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Lyrics - Finding Yourself

Posted by Louiejub , in Lyrics 06 February 2013 · 273 views

Track #9 from my fictional album "Psychologist". As always, leave criticism in that box down below! Oh, and thanks to stan the harmonica man for the title! :D
Finding Yourself
Are you lost
in your despair?
Is your heart broken
beyond repair?
Is your will to live
just too much to give?
Oh, this concentration
of your pain
You're carried away
In this stream of crashing rain
You're the son
of the bastard sun
It just rains
and it's never done
But can you
see the light?
On the other side
Just open up your mind!
Thiss essence of sadness
This unfortunate grace
on your existance
Your existance (x2)
Repair your broken heart!

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