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So You Want to Be an Internet Poster

Posted by rootbeersoup in rootbeersoup's Blog, 29 March 2015 · 25 views

My mom sent me a link to this poem by Charles Bukowski (one of the first great online posters) on Facebook. This is one of the most inspirational works of literature I've ever read, and I feel I should share it with the wonderful Community of Greenday fans
So You Want to Be an Internet Poster
By Charles Bukowski

if it doesn't come bursting out o...



Posted by Z J in Z Blog, 29 March 2015 · 13 views

I wrote this while in this spot. It's a large picture.
Almost wish it never ended.

If I could stay
in this place forever
And this day was all
I ever knew
then I could say
that on this day
I fo...


Lyrics - My Bell For A Head

Posted by Louiejub in A Collection of Random Shit, 27 March 2015 · 38 views

More lyrics. Enjoy.

My Bell For A Head

These walls collapse on me
Open the windows
Tell me what you see

Fog in the distance
Suppressing clear sky


The creaking floorboards
ring my head like a bell
I scream aloud,
"Mama, I don't wanna go to Hell!"

This town in the middle of nowhere
The purgatory of thought and faith
The preachers collec...


First Listen Review: Endless Forms Most Beautiful - Nightwish

Posted by Nemo. in Moments , 27 March 2015 · 274 views

Tuomas Holopainen I love you.
So that's it. I got nothing more to say.
But seriously.
Today is the release date for my most anticipated album of 2015: Endless Forms most Beautiful by Nightwish. I discovered this band in Fall 2011 shortly before Imagninaerum was released. And three exciting years passed between Imaginaerum and Endless Forms M...


Heroes & Cunts - Episode 1: Fuck Bitches, Get Rep

Posted by Malcolm Tucker in Heroes & Cunts, 27 March 2015 · 817 views

I'm very excited to announce something some friends and I have been working on, a podcast series called "Heroes and Cunts" - for GDC'ers, by GDC'ers, and about GDC'ers! In this inaugural episode, we talk about DookieLukie, Darth Dopey, Jizz, Jesus fucking Christ, and SO much more!
We are looking for members who would be interested in being intervie...


4. My Zayn Malik Conspiracy Theory

Posted by Chanelle in If You Were A Tree, You'd Be A Nice Tree, 26 March 2015 · 117 views

So this is just what I think happened....
X-Factor: When Zayn signed up for X-Factor, he probably wanted to be an R&B singer in the first place. That's why he chose the Mario song. So when he got put with the other boys. I'm thinking that maybe he decided to stay with them just to see how far it would go. 

Perrie: A pawn in...


Art Blog P1: Descriptions of what I'm doing

Posted by 21guns&novacaine in 21's Blog of Life , 26 March 2015 · 42 views

Greetings, comrads!
Ok, I'm usually pretty out of order with blogs, so this one will probably be no different.
Between the busy/stressful and just plain out annoying week I've had, I've squeezed in some time to work on my art show entries. :woot: I will be entering The Walking Dead one (Daryl, Michonne and Rick) possibly the Katniss drawing...


This is important because I'm emotional and I love you all

Posted by Eva in Eva's Blog, 24 March 2015 · 211 views

This isn't a song or anything to do with music like all my other blog posts but this is a very important personal post and it would mean a lot to me if you all would stick with me for a minute.
Earlier today, I was rummaging through my old journals, cleaning stuff out and looking for a blank one I could use as a sketchbook. While flipping through a...


Swing, our second single is out!

Posted by communitykid in Familiar Faces, 24 March 2015 · 73 views

This is swing, it's a lot faster than Subliminal, and a favorite of ours at live shows. Let me know what you guys think!


What to do with "Musicians' Lounge"?

Posted by Andres in GDC News, 23 March 2015 · 311 views

Musicians Lounge just simply isn't working the way we hoped. I'm fairly certain that we're going to just get rid of it all together. It didn't work as "The Underground" when it was called that, and it's not working now. Even when GDC is active, it's still under-utilized and kinda feels like we're just pushing people off to a subforum that's hardly read fo...


The Nameless

Posted by Trotsky in Occupy Reality, 23 March 2015 · 66 views

This is our story, frame by frame
The shifting pieces of a game
Controller: We send our prayers
And sacrificial gifts.
Sleeping on the fault lines,
Echoes of our call signs
We balance on the edge
Of an ever-growing rift. 


Ice Age

Posted by Dirntbag in Dirntbag's Landfill, 21 March 2015 · 70 views

The world would skip the
wonderland - a blanket of snow, 
it'd go straight to the scary cold
that doesn't make it on to postcards;
that ancient frost, opaque, fragmented,
stuck to roads and walls and
clogging up vents; slipped upon by
falt-soled shoes.
When it's over, after the chaos,
the scramble, some Canadians would
emerge from somewhere li...


Aku = Subject !

Posted by howi in papers and howi, 20 March 2015 · 68 views

;) ...i made this....

This time i’d like to call my series drawing  “aku = subject “. Aku is Indonesian language, the meaning is I’am… it’s more like a visual poetry...it's more like a self-centered, ego and personal eksploration drawing...



Newport '65 Revisited: A Lyric Essay

Posted by Ana´s. in Flashing in the Dark, 19 March 2015 · 87 views

Now that I've entered my reading of this in the GDC's Got Talent Competition, I can actually post it here! Inspired by the wonder that was electric Bob Dylan, I wrote a lyric essay that synthesizes his historic performances at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival and the Manchester Free Trade Hall. I think it works better in its original written format; hopeful...


"Launchpad McQuack" (lyrics)

Posted by Floyd the Barber in Al's bullshit, 19 March 2015 · 67 views

I don't know, i'm stupid that's all you need to know.
Quacky McQuack I took a lot of smack
Quackity McQuack he put my head in his crack
Mr. McQuack took me out on a date
And it was really really late
He unexpectedly took a candlestick and hit me in the face
And now I'm wishing Tom Cruise was in my place
Then a huge fight e...


Senses Prevail - Chapter 10 (part 1)

Posted by Comrade in Comrade's Scribblings, 15 March 2015 · 150 views

Going has been slow but ever is it heading forwards. I don't have too much time or energy to devote to writing at the moment, but every couple of days I chip away a few more words. Mostly disjointed quotes, phrases and ideas for descriptions, or revisions to that which already exists. I've made a lot of revisions, actually. I've managed to get a bit of th...


I made a creative! xD

Posted by 9876gwen in 9876gwen's blog n shit, 13 March 2015 · 106 views

Maybe we're friends Maybe we're more
Maybe we found love right where we are
Maybe we got lost in translation
Maybe we'll meet again
Maybe we're not meant to be
Maybe we can try again
Maybe we're each others soulmates
Maybe we are the lucky ones
Should I even keep going? lol



Posted by Idlewild. in Lyrics for The RBMKs and other crap, 07 March 2015 · 111 views

I should be stabbed in the neck for what I'm thinking
And never, ever, ever, ever, ever speak again
Have I been stabbed in the back just for living?
I should find a home so far away and I won't look back again
I've seen the white, grey, brown that always gets me going,
And though you're lying in a grave, 
Your eyes,...



Posted by Lady Darkling in Lady Darkling's sort of diary, 07 March 2015 · 138 views

You will be in my heart 'till the day I die, and even then I'll find you; be sure of that.
The world was better off for knowing you, bye mummy

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