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Elena's Blog


Last Way Out (new lyrics)

Posted by Elena , 02 May 2013 · 230 views

I've written a few new lyrics recently and changed some of the old ones, but I won't post them until the songs are ready :P though I'd like to post the lyrics I wrote today either way:
Last Way Out  
What did you have to go through
when you lost all hope
forgot about all happiness and joy
and all your thoughts...


Turn Back The Time (new lyrics)

Posted by Elena , 27 December 2012 · 362 views

I want back to a time
where it's all been great and fine
a time in that we laughed
and had fun
and everything seemed perfect
Oh I wish I'd have known about it
I wish I could have seen what's inside of you
and what's really in my heart
and what's floating around in our heads
already back then
Oh I wish I would have known
what it becomes a few years...


Rock am See Recap

Posted by Elena , 07 September 2012 · 397 views

a not so well written recap, but I wanted to publish it anyways:

Before the festival I met my friend (she's btw the drummer of my band, becomes important later in my story ;D), then we went to the stadium (and her dad also went to the festival but he stayed in the back), the stadium opened at 11am, we came...


The Lines That Shouldn't Be Written (New Lyrics)

Posted by Elena , 22 August 2012 · 457 views

So I wrote some new lyrics:

These are the lines that should never be written
the lines that should never be given
a birth
I shouldn't think of it
I shouldn't do it
But I doubt I will ever try
and I guess this is just another cry
A cry for what?
For everything
like an Angel with just one wing
that can't fly
high into the sky
back into...


Like An Empty Paper (New Lyrics)

Posted by Elena , 15 August 2012 · 381 views

I still didn't post all songs of WIMHA, but I saved them all on my computer, so I thought I'd post a new one before I forget it and that I don't bore ya'll :P
This song's called "Like An Empty Paper" and I'm just gonna post the parts that I'm contented with, I e.g. still don't know what I'll take as a...


Be Happy

Posted by Elena , 02 August 2012 · 331 views

This was the fourth song I posted in WIMHA:

Be Happy

worried, scared, frightened, unhappy,
crying the whole day,


That One Bad Moment

Posted by Elena , 31 July 2012 · 264 views

Sitting on a chair
with an empty mind
feeling nothing
cos you don't know


My Life

Posted by Elena , 29 July 2012 · 239 views

So this was the second song I posted in WIMHA:

My Life

I am screaming
Just look at my heart's
Too fast beating



What A Paradise

Posted by Elena , 17 July 2012 · 224 views

So due to the fact that Words I Might Have Ate will be removed, I thought I'd post all my songs here...I'll make a blog entry for every song, but try to explain my songs a bit more than I did in Words I Might Have Ate...
soo I start with What A Pradise:

What A Paradise
[font=tahoma, helvetica, arial,...


R.I.P. Michael Jackson

Posted by Elena , 26 June 2012 · 525 views

Today's June 26th, which means yesterday 3 years ago Michael Jackson, the King Of Pop, died.
I already once wrote a blog about him and how I heard the news and how I became a huge fan. Here's a link to it:...

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