a more cheerful show on netflix to get my mind off this if you can.

    I think I'm glad I watched it though, it fucked me up but I can't praise 13 Reasons Why enough.



  14. Rampancy at Midnight

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    Nearly every day starts the same for me. I wake up late, grab a coffee while getting ready for work, then I spend a few minutes reviewing stats and metrics from across a dozen different websites. On days off  like today, the only change is that I haven't showered yet. After getting my coffee and powdered donut (my biggest weakness) I went about trying to find something entertaining to watch while I tweet from my cell phone about other bands I've heard about. Then I finally decided to get of my ass and then immediately plop in front of the desk and start really promoting things. Running an ad on Facebook/Instagram, that takes a lot of work. Then I have to go see what is trending on twitter, might be able to use those. Of course I have 2 of 6 songs left to record for the album, so a quick review of those and  any fresh ideas that might come from em are a must! Right now I'm working on the new intro for Opposition, I think it will be massive! It is of course a 7+ minute long song, the second one on this EP. Just can't help myself.
    After losing a straight hour between submissions, media contacts, streaming, uploading, downloading, cross referencing, and just general PR shit, I think I'll take a break with some more coffee and keep watching the 13 Reasons Why show. MAybe.

    On a side note, I quit nicotine on Friday morning so now I'm noticing how much more ADD I really am! It's fucking insane!

  15. Dirntbag
    Latest Entry

    Pandora’s nimble fingers, which opened the box
    perhaps never pressed, slow, secret and soft
    into another’s skin; Zeus bade her keep her desire within
    and she never knew that flattened flower feeling
    of burying her face in a lover’s neck, of breathing in.

    From her fingers fluttered golden hope
    on a moth’s powdery wings
    that should dissolve in dust and smoke
    if it did not, by nature, flutter behind evil things.
    Bestowed upon her; all manner of gifts,
    a tender heart, eager lips, cunning, wit
    but denied to use them – 
    she can’t ever revel in the feeling of his cocooning hands
    all entwined in silk, enfolding tanned waist,
    won’t understand
    the Pandora’s box of good emotions
    that his interlaced fingers so easily open.

    Forged out of the Earth, like her,
    and with dints imprinted down his spine,
    bodies intertwined, she unpeels, unlocks,
    and in rush of effervescent, beautiful thoughts,
    vulnerability, singular, bumbles out of the box,
    gets caught in his prickly beard
    that reddens her skin in glittering heat.
    He nudges it out; a tesseract of feeble, scintillating doubt.

    Him and his first-mortal-forged confidence
    and his bare naked talk,
    and how she nuzzles him when he can’t sleep.
    Into artwork made
    when his face laugh lines and his whole body shakes,
    two halves of one whole,
    both borne of Earth’s molten core,
    and bestowing upon eachother all wonderful gifts,
    the softest parts of themselves, vulnerability,
    nakedness, “here,” 
    offered up to bite or to kiss,
    “ I want you to have this.”

  16. WhiteTim's Blog

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    Another sleepless night

    Another sleepless night in pain

    Another sleepless night in despair

    Another day of going through the motions

    Another day of loneliness

    Another day of praying the pain away

    Another day of the prayers going unheard

    Another day of knowing how useless of a human being I've become

    Another day my disease has cut me down inch by inch

    Another day to dwell on how useless of an father I am

    Another day of no joy of no hope no future

    Another day of someone pointing and saying "oh he's lazy"

    not knowing I'm not but I'm in too much of pain to do anything now

    Another day of wishing for this life to end

    Another day of the reclusiveness

    Another day of not having friends to go eat with or talk to in a non social media platform

    Another day to be ashamed

    Another day to hear the dreaded phrase "it'll get better" to me Another day to repeat no it won't as my disease is forever

    Another day of hoping for a day of normalcy

    Another day for another sleepless night

    Another sleepless night to repeat the cycle



  17. Recycle Bin

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    A better description of myself than my name's actual meaning...


    I found my feelings hidden in my name. It's been a part of me since the day I was born. Is it my destiny?! Or am I going to be able to escape it?!

  18. Time: [4:42 PM]



    It's Saturday and this is how I'm spending the rest of the afternoon. Coffee, laptop and blasting music. I accidentally spilled a shit ton of sugar in my coffee, but ah well. 


    My playlist, if anyone is interested.

    I just had something to eat, I made toast with eggs and served this with rhode island sauce and avocado.



    Throats with age road ice land sausage and Ava cadors 😍😍👌💦💦 bone app the teeth

    I'm so sorry for the horrible title, but I'm very quickly running out of ideas here.

  19. Scattered

    Hi everybody. :)

    Are you wondering what this means?


    Keep reading this post: you'll discover it soon.

    Let's get to the point. I created a secret alphabet.

    It has a particular characteristic: every symbol of the alphabet is an intersection between the capital letter and the lowercase letter.

    For this reason I decided to call it "Mesoalphabet", being in the middle between the two types.

    Now I'm showing you how the letter H is formed:


    First, we write down a capital H turned 90° clockwise. Then we intersect it with the lowercase H. A new symbol is formed. Now, we have to delete some parts of the symbol to make it less similar to something related to the H and... Here's our new letter.

    This applies to all the letters. 

    The complete alphabete:


    If you are curious about how a letter is formed, don't be afraid to ask. :happy:

    But now you have all you need, translate the sentence I posted before...

    Hope you like it! :)

  20. There's many ways the write about your first time seeing your favourite band live (Leeds, 05/02/17), an event I've waited for for over half my life. I chose my favourite: rambling, inconsistent poem, filled with references you may or may not get. 


    cover the streets 

    in your plastic garb

    throw your blankets out

    and run inside

    rain for cover

    like a stampede of unicorns

    know your enemy

    never forget

    the fallen

    king sized hopes

    and pocket sized regrets

    the confetti of the crystal maze

    dreams are made

    as others crushed

    time moves too fast

    what are you waiting for?

    drunk italians in the night

    constant changing colours

    to feel warm again

    the sleep that evades us all

    chasing a new high

    wrapped in foil

    feeling faint

    but still alive

    pinching yourself

    because you're still breathing

    shake your fist at escalators

    tour the world in your rucksack

    check in

    check out

    live on the road

    buses and trains

    start another chant

    we are the unreleased songs

    the unplayed tunes

    the stolen tapes

    we are the cereal bars in the morning

    the doughtnuts in the afternoon

    the McDonald's in the middle of the night

    we are the waiting

    blue hair running up and down

    waving sticks

    mouth is dry

    feet are numb

    heroes thanking heroes

    cursing politicians

    all we need 

    is love and positivity

    and another encore




    anyway, here's wonderwall

  21. Okay, since @I don't care posted her beautiful lyrics in her blog, I have to hold up my end of the deal and tell you about the Twilight fanfiction me and my best friend wrote a few years ago.


    A girl called Mel Ann Choly lives with her father Brock Choly in a small town called Knifes. Her mother Phyll A. Delfia remarried and lives together with the gunslinger René Gade. Mel is deep and very sad and her eyes are tragically beautiful. Whenever she's especially sad she visits the zoo to feed the penguins with Kinder Pingui. Little does she know that these penguins aren't just regular penguins - they'e werepenguins. Every day they  turn into humanoids. One of them is Roman Tic, her love interest with oily, shining astral body. He lives in his compound with his parents Ben Evolent and Emme Pathy who adopted him as a wee baby penguin, his brothers Hugh Jabs, who is very strong, and Al Loan, who is a loner, and his sisters Elle Gance, who's a pretty penguin with eyelashes, and Fortuna Teller who knows exactly when the feeding times are. Mel and Roman are star crossed lovers, they simply cannot be. Because beastiality is illegal. Mel's classmate, Fred Zone, is in love with her and very jealous of her destined penguin so he and his friend Barbara "Barbie" Gal make it their mission to make Roman's life hell. Roman becomes fed up with his life and decides to end his life by stealing the infamous Emperor Penguins' (Agatha Power, Mel Efficient and Arro Gance) snacks. 


    That's not the complete fanfiction but a rough draft of the plot. We did this years ago and it's actually funnier than I make it sound. It got lost on someone's drive years ago and the only thing I had was the names and the .. well, rough plot. I regret telling @I don't care about it in a moment of weakness, I should have known better. Of course she would use it against me. 

    Fuck you Agnes.

    You killed Mufasa and my street cred. RIP in peace.


  22. No, I promise, I didn't get hacked... :P

    I just wanted to put out a little PSA for anyone who has student debt or a mortgage and a smartphone (which, let's be real, is pretty much everyone in the U.S.) about a free app that I've been playing that awards daily cash prizes to pay student loan payments and mortgages. It's called Givling and it's picking up steam. Check out this Business Insider story. You get one free play per day, meaning you can win money every day without paying anything.

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  23. Z J
    Latest Entry

    Cursed be the country

    standing on stolen land.


    Cursed now, be that land,

    built with sin and slave hands. 


    Cursed be the hand

    of heathens who cast

    a ballot in his name.


    Cursed be the name 

    of the patriot who didn’t vote. 


    Cursed be the voter 

    who felt the choices were the same. 


    Cursed be the same 

    voter now wishing

    they had not refrained. 


    Cursed just as slavers 

    before us, a congruence found

    in Rome’s remains.


    Cursed be our empire’s reign:

    To our fated ruin

    we are chained.