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Musings Of A Confused Kid


The Dancer

Posted by TheJesusOfSuburbiaIsALie , 11 April 2014 · 44 views

Inspired by Bharatnatyam dancers, Bharatnatyam is a classical dance form of India. Mridangam is like a tabla, if you don't know what that is, Google is everybody;s friend :lol:
Graceful movements,
Chiming ornaments,
Pale, white faces,
Make up his haven.
She moves her body in time,
With the rhythm and rhyme.
Showcasing a torrid affair of...



Posted by TheJesusOfSuburbiaIsALie , 28 February 2014 · 88 views

I was inspired by a portion in my Sociology lesson (I have my annual exams soon, I really  shouldn't be getting inspired like this). Punarjanma or punarjanmam means reincarnation or rebirth in Sanskrit and subsequently in most Indian languages. As always, constructive criticism is most welcome :)
Sometimes, I want to scream
At the world, sayi...


I Remember

Posted by TheJesusOfSuburbiaIsALie , 21 February 2014 · 93 views

It's not the greatest thing ever, I still think that it can be better. But I did all I could. Constructive criticism is appreciated! :)
I remember us, sitting across each other,
In the school cafeteria, along with our friends.
Arguing, about which one of us,
Knew that one song better.
I remember us, sticking together,
While all the othe...



Posted by TheJesusOfSuburbiaIsALie , 19 February 2014 · 89 views

Brought into a world of winners and sinners,
I stand hidden, a woman with colossal thoughts.
A demure, gregarious paradox of sorts.
I’m a flatterer, an incompetent ass-kisser,
A tragic intersect of brilliance and idiocy, 
With a lack of concern and amiability.
A loser, not a chooser, a selfish down and outer,
A waste of space, a f...



Posted by TheJesusOfSuburbiaIsALie , 25 January 2014 · 78 views

Written because I realized that the grudges I've been holding don't have a base anymore. 
I've gone for far too long, enlarging,
Encouraging the dark hole in my heart.
With words of hate and regret,
Heard from a land left far behind.
I've realized the truth now,
My narrow mind has been opened.
I'm ready to forgive and forge...



Posted by TheJesusOfSuburbiaIsALie , 20 January 2014 · 107 views

A few poems came into my head, there's no time for inspiration like the time during exams, so here ya go :) Would love some constructive criticism :3
I've hidden my thoughts about you,
for far too long.
The expectations of who I was supposed to be,
Made me lose sight of what is right.
And it took me long, oh so long,
To find the courag...



Posted by TheJesusOfSuburbiaIsALie , 07 January 2014 · 111 views

Inspired by a tv show, it doesn't really make much sense in a few places as it is related to the show and the character [Helena from Orphan Black] but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.
With everything you know,
And everything you've been taught,
Is there a place you call home?
When you do as you're told,
And still feel so...



Posted by TheJesusOfSuburbiaIsALie , 16 December 2013 · 158 views

Basically about having your parents divorce and the feelings that accompany. I would love some title ideas :) 
A love that held so strong,
Crumbled in a matter of minutes.
A decade of warmth and love comes to an end,
And a child gets left behind.
Shouting matches, violent clashes occur every night.
The game of heartbreak has taken...



Posted by TheJesusOfSuburbiaIsALie , 03 December 2013 · 112 views

His elysian green eyes excude
A sense of kindness and warmth.
His tan arms, golden brown in colour,
Reveal his courage and strength.
The white scars scattered along his limbs,
Tell a tale of struggles overcome.
Perhaps, that is why he is so adored,
But not by I, no, not by I.
I love him for the man he hides,
Beneath his web of lies.
I love him for...



Posted by TheJesusOfSuburbiaIsALie , 30 November 2013 · 146 views

A lazy afternoon, spent together.
Held by your strong, loving arms,
I feel alive.

A cloudy day, spent together.
The things you say infuriate my mind and,
I feel alive.

A cold, snowy day, spent together.
I finally meet your mother, I feel overjoyed,
I feel alive.

A warm might, spent together.
Underneath the covers, we were on fire and,
I feel alive.


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