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Dirntbag's Landfill


Flatts' Bridge (a poem)

Posted by Dirntbag , in Writing 27 April 2015 · 131 views

What fantastic fishes can
passersby spy, leaning
over wooden railings, craning
their necks to detect a spot of colour?
Careening waves flank whirlpools as the
tide plays ring around the rosie,
crystal-clearing the surface to
reveal depths underneath; fish
flashing their scales and colourful
coral-heads congregating as reefs.
Cyclists pause in wonde...


Shock Me!

Posted by Dirntbag , in Art 07 April 2015 · 161 views

Drawing some inspiration from Matt (inthehallwaynow) here, I think, and also MGMT's Electric Feel. Wanted to do something with a cool perspective and some electric eels. I feel like if someone can shock you, as in astonish you, they have tremendous power over you. To remain truly in control of yourself, you have to resist being shocked (if you don't want...


Selected Artworks

Posted by Dirntbag , in Art 05 April 2015 · 115 views

IB art is nice because most of the time, you get to do whatever you want - just have free reign over what you want to pursue and get to generally work as a real artist. As such, I don't really have "personal" and "school" art anymore. Everything can pretty much count towards my course. 
As a very rough theme I've decided that I want to do art...


Ice Age

Posted by Dirntbag , in Writing 21 March 2015 · 106 views

The world would skip the
wonderland - a blanket of snow, 
it'd go straight to the scary cold
that doesn't make it on to postcards;
that ancient frost, opaque, fragmented,
stuck to roads and walls and
clogging up vents; slipped upon by
falt-soled shoes.
When it's over, after the chaos,
the scramble, some Canadians would
emerge from somewhere li...


Vibrant Life

Posted by Dirntbag , in Writing 18 February 2015 · 168 views

Between the zeros and the ones,
a paisley tablecloth is spread, and atop it
rests white lace napkins, the yellow butter and
the butter knife, the wine glasses, the teacups,
the water jug filled with ice – a mundane scene
whose colour scheme is a little too uniform
to be organic.
Realize this, but do not panic. The teapot
is still hot! There i...


Studio Ghibli Mural

Posted by Dirntbag , in Art 15 February 2015 · 162 views

It's amazing what you can accomplish while procrastinating. I finally finished this Studio Ghibli mural on my bedroom wall. I started it so long ago... It's got characters from some of my favourite Ghibli movies; Howl's Moving Castle, Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke and Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. Here are some photos:



Posted by Dirntbag , in Writing 11 February 2015 · 147 views

Gaffs attached to the stem
of a scaly yellow leg, the link
between them and mighty dinosaurs,
slash and sing to the jeers
of the crowd.

They’re loud. They think
they’ve got this domestication down
but they forget where roosters get 
their legs from. The blade there almost
remakes them into 
a raptor,
the dewclaw clacking against the...


Scientific Illustrations

Posted by Dirntbag , in Art 02 January 2015 · 163 views

While in the field I was able to make sketches of three fascinating creatures; the Common Sea Serpent, Garden Fairy and Merperson.

Common Sea Serpent
Garden Fairy (butterfly variation)


2014 in Review

Posted by Dirntbag , in Personal, Writing, Art 30 December 2014 · 251 views

The introspective knowledge gained by personal reflection is perhaps the most powerful kind of knowledge there is. Without being constrained by outside influences, this knowledge is, if considered carefully, the most objective kind of knowledge we can possess about ourselves. For this reason, reflection is a very important part of my life. I reflect on ev...


Avoidance (a short story)

Posted by Dirntbag , in Writing 21 November 2014 · 217 views

It wasn’t Jessica’s fault. She was the one who told me three months in advance, a month in advance, a week in advance and now, one day in advance of my imminent deadline. She’s a very good personal assistant. It doesn’t matter though, I still find myself here, making this call. I think Jessica knows that no matter how much she trie...

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