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Musings Of A Confused Kid


Death Proposal

Posted by TheJesusOfSuburbiaIsALie , 15 July 2014 · 147 views

I took part in a poetry competition at my college, and this was my topic. I quite like how this turned out, considering how I'm not really good at being given a topic on spot, and writing. 
Cold hands move along my chaste body.
A kiss of love, a whisper of forever,
Pierce the still and silent air; the
Night awakens as I lay my soul bare....



Posted by TheJesusOfSuburbiaIsALie , 06 July 2014 · 151 views

This is kinda how I think it feels when you get your muse back. I don't have a title, sooo help? :P
Tendrils of words, once more, flow through my veins.
In the nick of time, preventing me from going insane.
The hands of time, has come back to where it's from,
The beginning and the end, have slowly come undone.
What once was lost, has sud...



Posted by TheJesusOfSuburbiaIsALie , 26 June 2014 · 132 views

I've had no motivation to write recently, and I feel like my muse is gone. So I wrote about it.
She's going away, to somebody else.
She's going away, making me so miserable.
I want to get, out of here.
The stifling air, makes my throat constrict.
I have friends, they're not as they seem.
I've lost myself, living someone else's dr...


No more.

Posted by TheJesusOfSuburbiaIsALie , 26 May 2014 · 204 views

Inspired by a number of things.
Splattered make-up, tattered clothes,
Weary eyes and an angry pose,
Broken and beaten down, declared wretched,
A disgrace, a slap in the face, not a part
Of the fucking master race.
No more, no more.
Denied at every single turn,
Our song is forever left unsung.
Bullied, teased and mercilessly le...


The Dancer

Posted by TheJesusOfSuburbiaIsALie , 11 April 2014 · 160 views

Inspired by Bharatnatyam dancers, Bharatnatyam is a classical dance form of India. Mridangam is like a tabla, if you don't know what that is, Google is everybody;s friend :lol:
Graceful movements,
Chiming ornaments,
Pale, white faces,
Make up his haven.
She moves her body in time,
With the rhythm and rhyme.
Showcasing a torrid affair of...



Posted by TheJesusOfSuburbiaIsALie , 28 February 2014 · 235 views

I was inspired by a portion in my Sociology lesson (I have my annual exams soon, I really  shouldn't be getting inspired like this). Punarjanma or punarjanmam means reincarnation or rebirth in Sanskrit and subsequently in most Indian languages. As always, constructive criticism is most welcome :)
Sometimes, I want to scream
At the world, sayi...


I Remember

Posted by TheJesusOfSuburbiaIsALie , 21 February 2014 · 214 views

It's not the greatest thing ever, I still think that it can be better. But I did all I could. Constructive criticism is appreciated! :)
I remember us, sitting across each other,
In the school cafeteria, along with our friends.
Arguing, about which one of us,
Knew that one song better.
I remember us, sticking together,
While all the othe...



Posted by TheJesusOfSuburbiaIsALie , 19 February 2014 · 195 views

Brought into a world of winners and sinners,
I stand hidden, a woman with colossal thoughts.
A demure, gregarious paradox of sorts.
I’m a flatterer, an incompetent ass-kisser,
A tragic intersect of brilliance and idiocy, 
With a lack of concern and amiability.
A loser, not a chooser, a selfish down and outer,
A waste of space, a f...



Posted by TheJesusOfSuburbiaIsALie , 25 January 2014 · 167 views

Written because I realized that the grudges I've been holding don't have a base anymore. 
I've gone for far too long, enlarging,
Encouraging the dark hole in my heart.
With words of hate and regret,
Heard from a land left far behind.
I've realized the truth now,
My narrow mind has been opened.
I'm ready to forgive and forge...



Posted by TheJesusOfSuburbiaIsALie , 20 January 2014 · 400 views

A few poems came into my head, there's no time for inspiration like the time during exams, so here ya go :) Would love some constructive criticism :3
I've hidden my thoughts about you,
for far too long.
The expectations of who I was supposed to be,
Made me lose sight of what is right.
And it took me long, oh so long,
To find the courag...

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