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Jorma and the Christmas Rule

Posted by GreenRanger , 23 December 2012 · 424 views

Around here, we have certain traditions.  Lots of them.  We make polish sausage, a metric ton of cookies...we have an intimate family christmas on christmas eve.  My Dad makes us go on a treasure hunt Christmas morning.  All sorts of stuff.
One of those traditions includes lighting a fire in the fireplace on Christmas Eve...despite another of our traditions being listening to Jorma Kaukonen's Christmas album.  Now this album is pretty obscure.  How obscure?  Yeah, try searching "Jorma Kaukonen Downhill Sleigh Ride" and youtube will cross out those last three words for ya.  You literally can't find this album on Youtube.  How disappoint. (Luckily, however, you can hear that song in particular if you watch my Christmas Special, below.)

Anyway, Jorma's criminal obscurity is part of the reason why this entry is less about the whole album, which is great Christmas music, and more about his song The Christmas Rule...which is actually on YouTube.  It's a really great Christmas song.  But what makes a great Christmas song?  An original concept.  See, in this song...ah, just listen to it.

I mean, it raises a pretty legitimate point!  December's a cold month, and who's to say Santa won't stop by while you've still got a fire to warm your toes?  That does raise the question of "why would Santa use a device meant to contain a fire to enter people's houses?"  Ah, if we had that kind of thinking as a child, Christmas would be ruined.
That said, I just love this song, and in a world where the same ten songs are played on the radio at Christmas time, I wish more people knew about it...and this whole album.  It's got the right amount of humor in it, and a great, bluesy beat, which sets it apart from all the other stuff.  Yet, on the album at large, Jorma shows he can put this humor beside much more tender and thoughtful sounds.  That's why it seems like a crime that this album shows up on Amazon for about $40+.  Luckily, you can download it from Amazon or iTunes...which is kind of news to me, since I'm so used to CDs still.
So honestly, if you're looking for some new Christmas music, there's my recommendation.  Slow it down with some Christmas blues and a few different tunes.  Honestly, to me it's worth it just for the fun acoustic romp that is Downhill Sleigh Ride, and of course The Christmas Rule...which my family will no doubt be abusing tomorrow night....which is CHRISTMAS EVE.

That video should be far more viral than it is.
Anyway, in other news, I've got a little art to share.  This is my half of an art trade with Alison (Little Girl Little One) who wanted me to draw a redhead female pirate.  So yup.  Tell me what you think.
Posted Image
Aaand, I think that's about it.  So, until next time, Merry Christmas Eve Eve (or Christmas Eve, which is more likely when you'll be reading this).

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