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The agent among the Sleepers.


Devil's Hunger (Lyrics)

Posted by Sleeper Agent. , 01 February 2015 · 95 views

Silt dredged up in my mind,
Leaving it etched and scarred.
It sinks below calmer currents,
The undertow amongst the stagnant tides.
Pain shatters on my flesh.
The Devil hungers for my turmoil,
Devouring my inner thoughts
Come for me as I’m broken.
My heart is in his hands.
Am I lost from myself?
Or hiding within my true nature?


Desecration Remains

Posted by Sleeper Agent. , 15 November 2014 · 192 views

Conscripted to our deaths
Honour brandished on our chests
Cowards are created, heroes break the fray.
The trenches carve hidden horrors
Minds shattered like shocked shells
Pre Chorus:
Ascension is nigh
My guns on the end of its rope
Fighting for your life, not the battle.
Under orders from the removed leaders.
No line between...


Siren of Seeds (lyrics)

Posted by Sleeper Agent. , 18 March 2014 · 364 views

Keep running through doors
Trapped in cerebral nooks
Never gaining direction
Only to travel worn down paths
Loosing traction in hypotheticals
Rhetorically casting stones across
Muddied ripples resurge my vigor
Pre Chorus:
Going in twists to set bearings
Bartering my lost causes
Weighed up against safe bets
Knocking down past...


The Dying Promise (lyrics)

Posted by Sleeper Agent. , 10 March 2014 · 389 views

Archetype of the shapeshifter,
You fuel your plight in devouring
The helpless beings under our gaze.
In the make of progress you slay,
In the backyards of hope you maim
Disrespecting life is your corporation desecration
Neglected eyes refract your malicious intent
Pre chorus:
Demons won’t tread behind
who they fear to cross,
They tremb...


Torn Mortality (Lyrics)

Posted by Sleeper Agent. , 24 February 2014 · 421 views

Submerged in my hazed visions
Flurried strings of Apollos’ lyre
Lured me into the Siren’s bay
Hallowed remnants of passion remain
Shredded on the rocks, as the souls have
Sliced marrows will attest that love
Pitted roots of organs commence
Underfoot, deviance
Pre Chorus:
Reject my negat...


Bound in Flesh (lyrics)

Posted by Sleeper Agent. , 12 February 2014 · 412 views

White hearts know all
Their holy dust, chokes our lungs
Lost in sea of rust
Wondering what we did right.
The mortal oceans turned tides
 Drowned in new deserts.
Stronghold our buildings,
Tyranny rebuked holes
We blindly follow
Do we drown the sea?
Corrupted the infant world
None stop the black hearts
Profit from the dead man's hand


Sympathy in the face of Destruction (lyrics)

Posted by Sleeper Agent. , 10 February 2014 · 480 views

We do not exist in singularity
But as one flawed unit
Mental detachment, physical bliss
Vacuumed actions, reckless repercussions
Bright tides of self-excommunication cleanse all
Deprivation chambers are sacred lies
Self-doubt makes the prophets blind
Serendipitous cooperation messages
Filtered perception, ignorant truths
Unholy smoke, economic exor...


Thirteen (Lyrics)

Posted by Sleeper Agent. , 30 January 2014 · 448 views

The devils advocate rigs your hand
Nothing but clubs and low suits
Down on your luck
Only broken houses in your hand
And failed straights of success
Mulligan, your souls into the deck
You may change your place
Your colours will still wear thin!
False cuts alter our mind
Misdirection from the puppeteer
Changing the face value of persistence


Rogue (lyrics)

Posted by Sleeper Agent. , 06 January 2014 · 374 views

I’ve been a rogue for too long.
Need to  take a step back from my life.
Being free from all regrets has left me broken
My head in my heart rejecting all risk
Time passes my attempts by
I can’t express how to say it, I’ll let my actions achieve it.
Pre Chorus:
You’ve never really passed me by
I’ve passed my...


Latitude 36 South (lyrics)

Posted by Sleeper Agent. , 29 December 2013 · 382 views

Remove my shallow veins
Strip them from my flesh
Curse the rhetorical system
Make the pain real inside
Lay me in the waiting room
I’ll just hit the floor 
Solstice shifts the balance.
Spring spills my warm blood
The earth dries my black bile
Pre-occupation of death
Waiting to become alive
Hell better freeze over.
Winter’s ph...

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