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Eva's Blog


"Punch Me (I Love You)" (lyrics)

Posted by Eva , in Songs 05 May 2015 · 134 views

Nothing hurts like a broken heart
Except for poison or when I crashed my car
Every time you look me in the eye
I know I might as well just say goodbye
Please just punch me in the face (I love you)
I need to get to a better place (I love you)
Please give me a kick to the head (I love you)
God was right and I am better off dead
You can...


"Castles" (lyrics)

Posted by Eva , in Songs 04 May 2015 · 88 views

Floating down to Earth
A diamond in the coal
Illuminate the stars
I'll carry you back home
Lanterns in the dark
Dirt and rocks above
Buried in my heart
Higher than the doves
Come now, follow me
To the place where we can be
Lords of all we've ever seen
I'll be the king, you are the queen
Come now, don't be shy
Take me to the cast...


"By Myself" (lyrics)

Posted by Eva , in Songs 21 April 2015 · 163 views

I get my kicks from the way you walk
But it's okay because you can mock my talk
With powder on your mouth, you've been eating chalk
Ticking like a bomb and a broken clock
I've always been in love, I've always been in love by myself
He's looking for you, he's looking for you to come down
I've always been in love, I've always been in love by my...


"Dirty Butterfly" (lyrics)

Posted by Eva , in Songs 21 April 2015 · 143 views

If I was somebody else for a day
I doubt someone would ever notice the change
Beat me down and don't apologize
Don't even know how to look in my eyes
Social butterfly in dirty shoes and a wallflower for spoken abuse
Transparency and coffee stains while I shower in muddy disdain 
Apologies for causing such a mess
The queen of love and to...


This is important because I'm emotional and I love you all

Posted by Eva , 24 March 2015 · 299 views

This isn't a song or anything to do with music like all my other blog posts but this is a very important personal post and it would mean a lot to me if you all would stick with me for a minute.
Earlier today, I was rummaging through my old journals, cleaning stuff out and looking for a blank one I could use as a sketchbook. While flipping through a...


"Growing Up" (lyrics)

Posted by Eva , in Songs 11 January 2015 · 148 views

Am I sick or am I getting lazy?
Is the truth buried in your lies?
Why is the future getting hazy?
I can't see anything in sight
Is it harsh or am I getting older?
And my heart really starts to ache
Is it fair that we're getting colder?
I don't want to be filled with hate
And I don't want to grow up
And I don't want to fall down


"Newark, New Jersey" (lyrics)

Posted by Eva , in Songs 11 January 2015 · 122 views

The grass is greener on the south side
Everything is hidden in plain sight
Better look out, they're gonna shoot you down
These cop kids ain't gonna mess around
Newark, New Jersey
Newark, New Jersey
I don't wanna be in
Newark, New Jersey, oh
The water's colder on the north side
Everybody looks like they're on a ride
Better look up,...


"The Drug" (lyrics)

Posted by Eva , in Songs 17 November 2014 · 159 views

She's acting weird and I'm acting paranoid
I stumble and fall right back into the void
She's acting weird and I'm acting paranoid, paranoid, paranoid
I'm not myself
When I see her with someone else
And I hate myself
She'd be better off with someone else
I feel like shit
You're the drug that I can't quit
You're such a bitch


"Roses and Thorns" (lyrics)

Posted by Eva , in Songs 11 November 2014 · 168 views

I found a picture that I took of you
It's been two years since I have heard from you
Two years later and thirty-nine days
Is what it took to take it all away
And I am feeling so much better
After getting oh, oh, over you
I'm glad that I gave you roses
I hope that the thorns don't hurt too much
And I'm happy if he proposes
There's no...


"If I Could" (lyrics)

Posted by Eva , in Songs 20 October 2014 · 157 views

She wakes up in the evening every night
Before she gets up for the day
She calls her mother on the phone
And then she runs away
I didn't see her Friday night
She must have left today
She said the timing's never right
It's why she went astray
If I could give everything to you
It would't matter anyway
If I could give all I could to y...

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