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Coffee Shop Poetry

Posted by Dirntbag , 09 February 2013 · 266 views

A man is clutching a coffee
mug in gloved hands
a blonde haired girl speaks;
she asks him for a kiss
he's blowing off the espresso mist;
he says no miss,
but you can have some coffee.
Yeah, so this was a poem I wrote last night. It's inspired from Happy Monk's work, which reminds me more of the era of T.S. Elliot. I like to write things that are more simplistic from time to time.
Also, I'm really trying to get this authorized graffiti area essay written so that I have a chance of legalizing graffiti in a certain area in my city. This guy; Barry McGee is a really awesome graffiti artist. Here's a little insight into what he does:

Also if you feel like it, you can read my essay here and tell me if you think you'd authorize a graffiti area after reading it.

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