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Radio Victim's Blog


I Don't Need You

Posted by Radio Victim , in Song Lyrics 29 April 2013 · 395 views

I Don't Need You Just leave me be on my own, I'll find my way, my way back home.
I don't need you to hold my hand to guide me through the darkened lands.
Oh honey please, don't stand by me. I need my space. I need to breathe.
And if I fall so will you, you stick with me the whole way through.
And if I say, "Go away", you never leave you're here to stay.


Moving On

Posted by Radio Victim , in Song Lyrics 29 April 2013 · 115 views

Moving On Get me out of here and let me walk alone.
I won't regard my fears, they'll rot away themselves.
I never told you I could see through you, good thing I found something that made me proud.
Going down, is all it ended up doing.
But I found exactly what kept my heart beating.
I'll see you around, I'm sure our paths won't ever stop crossing.


What A Waste

Posted by Radio Victim , in Song Lyrics 04 February 2013 · 267 views

What A Waste Just a little diddy i wrote. It's about my school!
Tell me what you know!
Tell me how it goes.
What's the point of living if I can't have it all?
I thought it would be easy but somehow you deceived me into thinking it was something that would benefit us all!
I wanna know what I mean to you!
I've had it all and done it all bu...

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