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One for the Ballad


All Dogs Go to Heaven - Rest in Peace Moe

Posted by Malleus , 20 April 2015 · 108 views

First off, hello GDC blog! Wow! It has been a long time, and I don't know where I've been. Even if I'm not really active posting or anything, I usually come on GDC like five times a day to browse and lurk. I don't feel very involved in this community but I think that's just because I don't really know how to go about going from posting to friendship - it'...


"I Want a Flood" - lyrics by da Malleus

Posted by Malleus , 28 August 2014 · 217 views

I Want a Flood
Just like the fences line the backyard
I've been good at putting up fronts
And the sun beats down on the torn white paint
Slide the strings and pull another stunt

Like I'm too sick to dance the night away with him
If you wanna see us fall then please just ask
Let me know when the farce of our friendship begins
If you want us to lea...


"Reading Auras" - lyrics by Da Malleus

Posted by Malleus , 23 August 2014 · 186 views

HooOOOoly shit GDC BLOG, this is the first song I wrote in a while. I like this one!!! Just hung out with an old friend, the subject of many a song here, and had a very fun night with some newer friends. Feeling pretty good and this just came outta me in 5 minutes.
Reading Auras
I have no intentions
Of telling you this
The rise and fall of...


"Lane" - lyrics by da Malleus

Posted by Malleus , 14 June 2014 · 192 views

I'm selling all my video games
I'm moving out and painting the walls

Maybe after we both fix up our coffins real nice
We fix them up real nice helping each other
Maybe after we can grab a coffee or have a smoke
Maybe it will rain, we can watch it cut through the fog
Like tiny knives piercing the nerves
Again and again

I remember when...


"The Last Day of Winter" - lyrics by Da Malleus

Posted by Malleus , 23 March 2014 · 213 views

Thought a lot about killing myself tonight. Don't think I could, probably wanna. Cried for like an hour. Went for a long walk. Then I wrote this song.
The Last Day of Winter
I felt like a bad man
Being watched underneath
All of this heavy air hanging dead
Below an icy cold canopy
As I turn down familiar streets
I race the cars but the...



Posted by Malleus , 22 January 2014 · 223 views

Morning hours drain the hardest
And I can't even stand up straight
Without wanting to scrape my eyes out
And never put them back in again
I taste blood and tinfoil
As my teeth bite through sweat and ash
And life culminates inside my throat
As I wait for the night to pass
But it never ends and it never stops
I'm left screaming covered in bloo...


Writing exercise pt. 1 - Story A pt. 1

Posted by Malleus , 27 December 2013 · 236 views

I was always the type of kid to keep quiet. I didn't say anything when Bill Whyte knocked me down in third grade and proceeded to not only kick me in the stomach a few times (not counting the "one for the road, loser") and steal all of my recees snacks. Nothing left my lips when I showed up to my first girlfriend's house on my birthday and she was making...


"My Little Brother" - lyrics by da Ballad

Posted by Malleus , 19 November 2013 · 1,521 views

My Little Brother
I remember the summer
I would sit and laugh, forget girl's names
Watch my little brother play video games
And he would always ask for help
Even when he wasn't even stuck
You could see the struggle on his face
Determination in every grip
And the desire to conquer everything
Tucked neatly away like a passenger ship


It Never Is - lyrics by da Ballad

Posted by Malleus , 22 October 2013 · 349 views

HEEEEEYOOOOOO I feel like writing shit before I post lyrics again. This is the first song I've written in a while, like almost a week, which is a ridiculously long break for me. Like, weirdly, unnaturally long. Only reason I'm not writing is because with work and friends and video games, I'm pretty damn busy these days. Which is awesome. This is starting...


Pareidolia - lyrics by da Ballad

Posted by Malleus , 06 October 2013 · 193 views

I can't move on
I think I now know why
All the songs on your record shelf
Are old and rusted
Nostalgic beyond help
Because when pareidolia
Sneaks its way into your veins
You can't do anything to feel better
You cannot resist the change
I'm infatuated with never knowing if I made it
And I believe that you and me

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