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Last blog entry of thee year 2012

Posted by Demon!Dean , 31 December 2012 · 267 views

  in recap. i participated in 3 major spam threads: the nipple thread, the apocalypse thread and today the new years thread.
i reached 1,000 posts on here. went from like 30 likes, to 147 in like 2 months or so, created this blog. awesome people on here, Cdawg's zebra obsession. got an ipod touch 4g... moved up in the world. lost out on school, but that's ok. imma go to art school somehow. meh my 19th birthday. i went to see my father for the first time in 11-12 years.  spent most of the summer with my sister. Even though she can be a jerk, there were times i didn't want to see her i unfriended her  once off of facebook (were buds again) but i think were on edge once again... see we have ups and downs,....
  The Trilogy had it's ups and downs. Uno being released all was looking up then Iheartradio happened... we were all upset... but billie's health trumps everything. i like most of the trilogy. being unpromoted  i think the trilogy did ok ratings wise. and mike and tre  were like  there on instagram,,
  i got into Jason White's band the Big Cats. one of the best decisions made. that's where i found out Jason's gonna be a dad in January, so that's why their holiday concert  got pushed back to thanksgiving, it wouldn't of happened if Billie wasn't in rehab and Green Day touring.
this year has been ok for me. some spectacular things happening......
like the Netherlands soccer team completely sucking in Euro 2012... but coming back strong and undefeated so far in the WC qualifiers....(Netherlands is my favorite MNST)

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