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First Attempt At Editing Some Photos

Posted by Vesper , 02 February 2013 · 332 views

So I took so really random photos today, but then I edited them using Lightroom 4, a piece of software I have never ever used before. 
Can you tell me what you think? Also if anyone has any tips for using Lightroom, that would be great! 
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The branches on the first picture looks a little too green, I'd use a layer to tone down the saturation and give it a more brown/grayish color and up the contrast to make it more "tree-bark-ish"look.
Also the fact that you didn't post the originals make it hard to see what's been done really, nature stills like these usually just gets a contrast and level bump paired with a sharpener.

Can you post some lightroom history too let us know what's been done exactly?
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Errr... does Lightroom allow you to use Layers? Isn't that just photoshop? I've watched some of the tutorials and she doesn't mention layers... :S 


I'll tone down the green, but they were green 'cause they're covered in moss. I'll try make it a little less so. 


Also, can I copy and paste the history? When I try, it just tries to move the order in which I've done it. 


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Just snip tool it, also, Photoshop is so much better for editing like everything because of, well, layers.
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I'd just like to say in addition to the first comment, the photos are gorgeous! There are a few flaws in the first one that would be hard to avoid, but other than that, great job :)
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Thank you! 


Right now I'm just having fun playing with this software. Might upload some more later... mebbe. 

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